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Sien: TwitterMedia

Sien is a unique artist who’s work has gained the attention of many actors and creators she’s chosen to highlight.

We may not be covering the show Supernatural anymore (read why here), but we absolutely adore the cast and crew.  When it comes to this group of amazing people, the first person I think of is Sien, who has created some amazing artwork in their honor.  Her art has caught the eye of Kim Rhodes, Misha Collins, and Robert Berens, to name a few.  She’s one of my favorite artists of any fandom, and I’m thankful she agreed to be part of our Fan Artist Fridays segment.

What mediums do you work in?

Mainly Photoshop and when an edit is finished I usually make some final adjustments in Lightroom.

What fandoms do you create art for?

Supernatural is the only fandom I consistently make edits for.  Although there’s a big portion that’s made for the cast/crew and their separate campaigns/shenanigans.


What’s been your most exciting moment of your fan artist career?

That’s hard to  pick from. I’ve been very, very lucky to have Misha Collins tweet an edit of mine three times now, “exciting” was an understatement.  On the other hand, the past month I’ve had some interactions with the wonderful Kim Rhodes which was incredibly exciting for my emotional and personal growth. I simply made an edit, and she went ahead and gave me so much love. She’s truly a remarkable human being.

Finally, I owe this all to the amazing Robert Berens whose continuous joy with the shitty edits I made when I started really motivated me. I wouldn’t have wanted to get better if I didn’t have that source of appreciation from someone I admire. To this day, every time he likes an edit, it’s his feedback that excites me most.

Side note: this is all not considering the main motivation which is the love and support of my friends on Twitter, I owe them all.

Working on anything now?

Yes! I’m working on a Jared and Misha version of a Jensen edit I made a couple weeks back.


What’s your favorite piece of art that you’ve ever created?

Good question, again, hard to choose. I think that would be Misha as a statue of a Roman emperor. It was an edit that worked out surprisingly better than I expected it would, one of those I can look at and think “yeah, kinda good job Sien”.


Author: Angel Wilson

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