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  • Fan Artist Friday: Sien

    Sien: Twitter – Media Sien is a unique artist who’s work has gained the attention of many actors and creators she’s chosen to highlight. We may not be covering the show Supernatural anymore (read why here), but we absolutely adore the cast and crew.  When it comes to this group of amazing people, the first […]

  • You Are Not Alone – a Fan Crisis Support Network

    Recently, Supernatural’s Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles came up with a plan to help provide support for those in crisis.  The idea came to them while on a flight back from one of their many fan conventions with fellow Supernatural actor, Jared Padalecki. They were thinking about all the many stories they had heard from fans […]

  • Supernatural 10×17 Review: Inside Man

    After two episodes that felt mostly like filler, it was great to get back into the ongoing storyline and revisit some characters we haven’t seen in a while. This episode marked the return of Castiel, who’s been gone for several episodes, as well as long dead fan favorite Bobby. The latter was tear inducing, reminding […]

  • Supernatural 10×14 Review: The Executioner’s Song

    While last week’s episode was aimed toward those who wanted a narrative return to the classic hunter episodes of the first three seasons, this week seemed to be a gift for those who enjoy the dynamic of Team Free Will and overarching plot.  Cain returns, causing all four of the main characters of the show […]

  • Tara Attempts to Explain ‘Supernatural’

    As part of our fundraiser for press coverage logistics at San Diego Comic-Con, Tara promised to attempt to explain Supernatural even though she hasn’t seen the show since the first season.  A huge “THANK YOU” to everyone who has donated so far!  More milestone videos and fic is on the way! -Read our before commenting. […]

  • Supernatural 10×12 Review: About A Boy

    I honestly don’t think I will get over how much I love Season 10 of Supernatural. Seriously, they must have made a deal with Crowley himself because every episode has been truly awesome, and “About A Boy” is definitely no exception. This week we find Dean de-aged and fighting a witch. Yes, I’m sure similar […]

  • Supernatural 10×03 Review: Soul Survivor

    There was so much right about this episode. We got Sam, Dean, and Cas together again, giving us some much needed Team Free Will moments. We got meaningful interaction between all three of those characters both as a group, and in separate pairs, which is rare for one episode to be able to cover. Crowley […]

  • Supernatural Review 9×14: Captives

    This episode came off as a giant apology for the mistakes of the previous couple of seasons.  I generally liked season 8, but there were a few key points that bothered me.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I have been less than thrilled with season 9 so far.  The overall themes and individual […]

  • Supernatural 9×10 Review: Road Trip

    Many fans had very strong reactions to this episode, but oddly, I found myself going against the grain and feeling rather disconnected for most of it.  Perhaps the weak first half of the season has dampened my excitement for the show or perhaps my faith in the show over all is beginning to waiver.  Whatever […]

  • Charlie Bradbury: Can We Keep Her?

    Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural is a rare breed of character to see on mainstream TV. We at The Geekiary have quickly become  enamored with her for her confidence, bravery, and unique representation as a queer character.  And hey, she’s geeky, we’re geeky, and she’s played by Felicia Day, so I suppose our infatuation with her […]