Favorite Horror Themed TV Show 2014

Horror Themed TV Shows

It’s October, which means it’s time for the Geekiary’s annual Horror Themed TV Show poll!

The rules of this poll are simple.  In order to qualify the show had to air, premiere, or be between seasons in 2014.  The show has to have some element of horror in it such as vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, or some other level of grotesque or gory quality (such as cannibalism for Hannibal).  Not everyone may agree that these shows fit squarely in the “horror” category (In the Flesh, for example, isn’t a typical zombie show), but the horror elements present within the narrative qualify it for this poll.

Last year’s winner was Hannibal.  Will it keep its title this year?  It’s up to you.



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Author: Angel Wilson

Angel is the admin of The Geekiary and a geek culture commentator. They earned a BA in Film & Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz. They have contributed to various podcasts and webcasts including An Englishman in San Diego, Free to Be Radio, and Genre TV for All. They’ve also written for Friends of Comic Con and is a 2019 Hugo Award winner for contributing fanfic on AO3. They identify as queer.


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762 thoughts on “Favorite Horror Themed TV Show 2014

  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for In The Flesh! Amazing show and we need all the help we can get to get it renewed.

    1. I agree I really hope they win. Such an amazing show and so many important things are adressed.

    2. Yes, We need all the help we can get. I feel like winning this would be a good start to getting a third season<3

    3. go into the flesh..i would vote teen wolf..but i don’t want to give them the satisfacation

  2. Hang on a sec, pretty sure the number of votes for in the flesh has just dropped dramatically. Boo!

  3. I’m a die-hard Fannibal, but it’s really awesome to see a great show like In the Flesh get some love. I hope it comes in at a close second. 😉

    1. Same here! In fact, I wouldn’t even mind if In the flesh wins, it does need all the publicity it can get. I’ll cry if it doesn’t get another season =(

  4. I love a lot of these shows but I am desperate/rabid for In The Flesh to get another series soooooooo

  5. In The Flesh, you goodddddd. But as a hardcore Fannibal, I can’t promise that you’re going to stay on top. That is, unless you mean on top of the table with some nice fava beans. Then by all means… ;3

    May the most dedicated fandom win, and good luck to all!

  6. I really, really like Hannibal, but honestly I think In The Flesh deserves to win this. And besides, if it does then its a step closer towards a third season and come on I mean, that should be top priority shouldn’t it?

  7. Come on ppl, this brings us even closer to a third season of In The Flesh. :]

  8. Always voting for In The Flesh! Amazing show with queer representation and realistic depiction of mental health issues! Also Luke Newberry and zombies <33

  9. As much as I love Hannibal, please please please vote for In The Flesh we NEED a third season! That show is soo important and deserves much much more recognition!!!

  10. In the flesh may not be a real horror but it brings up so many important issues. It has already helped so many people. And this show is much more to offer. In the flesh needs to be renewed. And as we know every little heps. This victory may bring us closer to a third season. ^_^

    1. Not real horror?? I can’t think of much more horrifying than a war going down where you think it’s humanity vs “monsters that are wearing the faces of people you used to love while trying to kill you” but it turns out that those people you killed could totally have been saved and turned back into people again XD Even on the surface level this show is awesome!! 😀

      1. The show IS awesome 🙂
        Well, I meant that it’s not scary like idk ‘Saw’ or something like that. There’s almost no gore in ITF but it IS horrifying when you think about how cruel and ignorant and paranoid people can be and how they can destroy their own kind. But I can go on and on about it. So just #SaveInTheFlesh , people ^_^

  11. In the flesh is such a good show because like it tackles so many modern day problems and has a pan/bisexual protagonist!!! Also the plot is so good because its not like a normal zombie thing where they go around killing them, this time the zombies, er PDS sufferers, get to stand up to all the people killing them which i think is great!!! I really hope it wins as this show deserves a 3rd season so badly! But still good luck to all and may the best fandom win!!

  12. I love Supernatural and always vote for it but In the Flesh definitely deserves to win.

  13. Totally here voting for In the Flesh! This show deserves all the attention it can get, and hopefully we can rally enough attention to get a third season!! Good luck to everyone!

  14. In the Flesh is probably by favorite show. I love Hannibal a LOT too, but if I had to pick one, I’d definately choose ITF.

  15. I am sure all the other shows are amazing. I’ve seen Hannibal and its a great show. But my love for In The Flesh is beyond words! #SaveInTheFlesh!

  16. hey anyone who might be reading this,
    even if you don’t watch in the flesh, please vote for us! most of the other fandoms here have bright futures and can risk losing one poll, but we need all the help we can get or else there is no future for us. thanks !!

  17. Everyone please continue to vote for In The Flesh, we seriously need the votes, hopefully it’ll help us get renewed for series 3! It is one of the best shows in terms of lgbt+ representation, there are women who aren’t just pretty background characters but actual heroes with incredible storylines and even though it is about zombies you’ll quickly find out that really it’s so much more.

  18. Let’s make In The Flesh win this one, too! I love many other shows listed here, but In The Flesh is by far my absolute favourite. So let’s win this thing and let’s #SaveInTheFlesh, we can do this! o/

  19. I need a 3rd season of In The Flesh like I need air. It’s so amazing. Please let us win so that everyone sees how much we love it. No shade to the other shows here (I love Supernatural so much) but winning this poll will hopefully secure us another season. #SaveInTheFlesh

  20. There are a lot of shows on this list that I absolutely love, but for me, In The Flesh definitely deserves to win. All we need now is a series 3! #SAVEINTHEFLESH

  21. Thanks to your comments, boys and girls, now I want to watch In The Flesh… it seems a so good show!
    Anyway, I’m a fannibal. So, I will vote for Hannibal, that’s like… my life reason, right now. It’s a great, great show, with the most stunning photography and the best acting that I’ve ever seen.

    1. watch it pls :/ it deserves a 3rd season but bbc does not give out information whether it’ll be cancelled or confirmed and we desperately try to save this amazing show!

  22. I understand why people would want In the Flesh to win, and if it does then good job, but I’m going to vote for the shows that scare me. I love the In the Flesh concept but I wouldn’t label it a horror.

  23. Dear In the Flesh fans,

    I just want you to know that the fannibal consensus on Twitter is that you are a really nice fandom and we all want to start watching your show. 🙂

    1. Awww thank you so much! We love you guys too! And yes please do watch In The Flesh because you will love it, I promise you! ^_^

  24. in the flesh is an amazing show that needs all the help it can get. (Hannibal fans please let itf get this one, season 3 is up in the air at the moment whereas hannibal doesn’t reeally need this win as it’s pretty secure already).

    1. I feel your pain, when Fannibals were waiting for news for season 3 it was terrible! Unfortunately, Hannibal isn’t secure in the long run and there’s not telling if we’ll get renewed after this season. So we can’t let go any more than ITF :/

  25. Voted for In the Flesh! It’s one of my favourite shows at the moment. I really hope it gets a third season.

  26. I love Hannibal with all my heart but it really doesn’t need this win. Hannibal already has a season three in the works while itf could go either way! If you’re stuck between itf and hannibal please go with itf, I need a season three!

  27. Hannibal is, and will forever be, the love of my life. Season 3 was a struggle for us. I feel like season 4 will be no different. I love a multitude of shows on this list, actually. Having said that, if itf beats Hannibal, I won’t even be remotely disappointed. The fannibals have been there, and we all understand that worry over renewal.

  28. As a fan of the amazing In the flesh, I’m surely voting for it! But just THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the people of other fandoms being so lovely and supporting, maybe even if your fandom isn’t in the lead of this poll right now. Just thank you, all us In the flesh fans really aprreciate your support and awesomeness! You are all amazing and i hope you have a wonderful day!

  29. It really looks like the popular vote is leaning towards “In the Flesh.” I love “Hannibal,” but I also watch ITF, and I like it very much. I choose not to vote for either, to avoid compromising either of them in the poll.

  30. Definitely voting for In The Flesh but I do have to say that no matter what the outcome is, it’s a pleasure competing with you Fannibals. You guys are hard. We’re in the lead at the moment but I know it’s gonna be a tough fight. Unless the Supernatural fandom catches wind and somehow wins by a landslide. I’m sorry I jinxed us all. Good luck all!

    1. To be honest, if Supernatural (or another big fandom) comes along, I would probably vote for ITF instead of Hannibal. Don’t get me wrong, Hannibal is the love of my life. It’s just that I think we Fannibals can sympathize with not knowing if our beloved show will be renewed or not (thanks NBC, we appreciate the annual stress). So if we don’t win, then you guys certainly should.

  31. As much as I ADORE Hannibal; In the Flesh desperately needs to win! This beautiful show deserves to have another season!!!
    Hardcore Fannibal and Fleshling!!! 😀

  32. In the Flesh is so well done and deals with such important social themes. It deserves recognition for the superb job it does of blending pop culture with complex societal issues. It is proof that a show can have deep, thought provoking characters and plots and still be massively entertaining. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a third season!

  33. Please have mercy on us Fannibals! ;-; I love Hannibal too (although I’m not all the way caught up yet), but we really want ITF to win because the show might not get a season three, while Hannibal s3 is confirmed. I mean, yes, you can vote for whoever you want, and no matter which way this poll goes it’s pretty much guaranteed that either show will come in 1st or 2nd place, which is still great.

    Also, if you haven’t seen ITF yet, you should really try it! It’s a beautifully done show. To be honest don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with a show before. It’s basically a twist on the zombie genre, where instead of it being humans vs zombies, scientists have found a way to ‘cure’ the zombies and rehabilitate them back into society. It’s so amazing and I don’t want to say more because you should just watch it and find out for yourself. 🙂

    So save in the flesh please!

  34. I haven’t voted in these online polls in ages, but Hannibal and In The Flesh are two of the best series’ I’ve seen in awhileh. I am only more emotionally-invested in In The Flesh however, so I am voting for that! Just when I thought I couldn’t love a series this badly anymore, In The Flesh comes along. Every single thing about it is amazing. It’s like a dream-series come true and my friends & I are doing everything we can to help get it a third series because we could so use more of this show in our lives. #SaveInTheFlesh

  35. I just keep waiting with bated breath about a season 3 of In The Flesh. I mean, do you guys know how incredible this is? This 9 episode show, which before last week I had no idea existed because apparently it didn’t get much advertisement, is up there along with Hannibal. Not to mention that both of these shows are beating the more popular fandoms (only my opinion from what I’ve seen on Tumblr). We’re practically neck and neck at this point. Did I mention ITF has only 9 episodes?! Yeah, it’d be a shame not to renew it. It really has so much potential and is one of the best shows I’ve seen in my 28 years.

    Hannibal fandom, wow. Way to get at it with that surge. Seeing how many votes you guys put in last year to win is a little daunting, let me tell you… but I think we’re up for the challenge. Best of luck!

    1. Im in the same boat as you, just found out about it last week thanks to an amazing friend with great taste!
      Couldn’t believe the quality of the show when I found out about it, too many heartbreaking scenes and I’ve fallen in love with just about every character. Gone a little In The Flesh mad since then.

      The Hannibal fandom has been so chill the whole way through the voting period on twitter and the comments here, goodluck to all the shows competing!

  36. In the Flesh. don’t get me wrong, I love Hannibal and Supernatural as well – but they are certainly getting a next season. we don’t know about In the Flesh. and we need it. we are starving for it.

  37. Please! In the flesh has to win! Maybe then we’ll get a third series. Can’t you Hannibal fans understand this? Please vote for In the Flesh!

  38. I love ITF but frankly cant see how the voting result will lead to its renewal- this is BBC and ITF already got some TV awards. Sterek got a million votes at Slash Madness Tournament but still can’t make Sterek canon.

    1. It’s because ITF hadn’t a good rating, but most of all fans only knew about the show after season2 was already broadcasted, so the BBC has to see that there are now more people who want to see the show.

  39. We need a third season of ‘In the flesh’. It’s a best show, which I was watching however. Vote for ‘In the flesh’!

  40. Um, I actually enjoy In the Flesh, but I LOVE Hannibal. So, we Fannibals are coming to eat you. Nothing personal!

  41. I had actually decided not to vote, at first, out of loyalty to both shows. But I decided Hannibal just meant a lot more to me than ITF.

  42. i love how friendly the competition between hannibal and in the flesh is. like seriously no matter who is voting what, everyone is like, ‘it is a honour to be competing with this show’ or like ‘i love this show, but i also love this show’

    like this is how fandoms should be. not wars, just love of great shows 🙂

    1. I’m loving it as well. 🙂 This way in the end, whichever of the two wins it’s not too disappointing knowing that we acted decently towards each other. Because both shows truly are very beautiful.

    2. Even though I am first and foremost a Fannibal, I love In the Flesh and have no problem whatsoever with it taking a win this year. I hope BBC 3 notices how dedicated the fandom is and gives it a third series. Both shows deserve all of the love they receive and more.

      1. It boggles my mind how these 2 shows, who are so loved by their respective fandoms, are always threatened to not be renewed because of the low viewership.
        I will be happy with either of them on top of this pool.
        Keep up the love between fandoms, people! (I’m a fannibal through and through, but also love ITF)

  43. I think ITF definitely deserves it more than Hannibal. Hannibal won LAST year. But, never the less. I’m so proud because even if ITF doesn’t win
    it’ll come in 2d.
    AND that is just amazing. And the amount of support for both Hannibal and ITF is amazing too. Soooo. I’m happy. <3
    Still hoping for ITF!!

    1. They’re both brilliant shows! Personally, I think Hannibal is a much better “horror genre” show, and INF is more of a social commentary than anything, but I won’t be voting Hannibal this year. It’s still a great show, but INF is in a very perilous state, renewal-wise. I’d do anything to get that show a deserved 3rd season.

  44. I love Hannibal. I really do. But I voted for In The Flesh anyway, even though Hannibal is more important to me. The media lacks homosexual normatively, it is so important that producers recognize that people want it. They want an awesome zombie series where the main characters happen to have a same-sex relationship without it being a “gay show”. Hannibal is great, but it is already famous. It is already popular. It is not controversial. Producers will fund it. On the other hand, In The Flesh may not get another season. So I urge you to vote for In The Flesh, even if you don’t necessarily like the show, because it’s not about that, it’s about making a statement. We need change in media representation, and this will help.

    1. I’m slightly puzzled by your statement that “Hannibal […] is not controversial”. It’s beloved by some critics, it has dedicated fans – but it’s very far from being a mainstream hit. And “Producers will fund it” – I wish I had your certainty… Our future isn’t stable. The cancellation threat will always be the sword hanging over our heads.

      Honestly, if ITF wins this poll, I absolutely won’t be furious (maybe just a little sad), and I wish you guys to get all the seasons you want and deserve. And I’m all for queer representation in media, being queer myself. It just so happened that my heart and other assorted organs belong to the show that, as of now, doesn’t have any same-sex couples. Unfortunately. But it has other things that are important to me, and things that fascinate me, and things that turn me on, sorry, and things I just always wanted to see onscreen. Yes, it also doesn’t have some things I’d want to see onscreen, and *does* have some that I absolutely would rather not see. But for the most part – it’s *my* show. Almost tailor-made for me.

      But you say it doesn’t matter. Representation is more important. Maybe you’re right. There’s a nasty little voice in my head that says not agreeing with your arguments and choosing my show over ITF makes me a Bad Queer Person, and since I don’t make the right statement by voting for the right show, it totally means I’m making a statement that I *don’t* want representation… I’m going to ignore this voice, though. It’d find the way to try to guilt-trip me regardless of my voting choises. When I was too ill to participate in the poll it tried to blame me for the show not getting enough votes.

      I’m making my statement. And this statement is *not* “I can’t care less about representation”, though I realise that it might look this way for other people. I’m sorry.

      1. I’d say there’s nothing wrong with preferring another show.
        I mean, I’m here to support In the Flesh, but that’s because hits me in a way that no other show has in years. I’ll admit, I don’t watch Hannibal, but if it’s the show that hits those points for you, then that’s the show you should vote for.

        Even if only so you won’t regret it later. 😉

        I will beg you to at least watch In the Flesh, so you can understand why so many of us utterly adore this show, even above and beyond the main character’s sexuality.

  45. Where’s the American Horror Story fans? As much as I love Hannibal, this is sort of sad since American Horror Story is so good. The Supernatural fans seem to be beat for once.

    1. I love over half these shows to death-especially Hannibal and Hemlock Grove. That’s another one you guys should check out if you have Netflix. 🙂

    2. I’m just grateful that the SPN people either haven’t heard of the poll or have decided to stay out of it. I’m usually an SPN fan, but I’m 100% voting ITF this time, because it needs the win more than SPN does at this point.

    3. Personally, I love American Horror Story and it’s so terrific but also a bit disguisting.

    1. I guess Constantine has a very good trailer LOL..definitely I’ll watch this show. So happy that I nearly watched all the Shows here.

  46. Come on, guys! Hannibal doesn’t need the votes! ITF does if we want to have a third season eventually, please, please!

  47. voting for hannibal as i haven’t seen in the flesh yet, but i think i’ll like it.

  48. I adore Hannibal to the depths of my dark soul. Until I walk into Hot Topic and see a Hannibal merch display next to the Doctor Who and Supernatural ones, I won’t be satisfied with it’s popularity or lack thereof.

    Most of the people I talk to didn’t even know Hannibal was a show until I told them.

    That being said, I sympathize with the plight of In the Flesh, and while I’ve never seen or even heard of the show, I do sincerely hope the fans can rally and ensure its continuation. All of us know the pain of a show ending before its time, of the fear that each season finale might be a series finale…except maybe the SPN fandom, the show like its main characters apparently above death, hahaha. Ah, I did love my Winchesters…but not nearly as much as I love my cannibal and his empath.

    So, good luck, In the Flesh! I hope you succeed in your efforts to remain on the air, because after reading the comments from fans on this poll, I’m incredibly intrigued and will be checking the show out. I would hate to start a story destined never to finish, so pick up your game!

  49. I’m so so proud of Fannibals-anyway, I love ITF as well and believe it can be renewed no matter how.
    Still voting for Hannibal!!!!

  50. Well, I am glad to see Hannibal is now ahead. I hope we keep the lead, but it looks like both In The Flesh and Hannibal will be the fandoms tussling back and forth for the lead.

  51. In The Flesh really deserves a third season! Such a well written show, massive congratulations to Dominic Mitchell on doing such an amazing job. There are so many unanswered questions, and I think we especially want to see the further developments of Simon and Kierens’ relationship – and of course Amy and Phillip! (What is going to happen to Amy??).

  52. I am a pretty die-hard Hannibal fan, and I’m DEFINITELY excited for season 3. BUT. I LOVE In the Flesh, and it’s third season has not yet been confirmed yet. It deserves a third season, it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and watching it makes me feel great! It’s unpredictable, and I’m always pleasantly surprised about what comes next. The LGBT representation is fantastic, the characters are amazing and lovable, and the acting is A+++. I can’t believe it’s struggling for a season 3, I’ve got to vote In the Flesh (although I’d vote In the Flesh regardless, because I love it that much, seriously, this should not be the type of show that’s future is up in the air. Save that for Big Bang or something. God.) Please, ITF!!! We NEED a season 3!!!!! This show is so underrated! 5/5 stars always yes thank you <3

  53. I mean I love Hannibal, I really do, but In The Flesh deserves all the attention it can get, we need to win, we need season 3, PLEASE

  54. Cant stop voting for Hannibal! Look at Hannibal, the shot thegreekiary using here, he is pleading us to vote for him XD

  55. I’m still voting for In The Flesh, even though I love Hannibal and I would probably vote for it if ITF wasn’t in the poll. That said, I really hope In The Flesh wins! But if it loses to Hannibal I’m okay because seriously the Fannibals are, like, the nicest fandom ever! Don’t ever change, guys, you’re awesome! 🙂

  56. Hemlock Grove: fantastic program, fantastic actors we need more seasons
    I’ll keep voting, voting, voting:)

  57. I love that the Hannibal fandom is being so nice. But could you guys maybe just back off? I don’t mean to sound rude its just Hannibal is already doing really well and you have a 3rd season and good ratings and lots of viewers. In The Flesh really need this one guys, we on the edge of loosing another great show and it makes me so sad when i think about not knowing whats gonna happen to the characters. In The Flesh means a lot to me and wining this would really help us out. it would mean the world to me. as of right now all i really want is a 3rd season for in the flesh. so i would love all out you so much, if you just took is easy and let us have this one. thanks a bunch.

    1. I agree that ITF deserves a second season, but people are entitled to vote how they want to vote. Let the most enthusiastic and determined fandom win fair and square.

    2. Think of it this way, too. The more competitive the war, the more people that get exposed to your show. And if you guys beat us after so much hard work, victory will be all the sweeter, won’t it? I’m super impressed with both fandoms, tbh.

  58. I really hope ITF wins. Personally, Hannibal won last year, so I hope it doesn’t win again, it’s had it’s chance in the spot light. But the show is still okay!!

  59. I just want to say that no matter how this goes, it has been an honor competing against ITF. Hannibal is by no means secure (season 3 is and that’s about it) and doesn’t have nearly the recognition and ratings it deserves. I want to throw that out there, so people understand that we Fannibals aren’t trying to bully anyone for a win. Still, I, personally, truly admire the ITF fandom. You all are very passionate, and your determination is admirable. I wish you all luck in getting season 3, and many more in the future. You deserve it. 🙂

    1. As a fan of both In The Flesh and Hannibal, I second this comment!
      I love both shows and both fandoms with all my heart! I’m rooting for ITF, but as I said even if we lose it really is an honor to compete with the Fannibals, who are always so nice! Plus, a little competition is always good, right? Whoever wins has to earn it! 😉

  60. In The Flesh deserves all the attention it can get. It’s not only deliciously thrilling and beautifully scripted/directed/acted, but the message it sends about embracing one’s self and accepting minorities to society is a quite important one.

  61. In the flesh definitely needs all the support it can get! I love hannibal but that show is safe. It’s locked in for more seasons, but ITF is left on a cliffhanger & is showing no signs of continuing. Even though it’s an AMAZING show.

    1. I respect the fandom of ITF, but every fans voting here support their own show. Our beloved show deserve all our support as well.

  62. I’m voting Hannibal because I love this show more. I don’t even check which show is leading now.

  63. Hannibal needs to win. It honestly deserves it more, as Horror shows go. Season two was absolutely spectacular and they deserve all the recognition they can get for that, in any form they can get it in.

    1. Is your show on the verge of cancelation? No? Well then, why does it NEED to win?

      1. >>>Is your show on the verge of cancelation?

        Actually, yes.

        Oh, we *are* getting the new season next year. That’s more than ITF fans can say, I’m not going to deny it. Our situation is somewhat more secure. Does it mean we’re safe? Nope.

        Fuller wanted seven seasons initially, now he says we’re getting five. It doesn’t fill me with hope for the future. Maybe his plans changed because his vision changed. Or maybe he fears that he might not get a chance to bring all the seven seasons to the screen. Who knows? NBC doesn’t promote the show enough yet talks about how sad it is that no one watches it. Our participation in all those polls is a proof that people *do* watch and love it.

        Do we “NEED to win”? Well… Winning would be nice, not winning… wouldn’t be the end of the world, no. Second place, whichever fandom ends up on it, *won’t* lead to executives deciding to cancel the show *as the result of its second-placeness*. But the more votes the fandom gets, the better. So of course fannibals want to get as many votes as possible. Of course we’re not just going to stop voting long before the poll is over.

        It’s not some personal vendetta against ITF, I promise. There are jerks in every fandom, and sometimes the spirit of competition can get the best of a person, but I really don’t think most of us are voting for our favorite show (in the poll *about* favourite shows) with the goal of ruining another show’s chances to get renewed. I’d like to hope we’re better than that.

        1. Noooo. I think Fuller is planning for 6 Seasons…..Dont tell me we are only getting Five..sobbing

          1. He said “five or six”. I’d like to hope for at least “or six” to happen, but “five” left me very concerned.

  64. I adore Hannibal, but it’s got its own third season! Vote for In The Flesh, please!

  65. I respect the fandom of ITF, but every fans voting here support their own shows. Our beloved show deserve all our support as well.

    1. Supernatural was my favorite show for the past 2 years (got into it pretty late in the game and marathoned the crap out of it), but it’s been so disappointing to me lately that I just couldn’t vote for it. (I really don’t like how my Cas is being written) Especially since I discovered ITF and, while it’s not a whole lot of episodes, it’s the best acting I’ve seen in quite some time.

  66. Guys! In The Flesh is losing by almost 1,000 votes! Even if you are a Hannibal fan, please vote for ITF! We might not get another season, and considering the position they left us in, we are in desperate need of another season. Keep voting!

  67. I’m quite okay even if Hannibal is losing to ITF, but I can’t convince myself if I’ve not strived my best to vote Hannibal…

  68. I’m honestly so proud of both fandoms. ITF and Fannibals alike. While I am an ITF fan and I would absolutely love us to win because we DO need it, the Fannibals well deserve their own support. The sportsmanship here has been incredible and I have so much respect for you Fannibals. I want to win but if we come in second at least it’s to a fantastic fandom like yours.

  69. Fannibals, could we perhaps mass tweet “#SaveInTheFlesh” to @bbcthree and @BBCAMERICA? I have personally never seen the show, but we all know what it’s like to have to fight to keep our show alive. I think that would do ITF a lot more good than winning one poll that BBC will never even notice. 🙂

    1. Yes, that would be wonderful and we would really appreciate it! To be honest, I personally don’t think that winning this poll will have a big effect on the BBC renewing our show. Well, not directly anyway. The thing is, having ITF win this poll is more about generating attention about this show and getting it known, which it seems to have done pretty well by reading the comments! The show sadly has a small fanbase and not that many people know about it, and it’s pretty safe to say that Hannibal is a lot more popular than it.

      The bottom line is, the best thing anyone could to for ITF would be to watch it, fall in love with it, and spread the word about how awesome it is! It only has 9 episodes and I’m pretty sure that they’re all on YouTube. Oh, and tweet #saveintheflesh @bbcone and @bbcamerica too of course. (Also buy the DVD’s and support it if you have the money, because that REALLY helps. The BBC notices that.)

      Best of luck to both fandoms in this! Thanks for being really chill about this whole thing, Fannibals. I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better fandom to compete against. 😉

  70. Hey Fannibals, I salute all of us- we try so hard catching up in leading again – this battle is not easy for us- this only explains how we obsess HANNIBAL just like Hannibal obsesses with Will Graham 🙂


  72. Hannibal has once outvoted ITF and again fallen behind. Our fellow fannibals have been fighting very hard. Fannibals, please keep voting and spread the polling out!

  73. I LOVE Hannibal to the depths of my soul, it is one of my all time favorite shows. However, I would be 100% okay with In the Flesh winning this poll. I love ITF as well, and I know how badly the show needs this kind of publicity. I’m amazed how well both shows are taking the competition, both so friendly and supportive of each other! What a great competition guys! I love whoever wins, keep up the voting!

  74. I was not going to put full efforts into voting since I do want to help ITF with their season 3 but…

    “Our announcement: if we move ahead by 20K votes at any point between now and #PaleyFest, we’ll do our best to get a thank you from “someone” – DeLaurentiisCo”


  75. I wonder what this poll would look like if we were only allowed one vote per IP address. As it is and has been, it’s a fight amongst the most passionate followings and seeing as we get to see current standings immediately, I’d imagine it’s kind of disheartening if you don’t watch Hannibal or In The Flesh. Not that True Blood deserves any love anymore. I also don’t get why Constantine is here if it hasn’t even aired yet.

  76. Voting for HANNIBAL!
    Keep Voting because we are Fannibals!
    Leading by 20K because we can get a “thank you” from someone…

    1. look, I love Hannibal but In the Flesh has the possibility of not coming back for a third season because of budget cuts and BBC needs to see that the fans cannot stand for that. please help support ITF instead of Hannibal.

      1. I get it. Honestly. I remember when the BBC cancelled Classic Who and we had to wait 17 years for them to correct that mistake – but the BBC will do what they do. I have ordered series 1 and 2 of ITF on DVD, but I’m going to keep voting for my favourite show in this poll… 🙂

  77. Okay Fannibals. Been up all night voting. Let’s hold our position. We NEED that 20K!!!

  78. I am a big fan of both hannibal and in the flesh but itf needs every bit of publicity so please please vote for it!!

      1. In the Flesh is in danger of not getting a third season, so we need as many votes as possible, please. The show is so good and I’d hate to have it left hanging.

  79. Well, this’s like an Omegian cry from a fannibal.
    “Alpha Fannibals, pls keep voting Hannibal”
    I’ve been voting non-stop for at least 12hrs- I’m so exhausted now
    We NEED that 20k!!!

  80. Hey Fannibals, Hannibal also needs to keep high publicity to secure its future seasons!!!

  81. Fellow Fannibals, please hear me out.
    I love Hannibal. It’s an amazing show and it deserves all the critical acclaim it has.
    But Hannibal has the backing and support to keep it going. We’ve already gotten the greenlight for a third season. We’re on a major American television network with lots of advertising and people KNOW about Hannibal.
    In the Flesh needs this poll. It’s one of my all-time favorite shows, but it’s in need of saving. It, too, has seen BUCKET LOADS of critical acclaim. It’s amazing representation for women, LGBT, etc. The MAIN PROTAGONIST IS BISEXUAL AND NO IT’S NOT “IMPLIED.” And we’re only going off 9 episodes of content (s1 =3, s2 =6). In season two, one of the main power players is a black woman of color. She’s the antagonist, but the more you learn about her, the more she is just HUMAN and her motives are PAINFULLY human. It’s parallels to modern discrimination and message of the acceptance of our common humanity is something you don’t see in TV every day, and certainly not to this level of sophistication and unique storytelling. All the characters, protagonist and antagonist and minor characters, are written in these shades of grey and have such depth, because the story is ultimately a human story. (In fact, I’d highly recommend you all watch. It’s kind of amazing.)
    Also, damn, I need answers after that s2 cliffhanger!
    So please. Help us #saveintheflesh!
    Let us have this poll.
    It’s not like we didn’t already win it last year anyway! lol

    1. i agree 100% with this. i love hannibal, and it’s an amazing show, but it’s already got all the support it needs, while in the flesh has not.

    2. *ahem* all we know is that Kieren is multisexual,not specifically bisexual(though, from the description of his sexuality, it’s more likely that he’s pansexual)
      just a friendly reminder

    3. Exactly! So… please. The Hannibal cast will thank us aniway, they have already proven they care about their fans, but In the Flesh is in dire need of rescuing. We can’t risk losing a show as representative and good as this.

  82. Well, I dont know what to say…but as a die hard fannibal, I dont understand why my fellow fannibals keep convincing me not to vote Hannibal..

    1. Well, I mean, I’m just one Fannibal. Although if you’ve heard multiple Fannibals championing ITF, that’s amazing! It really is such a good show, it just doesn’t have that much publicity. It’s just kind of on a smaller station of the BBC and has won so many awards and has so many good reviews. Just not enough people know about it. 🙁 Hannibal is pretty secure, but ITF is really on the precipice. The writers are prepared to do more seasons of ITF, but the network execs are side-eyeing it because of ratings (which I really think would be higher if they’d put it on BBCAmerica or left it up on iPlayer – so many people and Americans such as myself had to watch it streaming on other sites). We really are trying to save our show.
      Even if you keep voting Hannibal, I highly recommend watching ITF!

        1. It’s because we know Hannibal is safer than ITF right now. If you’ve seen In The Flesh then you’ve seen that it’s a show with a LGBTQ+ lead character with mental illness, dealing with real world issues – I think it’s safe to say we don’t have anything like this anywhere else right now.

  83. Hannibal is freaking awesome, [Insults towards ITF and fandom removed by Admin Angel] Get voting for Hannibal

      1. Hannibal is not a knock-off, it’s extremely original and separate from the original films (which are “knock-offs of the books”, it takes things in completely different directions and contexts… not even kind of a knock off

      2. This comment goes against the rules of the poll:

        “Please keep the comments section POSITIVE. Read our POLICIES for posting in the comments.”

        And our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies

        “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, rude, or downright mean towards other community members. Personal attacks are not allowed. Stay on topic. If you can’t engaged in civil discourse do not engage at all.”

        As such it has been edited. If you violate the rules of this poll or our site policies again you will be removed from the website.

        -Admin Angel

    1. This comment goes against the rules of the poll:

      “Please keep the comments section POSITIVE. Read our POLICIES for posting in the comments.”

      And our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies

      “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, rude, or downright mean towards other community members. Personal attacks are not allowed. Stay on topic. If you can’t engaged in civil discourse do not engage at all.”

      As such it has been edited. If you violate the rules of this poll or our site policies again you will be removed from the website.

      -Admin Angel

    1. This comment goes against the rules of the poll:

      “Please keep the comments section POSITIVE. Read our POLICIES for posting in the comments.”

      And our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies

      “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, rude, or downright mean towards other community members. Personal attacks are not allowed. Stay on topic. If you can’t engaged in civil discourse do not engage at all.”

      As such it has been edited. If you violate the rules of this poll or our site policies again you will be removed from the website.

      -Admin Angel

  84. Fannibals, are we going to fail it?? are we going to let “someone” down?

    “Our announcement: if we move ahead by 20K votes at any point between now and #PaleyFest, we’ll do our best to get a thank you from “someone” – DeLaurentiisCo”

  85. In The Flesh really needs this. We need more people watching the show we already have a very very incredibly small chance at having another season. So we really need this.

    Hannibal also won last year. So if you could be nice enough and let us have this and give us a chance at having another season. Especially if you guy are already in the go for another season.

    1. We need our 20k lead thank you from “someone”

      and our future is extremely unstable every season, we got lucky. Who knows if we will get lucky a fourth time. We are in the same boat, and it sucks we know and we’re sorry, but both need it.

      1. Yeah I understand that but we might not get lucky for another season. Our future is much much more unstable.

        If Hannibal and ITF’s situations were switched. I would probably try and help out Hannibal.


    As a Fannibal, I don’t NEED to win, but I want to. Because our ratings are shit and because NBC doesn’t want to advertise it and because every finale is written as if we won’t get a new season. So In The Flesh, we aren’t voting out of spite. We are voting because we want the best for our show, just like you. So lets all just try our best, okay?

  87. Let me start with this. There is no reason to sit here and spread hate for the show that you are voting against. There have only been a few instances of this, thankfully, but as time gets closer and the competition gets fiercer, it is getting worse. Stop it. Both shows deserve respect. Simple courtesy dictates that.

    Second, I have never seen ITF, but it sounds like a good show with an important message of acceptance. I can respect and support that. I am glad you all are getting the advertisement and representation out of this that you need, and I fully support you getting a third season.

    Having said that, I am voting avidly for Hannibal. This show is, by no means, secure. Season 3 is secure, granted. That’s it. We will be fighting for renewal at literally every turn. We are not a huge fandom. We are simply a passionate one. Ratings are still far below average. Viewership is small.

    It takes a certain intellect, sense of humor, and level of sophistication to truly appreciate Hannibal-and that is what I love about it. In my experience, it is so hard to find such a beautifully written, scripted, acted, and orchestrated show; especially considering the fact that it is full of murders, cannibalism, and very dark humor. It seems that the most popular shows in the world right now are stupid comedy and reality tv. Not that there is anything wrong with either category, but when it is of a class that only drops intelligence, it makes me want to vomit. It is the brilliance of mentality behind Hannibal that I love so much, and I want that to set an example for the future of television. Vote how you want, but I have my reasons for leaning that way.

    Also there is a good representation of many minorities in Hannibal as well, though the central message is not focused around the acceptance of them…which I feel should be common sense between all humans anyway with or without a tv show.

    Also…Mads Mikkelsen. Hugh Dancy.

    1. [Insults towards ITF fans removed by Admin Angel] , that’s not spreading hate its stating my opinion of the acting in the show, some say that Hannibal is boring, again that’s not hate its their opinion. Are we not allowed an opinion now. I for one am not going to say i like a show if i dont, nobody else should either. Hannibal for me! (or am i not allowed to say that either?)

      1. This comment goes against the rules of the poll:

        “Please keep the comments section POSITIVE. Read our POLICIES for posting in the comments.”

        And our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies

        “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, rude, or downright mean towards other community members. Personal attacks are not allowed. Stay on topic. If you can’t engaged in civil discourse do not engage at all.”

        As such it has been edited. If you violate the rules of this poll or our site policies again you will be removed from the website.

        -Admin Angel

  88. I got curious about In The Flesh, since I’ve seen his fans so involved and enthusiastic about that show, so I’m sure I’ll watch it eventually 🙂
    But my vote goes to Hannibal. Awesome show… and that “thank you”-from-someone thing TOTALLY caught my attention.
    And as someone else said… Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy, guys.

  89. I LOOOOOOOVE Hannibal. I adore it, literally. It’s one of the most beautiful and difficult shows I’ve ever watched. And one of a few, that ever made me cry.
    Guys, I think for some fannibals, who watched ITF, it’s simply cruel to put ITF together with Hannibal in one poll. How can we even compare?
    In The Flesh is different. I’m not saying, that one of those is better or worse then the other. It’s just that I have never – for my entire life – seen anything as painfull and full of desperate hope as ITF. Exept Doctor Who, I guess)))) I mean, seriously! How can I not support something, that is so much more than just a tv-show, that gives all the answers and the feeling of real freedom, which is inseparable from true responsibility? Yeah, I do not know either.
    For me it’s a simple choise. Hannibal’s third season is already secure and even if it wouldn’t be, I could have survived – if the show were to be closed. Yes, ofcourse, it would be painfull, and I would be devastated, cuz I’ve put so much effort in supporting the show.
    But if it happens to In The Flesh, I doubt I will be able to survive. Because what message will such outcome carry about our modern society? That we are not ready to endure, understand and cherish this huge revelation, and all of the struggle for common sense and logic in every aspect of our lifes is useless. I don’t want to believe in something like that. It’s just not compatible with life itself.

  90. If people could just vote In The Flesh, it would be amazing. As a fan of many of these other TV shows, Hannibal included, In The Flesh has the least security. With BBC3 being closed down at the end of this year, the BBC has made no effort to explain to fans the fate of this TV show. By winning this poll, it would give us fans the chance to show to the BBC how much this show means to us, and why it is important that it it renewed for a third series.

    So please, even if you haven’t seen the show, just give fans the chance to at least try show the BBC how much this show means to us. As one of the few shows with representation of mental illnesses and the LGBTQA community, without sticking to the discriminative trope, that many TV shows allow to air, it would be a loss to the world, if we weren’t able to win this poll.

  91. Ok I haven’t commented on this thing in a while, but since the competition seems to be heating up people seem to be getting more agitated (if that’s the right word to describe it) and annoyed with each other, I have to say something.

    It doesn’t really matter if ITF wins. What really matters is that people find out about ITF and watch it because of this poll. Whether we come in 1st or 2nd place, all I can tell anyone reading this who hasn’t already is to WATCH IT IN THE FLESH. I don’t know how much more convinicing people need before they do. Vote for Hannibal all you want. If it does win, great! Just please be kind enough to give ITF a try. There are dozens of comments alredy about how much people love the show, but I just have to add my own two cents so here I go…

    -The main character is canonically bi/pansexual, and it’s treated as completely normal and his story does not revolve around his sexuality at all. There are also other LGBTQ characters that are really important to the plot.

    -The female charcters are so well written, and so human. None of them exist only to be sexualized, used as plot devices, or used as a love interest for a male character. They all have their own stories and it’s great.

    -This show has literally HELPED people. The main theme of this show is otherness and learning how to accept yourself. The main character has delt with depression and suicide, another has to deal with PTSD, and there are other issues presented in the show and they are all handled so well.

    And there’s also alot of other stuff but I’m gonna leave it there. A lot of other reviews have done a lot better than me about it. Not convinced already? Just watch it. Seriously, WATCH IT.

    (Not really a big spoiler, but… we also have a really cute zombie couple and one of them literally meets the other by saying “Excuse me, you’re sitting on my grave.” and I think that’s beautiful.)

  92. And I’m sorry if this upsets anyone…that’s not my intention at all. But so many people are supporting ITF because of the fact that it is centered around the acceptance of differences between people and minorities, and essentially saying that it’s a crime if it doesn’t win because that representation is so important. In my opinion, the REAL crime is that we live in a world where we have to rely on a tv show to teach us basic humanity.

    1. That didn’t come out quite right. I’m not attacking ITF or the message it sends. From what I’ve heard, it is a very important message. What I’m trying to say is that it is just plain sad that we live in a world where simple humanity/acceptancy/empathy is so rare that it IS so important.

      Also, this poll is about horror shows. Nothing about that says horror to me. Hannibal isn’t exactly terrifying, but it IS very disturbing. It’s the kind of thing that gets under your skin and sticks in your head-between imagery and the psychology behind the characters. That’s what classifies it as horror for me, and I love that. 🙂

      1. In The Flesh is a different kind of horror. The real horror isn’t the zombies it’s the people. That’s the point of the show – the horror in human nature. The show is designed to flip the genre on its head to make the audience question who the monster is: the undead, who killed thousands and destroyed communities, or the living who are judging them for what they did when they had no control over themselves and continue to commit hate killings and oppress them despite the fact they are now medicated and are, for the most part, no longer dangerous.

        It might not be conventional horror but I still think it fits the genre 🙂

        1. To be fair, I haven’t seen it, but that DOES sound pretty cool. I do want to watch it now, so definitely well-done on calling attention to it. 🙂 I can see that being interesting. Problem is, I’m in America, so I won’t be able to watch it from a legit source that will generate higher ratings for you guys, but I really do hope you get your third season. Try giving Hannibal a shot too. It’s really awesome. 🙂

          1. I am actually a pretty big fan of Hannibal – just ITF is getting my votes here 🙂 I would be happy if either show won really. And yeah, not having a legal source for things you want to see if frustrating 🙁 The DVD’s are on amazon but I guess if you don’t know if you will like the show (although I think most people would) it might be a bit of a risk spending the money….

  93. Please, please, please be nice to each other! Most of us are, but I’ve seen several rude comments from both the Hannible and In The Flesh fandom. I really don’t want a fight between these two fandoms. Even though ITF is one of my favorite shows (that I have been voting for and hoping it wins and/or gets a sthird season) and I have never seen an episode of Hannible (one of my friends said it was good though so I’ll take her word for that), but good luck to the Fannibles.

  94. OK. I wasn’t going to comment on this poll but now I want to because there are more and more comments that the admin had had to remove insults from. First of all, I think both shows are spectacular. They are both, in my opinion, clever, well crafted, unique shows. They both have faults as well, don’t get me wrong. But I honestly think both shows deserve to win.

    Now, I get that inter-fandom tensions are rising as the poll gets closer to closing, and that people are getting more competitive, but seriously, neither show OR it’s fandom deserves to be bashed in the comments.

    Personally, I am voting for In The Flesh mainly here – in my opinion as well as being entertainment it is also an important piece of social commentary that deals with issues ignored by a lot of other media. However that doesn’t mean I think any less of Hannibal, and don’t feel any need to criticise it. That isn’t the way to gain support.

    The comments are for encouragement and discussion, not conflict between the two fandoms. Remember at the start, when all the comments where about how both shows where great, and we would be happy whoever won? Yeah. That is what the comments are meant to be used for – civilised, respectful, discussion.

    *sings ‘Why cant we be friends?’ by War*

  95. Guys… In The Flesh really, really needs to win this. It’s so important to save this show, but we don’t even know if it’s going to have a third season or not! We need all the support we can get. ITF should be able to keep airing. Please vote!

      1. I don’t think most of the ITF fans know anything about Hannibal, or the fact that we go through hell every year waiting to see if its renewed or not.

        1. I do, being a Fannibal myself. Also, I know very well of Bryan Fuller’s cursed second seasons and all, considering my all-time favorite show Pushing Daises had that same fate. But people. ITF ha srepresentation like no other show right now – it’s important to let it win. Hannibal still has a secure 3rd season, we don’t even have that. We’ll see again next year, but for this time? In The Flesh needs this.

        2. I admit to being the slightest bit put off by ITF’s pleading. As much as I understand wanting your show to get renewed and to get the recognition it deserves, one of my biggest pet peeve is guilt-tripping. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind watching ITF or signing their petition… but asking me to vote for it on this poll is like asking me to shoot myself in my own foot. I personally and desperately want to get that 20k lead, but I’m not going to ask ITF to halt their efforts for me. Because I respect them as rivals, and I respect their appreciation for their show. That is not something I want them to give up. I guess I just wished some of them could empathize with Hannibal’s situation a little, that as much as we want to help, our show’s well-being remains a priority.

          1. * Note that I can only speak for myself. I know some Fannibals are prioritizing ITF, and that’s great. I’m just not one of them.

            1. You do realise that this poll doesn’t really amount to that much right? People are only asking for help for itf because it’s really not that well known. It was incredibly small scale, wasn’t properly advertised and wasn’t even going to originally last as long as it did. Itf is important to people because representation in media is important to people. Seeing your sexuality or illness addressed and normalised in media can mean everything. Additionally, Hannibal has been renewed for a Season 3. If you don’t want to, okay then but do you not think “asking me to vote for it on this poll is like asking me to shoot myself in my own foot” is more than a little overdramatic?

              1. Both yes and yes to your questions. To the first, I don’t think this poll is going to make a drastic difference in the execs’ decision-making- both for ITF and Hannibal- but all small things count at the end of the day. To the second, I got my point across, I believe(?). Voting for ITF or completely stop voting at all is counterproductive to the goals I want to achieve (ie promote Hannibal, assure it can get all its 5-6 seasons). Which is why I won’t do it, but if you want me to sign something for ITF, then I’ll be happy to.

          2. I understand, but we’re not guilt-tripping. We’re prioriticizing and trying to reason. We know ITF is in more danger than Hannibal, and we’re trying to save it because as good as Hannibal is (and believe me, I KNOW it’s good), ITF talks about different issues, issues that no other show is giving a shit about. Since Hannibal is incredibly popular, way more than In The Flesh, I think it’s safe to assume a second position will not harm the show. This is just one poll.

            1. I don’t mind if you post about how great In The Flesh is (because it probably is very good) or if you try to reason that ITF is deserving of winning this poll to get a third season. I just dislike the comments asking that people (not just Fannibals) should drop whatever loyalties they have because ITF NEEDS it. I support voting above and beyond what is expected in order to win. I don’t support asking of people to diminish their votes in order to win. Do you get where I’m coming from?

              Furthermore, if you want to say that this is ‘just one poll’, then the same can be applicable to IDF. Gaining second place on this poll will not make or break the show. I rather think the AMOUNT of votes gathered is more important. Think of it this way: Is it better to win a poll which contains only 10 000 votes in total or would you rather arrive second place in a poll with 300 000 votes to yourself? Certainly, I think 300 000 votes is a pretty impressive number, not to mention that no one would put it against you for losing against a show that is hardcore horror in a horror poll.

              But I digress! Since I believe that this isn’t ‘just one poll’, I suppose I encourage IDF to (try to) beat us Fannibals. 😉 If you win, we’ll still love to have you over for dinner some time. (Perhaps we can bond over our similar diets?)

              1. ” (Perhaps we can bond over our similar diets?)”

                *Admin literally LOLING in a public space right now.*

              2. btw small spoiler ahead —> tecnically pds don’t eat. so the diet is totally different from the one hannibal has))))) but i’d love to join at the table anyway – if not for phisycal meal, then at least for spiritual. :p

      2. Hannibal’s been renewed for a Season 3! We don’t know if that’s going to happen with In The Flesh! But even if this was not the case, ITF is a show with LGBTQ+ leading characters that accurately depicts mental illness and treats real world issues that teenagers and people everywhere struggle with in their evweryday life – believe me, I know all of this has been said before, but that’s exactly the reason this show deserves to survive!

  96. The only really insulting message I’ve seen is that Hannibal is boring. And that just shows up that particular person’s appalling taste/attention span.
    I think everyone else just needs to take a deep breath and calm down. We’re all friends here, getting recognition for both of the underrated shows we love. Lets keep it friendly.

  97. Please please guys, vote for In The Flesh! This show has genuinely done so much for me, and if it isn’t renewed for a third season I really don’t know what I’ll do. Fannibals, please: your show is awesome and well written, but it already has the ratings and the support it needs! Hannibal will continue! As for ITF, its future is very uncertain. Winning this poll would really really help us get a third season! Please, vote for In The Flesh because so many people will be lost without it.

    1. Nothing against ITF, but Hannibal is no more stable than you guys are. That’s why we fight so hard! I have been an advocate for you guys getting renewed since the start of this, but I’m still voting Hannibal.

      1. Hannibal already has a third season confirmed, which is great, because Hannibal is a great show – but this also means that you can let ITF win this. We have absolutely nothing, and this is a show that’s dealing with issues that no other show is dealing with right now. It’s important to keep it going.

        1. I respect that it deals with important issues. I also respect that you guys are fighting as hard as we are for a show you love as much as we love Hannibal, and for the same reasons. Believe me, I got you. And I still want all of the fannibals to watch ITF and join the #SaveInTheFlesh movement on Twitter. I want you guys to get a third season. But I want Hannibal to be as stable as possible even more.

          1. And I thank you so much for this! And believe me, I have followed Hannibal since the first episode, I consider myself a Fannibal, I get what you’re going through too. But I think Hannibal doesn’t really need this right now. It could do with a second place, simply because it has way better chances than ITF – it’s so much more popular, it attracts so much more audience. This poll doesn’t seem to be important to Fannibals to keep the show stable as much as it is to get a thank you from the actors…?

            1. I have followed Hannibal from episode 1 as well, and I love it dearly. That doesn’t mean I don’t support ITF right along with everyone else. But we were fighting hard for Hannibal long before the promise of a thank you from the actors. That’s just an added bonus if we happen to get it. I can’t speak for everyone else, but my reason for voting Hannibal is because it is honestly the best tv series I have ever seen and I want to protect that. I love everything about it-from the music composition to the acting to the cinematography… You get the idea. I want it to be an example for the future of television, because no one appreciates real quality anymore. It’s just all about entertainment. Like say…Family Guy, for instance. Nothing against fun tv, but I enjoy a good story, well-composed, that makes me think. Everything I have heard about ITF makes me want to see it though. I will definitely grant that. 🙂

              1. Yeah, my point exactly – I care about the future of television. And if good television has a future both In The Flesh and Hannibal need to be in it. I completely get you. My opinion is only that, given the huge fanbase and publicity Hannibal has, ITF seems to need this one poll more than Hannibal does right now.

                1. I gotcha. If you guys have a petition or anything that you are planning to send to BBC, let me know. Someone posted a website earlier that I am definitely going to check out. Good luck. I completely admire the passion and determination behind ITF, and I think it deserves a third+ season. 🙂

                  1. I was going to link you to the same website, so I’ll just let you check out the one! Thank you for the support, and for having been reasonable (:

                    1. Hey, no problem whatsoever. And thank YOU as well. 🙂 I signed the petition too, a few minutes ago, so hopefully that helps.

    2. It has terrible ratings. Where did you hear it has good ratings? Because your information is wrong.

  98. I like Hannibal i realy do. But in the flesh needs als the attention it can get because it’s a lovely show with likeable charecters, gays but that’s not what the whole story is about, good character develepment and a good story line. Plus we are not even sure we’re going to get a new season. So could you please vote for in the flesh (or if you could only stop voting for other shows that would be great!!!) thank you

  99. Okay, how is this? Dear ITF fans, please stop voting and let the Fannibals get their 20,000 vote lead so we can get our special thank you that we were promised. It’s very important to us. No? Didn’t think so. Sorry, but…seriously…

    1. I think they will thank you anyway – and you still have many future chances to interact with them. We could not be getting a third season at all, and this show? It’s important to keep it alive.

      1. My point was, you’re not voting ITF to destroy this chance for us, or to destroy Hannibal. Vice versa. We’re not voting Hannibal to destroy ITF. And this isn’t at you in particular, but there have been so many posts like “Stop voting so ITF can win this” that I felt the need to make said point.

        1. There is a /serious/ reason ITF fans are asking to let us win this poll, and it is because, for once, we need this more than you. I know it’s important to Fannibals, I AM a Fannibal, but I can recognize a priority when I see one. No, we are not voting to destroy Hannibal, we0d never want that. But you’re more safe than us right now.

  100. Just wanted to give my two cents since apparently competition is getting fiercer and fiercer. Until two days ago this comment section was a remarkable example of fair play within two fandoms and I was really happy seeing that everybody seemed to get along so well despite voting for different tv shows. Now, I get that we’re in the final rush but that is not an excuse for being despicably rude with your rivals. You’re voting for your favourite tv show, great, do it and let the vote decide without having to resort to insults.

    And to my fellow Fannibals who had their comments removed by the admin due to ugly remarks against ITF I just wanted to say: stop. We Fannibals are many things but WE ARE NOT RUDE, especially not with another fandom so similar to us, small but passionate for a tv show that might get cancelled. We’ve always fledged ourselves of being a fandom made of nice people, I would really like if that stayed that way, thank you very much.

  101. I’d just like to pitch in and say that I understand the sentiment behind asking Fannibals to vote for ITF because it’s at risk for cancellation… But I’ve seen a lot of people saying Hannibal is “secure” and “has all the support it needs.” Did everyone forget that the show was very VERY nearly cancelled two seasons in a row? Frankly it’s a miracle we’re getting a third season. I was absolutely positive it would be cancelled after the last season. I feel bad for saying it, but sorry ITF fans, I’m keeping my votes with Hannibal. Fellow Fannibals, it’s great if you want to help ITF! But let’s not delude ourselves into thinking Hannibal is getting ample support, because it isn’t.

  102. Hey ITF people, my votes are with Hannibal, but I signed the petition that was posted earlier to save your show. If there is anything else that I can do (aside from changing sides, because that’s not happening), let me know, okay? Good luck getting s3 guys!

  103. This is absolutely NOT okay for me if we can’t get HANNIBAL to have more seasons- This is unbearable if I can’t see the reunion of Hannibal and Will due to the earlier cancellation.

        1. Well, whether or not a series is continued is usually always decided after each season (some shows have longer contracts). Even if it almost didn’t get a season 3, that doesn’t mean it would be the same situation for a potential season 4. Whether or not Hannibal gets further seasons depends on how season 3 is received… which hasn’t even come out yet.

        2. Saying that, the show may end after season 3 purely because it’s completed (nothing to do with it being cancelled) but I don’t watch Hannibal anymore so I don’t know how close it would be to that status.

  104. Reading through all the comments, I just want to say that I hope the ITF fandom and I don’t come off as too whiny and trying to guilt-trip you guys, like “Waaaaaah your show already has a season 3 and we don’t! So stop voting for Hannibal!” because that’s really not what we’re trying to convey. We are really desperate for s3 obviously, and the competition getting more fierce just makes us more frantic to post comments like that.

    Also, I was misinformed about Hannibal’s stability. I didn’t know how hard you guys had to fight for more seasons and that it might not get as many as there were originally planned, so I hope that we’re not being rude. We can both relate.

    May both of our amazing shows get as many seasons as they deserve, regardless of who wins in the end. ^^

  105. 12 000 down, 8000 to go! We’re more than halfway, Fannibals, don’t give up now! Remember Will sobbing in the kitchen, of Abigail resting on the floor, of Jack shaking in the pantry, of Alana quivering on the glass, of Hannibal mourning in the rain; we can’t put our heads back, close our eyes, and wade into the quiet of the stream just yet!

    GO GO GO!

    1. Obviously my syntax is messed up because I need sleep, but you get my drift! Keep it up, Fannibals! We can do this! QUICK. THINK OF HANNIBAL IN A LEATHER SUIT ON A MOTORBIKE. Are you motivated yet? Yes? No? Maybe?

      Either way, VOTE VOTE VOTE! <3

  106. Hurray!!! We did it we did it we did it we did it- I am over the moon!!
    Fannibals, I love you all!!

    1. Unbelievable!!! I’m literally crying right now! Amazing job Fannibals! I love you!!! Thanks for all the help! You guys are incredible! I can’t even-

      1. And you were a part of that group effort so you’re equally incredible! Thank you for keeping me company in the comments section!

        1. It always helps to know you’re not alone. 🙂 I just wanted to keep people motivated. You are very welcome!

      2. YEESSSS!!!!! Go team Hannibal! Well worth the effort. This show is beyond fantastic – intelligent, witty, incredibly layered, visually stunning, masterful character development….etc etc. We need all the publicity we can get. I for one am going to keep up the voting, but couldn’t be more ecstatic at this milestone!!! 😀

        1. I’ve been voting for over 24 hours straight, so I’m going to sleep now, but it was SO worth it! Keep up the incredible work Fannibals! And honest good luck to ITF!

            1. The Fannibals are legend. <3 🙂 Put in a few votes for Hannibal and Hemlock Grove for me.

    2. Hey, can someone take a screen shot of this result and post it? I dont know how to do it..

  107. Hurray! I went to sleep at 2am to vote as much as I could and now that it’s morning here in Europe the first thing I did was checking this poll and I can’t believe that we did it!! Kudos to all the Fannibals!

    On another note, I signed the petition to renew ITF and I’m also starting to watch it and spreading the word with my friends. I’ve watched the first two episodes and so far I’m really enjoying it 🙂 I really hope you guys get a third season. If you have more petitions for us to sign just let us know!

  108. Can’t we do it like in the Hungergames and vote Hannibal as well as In The Flesh on the same level, like ‘fight the poll, not the fans’ and let them both be awesome and win?
    I’d love that, cause both Series are perfect and I don’t wanna miss them. <3 It's already pretty impressive how close they are and how much love and teamworks goes into this from so many fans. Work together, and don't give in to hating!

  109. I am voting for Hannibal, but I did sign the petiton for in the flesh. I hope you guys get many more seasons!

  110. Christ, its getting as heated in here as it was when Musical March Madness was going on on MTV. And I was voting super hard for Daft Punk, but we lost. I’ve only seen season 1 of Hannibal but all of In the Flesh, so despite the lead Hannibal has I hope that In the Flesh can pull through!

  111. As much as I absolutely love Hannibal (a beautiful cinematic work of art if I have to say so myself) In the Flesh is in very critical condition right now with it’s channel closing down so it needs all the support it can get. Hannibal is getting more likely to be revived for a third season while ITF really really needs it. It’s such an amazing show full of really great characters with awesome portrayals and I would be really sad to see it go so please please give this show a chance to show a different side of it’s beauty!

    1. I feel sad if Hannibal is losing- I vote at least 10 hrs a day in the past week.

      1. Keep it up! Loyalty is hard to come by, it would seem… And thanks for the effort!

        1. thanks. I know you didnt sleep for 24hrs voting Hannibal 🙂
          I am a fighter!! I dont beg!!

              1. Come on Fannibals, let’s do this for our show Hannibal. I do love in the Flesh, but Hannibal is MY show all the way.

                1. Count me in! 😀 Hannibal MUST win 😉 Even though the 3rd season is not out yet, I want to let NBC know we love the show so we can get a 4th season 😉

  112. PLEASE vote for In the Flesh its really in the need for a third season since its obviously not as popular as Hannibal…

  113. I just started voting for In the flesh.

    I mean, I don’t watch it (might later), I’m a Fannibal through and through, and still, gonna vote for ItF. It might not mean much, but I know the pain of losing a show I love early (don’t we all), and it’s not like Hannibal is really dependant on this. (I know our 4th season is far from sure, but we still have time to do that later. It’s not a fight for survival!)

    1. You really should watch In the Flesh! It’s a really good show, and only 9 episodes long (season 1 is 3 episodes and season 2 is 6) so it’s pretty easy to get done. It’s a really neat spin on the zombie genre given that it’s about the zombies (or Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers) trying to reintegrate into society while tons of people are completely prejudiced against them. It’s really good!

    2. I notice there are someones who claimed that they are fannibals but starting to vote ITF, a bit tricky…maybe I think too much…

  114. Listen to me, In the Flesh fans…
    I’m an avid fannibal and I haven’t seen In the Flesh, so my vote obviously goes to Hannibal. I can’t foresee who’s gonna be the winner, but it sure has been (and still is) a great “fight” 🙂
    What I’d like to say is that I’ve read some comments here and there and I understand your motivations and your fear of not having your favourite show renewed. I’ve been through the same pain (and I’m afraid I’ll be again next year) so I can feel you, really…
    BUT. Remember, itf fans! It’s not by winning this poll that your show will be safe, but rather it’s by having more visibility and viewers! And I can assure you that your tenacity – and the brief summaries written by some of you- have caught my attention (In the Flesh has directly gone into my list of “must-see”) and I bet the same happened to many other fannibals who didn’t know of your show before this poll 🙂
    So don’t worry! With this poll you’ve surely gained more viewers and almost surely more fellow fans, regardless of who’s gonna win 😉
    Sorry for the rant but I felt the itf fan’s high concern and I wanted to cheer them up 🙂

    1. the same here. I’m a fannibal, and ITF gain enough visibility and made me curious. It is now in my to see list. I really hope you guys get a renew.

  115. Guys, please keep voting for In The Flesh! I’m so sad it’s loosing because bbc might have seen how many people love the show and maybe would have considered season 3.. 🙁

    1. I think the number of people who are passionate over ITF are very visible in this poll. It’s not because you come first or come second that I’m saying this, but because of the sheer love behind all your comments. Just because you come second doesn’t mean BBC WON’T see it, and similarly, just because you come first doesn’t mean they WILL see it. What’s important is how many people you manage to gather to your fanbase, because that in itself is a victory (especially if you can get enough people to join you in making it trend on Twitter, for example! That’s something that draws attention!)

      1. You make a great point. Even if ITF comes in first or second, we were battling head-to-head most of the time, and with over 270,000 votes that in itself an incredible win.

  116. Even if ITF doesn’t win. I still think everyone who hasn’t seen it before should watch it. It’s a great show. The acting is amazing. It has great representation although lacking poc characters, it has LGBTQ+ people in it and really touches on Mental illnesses, which is great.
    The show is also amazingly written.
    I’m of course not undead but I’ve gone through a lot of what one of the main characters has gone through. So I can relate much more to the show. I can also tell you that that’s a lot of what real life family’s are like sometimes.

    So vote as much as you can for ITF and even if it doesn’t win Watch the show and raise the ratings and help us get our series 3.

    1. I’m a diehard fannibal – and always will be. However, thanks to this competition and ITF fans I was intrigued by the show and just started watching it. Really enjoying it so far!

  117. How about this guys? I’m super impressed with the Fannibals, and also with the efforts of ITF. No matter which you’re voting for, can we also propel Hemlock Grove to a solid 3rd place? I love SPN but as a Netflix original series, it needs the representation, and it’s epic. 🙂

    1. Aye aye, Captain! 😉

      I’ll add Hemlock Grove when I vote. I’ll do my best to make that happen.

  118. I’m at the point now where I would just love to see us get 1 million votes collectively. We’re the most dedicated fandoms, and that’s saying something, because I was part of the Supernatural and Sterek fandoms. Good job, everyone!

    1. The cooling off period isn’t something we have control over and Polldaddy is really vague about how long it lasts. The best answer we’ve had from them is “a few hours.” As far as the results go, not sure. They appear fine on our end.

      -Admin Angel

    2. From my experience – at least two hours. Though I seem to remember (from other polls) that it’s supposed to be an hour and a half.

      1. I have the impression the cooling period restarts each time you try to vote. I’m an unreliable narrator, but it always seem to take less time when I leave it alone, and more time when I keep trying to check back on it.

        1. I think it does restart if you came back too early in its opinion. And an hour later seem to count as “too early”, with me, at least – I’ll get “We detected suspicious activity, please, try again later”. Returning two hours later works. Returning an hour and a half later… works for some other people, apparently. Maybe there are even lucky voters who are free to come back thirty minutes later.

  119. So sad that In the Flesh is losing. I want to do everything possible to try and get a third season. The show means so freaking much to me…

  120. Really sad to see that as this poll wraps up both the hannibal and itf fandoms are showing their true colours, just a week ago we were complimenting each other for our politeness!! Please don’t let a silly internet poll ruin this friendship guys!!

    That being said, as a fan of both shows, I’m gutted that itf is now losing.. it would have been a real boost for us as a fandom:(((

  121. Lot of little girls seem to be pulling for In the Flesh. Which is fine–their seems to be just kind of a beggy tone to all the pleading for ItF. If the show makes it, great. But them winning this panel won’t do s–t to help their ratings or future on telly, so maybe tone it DOWN a bit, girls?

    1. Despite voting for In the Flesh myself (and being female and not appreciating the ‘little girls’ comment) and somewhat agreeing with your statement, there isn’t really much you can do. It’s always the same thing in every voting thing for TV shows, music, whatever. People are going to get beggy and rude and horrible as it gets nearer and nearer to the end. It’s true that winning this panel won’t do that much to get a third season, besides maybe getting a bit more notice from other people to watch the show, but there’s really no need to sound condescending and rude about it.

    2. While I can sympathize with your annoyance, calling In The Flesh fans ‘little girls’ was unwarranted for, and frankly, quite condescending. Yes. Hannibal requires a certain degree of maturity, seeing as how literary the symbolism and dialogue is sometimes… but different people enjoy different things. Please don’t look down on people whose tastes don’t match up with yours. I don’t think that it was in your intention, but that first sentence came off as… well, rude.

    3. Please don’t refer to the ITF fanbase as ‘little girls’. Yes, we’re very desperate for s3 and we’re sorry if we come off as too pleading, but that was unnecessary.

    4. This comment goes against the rules of the poll:

      “Please keep the comments section POSITIVE. Read our POLICIES for posting in the comments.”

      And our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies

      “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, rude, or downright mean towards other community members. Personal attacks are not allowed. Stay on topic. If you can’t engaged in civil discourse do not engage at all.”

      If you violate the rules of this poll or our site policies again you will be removed from the website.

      Also, as a member of both the Hannibal and ITF fandoms I have two points: 1) going by the “eat the rude” ethos we should be having you over for dinner in due time an 2) I am in my later 20s and thus not a “little girl.”

      Don’t be rude. Hannibal would hate it and it makes our fandom look bad. Don’t generalize other fandom’s either because hey, the admin is part of the fandom too and won’t tolerate it.

      -Admin Angel


  122. To all the ITF fans who were saying that Hannibal didn’t need the votes because our season 3 is already secure, this is WHY we have a season 3. This is what we do. 🙂

    1. You’re really just enforcing their point here! This is exactly why we need the Fannibal’s help! In The Flesh has some of the best representation on TV (the protaganist is queer and mentally ill!) and it would be a true shame and a scam if it were to be canceled. Our show is in serious danger right now just as Hannibal was a few months ago. As a big fan of both shows just let me say that ITF winning would mean so much more in the long run You know what it’s like to be scared for your shows safety! ITF needs votes more than Hannibal does right now. That could change in a few months when we’re awaiting news for season three but that doesn’t change the fact that right now my fellow Redeemed are in critical condition. We just need some support right now is all!

      1. I am by no means against ITF getting a third season. In fact, I would very much appreciate it if you did. I had never heard of it before this poll, and now I want to see it…ergo, mission accomplished. It’s not about who wins or loses a poll that likely neither NBC or BBC will ever see. It’s about promoting your show as much as possible. I think it says a lot that you are even in this. poll to begin with (not to sound condescending or offensive). It says even more that you have over 300,000 votes to represent your show. Not to mention all the comments describing and/or supporting it. Someone posted a petition earlier to sign for ITF to get a new season, and my name is on it. On Twitter, I have given you guys promotion. Also, I have suggested it to many people saying that I had never seen it but I would like to. That is me helping, and I will happily continue to do so. That was my point. Hannibal is no more secure or stable than ITF just because we got another season secured, which is the reason we fight so hard to be recognized. I have been not only impressed with, but blown away by the passion and dedication of this ‘small’ fandom that seemed to just appear out of the blue. No matter who wins this poll, I think both fandoms have worked very hard and done their jobs of being recognized.

        Just so many people were saying that Hannibal had good ratings and a large viewership, and that we already have a season three, so essentially we don’t need this win. The point was that hell yes we are probably more stable than ITF at the moment (if not by much), but only because we do everything we can to promote our show at every turn. It’s not one of those ‘we need this more’ or ‘we are better than you are’ things, and if it came across that way, I sincerely apologize.

        Also, I love over half the shows on this poll. Hannibal just happens to be the example I want to set for the future of television, so it’s the one I promote. My statement was meant to be more encouragement than taunting. 🙂

        1. Aah I really appreciate your response! I agree that the poll won’t be exceedingly important regarding our renewal but seriously we need all the help we can get. It means a lot. I was just a bit apprehensive considering I’ve see a few condescending and passive aggressive Fannibals commenting. Thank you so much for your support on Twitter! I’ve seen some folks saying that they’ll check out the show now and I hope you might as well 🙂

          1. Any time! Like you said, we fannibals definitely know what it’s like to live under threat of cancellation. 🙂

  123. I watch most of these Shows and some of them are realy good. Hope fans of other shows can leave comments here too.

  124. Hey Fannibals, pls hold our leading position…we may be fallen behind again soon.
    I mean it sucks if we only get a “thankyou” after so many fannibals dedicate their efforts. If,in worse scenario, Hannibal get cancelled earlier than 5 or 6 Seasons, I would ask myself why I haven’t fight harder for the Show today.

  125. Last night I was so proud of all the fannibals for helping us to get a 20K lead. Now, I am extremely proud of and thankful for the ones that have struggled through tonight. Thank you all! <3

  126. Hey Fannibals, we are still leading 12K at this pt of time. I’m going to sleep before I get stroke- pls help to keep the lead…please!! – in a beggy tone.

  127. As much as I am a fan of multiple show on here, most of them are fairly secure in their programming (ie. decent budgets, advertising, secure network spots). The exception is ‘In the Flesh.’ We’ve only had 2 seasons, with 9 episodes total. Living in the US I never saw any advertising, but happened upon it on BBC America, after it originally aired on BBC Three. Now its in major jeopardy as the network is moving online and the fate of ITF is undecided. Either it could move to another BBC network (ideal scenario), move to an online format (with the budget likely cut), or the fate that shall not be spoken (worst case scenario). I get that everyone is a major fan of whatever show for their own reasons, but ITF has meant a lot to a lot of people on a personal/emotional way based on some of the subject matter that is slipped into what on the outside looks like just another zombie thing. Fanibles are obviously awesome, and even our shows’ creator Dominic Mitchell loves you guys and gave you a shout out on twitter. We however, would really appreciate the win hoping that the little stuff like this gets seen by the powers that be at the BBC in the slight glimmer of hope that it would make a difference! Sorry for my rant but I really love this show and a third season is really freaking needed 🙂

    1. I get your point, but ITH Fandom also shows its strength to win even not pleading or asking Fannibals to’ back off- So, pls just let our fans show their love to their shows- here is the poll for our favorite horror TV show- let simply stick to the theme – I will be fine to loss after a hard battle. Some of the Fannibals also emotionally invested in the Show . For me, I will keep voting as long as my fellow fannibals are still struggling to win <3 ANNIFannibals will be sthstick to ishoworor oreassjust let our fans show their loves to their shows. heach of fansJ or aother

  128. I get your point, but ITH Fandom also shows its strength to win even not pleading or asking Fannibals to back off- So, pls just let our fans show their love to their shows- here is the poll for our favorite horror TV show- pls let simply stick to the theme – I will be fine to loss after a hard battle. Some of the Fannibals also emotionally invested in the Show . For me, I will keep voting as long as my fellow fannibals are still struggling to win <3, and be proud of whatever the outcome it is.

  129. One of the things I love best about ITF is the understated horror. It’s not like The Walking Dead (another show that is dear to my heart) where it’s, IMO, survival horror. In that, everyone is so different from how they used to be. You have to adapt to a world where there are seemingly neverending zombies out to kill you and having to deal with the other humans in the world who are just as bad as the zombies. (Also, Carol Peletier is the most bada$$ character and if you don’t agree, then I just don’t know what to do with you lol).

    In ITF, it’s like how much can you delude yourself into thinking everything’s okay before it comes to the point where it ends in tragedy (I’m looking at you, Bill Macy!). It’s also very true to the times we live in. Fanatics on both sides looking to do harm to the other and innocents getting caught in the crossfire. People preaching to others and preying on their fear and ignorance. Someone touched on this point earlier, but part of the horror is realizing that since the PDS sufferers are now “cured”, so many other rabids (someone’s parent, child, sibling, significant other, etc.) were killed before they had a chance to come back. Also, there’s the horror of the PDS sufferers having to deal with the fact that in their untreated state, they killed people (one character killed their mother, and two main characters killed a girl in a store).

    Not to mention the make up is really spectacular – from the hand painted contact lenses, to PDS sufferers natural state, to the rabid ones when they take Blue Oblivion, Rick Macy’s face scars, Amy’s scars… But I do have to say that I did see something on Tumblr awhile ago with Hannibal showing the violin guy and the fate of a certain female character, both of which looked really freaking disgusting and I loved it. Great. Going to get sucked into yet another show. I have about 60 things sitting in my queue on Netflix to watch, so I plan on having no life for the next 20 years.

    Sorry for the text dump and on a kind of unrelated matter, if anyone wants to discuss the Nogitsune and/or Stiles Stilinski, please let me know because I can discuss them for DAYS. Or anything else dealing with TW. 🙂

  130. No one can stop me voting Hannibal unless there are new chaps on my favourite Hannigram fanfic..okay this can wait too

  131. Fannibals, pls mobilize all our resources to vote. Someone keep bombarding our Hannibal Tumblr asking us back off..

    1. Excuse me but I think you do know that no one can tell you to back off if you don’t want to, right? and with all those votes and graphic edits to encourage people to vote I doubt that we still have time to “bombard” anyone

      1. People can still tell you to back off, you don’t have to. But they can still tell you to and we are just saying someone did it’s not like we are accusing you or anything.

  132. We kicked the supernatural fandom’s ass last year we can do anything! Go Hannibal!

  133. Look, guys. As much as I’m voting for in the flesh because it’s a beautiful show, I think we all know the real reason why we need s3. Philip needs a new toaster. Seriously. So keep on voting and get Philip his new toaster damn it!

    (Also vote for Simon’s hideous sweaters.)

    1. basically these are main reasons, dude))))) totally agree with u here.
      you think what all this fuss and fight here is about? certanly – let’s be honest – cuz the main canon pairing toaster/philip has to survive at any cost.
      and fifty shades of sweaters, of course…
      i love u, guys, keep up the struggle and vote In The Flesh! <3

  134. Come on, Fannibals! I know we can get back in the lead before the 20th!

    I’m a little disappointed that some Rotters seem to think that we’re being spiteful in voting for Hannibal, as though there is some direct correlation between this poll and a renewal of season 3 of In The Flesh. I think most Fannibals can empathize with In the Flesh, with the fear of cancellation, but I think most Fannibals just want to demonstrate their love of their show above all. In my opinion, if one loses or wins, it shouldn’t be because of mercy. I wouldn’t want to win that way. I would rather everyone try their best and at the end of the day, I’ll either go “WOW, ALL THOSE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS PAID OFF” or “GOD, THEY TRIED HARDER THAN I DID- LETS RECTIFY THAT NEXT TIME.” Because, in my opinion, friendly competition really does help everyone- not just one side giving up.

    1. Yes, friendly competition is always good. I’m actually extremely proud of both sides of the battle despite being a ‘rotter’ (although fun fact, rotter is a derogatory term in the show! We’d be more of the Undead or the Redeemed XD)

      Honestly compared to the Musical March Madness that I was apart of, this has been at least 100x more civil than anything that was on there.

      1. I saw a fan referring to themselves as ‘Rotters’ and so… I suppose that as a fan whose fan-name is relating to the word ‘cannibal’, I suppose I’m not the best qualified person to distinguish what has a good connotation. But anyway! Thanks for telling me! The Redeemed actually has a nice ring to it~

    2. I can’t speak for all In The Flesh fans, but I agree with you, I would much rather win through hard work and dedication than one side agreeing to back off or whatever.

    3. Love this comment! I’m okay with losing fair and square, but if we lose because some ItF fans are emotionally blackmailing fannibals not to vote I’m going to be royally pissed!

      1. Yeah, I don’t want ITF fans to guilt-trip Hannibal fans into voting for ITF. Friendly competition is great, but that just doesn’t seem right to me.

  135. But here’s my thing, If ItF gets renewed and later down the line Hannibal is on the cusp of getting renewed or not and there’s a poll like this pitting the two fandoms together, will ItF fans help us out by not voting for their show?

    1. To be completely honest, (and I can’t speak of other ITF fans here) I would. I’m a fan of Hannibal too, it’s just that I care for ITF more. And if you guys were having trouble getting a season 4 or 5, I would do as much as I could to help you guys out. 🙂

    2. If ITF is 100% secured for another season, personally I’d say I’d help and vote for hannibal if it were in danger of getting cancelled i think because lets be real here an online poll wouldnt affect the show if it was already renewed so……

  136. For all “so claimed” fannibals, if you choose to vote ITF, pls do so but keep it to yourself, there are still many fannibals struggling very hard voting for Hannibal.

    1. It’s rude how you said ‘so claimed’ fannibals. I don’t see how they still wouldn’t be huge Hannibal fans despite their decision to vote for ITF. They should be allowed to give their reasoning as to why their voting for ITF, just like fannibals should be allowed to be continually saying how they’re voting for Hannibal and how the undead are allowed to say how much they’re voting for ITF, or even if there are ITF fans voting for Hannibal.

      1. Pls dont get me wrong- i’m not saying “fannibals” not allowed to give their reasoning or to vote for ITF- I am only begging those “fannibals” who post at Hannibal Tumblr asking other fannibals to let ITF win, also aware that the fannibals here need support as well. So that’s why I ask them to vote ITF but pls keep it to themselve.

    2. People have a right to post those types of comments here just as you have a right to state that you’d rather not see it. What isn’t right is bashing other fandoms (against the rules of the poll), being rude (against the rules of the site and would put you on Hannibal’s dinner table) and “true fanning” other fans (heavily frowned upon around these parts).

      I voted once to get the ball rolling and voted for both Hannibal and ITF. I like Hannibal more, but would like to see ITF get a third season. I’m happy whoever wins, but I understand if some fans of both shows would make a decision not for their favorite, but for their second favorite that “needs” the votes for renewal. Hannibal fans had a similar outlook last year and wanted SPN to back off since they were pretty secure. By saying this I’m not claiming this poll will have a direct outcome on the chance of renewal, but I have had conversations with producers who say it helps sometimes, especially for smaller bubble shows. Who would I be voting for if I wasn’t an admin of the website? Not sure. I’m a fannibal through and through, spent my birthday sleeping on concrete to be front row center at the Hannibal panel at SDCC, and worked my butt off to get into the NBC party to meet the cast and crew (so many selfies on my phone soooo many selfies) but I get where ITF is coming from because we were there a year ago. I haven’t voted since my first vote, though, as I’ve taken a more admin role since it took off. But I get it. We’ve been in there shoes, man.

      -Admin Angel

  137. Ok… there’s nothing else for it. Mads and Hugh need to agree to kiss for 2 minutes if all the Fannibals vote. I bet the ITF loving Fannibals wouldn’t feel so guilty about voting then… 😉

    1. it’s a damn great proposition! *_________*
      but i’m still voting for in the flesh. sorry, guys
      cuz for me it’s not about my inner specific preferences right now. in this i stand for logic, not just emotions, and thus my choice is ITF.

      1. Voting for Hannibal as it is my favourite TV show seems logical to me. 🙂
        I’m not saying this is your reasoning – but voting for a troubled show because the BBC might see a poll and decide to save it despite it having no viewers/no dvd sales doesn’t seem so logical to me.
        If you want to support In The Flesh’s renewal, do what I did. Buy the series 1 DVD. It’s not expensive.

        1. Its in trouble as bbc3 (the channel it used to air on) got shut down and completely moved online, yes itf isnt very famous, its a low budget British tv show but the fans are stirring and making more and more people curious what this show is and why does it seem so important to us,thus making a loooottt of people watching it after it has already aired on tv (including me) as for the support you can check the shows creators twitter dominic Mitchell, youll see him retweeting a lot of people who bought the dvd, roleplaying costumes, drawings, this poll to which he will tweet the results to to both bbc and bbc america, we’re doing everythig we can to support this show as you can see and all we’re hoping for is just renewal

        2. actually, i’ve already bought five dvds of firts season and both seasons in one set long before this poll started. i do the agitating oh signing the petition on change.org.
          but the logic i’m talking about is not the one you talking about. it’s not just the formal logic of making actions to get us the third season. it’s wideer then that – it’s dialectical. i’m sorry i can’t explain it properly. english is not my native language, but anyone in here who study philosophy professionaly will understand what kind of logic i’m talking about.

  138. Hey guys, seriously, why not combine our efforts to get 400K a pierce and leave it even? Then we both win, and it makes a statement that we both deserve the attention and renewal!

    1. Not to mention the fact that it will show that we respect each other’s struggle better than anything else. 🙂

  139. If everyone could agree on voting both ITF and Hannibal up to 400K and stopping, through combined effort, I would swallow my broken fannibal pride and cooperate. We’re both struggling to get recognition, renewals, and respect. I think it would send an amazing message.

    1. If you vote for both shows, your votes cancel each other out. You can raise the tally for both shows if you like, but if you want to help a show win, you have to choose.


    Also, special shout-out to Martha @DeLaurentiisCo for being so supportive of us! Thank you for the motivation booooost~~ <3

  141. Admin Angel, do you have an email address? I’d like to ask you something in private please.

    1. Please do not state that you are going to contact me, then NOT contact me, but tell people that you did and create lies about a private conversation that never took place. Thanks.

      -Admin Angel

  142. Come on Fannibals! Don’t do sympathy votes for ITF, that’s ridiculous. Vote for the better show. The one you prefer.

    1. Vote for the better show? I shall have to vote for ITF then! 😉

      (Ok, ok. I don’t want to start anything, I’m joking. It’s just that which is the ‘better show’ is your opinion. Best of luck to both shows in this.)

      1. I am specifically referring to those who prefer Hannibal but are voting ITF (which is boring and been done before, IMO – if you wanna go there) because of some misconceived idea that it will miraculously save the show 🙂

        1. I think most people are well aware that it won’t miraculously save the show, but people should feel free to vote for who they want for whatever their reasoning is. (and IMO, I could say the same comment back at you about Hannibal. I was a former Fannibal but couldn’t get through season 2 cos I got bored. But I am very impressed with how well the Fannibals have done!)

          1. Fair enough! 🙂 But I still think these sorts of competitions are about what the individual thinks is the best show, hence the title of the competition. You guys have done a great job tho, well done