Favorite Horror TV Show?


Halloween is just around the corner.  To celebrate we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite horror themed TV shows and have decided to put them up for a vote.  Sometimes shows skirt the line of genre, especially when it comes to science fiction, but we’ve put our heads together and come up with a list of the shows we were scared of as kids and continue to thrill us today.

What’s your favorite?  Plan on watching any of them leading up to Halloween? How about on Halloween?

You can vote for up to four at a time.  No limit on voting.  Poll closes 11pm EST October 30th.



Author: Angel Wilson

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565 thoughts on “Favorite Horror TV Show?

      1. It has a date limit though, meaning it still has a finish line. This poll is more to measure collective dedication than fanbase size, I believe.

        1. I will go so far as to say that if Hannibal wins this poll… I will have to watch it.

          I mean I was planning on watching it sometime before season 2 as its the only show on this poll I haven’t seen, but if it wins I will probably marathon it on Halloween.

          Princess Audrii

          1. In the name of all that is holy WATCH IT! NOW. Seriously though, I LOVE a number of shows, some I would’ve said could NEVER be topped. ‘Hannibal’ tossed that out the window. It not only managed to maneuver making an amazing “prequel” show that peers into an unexplored timeline of one of the most iconic characters to ever exist, but they’ve done it is an astounding, one of a kind way. The gore is often oddly stunning. Hugh & Mads play Will & Hannibal, respectively, not just with amazing skill, but they embody the characters completely. It also has the most passionate, organized, polite, friendly, and classy fandom (Fannibals) I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a part of. I can’t really begin to list ALL the reasons that this show, it’s creator (Bryan Fuller), the cast & crew, and the fans are so amazing. You’ll have to find out for yourself 😉

            1. I’ve read the books. All of them. So I am going to watch it. But at the time it was airing I was up to 33.5 hours of television a week so I really didn’t have the time to add it to my schedule. Now though I’m going to be back down to 29 so I think I can squeeze it in. 🙂

              Princess Audrii

    1. My all time favorite “Supernatural”… love the story line and how they deviate from time to time to give my nerves a rest!! Angels and demons, I can relate and it’s almost believeable that it could really happen (that’s what makes it so scary and thrilling).

          1. You can salt our food, but don’t be rude and burn the food. Then we really would need to eat you.

            1. You gonna eat your “each other” food underground love while we burn your body’s and your spirit roll in your ashes :**

                1. Supernatural fandom shere its dinner only with their family anything outside that .. or we dont give a rat ass .. or we kill it .. but hey have nice dinner till .. well we win this and after that we gonna celebrate the ass out of you 🙂

                  1. Whoa man, I’m in both fandoms, but that’s incredibly rude and ironic – you’re the perfect example of what Hannibal would call dinner uvu

                    Was torn about which to choose at first, but after seeing the differences in class of the fandoms here, I think I’ve chosen.

                  2. 1) That entire comment was unnecessarily rude
                    2) I think you misunderstood the nature of the “dinner invitation”

                    1. Please view our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/

                      “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, or downright mean towards other community members.”

                      Everyone is entitled to their opinion “Rude” but you don’t have to be mean.
                      Warning #1.

                      Princess Audrii

      1. If you mean the Fannibals, then damn straight. And everyone should learn not to expect anything less from us, don’t underestimate us, and NEVER be rude.

          1. What are you being, if not rude? I’m sure you’re aware that there are more civilized ways to express one’s disagreement.

              1. *The post that this poster is replying to has been removed by Princess Audrii for violating our policies*
                Wow. You are a genuinely mean spirited person.

                And to clarify, having a decent vocabulary does not mean I used a thesaurus, it means I am well read, and have a college education. I am absolutely stunned that you can say such cruel, hurtful things and think that I am the one who is rude.

                I said some unkind things about Supernatural in the beginning, and profusely apologized for them after the fact. I haven’t been warned about my language. And if I have an unrealistic view of the Hannibal fandom, and Fannibals, it’s only that they were above the things that you are saying. Anything other than that, you’d have to elaborate on, because I’ve only said that I love the fandom, am proud of it, and that we don’t tolerate outright rudeness. If I have other unrealistic views of Fannibals, then maybe you can work on telling me what they are in a mature fashion.

                Furthermore, I saw Silence of the Lambs at 12, and read all the books before I was 16, so I do have a pretty good idea of, not just the character of Hannibal, but the stories and other characters around him.

                Yes, I do think Mads Mikkelsen is incredibly sexy, and I don’t see why that’s an issue. It doesn’t negate my awareness of his phenomenal acting skills, so why is this a concern to you?

                I am neither self-entitled or spoiled, and if you knew an iota about me or my life, I wouldn’t have to tell you that. I don’t understand how you even came to such a conclusion based on limited comments in a single thread.

                I don’t know how old you are, but if you are as old or older than I am, I think it’s time to act your age. If you set out to be mean, cruel, rude, and hurtful, then congratulations, you’ve met your goal. I hope that fulfills you somehow.

                1. Laura I removed the poster Rude and the majority of their comments.
                  “Rude” if you read this… changing your email and screen name isn’t going to change anything.
                  I can still see your IP address & as soon as Admin Angel is available she’ll block it.

                  I gave the poster “Rude” adequate warning about being disrespectful and mean to other fans. And they didn’t listen.
                  So everyone should take it to heart. We will ban/block people for not following our posting policies.

                  If anyone else is wondering what I am talking about they can review our policies here: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/

                  Also EVERYONE please remember that we are doing our best to keep the peace and keep fans from verbally abusing one another and their fandoms. It would help if you were ALL nice to one another but I understand tempers and passion flares over fandom. If I or Admin Angel have missed commenting about or with the policies on someone’s post that is disparaging, full of uncensored swear words or just hateful, feel free to point it out to me by replying to this post.

                  Princess Audrii

                  1. Thanks, I don’t know why they singled me out or felt the need to verbally assault me in abundance, but if anyone feels I deserved it, I would really appreciate being told so & why, in a mature manner.

                    Their age guess of 14 was close! A couple more years and they only would’ve been off by a decade! 😉

                    Whatever, but really, if anyone thinks that any of “Rude’s” verbal onslaughts had relevant points, make me aware in a decent way. If I’m making mistakes, I can’t change them if I’m not aware of them.

                    Lastly, I’m sorry to Ren, Audrii, and Angel for what was said to ya’ll for getting involved.

                    The whole thing was absurd.

                    P.S. Audrii – I seem to be able to reply and comment via iPhone, but I don’t know why my laptop is different.

                    1. Last night we had to limit our comments for a short duration due to a very persistent and tiresome person.
                      Everything should be fixed now though.
                      Sorry if this has caused anyone any inconvience.

                      Princess Audrii

                    2. Hang in there, it’s almost over.
                      Now you have, your own scare story.
                      Of wank and gross across your site
                      that editor and admin managed to smite

                      Sorry for the nasty. Thank you for your hard work.

                    3. Both Angel & Audrii deserve some serious applause for handling all this as best they could. You guys have been a lot more tolerant than many others would’ve been in the same situation. Thanks for being such good sports.

                    4. Only a little over an hour left before voting closes!!!
                      And right now Hannibal is in the lead.
                      We had mentions about this poll from Orlando Jones [Sleepy Hollow], Osric Chau [Supernatural], Bryan Fuller [Hannibal], and the official Hannibal twitter and facebook accounts!

                      I hope you guys all had fun and we can’t wait to see you vote in our next poll!

                      Princess Audrii

              2. *The post that this poster is replying to has been removed by Princess Audrii for violating our policies*

                Please view our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/

                “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, or downright mean towards other community members.”

                Warning Number 2 for what you said to Laura & 3 for what you said to Ren

                Three strikes “Rude”
                I’m having Admin Angel remove your posts and block you from further comments.

                Princess Audrii

          2. Wow. I posted that well over a week ago, maybe refer to some more recent comments if you want to accuse me of being rude. I’ve got a lot on my plate and, quite frankly, to wake up to such a, yes, RUDE comment, was downright hurtful.

            I just can’t even deal with this.

            1. I profusely apologize that I couldn’t ban that IP hours ago. I was at work and my phone was buzzing away and I could do nothing. Misogyny and bullying are not welcome and their IP has been blocked.

            1. *This post has been edited/removed by Princess Audrii for violation of our policies*
              **Poster has since been banned for violation of our posing policies**

              1. That’s right. I banned you “Rude” and names will never hurt me.

                I gave you THREE warnings.

                If I hadn’t decided to ban you earlier, your comments since would have made me do it anyway.

                And THAT is all I have to say on the subject.

                Princess Audrii

              2. Your IP has been blocked. Your misogynistic language and bullying is not welcome here. Please do not return.

                -Admin Angel

          3. As not a single word of you comment abide by our policies it has been removed entirely.

            Policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/

            “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, or downright mean towards other community members.
            Please avoid using extreme and excessive profanity in your posts. Sexist, racist, homophobic, or transphobic language and sentiments are also not allowed.”

    1. The Hannibal fandom came out of nowhere. Haven’t seen them in any other polls before this. Looks like we have some new competition to keep us on our toes! Bring it!!

      1. Hannibal has only been around for one season compared to 8 for Supernatural. By 8 seasons of Hannibal, it’s unlikely that Supernatural will stand a chance in fandom compared to Hannibal.

        1. Hannibal also entered the TV line-up with five novels, four movies, and multiple awards under its belt. It had a huge pre-made fan base.

                  1. Franklyn, we can talk about this at our next meeting if you should like to do so. In the meantime, please do not interfere with my affairs. I have everything under control.
                    And that is all. Inspiration has struck for a dinner party.

                  2. You guys are killing me in the best way by basically hijacking the SPN-fest with an improv Hannibal role play hahaha I love this damn fandom

            1. Supernatural was only meant to last for 5 seasons. It’s why Eric Kripke stepped down as director after season 5 and Sera Gamble stepped up. He said he meant for it to be 5 seasons and didn’t want to direct past that. Luckily he’s still involved though.

          1. With all of the books and the movies, the Hannibal fan-base is pretty strong. And we have an awesome name: Fannibals. Fannibalism will prevail. Hannibal is already creating it’s second season and I’m pretty sure that it will get enough seasons. If you’re not a fan, don’t you worry your pretty little head about it.
            This is my design.

            1. Not to mention we were as organized, passionate, strong, and amazing within 2 FREAKING WEEKS OF THE SHOW. Hell, we already had crack vids, gifs galore, oh and we also have one another feather in our caps as well

              WHO DO YOU THINK CREATED THE FLOWER CROWNS?? You may be using them. but they came from THE FANNIBALS. SUCK IT.

              Not to mention we can actually have females on the show, even *gasp* love interests…Alana, Bev, and Dr. Du Maurier are a lot of Fannibal’s favorite characters!
              The Supernatural fandom? Can’t put a freaking female character in (the two recents are a lesbian and a demon, because they don’t post a threat) without you fans being sickeningly hateful towards them…as in wishing death on them, and calling them ugly, among other things. Now the show just doesn’t even try because you all act so nuts. Seriously, that’s messed up, and a big reason I never participated in the fandom.
              (not to mention we can tell the difference between a harmless fantasy of shipping two straight male characters, and being obsessed with a guy on guy ship to the point of being, honestly, quite weird and scary about it)

              To bring back a much used phrase from elementary school : “Fannibals rule, Supernatural fans drool.”
              (Probably would’ve sounded better if you guys had a fandom name as awesome as Fannibals)

              1. yeah you’d wish won’t you..and BTW Supenatural fandom is THE SPN Family Fandom..we’re a family of fans who dont even kno eachother much but still stand together..so you can keep your elementary school stuff to yourself..we don’t care..:) 🙂

              2. The flower crowns come from the One Direction fandom, actually, but Fannibals definitely contributed to the propagation of it (on Tumblr anyway). Bryan Fuller being so accepting of the whole thing also helped greatly, especially when he and Hugh Dancy accepted the flower crowns bestowed upon them by their fans at SDCC.

                I can also say that the Hannibal fandom has popularized the antler trend, although that may also have been a coincidence since I have no concrete evidence to back that up. It is very probable nonetheless.

                Also, no need to bring back elementary days. I’m sure we can all act like reasonable people here… or at least, try to.

                1. All due respect but I have since made multiple comments expressing my regret on responding to petty insults with more pettiness. It was a lapse in my better judgment upon seeing some particularly malicious comments targeting not just Hannibal, but my fandom. I responded childishly, which is only a disservice to Fannibals, and will not be happening again, I assure you.

                  “Eat the Rude”

                  1. Yeah, the comment section here is a mess. Fannibals and the SPN family (and then one wayward x-files fan who hates everyone and has now had their IP blocked) are being real nasty. I’ve been trying to comment to all that I’ve interpreted as rude but some have slipped by. You’ve been great for the most part so sorry you got caught while others have slipped by.

                    -Admin Angel

                    1. Thanks 🙂 don’t even give it a second thought. You guys are doing your best to manage an onslaught of really hateful, malicious, childish comments and I completely respect that and imagine it’s really frustrating.
                      I’m just grateful that calmer minds swooped in and most of the Fannibals were reminded of our reputation and curbed the immature rudeness that only serves to make us look like hypocrites.
                      And none of us wants to put our own on the menu, after all 😉 haha

                      I’d say that from most of us Fannibals (although the exceptions will always exist) from now on, you can expect many a cannibalistic quip and a fight of good sportsmanship, but no more of the hate and especially no rudeness. Certainly not from me, anyway.

                      And I can’t decide if tidbit about the rabid X-Files fan scares me or is hysterical. Maybe both.

                      Godspeed to you admins. Good luck on wrangling the hateful rabid fans. Personally, if it stays so out of control, I’d consider some tempory banning…at least from this page…might get their attention. It’s really absurd.

                      Mahalo nui loa,

        2. Dear Fannibals and Hunters,

          Who cares how many seasons you have, that doesn’t make the other a better show.
          We have six episodes and a bigger fan base then the both of you so…
          STFU and kiss already.

          Sincerely, The Sherlock Fandom ❤️

            1. Only the rude ones call themselves Cumberb*****, the respectful ones say Cumbercookie or CumberCollective. And someone’s being rude! STFU

              1. Benny himself suggested Cumbergirls or Cumbertadpoles…. but then rejected that because of the possibility of Cumberspawn…. yeah. For this and more hilarity read Angel Kink’s article about his Reddit Q&A.

                Then follow her link to the Reddit Article for more.

                Princess Audrii

            2. you call yourself b***hes..do we need to say anything more..!!!!!
              and how long exactly have you been waiting for your season three..????

              Sherlock is a great a show..i like it too..but i LOVE Supernatural and even Benedict couldn’t get me out of the spell the guys on SPN have cast on me.:) its a great show if you watch it..:)
              And what are you SHERLOCK fans doing here..yours is not a horror show and this ain’t your battle royale..!! 😛 🙂

              PS – no offence meant sorry if any taken..and dont call yourselves Cumberb***hes even Benedict doesn’t like that..he is a great guy and loves and respects his fans..:)

              1. Actually, IMO, The Hounds of Baskerville episode should have been on this list.

                It definately fulfilled the horror-themed elements that we looked at when compiling the list. So if Sherlockians want to say that Sherlock should have been on this list, then they are right to believe that.

                Secondly, we encourage all fans and all fandoms to participate.

                Princess Audrii

                1. i dont say that sherlock shouldn’t be on the list..but the problem is that its not on the list..and its such a mess here between Fannibals and the SPNFamily that its hard to take all these fans saying stuff about a fandom you belong to..!!

          1. Don’t come cry in to us when you show gets cancelled.
            Spn has a huge, committed fan base.
            Its on the CW so ratings can’t be big

          2. Suddenly I’m craving liver, with a side of fava beans and a nice chianti. Won’t you come to dinner?

          3. ¿And you talk in the name of the sherlockians? shameful
            I love both shows, Sherlock and Hannibal, but no matter how stupid you try to be, it’s not going to change the fact that Hannibal is better..

            1. Please view our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/

              “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, or downright mean towards other community members.”

              There is no reason to call someone stupid “pina”.

              Or tell people to STFU “Sherlockians”.

              I’m calling you both out here.

              Princess Audrii

        3. Hahahahahahahahaha Hannibal 8 Seasons I doubt it
          Also just show you know Ratings go down as the series proceeds, Hannibal will be its strongest in the first 3 seasons then it will decline
          Supernatural is beating Hannibal and its in its NINTH season, you can’t beat that Im sorry

          1. Dude, don’t be crude. I’m part of both fandoms, and comments like this just make me ashamed of it. You want to help the fandom? Why don’t you be the better person, and be kind to someone else. Seriously, you all are acting like immature children. I’d be surprised if anyone wants to get into either show after reading the way you degrade one another. Jesus…

            1. I was going to say something myself, but you guys really stepped up here.

              Princess Audrii

        4. it is not necessary to have several seasons to have and select an excellent horror tv show even with just one season, if you are a good selector you know that HANNIBAL has all the elements to win the BEST HORROR TV SHOW, what a wrong comment from you, is like if you say that have 100 mouses is better than have 1 golden coin or 1 diamond. haha

          1. hahaha I just saw this comment right now, and the end metaphor made me laugh so hard, just because I can imagine you going “what’s worthless compared to gold or diamonds….uh….oh screw it, mice….mice are worthless, we’ll go with that” hehe 😉

      2. Will be so nice when supernatural is forgotten about in 10 years and Hannibal will be living on as the much better show 🙂

        1. Supernatural will never be forgotten about. And while it’s a good show, it’s highly unlikely Hannibal will be around for 10 seasons.

          1. Yeah because it’s a pointless mainstream show with a bad plot.
            ”Oh sh*t we need a new season, just let Sam or Dean die , go to hell and come back again, yeah that sounds original! Also give those girls some h*m* scenes, b*tch*s love h*m* scenes!”

            Good shows like Hannibal don’t live long because most people are too stupid to understand it.

            1. calm down, I dont watch Hannibal so, I can’t judge, but by your comment you don’t seem to watch Supernatural. If you actually think the only plot of Supernatural is “Oh sh*t we need a new season, just let Sam or Dean die , go to hell and come back again, yeah that sounds original! Also give those girls some h*m* scenes, b*tch*s love h*m* scenes!” well, you clearly don’t watch it. In the same episode, they make me cry, even tough it’s not that hard, and laugh until I cry. It’s not just about some guy keeping on dying, even if Dean probably died more than 100 times, it’s about a relation between two brothers and a bunch of creature.

              And, please, don’t be mad if I make mistakes, I am not an anglophone. 🙂

              1. the other comment was quite rude and you have a point, like i haven’t seen supernatural but i know that it’s about more than that. at the same time, they were completely right about the “Also give those girls some h*m* scenes, b*tch*s love h*m* scenes!” which is utterly fowl because they’re just queer-baiting, and isn’t good for the lgbt community who are genuinely hoping for a mainstream gay couple. they’ve played destiel on for too long

                  1. Actually, Destiel is not-so-subtle in the real show.
                    And I don’t understand why a lot of guys wouldn’t want it. I mean, Castiel and Dean relationship is quite powerful, so why don’t, you know, get on with it.
                    I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

                  2. I think you are forgetting Season 4 Episode 18; The Monster at the End of this Book.

                    Wincest is in the show… even if its only in the heads of the fannish shippers (Like Becky ie Samlicker) of the Supernatural books it is actually a thing in that world.

                    Even if its not something that actually happens between Sam and Dean. It is something that is mentioned and is real to that universe. Therefore it exists in the show. Maybe not in the context that some fans like to think. But it exists.

                    Don’t get me started on Destiel. I could argue all day about Body Language, Dean’s inability to say “I love you,” and Angelic vessels.

                    Princess Audrii

                    1. And if I’m going to school you properly, then I should note:

                      *SPOILER* … in Episode 9.04 which is unaired, but there are now previews online:

                      Charlie says that ‘someone uploaded all the unpublished Supernatural books’ to the internet.

                      *End Spoiler*

                      Canon tells us that the books that were published went as far as the end of Season 3 with Dean in hell.
                      Based on 5.09 The Real Ghostbusters, Chuck wanted to publish more books, and on stage he mentions Sam & Dean’s future and angels.
                      So based on that and the fact that he was writing Swan Song during 5.22 Swan Song, we can believe that the unpublished books are in fact seasons 4 & 5.

                      Therefore Angels in general and Castiel in particular are in the ‘unpublished’ books, and if there are fans reading those Supernatural books online in their universe and fanfiction is being written about them (see 9.04 previews) then not only Wincest is a real thing in the Supernatural Universe, but so is Destiel and Sabriel and Sassy and all other ships that could possibly occur in the first five seasons.

                      As Marshall (HIMYM) likes to say, “You’ve been Lawyered!”

                      Princess Audrii

            2. I’m sorry to disappoint you
              but just because YOU don’t like it, or think it’s stupid, doesn’t mean it is stupid.spn it’s not just about two brothers dying every season – and this isn’t true,btw -but it is also about the love this two brothers share one for another,family,loss,misunderstanding,disappointment,happy moments that melt your heart,religion. it’s not about home scenes. it’s not about keeping the fandom happy. I have may MALE friends who watch it, and I’m sure they’re not b*tch*s who love “h*m* scenes”
              you don’t like it, fine. you think it’s pointless, fine. vote for whatever you want. but do not insult other people calling them stupid just because they don’t watch you fav tv show.
              supernatural has MILLION fans, the fandom doesn’t need you. we’re fine. supernatural is leaving a legacy. if it will be remembered by its fans in ten years? i think so. probably because supernatural has given me much more emotions – different kinds of emotions – than any other tv show ever did. and i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one.

              i might even give a try to hannibal as soon as i have some free time, but i’m really hoping i won’t become such a b***h like you are. enjoy you 13 episodes while i choose which of the 174 – until now – episode to re-watch.

                  1. Hey Serena,

                    I’m sure that Meg is actually a demon, but please everyone, be nice, don’t call each other swear names on this site.

                    Princess Audrii,

              1. listen. i love both shows, but you really have to understand how problematic supernatural is and always has been. their homophobic remarks transformed into queerbaiting. i had to stop watching it for months because of how misogynistic dean is- i thought he’d get better but he hasn’t. your favorite show isnt perfect and you, all of you, need to mature and realize its flaws.

                1. I never said it was perfect, and I understand you had to stop watching it.
                  But I never called anyone stupid for not liking it. I just explained why it is MY fave show and why I don’t think it’s stupid and why I think that comment was rude.

                2. Im a straight guy who watches the show
                  I believe that if you believe in the fangirls then the show will seem gay.
                  I don’t and I know that Dean are Sam are straight
                  I have no problem with gays but DEAN or SAM just aren’t

                  1. I don’t understand why you feel the need to put that you’re a straight guy at the beginning of all of your comments, as if that will somehow make your opinion more valid? And yes, it is an opinion, not a fact.

                    Sam and Dean are fictional characters, which means that if someone interprets their sexuality in a different way than you do, THAT’S OKAY! You are more than welcome to interpret them as straight, and if someone else interprets Dean as bisexual, for example (as many do, more than just “fangirls”, and even some fangirls don’t – let’s avoid stereotyping certain groups here), then they are well within their rights to do so.

                    But still, even though you’re welcome to your interpretation, unless you’re one of the writers of the show, you actually have no say in who Sam or Dean is or isn’t. You don’t “know” anything. Please stop trying to pass your word off as law.

              2. Please read our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/

                “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, or downright mean towards other community members.
                Please avoid using extreme and excessive profanity in your posts. Sexist, racist, homophobic, or transphobic language and sentiments are also not allowed.”

              3. I 100% agree. Supernatural gave me so much more than just a plot. Honestly, before I started watching it I was in a straight up rut bc life just sucked, and I though I had nothing else. I found it and it gave me joy, joy I hadn’t felt in a really long time. Supernatural had given me something to look forward to everyday.Something in Sam and Dean (Sam especially) kinda told me that if those boys can stop the damn apocalypse and do damn near anything in the entire world, then I could too. So, you bashing that show means a lot more than you just being a dick, its kinda an insult to me personally.

                Hannibal is an okay show, I’m not really a big fan. Albeit, I wouldn’t go on and completely insult it.

                As said above, Supernatural is NOT just some “h*m* scenes” and “Sam and Dean going to hell and coming back again” Haven’t you ever wondered why it’s so mainstream? It’s mainstream bc of the fact that sometimes those boys go through some real difficult shit. The things that they go through is rough sure, but they try their best. And they may not always come out on top even, sometimes they completely lose. To me I think that just proves that they’re human, and not some sudo-human heroes who save the world and always wins bc they’re the main characters.The fact that they have all that power at their feet but instead of using it for for bad, they use it for good. That, it’s kinda astonishing in itself really.

                The point I’m really trying to make here is that there is SO much more to our show than the writers just trying to please us, h*m* scenes, and the boys going to hell. I’m trying to convince anyone of anything, I’m just pointing out that it’s a show that means a lot to a lot of people and it’d be greatly appreciated if you didn’t bash it in the name of Hannibal.

                pls n thx – kisses 2 my b******

              4. Generally, we Fannibals maintain the utmost class, even when someone is rude about our show. But before the Fannibals came full force, the majority of comments were legitimately bashing Hannibal left and right for anything they could come up with…so while we’re very tolerant, it shouldn’t be a surprise that when the Fannibals arrived and saw all the haters, we got defensive, and damn well riled up about it, and pretty fairly so.

                I watch Supernatural, so I’m not speaking ignorantly, or without knowledge of the show…I’ve watched it from the beginning. I really enjoy it….but the misogyny and gaybaiting is a major turnoff, and in the end, it doesn’t stimulate me mentally the way Hannibal does. It’s fun, but it has never made me physically react or gasp, it has never kept me on the edge of my seat, or pushed the envelope. These are simply my opinions, and I hardly expect everyone to share them, but I’m certainly not judging blindly.

                And one thing that is undeniable is that we are simply so so lucky so have the most amazing, sweet, appreciative, wonderful show runner that anyone could dream of in Bryan Fuller. And I have to note that it’s hard to deny that we have an amazing cast, especially someone of such caliber as Mads Mikkelsen, and Gillian Anderson. Not to mention upcoming guest roles for DAVID FREAKING BOWIE, the amazing David Tennant, and more.

                This is getting too long though, so I’m going to end it there

                  1. Thank you, love. Our reputation is something I’m very proud of…to see it tainted over a silly poll would be horrible. Even if being rude meant winning…bragging rights aren’t worth turning into hypocrites about everything we stand for. I’ll let the childish one slinging hate end up as the dinner special, hehe 😉

            3. One would imagine that a fannibal wouldn’t be anywhere near as rude as you just were. I don’t watch much Supernatural and I’m an avid fan of any variation of Hannibal, but I honestly cannot imagine that somebody as rude as you actually watches that. Not only did you just call people who maybe just don’t care for something in the area of Hannibal stupid which is, in my opinion, the worst possible adjective you could ever choose to use in association with anybody, especially for a simple difference of opinion, but you also just completely insulted a television series based off of mere inferences. If Supernatural has been airing for nine (ten?) seasons thus far and is /still going/, then it’s highly unlikely that all there is to it is deaths and revivals and homosexuality. Also, you gave no evidence to back up your opinion and made no attempt at actually understanding the TV show you ridiculed. I can understand that other people dislike NBC’s interpretation of Hannibal, and I can understand people disliking Supernatural. What you stated, however, was -unspeakably- rude. Please take into account things other than your own opinion next time, please.

              1. I have to admit, even I got more riled up by all the Hannibal bashing, but I think the fact that Fannibals ARE almost always classy, and brush off the hate (not without a small cannibal quip though, of course, haha) is part of what makes me so proud to be a Fannibal. We’ve never tolerated rudeness from the beginning, and shouldn’t sink to that level now. I think we all just are such a passionate fandom….that, and the he-ate-us it taking it’s toll haha

            4. Hi Meg,

              In case you and others aren’t aware, we have a policy on swearing on the site. Like John says to Sherlock… It’s a bit not good. So you’ll notice that if you swear, your post will be vigorously edited.

              Please do not use derogatory terms as well, we dislike that immensely.

              Princess Audrii

              1. Yes. I did. Using it in the way it was being used, is derogatory.

                Princess Audrii

                1. My trying to figure it out and for the life of me failing, until it finally dawned on me, was fairly comical.

                  “What is that? Hump? Hump scenes? Did they censor the word hump?? Who even says that?…”


              1. The show you may or may not be watching is before the -beginning- of Hannibal. Surely it stands to reason that they can extend the story beyond the extremely squicky ending of “Hannibal” (the book) and give us something a little more tasteful?

                1. Bryan made it pretty clear that although we ARE watching this period between Will and Hannibal that is so often referenced in the books, but that the show it also its own universe in ways. Otherwise they wouldn’t have enough time or material to play with. So while it will ultimately end up in the same place, we’re taking some detours and the scenic route, to put it simply, haha.


              2. 1) That was rude and the name calling is immature.
                2) It’s character that, yes, we ultimately know the fate of, but it shows a period in the story, when Will and Hannibal worked together, and Hannibal was still a practicing psychiatrist and cannibal, not to mention a free man. Red Dragon in particular makes it obvious the two characters have a long and complex history, but Thomas Harris never went into detail about it. It’s a part of the Hannibal story that the effects of which are clear in the books and films, and many fans of the books and movies were unsurprisingly very interested in seeing this aspect of the story.

                Nothing about that is moronic thank you very much

                Eat the rude,

            5. I think you need to get your facts straight if you think Supernatural is just about Sam and Dean dying. You obviously don’t know a damn thing about the plot or what’s going on right now. You don’t want to like SPN then that’s fine but if you’re going to insult a show, at least learn all about it before you go spewing out your incoherent babble.

            6. While I don’t ever want Hannibal to end, I’d like to point out that good shows don’t live long BECAUSE a good truly-final finale is essential to a good show. Ref: Breaking Bad.

              If Supernatural ended in Season 5 like intended, it’d be a masterpiece; now it’s just a really popular hype-train like Dexter (and we all know how THAT turned out).

              1. ^ This is so true, just like with Merlin. Good TV show writers know when to end a TV show before it becomes cliche.

                1. SPN is still amazing
                  If it had to grow cliche I would end it straight away but as long as the show maintains its brilliance as it has, bring on more seasons

              2. I LOVE Supernatural, actually heading to a convention next month, but I do have to agree with you. If it would’ve ended at season 5 with Sam staying in Hell at the end it would’ve ended perfectly. It’s how it was originally supposed to end actually. Ever since season 6 it’s gone downhill. I still think it’s a good show, I still watch it, I like a lot of the new characters, but it’s become lost in “What do we need to do now to keep the audience?” Personally, I think they should go back to how season 1 was done and just keep taking care of the family business. Again, I adore the show, but even I’m getting tired of all the apocalypses the boys have started.

                1. Season 8 was brilliant and Season 9 looks amazing
                  Dey obviously want to keep their audience and even in large it as every show runner wants but SPN writers are so passionate about the series and it shows

                2. Too true. Look at Breaking Bad: they had an endgame, and they went out with billions of fans, at the top of their game, and nobody who watched that show is going to forget it, and it’s going to be one people remember and future generations will watch. As The World Turns? Died with 53 SEASONS, nobody cared, nobody even noticed, and nobody is going to remember it.

                  Obviously As the World Turns is an extreme example (those soaps DO NOT DIE), but you get the idea. As devastated as I was to see Breaking Bad go, and despite the fact that I could watch it for decades, I KNOW they did the right thing: they went out with more of an A-bomb than a bang, and that series finale broke ALL records for viewership across the boards.

                  Sorry, I’ll admit I’m still missing my Heisenberg fix…funny how a show about drugs turned out to be pretty damn addictive itself haha

                  Point is, I agree with you fully. While Supernatural has a very devoted fanbase, it’s not reaching as wide of an audience outside the fanbase, and I think it’s largely due to a premise that has sadly because repetitive.

              3. Season 8 was BRILLIANT
                and season 9 is looking just as good
                I loved Dexter but I couldn’t watch through season, so I agree with you there
                But I assure you SPN is different

              4. I love that you referenced Breaking Bad…as sad as I was for it to go, it was the right time, and done with perfection. I truly believe it will be remembered and watched by future generations. It’s simply a masterpiece, and I don’t say that lightly, but the acting, the tension, the badassery of Heisenberg (no one will forget quotes like “I am the one who knocks” and “Say. My. Name.”).

                Okay now I’m going to go watch it from the beginning haha

                And by the way, they’ve green lighted a new spinoff called “Better Call Saul”, about Saul’s antics before meeting Walt and Jesse. So that’s exciting, Saul was always hysterical. I’ll definitely be tuning in when that airs.

            7. You obviously never really watched SPN
              Its so much more than that
              The creator of the show had the first five seasons plotted out even before the first season came out, not that is what I call brilliance.
              Hannibal is good but never reach SPN’s masterpiece
              FYI Im a straight guy


          1. Yes, because denoting a show simply because you don’t like it makes your show better.

          2. Mischa? Maniau, kad tu buvai miręs! Maniau, kad aš netyčia valgė jums save! Aš praleidau jus tiek daug … bet ką reiškia “HANNIBAL SUCKS? Aš tavo brolis! Tačiau mes galime kalbėti apie tai vėliau. Kas tau nutiko? Ir kas tave išmokė rašyti, nes su klaidomis savo vardą.

          3. Sometimes one doesn’t want an old friend for dinner, but someone new instead.

            That wasn’t an invitation.

            Have a lovely day 🙂

        2. How dare you say that, I’m pretty sure nobody has ever heard of Hannibal, plus Supernatural has more fans 😛

          1. Um Hannibal has 5 movies several books and a t.v.show. just a few nights ago supernatural said a quote that was in an episode of Hannibal several months before. They have both made references in the t.v.series to each other. Just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean nobody has. Please kindly do your research before making ludicrous remarks about no one ever having heard of something before. Because if it’s out there someone somewhere had heard of it.

              1. “Wind him up and watch him go.” Will said it to Hannibal, and then Crowley said it to Kevin.

                1. If you’re going to nit-pick.
                  The quote “It’s so much fun to wind him up and watch him go,” aired on a show back in 2001… Ed TV. Season 1 Episode 20 Mind over Matter.

                  Princess Audrii

                  1. Haha you beat me to it. I was going to point out the fact that that phrase has been used for a very long time, possibly originating from old Energizer battery commercials. I think it’s a bit coincidental that it was used in Supernatural so verbatim after Hannibal used it…but us Fannibals hardly have a copyright on it.

                    Mahalo nui loa,

                    1. IMO I think it would have been better that ‘Hannibal’ is on television in the SPN Universe… and that Crowley is a fan.

                      I mean we already know he from his speech to Sam in 8.23 Sacrifice that he watches HBO as he mentions Band of Brothers, The Pacific, and Girls; all shows that aired on HBO.

                      “We just shared a foxhole you and I. We beat the Tet Offensive, outrun the Rape of Nanking – together! Instead you are going to do me like this? Band of Brothers! The Pacific! None of this means anything to you? All those motels – you never once watched HBO? Not once? Girls! You’re my Marnie, Moose. And Hannah She deserves to be loved. Don’t we all?”

                      Princess Audrii

                  2. Yes, I know. I certainly wasn’t trying to imply that either show had a monopoly on and/or invented the phrase, or that SPN was even necessarily quoting Hannibal. It’s a phrase I’ve heard quite a few times over the years. I was simply speaking within the context of what he asked re: Hannibal and Supernatural, and that both shows using that exact same phrasing was interesting for someone who is an intense fan of both shows. I’m sure the phrase goes even further back than 2001, haha.

          2. Hahahahaha

            The Hannibal fandom amassed an online presence in 2 weeks with the numbers, passion, dedication and organization that Supernatural took at least a season or two to match. Not to mention two HUGE factors: 1) Hannibal has had ONE season, while Supernatural is on, it’s 8th I think? 2) The Supernatural fandom is more active because the show is on the air, where as Hannibal is not. Oh, and 3) we don’t suffer rude people well…they don’t fare well either, though.

            Fannibals may be more dormant with our show off the air, but considering it’s neck on neck w/ SPN, that HARDLY implies that “nobody knows what it is”. It implies a seriously formidable fanbase.

        3. Supernatural is already a house-hold name.In ten years it will still be the underground classic that hit the bigs.It will never be gorgotten

          1. I had literally NEVER heard of Supernatural until I joined tumblr and even then I didn’t watch it until it was on Netflix (I finished seasons 1-7 during season 8 and caught up) and in my opinion, it took a big downturn in season 6. I liked Leviathan, so that saved it a bit for me, but 8 was all over the place and I won’t be surprised if the writers take an interesting premise and do so little with it yet again. Not to mention the queer baiting and misogyny, which I find horribly problematic. When one of the actors on your show (Misha Collins) agrees that the misogyny ain’t cool, then you really can’t keep pulling the wool over your eyes, because that stuff is definitely there. I agree about endgames – Six Feet Under & Breaking Bad are two masterful examples of how to end a show. If SPN had ended when Eric Kripke had planned, it would have been a perfect ending, but now it’s feeling a bit like purgatory. I have high hopes that Hannibal will get to run it’s whole course as Bryan Fuller imagines it because it truly is an excellent show with an amazing fandom. I’m very proud to be a Fannibal and have been a huge fan of the Hannibal franchise for years. Believe me, I was a little wary of how a Hannibal tv show would turn out, considering Anthony Hopkins WAS Hannibal for me for so long, but Mads has actually pushed Hopkins to the side for me, which I NEVER thought possible, but I think that’s a testament to how good the show is. I predict Emmy noms, if not wins, next year.

            1. Are you in my brain or something??

              Seriously, like 3 times while I read this I kept looking up at the name to make sure I didn’t write it, haha.

              We were one of WAY too many Emmy snubs towards some really spectacular shows this year…it was absurd and I really hope to see it change. I mean, how did Vikings not even get a nomination?? And Breaking Bad was nominated for far too few categories, especially with an imminent swan song. Not to mention the amount of nominations Game of Thrones got, which was ridiculously low for such a high-caliber show. At least Jessica Lange got 1 nomination for AHS. The number of wins that went to Homeland…I was just like “Let’s just forget the Emmy’s and give them all the awards instead? It’d be quicker”

              Mahalo nui loa,

              1. Tbh, The Emmys is kind of a joke anyway – way too many snubs, way too many shows/actors winning over and over again (*COUGH* JIM PARSONS *COUGH*), just because they’ve been nominated in the past. Tatiana Maslany and Monica Potter should have been nominated for best actress and the fact that Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange didn’t win for AHS was blasphemy. I watch and enjoy Homeland, but the second season got kind of ridiculous and probably shouldn’t have won. Oh, and best actor?!? That win was nonsense. Even Jeff Daniels was surprised by it. Anywho, enough Emmys talk. Hopefully there will be noms next year now that Hannibal has such a big internet following, but NBC is run by a bunch of rubes (as Dr. Lector might say) who barely know how to run a network. I was surprised and incredibly relieved when it got renewed; I heard that the fact that other networks were waiting in the wings gave NBC the kick the butt the they needed to renew. Viva Hannibal!

    2. Just because you said that, I encourage everyone here who is NOT voting for the overheated and now underwhelming Supernatural to check the box for Hannibal! An excellent show, more tense and shiver-inducing than any SPN ep since season three!

      1. Please read our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/

        “Please avoid using extreme and excessive profanity in your posts. Sexist, racist, homophobic, or transphobic language and sentiments are also not allowed.”

        Your comment has been edited accordingly.

    1. We didn’t set a limit on voting. We are using Polldaddy software. They must have an internal system that thought you were a spammer. It wasn’t us.

      1. I think you SHOULD limit voting. At least to once a day. Even though I am part of this intense Supernatural fandom, I believe repeat voting is one of the reasons that Supernatural wins a lot of these online polls….by a landslide

        1. Let me just note that SPN was ahead last night… and then Hannibal’s Offical facebook page posted a link to our poll… Hannibal fans have thus flocked here and are currently in the lead by over 200 votes. Maybe if Supernatural’s Offical facebook page posted a link to our poll, SPN fans would show up and vote… but until that happens Fannibals are in the lead.

        2. That doesn’t make any sense. People in every fandom can vote as much as they want, not just the spn fandom.

      1. Sorry about that. It wasn’t mentioned when we were compiling the list. I’ve personally never seen it and didn’t know it was classified as “horror.” I thought it was a mystery. The two people who helped me compile the list did not mention it either. I apologize.

        1. Angel,

          Twin Peaks is probably horror at it’s best. Directed and written by one of the best psychological horror writers on the planet, David Lynch. While the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer is at the heart of the show, there is no denying that it’s a horror show as well. It’s responsible for stains and scars on my brain that 25 some odd years can’t erase. It’s bloody, creepy and there is such an unnerving sense of doom through the entire first season, that at times you just wish the murder could be solved.

          1. Thank you for the information and recommendation. I apologize that it didn’t make it on the list.

    1. Nope, Supernatural is currently (although barely) ahead of hannibal >=D although im sure when you posted that hannibal was ahead.

    1. Hey Georgia…sorry about the whole burning alive thing…at least now there’s no confusion about being dead or not though, right?

      (hehe sorry, I saw your name and couldn’t help myself)

      1. Famished. Perhaps something nice and heart-y. with a side of kidney beans, and maybe a nice liver pate to start.

        But instead of an of an old friend, I think we should be adventurous, and have someone new for dinner…perhaps one of the ruder Supernatural fans?

        Stay Fannibalistic 😉

      1. Ever since this whole Fannibal / SPN battle royale I’ve been voiting for all the other shows 🙂

        Princess Audrii

  1. Yay Hannibal is such a good show! Go Fannibals! (but Supernatural ily never leave me you just aren’t horror anymore)

  2. Hannibal CONSUMES other shows! Go Fannibals! Oh, and Twin Peaks wasn’t horror – it was off-the-wall, weird and wonderful – but it wasn’t horror.

    1. I don’t know, the image of BOB at the foot of Laura’s bed still scares the hell out of me. That show had its moments of pure horror.

      1. Yeah. When Twin Peaks got creepy it was terrifying to watch. Next to Hannibal i nearly screamed watching it.

        1. Personally, I don’t think Twin Peaks can truly be categorized…doing so is almost pigeonholing a brilliant show that spans many genres.

  3. My entire plan for halloween so far is to watch all the Buffy halloween episodes. Maybe I’ll even get around to making a costume. But Buffy comes first.

  4. It’s kind of incredible that a show that’s only been on for 1 season (Hannibal) is beating a show that’s in its 9th season.

        1. VERY well played. Let it be known as fact, NO FANDOM does cannibal jokes and puns (or jokes and puns, period) like us Fannibals.

    1. Firstly its not
      Secondly if it was It would make sense, Ratings tend to decrease as a series moves forward

      1. You forgot to tell us all that you’re a straight guy, you’re losing your edge.

        (cue massive eye roll)

      2. Um, that’s not true at all. Where did you hear such nonsense? As a series progresses, most shows build an audience through word of mouth and advertising. Look at shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, which have added viewers with every season. Hell, even classics like Seinfeld and Cheers started off with poor ratings and built them up. Supernatural has had 8 years to build its audience and Hannibal has only had half of 1.

        1. So true. The only situation I can think of, when it’s been true about ratings starting off strong and then dropping with time, is when a ton of time and money are used to hype up and promote a show via a variety of different outlets, so they start out with a large, highly-expentant audience, only to fall flat because, ironically, they fell short of the very hype that they created. Although there are also plenty of show for which this tactic has worked fabulously for (such as The Following).

          In fact, Hannibal has seen exactly the opposite: while people were initially reluctant to tune in to the show (whether it be due to lack of faith that anyone but Anthony Hopkins could do the character of Hannibal justice, or hesitancy given the graphic nature of the story which is, admittedly valid haha), as time has passed and word of mouth has spread, the ratings went up, and as people ease into the show or are introduced to it, they will only continue on the incline.

          And to Luciano:
          I have to wonder if you’ve ever even compared the ratings of Hannibal to Supernatural’s, or if you’ve ever truly looked at the actual ratings trend of any show at all. Or if, perhaps, you were stating your opinion and what you think to be true, and probably should have stated as such.


          1. Definitely. That’s another comment I keep seeing here that is incredibly untrue: that Hannibal had a fan-base starting out because of the books and movies, when in fact the opposite is true. Fans of the books and movies were MOST hesitant to watch and less apt to give it a chance. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I love the books and Silence of the Lambs, so I don’t want to see it butchered by NBC.” Only people who knew who Bryan Fuller was knew it’d be great.

  5. Ok Supernatural I love you but honestly you don’t deserve to win not once have I ever bee scared watching that show
    Now Hannibal on the other hand no I have not exactly been scared but I have had to look away from the screen so with that

  6. Duuuudee…… this sucks. I’m part of the Supernatural fandom and the Hannibal fandom and there’s no peace.

    1. Despite some early lapses, we Fannibals have regained our trademark class…plenty of us are fully willing to say that while we watch SPN and find it fun and hilarious, it lacks the mental stimulation and surprises that Hannibal provides…that’s exactly what I said. Sadly there’s a lot of people making antagonistic, if not outright rude, comments from the Supernatural fandom, and you know how we feel about rude ;P

  7. I’m a fan of Supernatural, but I hardly see it as horror. “Horror” implies exactly that: horror! Scare! Supernatural can be fun, but it has never come close to scaring—or “horrifying”—me. Demons and “monsters” do not necessariy make a show scary. Now Hannibal on the other hand is genuinely disturbing, in sooooo many ways…..

    1. Maybe not to you, but others it could be horror. It’s a huge genre. Demons ripping the hearts out of humans isn’t comedy. lol

    1. Don’t worry, we exist! I think a lot of the people voting came here from Tumblr, where the young teenagers FAR outnumber adults that are old enough to remember how great Buffy was, and actually watched it in it’s prime. Also, while the SFX on the show seemed mind blowing at the time, I’m sure young ones that might watch it now will think they’re super corny, haha. But dammit, they were state of the art back then! Whatever, Buffy is something people will remember for a long time, and that’s something many of these shows probably won’t have.

      Whoa, a Fannibal and a SPN fan just had civil communication, CRAZY. Maybe some of those being so rude could learn from it.


  8. Haven’t seen Hannibal yet sounds good I want to watch it but Supernatural is my life and will always have my vote

    1. Do watch it 🙂 it’s extraordinary.

      My only advice is to, despite inclinations, let Mads Mikkelsen create his version of Hannibal, separate from Anthony Hopkins’s portrayal. Mads is truly an actor of unmatched caliber, and if you let go of the idea that so many of us grew up with, of who Hannibal is supposed to be, you will be blown away by Mads’s portrayal, again and again.

      Other than that just, don’t eat too much before watching if you’re sensitive ;D because if there’s one thing we always have in abundance, it’s horror and more horror, and then some more to balance it out, haha.

      Hope you enjoy it whenever you get around to it 🙂


  9. So, it seams to be fannibal’s VS the SPNFamily! Personally part of both Fandoms, but Supernatural ftw!

  10. I like Buffy and Angel and I also accept Supernatural as a good series… But, honestly. These are named “horror shows”? Seriously? O_O

    1. True, many of them fall into more of a…gritty scifi/fantasy. And I just now noticed Fringe on it….that’s FULL ON scifi….not even remotely horror. How was Fringe horror??? Bates Motel was forgotten which is classic horror…Grimm isn’t even up there, and that falls WAY more into what they’re calling horror than Fringe.

      Personally, Hannibal, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and Bates Motel (had it been included) are the only ones I consider true horror. Almost all the rest are supernatural thrillers of some kind or another.

      Hitchcock is in a genre than only he exists in, though 🙂


      1. As stated in the original post:

        “Sometimes shows skirt the line of genre, especially when it comes to science fiction, but we’ve put our heads together and come up with a list of the shows we were scared of as kids and continue to thrill us today.”

        None of the people compiling the list have watched Bates Motel or Grimm and we’ve apologized.

        -Admin Angel

        1. My apologies, I didn’t notice that, an honest mistake, truly.

          And hey, you guys missed a few shows…there have been a LOT of new shows and nobody can watch ALL of them. I certainly don’t feel any negativity toward you guys, and I certainly hope nobody else does. Even if Bates Motel had been on here, it still would have come to the same battle between Hannibal and Supernatural, so it doesn’t even matter in the long run.

          Mahalo nui loa,

          PS – okay but seriously, Fringe is pretty straight up scifi, hehe. I do still miss the antics of Walter though 😉

      2. Also… Fringe had some truly terrifying stuff in it.

        Do you remember the episode with the Butterflies that cut that man to pieces? (Yes Killer Butterflies!)
        How about all those people being trapped in Amber?
        What about the one where the people had that disease and their eyeballs bled?
        Or the other disease where they literally melted/liquified to death?
        Or the other disease which wasn’t actually a disease but a mutation where that guy turned into a ‘monster’ with these quills coming out of his back.

        And there was MORE!!! Like spontaneous combustion… If that’s not horrifying I’m not sure what is.

        Princess Audrii

    2. Nope! That is why it’s called “horror THEMED shows” not just “horror.” Witches, vampires, werewolves. They are all “horror themed.”

      -Admin Angel

  11. OMG!!! It is 2 hard 2 pick just one AHS, Sup Nat, X-files r the one that r top 4 me although do want 2 get into Hanabal and catch up on walking dead and I like some other choices 2!!!! Wow some of ya r pretty hard core make n threats and stuff lol!

      1. Regarding this, I was actually curious: if you vote for one show, is that 4 votes toward it or 1? I mean if one only votes for 1 show, are they then just forfeiting their additional votes?


  12. We’ve got this! While I am a fan of Hannibal, I have to say Supernatural takes this hands down.

    1. I have to disagree. Hannibal is a much more intelligent show than Supernatural. I like it, but it hardly classifies as horror and most of its fanbase consist of hormonal females who salivate over Jensen Ackles.

      1. “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, or downright mean towards other community members”

        Please abide by our community policies outlined here: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/

        Also please realize that you are not only insulting community members, but many of the staff of this site with this comment.

        1. Jensen Ackles playes Dean Winchester on Supernatural.

          The poster was being malicious about it.

          Princess Audrii

      2. This poll is about Horror-themed television shows.

        Supernatural has witches, ghosts, monsters, demons, and gore; including beheadings… it definiately falls under the theme of horror.

        Princess Audrii

  13. I love Supernatural!!! I will go on a Hannibal marathon once my exam finishes lol…

    But honestly, I’m surprised that no one has mentioned AHS thus far in the comments.
    I mean, when it comes to horror…AHS really takes the cake!

    1. Honestly, as much as I love American Horror Story, I think Hannibal packs the horror punch a lot more effectively. American Horror Story, while brutal, seems tame in comparison to some of the truly grisly stuff Hannibal features.

      1. I think they do it in different ways. Hannibal is FAR more psychological in addition to the gore. And you have to consider that Hannibal is in it for the long-run, while AHS is creating a universe only meant for a single season. I love them both, I think they are both among the maybe, 5 or less shows total on TV today that have brought true horror to television. But I have to credit AHS with helping to open that door and make people realize that while they’re making carbon copies of the same crap, there’s this entire genre completely absent from TV (and heaven knows even a decent horror FILM is near impossible to come across anymore).

    2. Haha I was actually just going to say something about that. My votes go to Hannibal because it’s actual horror while Supernatural really isn’t (I watch it, I just don’t consider it horror), I am a SUPER proud Fannibal and love everything about the fanbase whereas a number of things in the SPN fanbase really turned me off to it. But my point is that you are SO NOT ALONE. I absolutely ADORE every season of AHS, have from the start, and it was really the first true horror show on TV, and I mean genuine, classic horror. I think they have the most unique, and amazing format of doing the seasons, which effectively keeps it from feeling tired like shows that have a TON of seasons. Plus, okay first of all Jessica Lange is the fiercest badass haha, but by keeping most of the same actors in each season, we viewers aren’t as sad when the season ends because each actor brings part of themselves to each character which carries on to next season’s character and so there’s a glimmer of all the characters they play (Francis Conroy can defy this though, she’s unbelievably versatile).

      And can we take a look at some of the names on this show’s cast?? Jessica Lange (as I said), Kathy Bates, Dennis O’Hare, Francis Conroy, Angela Bassett, Gabourey Sidibe, Zachary Quinto, Dylan McDermott, Joseph Fiennes, James Cromwell, Connie Britton, Kate Mara, Chloe Sevigny, Mark Margolis (you may know him as Tio Salamanca, DING DING DING BOOM haha)….and those are just the ones with impressive backgrounds who are known by name. Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga (sister of Vera Farmiga, and they clearly both inherited some serious acting chops), Sarah Paulson, and Lily Rabe are also mindblowingly amazing actors who have shown some serious talent on the show. I mean, seriously??? That is so many critically acclaimed actors it’s ridiculous.

      I’m voting for Hannibal because I love it, but I love AHS almost as much, if not equally. Sadly, it would be a waste to keep voting for it, as it’s just not in the running, realistically. But trust me, it still gets votes from me, and I am a die hard fan.

      Are you watching this season?? How AMAZING is Angela Basset as Marie Laveau, and Jessica Lange is her awesome, “devil may care”, fierce self…I adore her. Weird sex scene though…REALLY weird. Girl, are you TRYING to recreate the whole “hey, pregnant with an evil baby” thing from season 1? Bad idea, just ask Vivien….oh, wait. ;P

      1. Again. This poll is about Horror-themed television shows.

        Every show listed has some element that makes it fall into this category.

        Princess Audrii

        1. Fully aware.

          Neither I, nor the other two posters were even arguing in regards to that, especially since I’ve been told multiple times now that the nature of the poll is horror-THEMED, which is understandably confusing when the page name and the title is “Favorite Horror TV Show”, and only the description makes said clarification. I fully understand that you and Angel K (who, I assume, are the ones monitoring this poll and the comments) are likely frustrated with the unruly manner of many on here, but aside from a single comment, MAYBE two at the most (if I am forgetting one), I’d think I’m pretty clearly no looking for trouble, and understand the nature of the poll.

          If I’m going to given notices like this, I’d appreciate the comment being thoroughly read, if it wasn’t. And to clarify, we were discussing both the impact of the horror in Hannibal compared to that in American Horror Story, and the fact that there was a surprising lack of comments regarding American Horror Story, given how it is both a highly recognized horror show, and how strong the horror element is in the show. We were using the word horror in its traditional sense (something it does indeed have), and in no way questioned the validity of any of the other shows on the poll, or the nature of the poll itself. In fact, I specifically made note, that although I watch SPN, I (strictly my own personal opinion, not involving this poll) don’t consider it horror, and further down even clarify that I have an idea of what horror is, in a classic sense. Which, again, is my personal opinion, and I don’t feel that the validity of my personal opinion should be questioned any more than the theme of this poll should. If someone want to DISCUSS my personal opinion in comparison with a different one, I’m all in, but that’s a different story.

          I apologize to come off so frustrated, but aside from a single comment that was less than civil, and a single comment in which I remarked on the fact that most of the shows are not horror in any traditional way, I fail to see the purpose behind additional repeat notices as to my behavior, which is fully compliant with all rules and regulations that I’m aware of.

          If anything I’ve said is in error, I always appreciate when someone lets me know, and this is no exception.

          Again, no one questioned the theme of the poll or other shows on the poll. I was simply remarking on the superb quality of American Horror Story, and made a very short statement on who I was voting for and why I had chosen to vote for them. And even with the poll being horror-themed, I would still be voting for the options that I consider to be traditionally horror, because that is what I enjoy, and there’s nothing wrong or against the rules about that.


          1. You weren’t being warned for breaking the rules or anything. I think we’re all just getting tired of people being genre police. The thread on the official Hannibal Facebook account had someone picking apart every single show on the list including American Horror Story which, in my opinion, is the most horror themed show on the list (it’s right in the title!). And yet… AHS wasn’t “horror” enough for someone there. I pretty much had to stop reading that thread because it was giving me a headache and that’s unfortunately because it’s pretty cool that we got mentioned on there at all.

            So no, you didn’t break any rules with your comment. It’s just frustrating having people pick apart a poll instead of just having fun with it. We do a lot of picking apart and deconstruction of things on the Geekiary. It’s what we do. We are media critics. But this was meant to be a fun poll.

            -Admin Angel

            1. Well, I certainly can’t account for another Fannibal’s behavior, but I apologize on behalf of Fannibals, simple because to mention a poll only to pick it apart is a bit rude and because the vast majority of us only come with good intentions, and a passionate sense of devotion and belonging to both our fandom and the show. Also because, I too, consider AHS to be the most horror themed show, in a traditional sense, and in a wider sense, as well. I love it so much. And you’re absolutely right! It basically says “HEY, HORROR SHOW HERE” right in the freaking title, hahaha. If AHS isn’t horror, I don’t know what is. And by that I mean: AHS is absolutely, undoubtedly, very very much horror beyond a shadow of a doubt.

              I can completely understand your frustration in feeling like the genre police are after you, I just think I got frustrated 1) I wasn’t picking apart the poll at all, just talking about my personal preferences and why and 2) because it was starting to feel like the opinion police were after me. Moral of the story? We’re both metaphorical fugitives???? Yeah, I got nothing.

              I’m a science major, and a highly linear and logical thinker…because of those things and more, I often analyze things and pick them apart, both to understand a single thing and to understand each part and how they effect one another. It’s not even something I can help, I approach almost everything like this, which has proven both helpful and hindering, depending on the situation. So I understand where you’re coming from, and because I’m an avid horror lover, I also understand where people are coming from who have particularly high expectations for what is considered horror, or even horror-themed.

              I’m sorry this poll has gotten so out of hand, I really am, I just got a bit ticked after seeing at least 4 rude comments from SPN fans that went unnoticed, and then noticing my comment got called out, when I didn’t even do anything. You know?

              I appreciate the comment though, and hope you don’t have any future polls as crazy as this one.

              Mahalo nui loa,

              1. Thanks. In this case Audrii wasn’t disciplining you though. But I’ve definitely been calling out Supernatural fans for being rude as well. I get an email every time somebody comments on this poll. My inbox has been flooded this week omg.

                But I am grateful for the traffic! I hope a lot of the people coming for this poll stick around. The not rude ones at least.

                -Admin Angel

                1. Thanks. I just felt like I’d been very patient and have tired to be as empathetic and understanding as possible about the crappy situation you guys have been in, that getting called out unnecessarily (not disciplined, I didn’t interpret it as being disciplined) just felt crappy. I’m sure you can understand that.

                  Eeesh, I don’t envy you, or the tedious work of sorting through your mailbox, especially when you realize so many of them are just people, forgive the frankness, who aren’t doing much more than measuring their dicks, so to speak…some of the comments are even MORE pointless than that…and that’s not easy. Personally, to control such a large amount of disregard for basic common courtesies, I would’ve implemented a three strike rule when things started getting out of hand (and this is coming from a self-proclaimed soccer hooligan and weapons enthusiast…so when I see something as out of control, it’s gotta be pretty crazy).
                  But I do appreciate the job you’re doing, and I know you’re doing your best, and people need to keep in mind that you’re merely human and can only deal with so much crap.

                  I hope things chill out with the poll almost over (just 4 days), otherwise it’s going to explode, which I hope isn’t the case…for your case…maybe people will be too busy voting to comment?? Haha

                  Well I, for one, will be sticking around and keeping an eye on here…I’ve enjoyed a lot of things about this poll, and I still have to read the rest of you reviews from your Mads Movie Binge! (I would’t have been able to keep many notes either during Jagten…way too heartbreaking). And as far as non-rude people keeping around…you may have a lot of fannibals on your hands, haha…it is our motto, after all.

                  Well, if you ever need another media critic on the team, let me know…it’s basically what I do anyway, haha. I’m already a friend/acquaintance/other people-appointed media critic and go-to-person for any recommendations, haha ;P Then at least I can go “I HAVE a job, thank you very much” instead of “oh I’m uh…between jobs…not unemployed, in between…big different” hehe.

                  Thanks again for your follow up comments and clarifications. You’re one of the rare admins that doesn’t seem to let personal issues, preferences, or biases affect how you deal with different people, and I really respect that,=.

                  Mahalo nui loa,

                  P.S.-In your user photo, I swear it looks almost like southern AZ, haha. Took me back for a minute 🙂

                  1. Thanks for your kind words. I had to install an IP blocking plug in because of this poll but only had to use it once thankfully.

                    If you’d like to get involved, we’d love to have talented writers join our team. Take a look here: https://thegeekiary.com/get-involved/

                    Good luck with the poll! Two of my favorites are on top right now so I’ll be happy either way. It’s pretty fun watching the mayhem when I’m not busy trying to moderate comments.

                    -Admin Angel

  14. I Love Supernatural! Lo mejor que existe y cada vez somos muchos mas los Fans que nos volvemos loco por la serie y por eso hay mucha envidia y la gente habla, pero arriba todas las fans y a los que no les guste la serie no la vean y se ahorran las criticas asi de fácil y sencillo! Lo vuelvo a decir Supernatural THE BEST!

    1. I agree! I’m voting for Hannibal, but also for Sleeping Hollow. What? You’re allowed to vote 4 at a time so why not, right? Haha~

  15. Oh, come on. I liked Supernatural as much as the next person back in the day but it hasn’t had horror-elements in years. Hannibal all the way! Sleepy Hollow for a good number two, that Sandman’s going to be in my nightmares.

    1. Number two to AHS, all the way, genuine horror…I don’t know if you’ve watched it, but if you haven’t, DEFINITELY do. I think since you love Hannibal, AHS is right up your alley.

      I do like Sleepy Hollow so far, though…wouldn’t call it horror, but it’s definitely an original premise, and possible a great one if they pull it off (end of the world, apocalypse, four horsemen stuff is always tricky…works with zombies, but if you’re going Revelations style, there’s a lot of ways to go wrong). The Sandman was creepy, but the demon in the woods is WAY creepier to me…but that could be because I’m Catholic so demons scare the living hell out of me haha, and because we had to have my house exorcised after my father died. The stuff that happened was terrifying, so now people are like “Hey I brought a Ouija board” and I’m just like “WOW can I see it? *smashes and lights on fire* NO. NYET. NEIN. HELL NO”

  16. I think it’s pretty clear this going to be an extremely tight race between Hannibal and Supernatural until the poll closes. May the best show win (though I’m pulling for Hannibal, as it has more horror elements while the Supernatural of today doesn’t really have any).

    1. Humans as food for mushrooms? Humans dissected into ‘guardian angels’? Hannibal’s private stash of human organs in his SubZero freezer? Hannibal’s “people sausage” and “people beer”? All of this is much more frightening than anything I’ve seen on Supernatural. Hannibal is hands down the best of the two shows. Hannibal also has the international superstar Mads Mikkelsen…the best actor working today! His reinvention of the character Hannibal is sublime!

      1. Preach it, girl! Mads is of an acting caliber that few can compete with, he has the ability of extreme versatility that it is rare to see in actors…Bryan Cranston is one of the only ones that shows that kind of versatility. Someone described how emotions can just ripple over Mads’s face is a way that is so genius…he has an ability and appreciation for nuance and subtlety that is so phenomenal Mads is truly so gifted, we Fannibals are SO LUCKY to have such pure talent in the lead role of our show. Obviously the rest of the cast is also beyond amazing, but Mads is simply our crowning jewel.

        Mahalo nui loa,

  17. If Hannibal wins this can we at least have superhanniwholock as a thing. we’re not asking to like suddenly replace supernatural or anything just because we beat them in a poll, we literally just want to be a part of the big 3

    1. Initially, Hannibal WAS stuffed into the big three, but Fannibals rejected the “superhanniwholock” thing. That’s fine with me, anyhow. I think I prefer Hannibal to be separate. Not every big fandom has to be squished into one super long name.

      1. I’m not 100% but it sounds like you’re in said fandom trio. For the record, we did so because the Superwholock fans were dissing us, and then talking down to us like a charity case, and because we didn’t like the attitude that we saw, particularly the superiority attitude. I’m not saying you’re like this, only that there was enough of it happening that we were turned off by it. All I’m saying is that we decided to do our own thing and ever since, a lot of ya’ll seem to have a chip on your collective shoulder.

        1. I’m a Fannibal, and like I said, I prefer for my (our?) fandom to be separate. I think it’s a tad too gritty to fit in with the superwholock gang. Thank you for the clarification on the situation though, my knowledge of it was a little murky (I hadn’t started watching the show yet when all the drama came up.)

          1. Glad to hear it…and our fandom, definitely our fandom.

            I agree, and after seeing the hate and bashing that a lot of the SPN fans are doing here, I’m especially glad…because we pride ourselves on having more class (at first even I got riled up by them, but we all seem to have regained our class and composure). We just have a totally different attitude than the fandom trio, and different in a really good way that I had no desire to see change. The only show in Superwholock that I have a genuine devotion to is Doctor Who…so it’d be more like Hanniwho for me, haha.

            Glad to help clarify 🙂 yeah we just realized we had plenty of fans to stand on our own, and had out own way of doing things (for instance, SPN fans react to female love interests with “NOOO BURN!!” while we’re like “Aww, Will and Alana”, haha)

            Mahalo nui loa,

            1. Actually, not all SPN fans feel that way about female love interests.

              I love Felicia Day, and would have been thrilled to see her playing a love interest to ANY of the main characters. But the fact that Charlie is a lesbian is almost better as she has characteristics of both Sam and Dean in her personality and this puts her squarly and firmly in a role of friendship. A lot of her interaction with Dean has him treating her almost like a little sister, more so than he ever treated Jo, who would never really have been a love interest for him because he respected/feared her mother too much and she respected herself too much to get involved with him.

              I actually liked Sam’s lady love from season 8, but the Dean/Lisa thing for me felt off because of his initial reasonings for it… ie apple pie life… and the fact that he turned to her in grief after losing his brother. The way that relationship ended though, and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I won’t say here exactly what happened, but it cemented it for me that Dean will never settle down. He’ll be a hunter until the day he finally dies (and maybe then some).

              I know a lot of Castiel fans were miffed about his “wife” in season 7, more due to the creepiness factor (He had amnesia. Who marries an amnesiac that she found down by the water?) and the fact we see her for a single episode and no mention is made of her ever again.

              But for me I wouldn’t mind seeing a female love interest that lasts more than one season, maybe even one who travels with them?

              Edit: I realize that I never mentioned Ruby… or Meg. I will say that I liked Ruby and hated Meg. More because of first impressions of their characters than anything else. Even though Meg sort of redeems herself in the end, and Ruby screws Sam over, I still like Ruby better as a character.

              Princess Audrii

              1. You’re absolutely correct, and have some very valid points (also, I adore Felicia Day as well, and have been a fan since back when she was on Eureka). I should have been more clear, the situation I’m specifically going back to in the red headed fallen angel (forgive me, I can’t remember her name, Anna maybe?). The reaction from the Supernatural fandom was so vicious that the character was cut sooner than intended. The comments I read about her during her short appearance were so hateful and cruel that it was just very disheartening. I have no problem at all with Charlie being a lesbian, and agree it creates a nice dynamic, but if it was done because the writers felt they couldn’t introduce a straight female, then that’s a shame.

                I would absolutely love it if they had a female character introduced that they take under their wings as a hunter who ends up becoming a main character. Someone like Charlie or Jo, but with the sass of Abbadon (I adore her). That would absolutely thrill me and would really make me take more interest in the show (I watch it, it’s just not like when AHS or Hannibal is on and I’m like “IT’S WEDNESDAAAYYY!!” haha).

                If any of my facts are incorrect, that’s entirely my bad, but I’m quite certain about most of what I said.

                And I just want to clarify that I by NO MEANS whatsoever think that all SPN fans feel the same about women on the show. I think, in all likelihood, having a large amount of its fanbase made up by a younger audience of teenagers, any childish reactions simply occurred because the viewers simply are still kids (I don’t mean that offensively, I know being a teenager and considered a kid is frustrating, but then you grow up and realize that teenage years really are still part of childhood, and there’s nothing wrong with that, hell I wish life was still that simple haha), and the adult viewers with some mature teenagers were more rational and able to be clear minded that it’s just a TV show when it’s all said and done. None of that is set in stone or scientific fact, obviously, it’s merely a theory.

                Thank you for your response, though. I always appreciate when someone can present a different opinion in a mature way. It’s how we learn and grow, and can give us different perspective on things or make us aware of our own errors. Conversations would be pretty boring if we all thought exactly the same way, who wants that?

                Mahalo nui loa,

  18. Hannibal is going to eat up the competition (on impeccable china and accompanied by a fine wine, of course). He wouldn’t condone rudeness, so I won’t say anything about Supernatural.

  19. From first to third seasons of supernatural were seriously scary I had to look away or lower the volume but now I’m just watching the first 5 minutes and eating Doritos and laughing. Still voting for it since it’s the only show I know around here.

  20. I see some angry words flying about and from Fannibals no less. Calm down, dears, before you become a celebratory gourmet meal. I’m voting for Hannibal, but good luck to all fandoms participating!

    1. Thank you for being so polite. I’m surprised by how needlessly sharp-tongued some Fannibals are being- personally, I am more emotionally invested in Supernatural, though I do watch Hannibal too, and think that it has better writing and effects. I’m just closer to the characters in Supernatural.

    2. Here here! It is as if some of these fannibals are just asking to be had for dinner! And it is important to keep in mind that while there are two obvious leads in this race, there are many participents, and their loyal fans should get nods of acknowledgement – everyone should be respectful to every fandom!

      Just because the internet gives you no face doesn’t mean it should give you no manners.

      1. Aren’t we just a tad biased? There are more rude Supernatural fans here asking to be fileted than there are Hannibal fans! Isn’t there some joker here telling people to STFU? Very articulate…NOT. You should direct your comments to them as well. Hannibal for the win!

        1. To quote the person you replied to: “everyone should be respectful to every fandom!”

          No one is being biased here, nothing to worry about. There are rude Supernatural fans, yes, but it would be naive to believe there aren’t any rude Fannibals either. I suppose we could nip the rudeness bud before it grows into some carnivorous plant, but we’re all human here. That means we are human and other people are human too. And humans are rude sometimes.

          So lets all keep a cool head and fiery fingers (that keeps on agilely refreshing the voting page)~

    3. Hmm…I commented on this but it’s gone. Anyway, yes, you are too right. I’m even guilty of letting myself get too riled up by some of the comments bashing Hannibal. But we’re not part of Superwholock because we do things differently, one of which is maintaining class and refraining from rudeness, and it’s things like that which make me so proud to be a Fannibal, and adore the fandom, so I quickly regained my composure, and am glad to see most other Fannibals doing the same.

      Thank you for point it out, though. I hope any Fannibals risking being the special guest to dinner see your post and think twice 😉

      Mahalo nui loa,

    1. Supernatural isn’t a horror show. And I can see from your name that you support a ridiculous ship between two heterosexual men. It’s never going to happen. Sam and Dean have more chemistry than Dean and Cas and they’re BROTHERS.

      1. “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, or downright mean towards other community members”

        Please abide by our community policies outlined here: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/

        As you aren’t calling the poster ridiculous, I will not be editing your comment, but please keep in mind you are skirting our rules here and cruel, hurtful, or mean comments will not be tolerated. Please play nice.

      2. I think all the “Wincest” lovers would agree. *shudder*

        Sorry but it’s too weird for me. I mean if like 2nd cousin twice removed romance does it for you, whatever…I could even go so far as cousins, barely, and not even sure about that.

        But siblings? I just can’t get with that. It’s creepy on Game of Thrones and it’s creepy for Wincest. It’s illegal for a reason.

        Mahalo nui loa,

  21. Supernatural isn’t even a horror show anymore
    The last actually scary episode was, what, season 3?

    1. That’s why I titled it “horror themed” instead of “horror.” I don’t think Teen Wolf is scary either.

      -Admin Angel

  22. Hannibal is one of the most underrated shows on tv. We deserve this win. the underdogs must power through

  23. Dudes, what’s with all the hate between SPN and Hannibal? They are both fraking AMAZING shows. Jeesh, people, do you think it’s impossible to love both of the shows? And speaking as an avid fangirl who spends far too much time in the fandom world… what the hell is with all the people saying Hannibal is underrated? Do you people realize that it pretty much EXPLODED on tumblr after just one episode? It’s got a fanbase that already rivals SPN *and* freaking Sherlock! That’s not underrated. Hannibal isn’t some tiny little show here, just because it’s technically a “mini-series”. It’s had a fanbase for decades that are loyal and have fallen in love with Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelson.

    And as for SPN… I can honestly say, being a member of *that* fandom definitely helped me when I became immersed in the Hannibal fandom because no fandom does insanely dedicated fans like Supernatural. If I hadn’t already been used to spending my time split between gaping at the awesome and screaming because my soul was bleeding, Hannibal might just have killed me.

    Honestly, I don’t even know *how* to choose between the two…

    1. That’s partly why we Fannibals deal with feels using dark crack humor…laughing is more fun than sobbing. I swear, when we’re in full swing, our humor is like an acid trip….and magical rainbow and unicorn filled acid trip. Hahaha.


      “Trick or treat, smell our feet. Help Will Graham or it’s you we’ll eat” — NBC Hannibal tweet

  24. I thought the hannibal and spn fans were cool with each other?

    Hannibal is actually a great horror show and I LOVED the season finally, it was just…wow. But my first love is SPN. I grew up with staying up late to get all emotional over Supernatural. It’s the only show on television I actually keep track of, with strong fans. And I’ll support here too 😀

      1. “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, or downright mean towards other community members”

        Please abide by our community policies outlined here: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/

        Your entire comment has been removed as there was not a single word in it that abides by our guidelines.

    1. I’ve never come across any issues between the two, and I’m a very active Fannibal online, even with the show off the air at the moment. I was shocked to see how many hateful comments were, and are still, being tossed around (thank goodness most of the Fannibals were reminded of our reputation and have calmed down). It seems drastic that a silly poll is the source of it all…maybe it was festering for some reason, I honestly don’t know. Fannibals opted to stay separate from the Superwholock trio, but I certainly don’t think that warrants or explains such a sudden rivalry and such vicious comments.


  25. I am in both the hannibal and supernatural fandoms, and I LOVE supernatural, but…

    No. Just no. Hannibal should win this poll. Because it is a HORROR TV SHOW POLL

    And when compared in that light, Hannibal is the winner by far.

  26. I was hoping people wouldn’t sully the name of our fandom by being so shockingly rude. There is really no need to attack Supernatural or its fans. Represent the Fannibal name in a positive light

  27. Oh, come on Fannibals. This is a poll. I admit, it would be quite pleasant to win (everyone likes winning)… but I would rather lose if we have to sacrifice our reputation.

    The bigger a fandom is, the ruder it is. That is a fact. But rudeness is not something to be condoned. That is also a fact. Don’t we Fannibals know best concerning what happens to the rude?

    That being said, having manners and being a pushover are not the same thing. Get out there and represent how sweet AND spicy this fandom can be!

    (P.S. Someone please help Will Graham. )
    (P.S.S. No, not you Dr. Lecter. )

    1. This comment is perfection! I kind of love you.

      I said to someone else, I let myself get too riled up by the Hannibal bashing as first and was slightly rude, but I realized what you just said…I’m SO PROUD to be a Fannibal, and it’s because of things like our intolerance for rudeness. So I quickly composed myself, and hope other’s do the same. Because like hell will I stop fighting, but bashing SPN because they’re doing it to us….I’m not willing to sacrifice our reputation that makes this fandom so great for the sake of responding to petty and rude insults.

      So let’s fight like hell, and return to our cannibalistic quips, and win this with class!


  28. Requiem from the Darkness is my number one favourite horror show out of what I’ve seen, but it’s not on the list.

  29. As another fan, coming from the SPN (though I haven’ watched it since season 6,the show will always hold a place in my heart) fandom and the newly emerged Hannibal fandom, I must say, it’s just even an honor to be voting neck and neck with a show of SPN’s calibur, because whether you like it not, those fans are dedicated and driven as hell. Freaking GISHWHES and all that jazz. Though I hold a hope out for fannibals turning the tables (SPN has had its time! time for a fresh new face,ha XD), I hold a terrible suspicion that SPN will win out in the end, they’re just humoring us until the last minute 😛 Doesn’t mean I’m about to go down without a fight!

    I hope this poll hasn’t caused a rivalry between groups, I detest that, and yesterday we were only a few thousand votes in, no wank in the comments section yet — I stop voting for one day, come back, & this has blown up! 50,000+ votes and apparently more than a few words were exchanged — I’m disappointed to hear a fair share of ill words from fannibals… Hello, what’s our slogan again? “Eat the rude”? Practice what you preach! or I’m afraid that entails eating yourself? what would one call that? cannicide? suinable? anyhow — this is all in good fun, please remember! After all, I think the more deserving of horror theme is actually American Horror Story, that show is crazzzzzy and has alot of shock moments, so this clearly isn’t about show and more about fans here, so let’s keep it classy!

    1. If AHS had a fighting chance, I’d be voting for it just as much as Hannibal. That show isn’t just classic horror, but uses a format with a creativity that is amazing and keeps the show from ever getting stale. I LOVE that show. Jessica Lange is a goddess…a sassy, fierce, badass one, no matter what character she plays (LOVING her as Fiona right now).

      Have you been watching this season? Thrilled to see Taissa Farmiga back…I do wish Francis Conroy had a more prominent role, though…maybe it will become so as the season continues. She was so so amazing as the Angel of Death last season.


  30. To tell you the truth, I don’t think any of these shows are ‘horror’ shows apart from Hannibal and American Horror story. However I’d describe both as psychological thrillers. Also who give a shit about how big you fan base is or how many season you have. All that matters is the quality of the show! And also how big you fan base is doesn’t change by the number of seasons you have. Take firefly, there was ‘only’ one season, and yet so many people still recognize it as a classic and it still has a very big fan base.

    1. The poll is for “horror themed” shows, not just horror shows. Vampires, witches, ghosts. That’s horror themed.

      That said, I agree with the rest of your comment.

      1. Haha I just have to say, I am SO sorry for how many times you’ve had to say this. The main title DOES say “Horror TV Show”, and I’m sure that’s throwing people off. Still, you’ve had to clarify this so many times, I can’t imagine how sick of it you are….and please don’t take offense, but it’s also a little hilarious 😉


    2. SO TRUE about Firefly…ah I miss it to this day. I honestly believe that Breaking Bad is going to be remembered like that, as well.

      Here’s to big damn heroes! 😀


  31. Hannibal is by far the best show on tv right now, very well made and a very clever and intricate storyline. The acting is amazing too! Fannibals are the best.

    1. Hannibal has one thing the rest of these shows do not have…..the incomparable Mads Mikkelsen. Incredibly talented actor! Go Hannibal!

      1. That reminds me of that Korean TV spot…they LOVE Mads and Hannibal! They gave him sparkly eyes and stuff! Where you Koreans at, eh??? Hehe man I love that TV spot haha

  32. I am a diehard Supernatural fan, so I voted for it, but I wonder; where is Bates Motel??? That show is great!!! Vera Farmiga is excellent-in fact, the entire cast is excellent, for that matter!!! Just think a quality show like Bates Motel should be represented. Not to mention the fact that it is based on one the most iconic horror films/books/stories of the 20th century. It may not have a supernatural horror premise but it is creepy, suspenseful and bloody. If Sleepy Hollow is here, Bates Motel certainly should be!!!

    1. I apologize. It’s not a show that I nor anyone assisting me with the poll have seen or thought about when compiling the list.

      1. I hope you guys are inspired to get around to watching it after so many people mentioning it, it’s absolutely fantastic. It really has shocked me how, like Hannibal, it has managed to create a prequel for such a hugely iconic character and story, and do it successfully, when prequels in general are so notorious for bombing. It’s certainly refreshing, though…if I saw one more “new” generic, uninspired cop procedural show, I was going to choke, haha.

        But yes, I HIGHLY recommend watching it, and over the years I have been the person that everyone I know goes to for TV and movie recommendations…I have yet to have a disappointed customer (although that implies being paid which, sadly, I’m not), in fact they all have gotten back to me wanting more recommendations! Haha.


    2. Vera Farmiga blows me away, she is so ridiculously talented. And her sister, Taissa, is really amazing herself, and she’s just 19…I have no doubt she’ll grow into being just as talented as Vera.

  33. Hi,everyone.I come from China.Supernatural is one of the most popular American tv show in China,I have been seeing it for seven years.

  34. While I’m an uber-fan of both Supernatural and Hannibal, as well as a new fan of Sleepy Hollow and The Walking Dead, my vote is for American Horror Story. AMS is legit scarier than half the horror movies I see these days, and it’s just so damn captivating and I love that it’s a different story from season to season with (some of) the same actors, it’s fantastic. I have no complaints about any of these shows, but for a “Horror TV Show” Poll, AMS takes the cake.

    1. I prefered Season 2’s Asylum to Season 1, but Season’s 3 Coven has already got my attention.

      Princess Audrii

      1. I totally agree with you there, I liked Asylum more too. I think Season 1 maybe just had too many characters with barely interconnecting stories that even though it was interesting it didn’t really keep you as on edge as Asylum. But I find it interesting how they change the subject of horror and the characters (but keep the actors) each season, like Season 1 – ghosts, Season 2 – aliens, the devil, and a serial killer, Season 3 – (so far) zombies, witches, and voodoo. All together though, even with the intentional inconsistency between seasons, the show is just really creepy and weird, and I like it.

        1. I love the inconsistency of starting a new story each season…I think it’s downright genius. The show never grows stale. It’s an amazingly innovative way to approach a TV show, and they’re owning it with force.

      2. I LOVE Asylum, my only quarrel with it would be that it had a few superfluous aspects that weren’t really needed…like if they had tossed the whole alien bit and reworked the parts it’s influenced, I don’t think the season would have lost anything. I have to say, the two people that stole the show that season for me were Francis Conroy as the Angel of Death (Future Halloween costume FOR SURE) and Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice, she did evil so well, I loved it.

        I loved a lot about the first season, but I think they has found a more solid footing in the second season and really exploded.

        Coven is AMAZING so far. Thrilled to see Taissa back (and so excited to see her in a romance with Evan again), love Jessica Lange as Fiona, Angela Basset is a formidable opponent for Jessica Lange as a sexy, sassy, badass and seeing them go back and forth is amazing and hilarious. Lily Rabe is once again blowing me away, I love Misty Day already.

        Can’t wait to see what’s in store this season.


    1. I feel you, I adore AHS (new season is blowing me away already)…but it has no chance of winning, sadly a lot of people aren’t even aware of the show, and I’m sure some find it a bit much for them, it’s admittedly intense but that’s why I love it.

      So, fellow Fannibal, let us fire our votes like heat seeking missiles (sorry…there was definitely a better metaphor there, but I’m having a dumb day…more like week, actually)

      Mahalo nui loa,

  35. Go Hannibal! <3

    Boo- oh wait, booing people is rude. I have a brilliant idea! Lets cheer on our preferred show without bashing the other ones. After all, calling someone ugly doesn't make you any prettier so why should dissing other shows makes yours better?

    So, er, keep it up Fannibals! I think you guys are awesome~

  36. I’m a Sherlocked, Whovian, Deadhead, Fannibal, and the scariest of all a Grobanite.
    The real way to tell the winner is by ratings, which would go to The Walking Dead. One should also take into consideration that the newer shows have all borrowed story lines from The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Outer Limits and owe them a thanks for giving them the opportunity to be on the air since they opened the door for science fiction/ supernatural/ horror shows.
    Some of you are scarier than the shows you support and I wish I could vote for all since they are all screaming good shows.

    1. Alfred Hitchcock, in particular, is in a category of his own…and the Twilight Zone is pure classic television.

      Haha I’m a huge Walking Dead fan but I hadn’t heard DeadHead…I love it. I have to ask though, what is a Grobanite? It may be something really obvious, but sometimes, my natural blonde nature comes out, haha.

      Agree with everything else you said…but us Fannibals kind of aim to be scary in a certain way, haha, but not the bad way that I’m sure you’re talking about.


  37. I have watched Supernatural since it first aired. It has ever since been my favourite TV Show…but…I began watching Hannibal once it first aired. It is equally as intriguing and I am torn between them both. I do not get why people are fighting. I get it…it’s nice to belong to a fandom but in all honesty there is no need for rivalry. I belong to both fandoms: both shows are awesome! 🙂

    1. I’ve been essentially desensitized to actually being scared by any form of media since I was about 12 because I’ve watched so much horror, and all they make as far as films is crap these days. The only thing in Hannibal that actually unnerved me was an episode where someone was dragged under their bed…that’s just one of those fears we have as kids that for a lot of us, stays with us in a little way.

  38. I haven’t been scared by anything on Supernatural since around season 2-3, when they stopped with the moster-of-the-week stuff for the most part, and instead got into all the mythology. Not that I don’t still enjoy the show, but Hannibal really impressed me, so I’m gonna have to vote for it! Psychological horror at its best (:

    1. Psychological horror is such a perfect way to put it, although it obviously is also very visceral horror as well. I get the feeling you’re a bit of a horror snob like me, to the point of having different categories within horror, and being picky about what is really horror, in the classic sense…that’s how I am (zombie horror, supernatural horror, psychological horror, classic horror, thriller horror, slasher horror, and more). I’ve beeb watching horror since I was 12 and have all but given up on any good horror films, so thank goodness horror is a part of modern TV! I think AHS helped open the doors for that in a big way, and I’m so glad it did (I LOVE that show).

      Picky or not, cheers fellow horror fan!

      Mahalo nui loa,

    1. I haven’t heard of this show, how is it? What kind of horror is it? (more along the lines of Supernatural, or a more mature classic horror like AHS, or Hannibal?)

      I’m always interested in new horror shows (REALLY need to get around to watching Orphan Black, I know it’s not really horror but yeah)

      Mahalo nui loa,

      1. Dark Shadows is about Barnabus Collins, who was cursed to be a vampire by a witch, and his modern day relatives. It originally aired as gothic soap opera in the 60s, and a remake was done in the early 90s, that was darker and more dramatic and focused more on Victoria Winters’ character and seeing the curse from an outsider’s persepective. Recently a film remake was done with Johnny Depp, that’s more of a comedy than anything else.

        I personally recommend the 90s version for a dramatic ‘horror’ tale, but the 2012 film was hilarious.

        Princess Audrii

        1. Thanks. I’m surprised I never saw it, being an 80’s and 90’s kid, and always having enjoyed horror. I’ll definitely check it out though, probably both the 90’s tv series and the 2012 film at some point. Just hope I can find a viable download source. Thanks again for the information, though.


          1. Netflix has them both, and so does Amazon Prime.
            But you might be able to find a torrent.
            I don’t know about direct download though.

            Princess Audrii

            1. Thanks! 🙂
              I always torrent anyway, haven’t used direct download in years. But if I can’t find a viable torrent, I’ll just Netflix it 🙂
              I’ve got SO much TV to catch up on, like Person of Interest, Defiance, Hawaii Five-0 (I have a weakness for Alex O’Loughlin and everything Hawaii aka my future home hehe), and a bunch of others, but for a 90’s show? I’ll damn well make time for that 😉

              Mahalo nui loa,

                1. Of course!! 😉

                  I was really bummed when it got the axe, I didn’t think it deserved such a premature cancellation.

                  He’s great in Hawaii Five-O, though, so I’m glad he’s got a solid role (and I certainly don’t hate that he has a part time house on Oahu, where I’ll be living in about 2 years haha)



  40. Grew up watching Buffy (though I never got to see the final season or two…but I’m rewatching the whole show right now) so that will always be special to me but Supernatural is my number one horror themed show. Can never get enough of it! Love it so much <3
    Watched X-Files when I was younger, as well.
    Liking Sleepy Hollow so far…time will have to tell how good that's going to be.
    Loved Goosebumps when I was really young too, of course. Have the theme song on my ipod 🙂
    Used to watch Tales From the Crypt at my aunt's house.
    Like the Vampire Diaries books and LOVE the Sookie books (been reading those since high school) but don't like either of the shows. Gave up on VD after one episode. Gave the first few seasons of True Blood a chance just because the books are so great…but it just went downhill and I despise how they write Sookie and Eric's relationship on the show.
    Saw the first few episodes of American Horror Story and Being Human (UK) but have to finish them sometime. May eventually give Hannibal a try (mostly because it's always on my tumblr dash)
    Where's Are You Afraid of the Dark? As far as kid's shows go I always preferred that to Goosebumps.
    Saw the first season of Walking Dead and thought it was SOOOO BORING!

    1. So I have to say that I felt the same about Vampire Diaries, then I gave it the ‘Joss Wheden’ try… you know where you watch 6 episodes and then see if you really like it or not. By Episode 5 I realized I was watching for Damon. And that was worth watching for.

      Princess Audrii

      1. Haha yeah ditto. Although I wasn’t at first. I was and am a rabid LOST fan (cried like a hysteric during the finale…in a theater full of people. Luckily I was hardly the only one). Ian’s character, Boone, was SUCH a whiny brat (and had light hair, and the black looks FAR better), so it took me a while to stop seeing him as Boone. Which is why the Joss Whedon Method is awesome.


  41. Go Hannibal! <3

    So, what are do you Fannibals desire to see most in season two?

    More serial killers? (And possibly David Tennant playing one of them?)

    Will getting out of prison?

    Or perhaps an enjoyable scene with Hannibal eating delicious finger food?

    1. More “food porn”…..with devilishly suave Hannibal (brilliantly portrayed by the delectable Mads Mikkelsen) cooking up more “awful offal” for his unsuspecting dinner guests and maybe Uncle Robert, portrayed by David Bowie…yowie!

    2. More serial killers! David Tennant would be wonderful as a reoccurring one. I’d love to see that.

      Given Fuller’s tendency to work with actors he’s worked with in the past, I would absolutely love to see Lee Pace in an episode. It’s a total stretch; Pace is in two huge movie franchises right now (Marvel through “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “The Hobbit”), but — hey — wishful thinking.

      1. Maybe Lee Pace can be Francis Dolarhyde when we get to the Red Dragon era? I want more Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier!

    1. That was quite rude of you. Perhaps you should visit this special psychiatrist friend I know, and civilly discuss the issues you have with the Supernatural fanbase over the dinner table.

        1. Yes, I am biased against people who break our website policy. I have lectured Supernatural and Hannibal as well. Please follow our rules. This is the last time I am asking.

          Also the previous poster was roleplaying. Hannibal is a psychiatrist. Roleplaying has been rampant in this thread.

          -Admin Angel

  42. I’m pretty happy with Sleepy Hollow sitting in 3rd but I have no hope of ever seeing it surpass the two heavy weights duking it out for #1. If anything? I’ll be happy to see

    1 – Supernatural
    2 – Hannibal
    3 – Sleepy Hollow

  43. I am a huge supernatural fan! I will always be supportive for SPN and all the actors!!!

  44. Had to share NBCHannibal’s recent tweet: “Trick or treat, smell our feet. Help Will Graham or it’s you we’ll eat” hahaha

    Keep voting, Fannibals. Keep it classy and cannibalistic, but fight like hell.

    I have to admit, I’m tempted to vote for Walking Dead, too…but not even because I love the show (season 4 is great so far), but because that YouTube video of it by Bad Lip Reading is so freaking hysterical. STARSHIP COMMAND (gotta download the full version of the Governor’s inspired “broadway” for that hilarity.)

    In the meantime, DREEEEET! Haha I’m sorry, I am, but it in never not funny. Ever.


    1. Yeah, not so much on the winning part for me, but Walking Dead definitely deserves more love than it’s getting…for me it’s definitely stronger than Sleepy Hollow (even though I enjoy this, I just don’t think it’s as strong both in impact or horror elements), and I would hope it goes without saying that Walking Dead’s SFX are incomprable…what I would give to sit in on that process.

      I’m REALLY dissapointed to see AHS so far down, not getting any love…it’s such a phenomenal and innovative show, not to mention it’s really true to the classic elements of horror. Then again I’m a traditionalist when it comes to horror, and in that perspective, AHS in really the only of it’s kind, because I can’t think of a single other show on today that fits in the genre of classic horror (even though zombies fit, I’m so obsessed with zombies I think they’re in a category of their own entirely.)


      1. I don’t think Sleepy Hollow has had much time to really get a dedicated fanbase such as Buffy or some of the others you’ve mentioned. But I admit, I have been voting for SH, and I’m pleased that it’s staying steady in 3rd place. Although I’m an older fan, and I grew up watching Buffy, Angel and later on I picked up on Dollhouse simply because I loved the acting cast.

        Hopefully AHS will spike soon. It’s another favorite I’m rooting for asides SH, TB, & Supernatural.

        1. Well yeah, and you have to consider that while plenty of us who grew up with Buffy, a lot of the people voting either weren’t born or were WAY too young to even watch it, you know? Because of the fact that I grew up watching it, I don’t even know if it’s valid to the current generation, or the younger ones of our generation.

          I sure hope AHS spikes, it definitely deserves it. I think it may just hold a more mature audience, without as strong of an internet presence, perhaps.


      2. Although I will always vote for SPN, I do agree with you.
        I feel like AHS deserves so many more votes than it’s received. It’s truly a phenomenal show. One of my personal favorites.

        1. I’m so glad to hear that there are other people that love AHS as much as I do. I mean it is just amazing what they’ve done: bringing classic horror to current day television, their amazingly individual approach to going from season to season (which, personally, I’ve never seen used before), the caliber of the actors involved, and just the consistency with which it packs such a strong punch. It’s absolutely in my top 5 TV shows, and I have zero desire for that to change, haha.

          So glad to meet fellow AHS fans, I never seem to come across others who watch it, which, of course makes me worry about it’s future, or more appropriately, the potential lack thereof. I’d be heartbroken to see such an astounding show get cancelled, especially with so many superfluous, mind-numbingly dull shows that are on the air (a lot of which are internationally recognized…wtf????).

          How are you enjoying the current season so far??

          Good luck. Sadly, regardless of whether Hannibal or Supernatural pulls out first in this neck-in-neck poll, it seems impossible that AHS will come in beyond 6th place…such a shame.

          Mahalo nui loa,

        2. I started voting for AHS along with Hannibal, and check it out! It climbed into the top 5! How awesome! I think all AHS fans that are voting for SPN or Hannibal. should give AHS a vote as well…it sure deserves them!

  45. I LOVE Supernatural. It’s one of my favouritete TV shows ever. Like one of my children. Hannibal is too.
    And even though I Supernatural is like my oldest child (Hannibal being the youngest) I’m going to vote for Hannibal only.
    Why? This is a poll for best horror TV show. Hannibal is, in my opinion, more ‘horror’ than SPN.

    1. Your name made me, literally, break out in a fit of laughter. Thank you, haha 😀


  46. Hannibal. We will eat all of u >:I Or we donate to mr. Lecter, so he’s got a supply of human meat for at least a few years~


    WHOO HOO!!

    Love you Fannibals…the fight ain’t over…not close.

    Mahalo nui loa,

  48. I’ve seen Hannibal and it’s BAD! Lets get Supernatural way out in front, come on, do it!!!

    1. Hey, c’mon…let’s cheer for our respective shows without demeaning the other one. There’s been more than enough nasty things said on here already.


    2. Hey Nics,

      We love your enthusiam, but please, be nice and respectful of ALL shows.

      Princess Audrii

    3. Wow I’m ashamed we have people like you in our fandom. Sorry Fannibals, not all of us are rude.

  49. I love Supernatural, but calling it a horror show is a bit of a stretch nowadays. It hasn’t been even remotely spooky since the first season.

    Hannibal is scarier, so I have to give it my vote. I feel bad, because SPN is important to me.

    1. If you don’t truly feel that SPN is a horror show, then why feel bad about voting for a show that can truly fall into that category? I wouldn’t feel guilty for not voting Doctor Who as best cartoon (should I ever come across such a poll). It’s a lovely show; it just doesn’t fit the category.

      1. Actually, Doctor Who has been made into two animated features (The Infinate Quest & Dreamland). If you haven’t seen them you totally should. So if it was in a Best Cartoon poll, it would totally fit that category.

        This has been your useless information of the day.

        Princess Audrii

      1. Next poll we do like this needs to have “Themed” in the title. 🙂 This is Insane.

        Princess Audrii


          And that’s just the title. Haha

    1. It’s a quote from the book and sort of Hannibal’s motto when it comes to selecting victims, so yeah, it’s been adopted as such.

      -Admin Angel

    2. Like Angel said, it’s Hannibal’s primary way of picking victims, so its kind of become a motto, a way to sign off, it’s used on shirts…really it can be adapted into almost anything.

      More importantly, I love the word “Fannibalese”, it makes me feel like the fandom has it’s own country. That’s awesome 😀


  50. One has to admit that nbchannibal has great tags, haha.

    #We came in like a wrecking ball #*swings back out of your room* #Voting ends this Wednesday!

    Come on, Fannibals, keep on voting guys/gals!

    1. Hahaha I love their tags, I didn’t see those, though! That’s hilarious!

      One my favorites was (and I may be spelling this wrong): “Tobias? More like ToBYEas” haha 😀
      I love that the longer they were on Tumblr, the more cracked out their tags got 😛


      1. It’s as though they have been influenced by the crackier part of the fandom. You know, the part where cannibals wear flower crowns and everything is all rainbows and doggies. For such a gory serious show, it always amuses me that the fandom has such a hysterically unstable humour. Oh dear. What would I do if I wasn’t following Winston on twitter. His tweets leave a smile on my face (or more like this insane laughter bubbling in my throat, but hey, at least I’m not coughing up ears).

        Little reminder to vote, dearest Fannibals!

  51. I’m unbelievably torn between Supernatural and Hannibal. Both are absolutely fabulous shows with unbelievably amazing fanbases which I find an honor to be a part of. But sorry Hannibal, I’m gonna have to go with the one I’ve been in longer… SPNfamily, let’s do this.

    1. You can always vote for both, nothing wrong with that 🙂
      We’re in fandoms, not gangs, hehe

      Either way, vote for who you really want to vote for, you can vote for up to 4!


    1. Please view our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/

      “Please avoid using extreme and excessive profanity in your posts. Sexist, racist, homophobic, or transphobic language and sentiments are also not allowed.”

      Your profanity has been edited accordingly.

  52. I’m curious if a large part of the SPN fans voting are on the East coast…only because more than once, I go to sleep with Hannibal in the lead, and wake up to SPN in the lead (I’m in AZ, so not quite west coast proper, but still the same time zone…except we were like “daylight savings?? does it LOOK like we’re gonna grow things here? nah man, we’ll pass” haha)

    Then again, could be total coincidence 🙂


    1. If you can’t decide, no reason you can’t vote for both 🙂
      You can vote for up to 4 shows


    1. Have you watched it?

      A lot of it falls into psychological horror, but an equal, if not greater, amount is very much visceral horror. Most of the show is centered of very graphic murders, and not just the amount of gore, but the way in which said murders are executed.

      If you’ve watched it, I’m curious as to why you don’t consider it horror?


        1. Curious as to what they DO consider horror

          AHS? Okay, I can understand that. Regardless, Hannibal is basically undeniably horror…be it psychological or visceral, it’s still horror. I think we all remember the result of the “human pez dispenser” murders…that’s some extreme horror.

          1. By the way … you seem to always be around, not that is wrong or anything it´s good to have someone around remind us to vote. (pardon my english, non my mother language)

            1. Normally I’m just on in the evening/night (sometimes, like now, going into 2:00 or 3:00 am b/c of getting caught up with Face Off) in my time zone.

              Other than that, I was on more today after being repeatedly verbally assaulted by a poster (some people are just nasty). Also, if it’s not TOO long, I do it on my phone, since I get my emails on it, including replies and comments on here.

              So that’s a lot of useless info haha

              And I understood you just fine 🙂
              May I ask, what’s your native language?

              1. Spanish, I Am Dominican but live in spain we have some fannibals here… I hope we grow bigger with season two.

                1. That’s awesome, I love Spain…never have had the chance to go there yet, but I really want to someday. Other than the beautiful buildings and scenery, I’ve always been drawn to the attitude that people there have.

                  Yeah, I have a good feelings that the amount of Fannibals will only grow with season 2 🙂 now that word of mouth has really made its way around, I think many more will be tuning in


    2. Well, just, you know, girls impaled on stags, people eating other people, throwing up ears. Usual stuff. Hannibal isn’t a horror show per se, but the horror elements are pretty strong. Surely stronger than in other tv shows in this list, like SPN.

  53. I absolutely adore Hannibal and am very glad it has managed to get such a large fandom in such a small amount of time. I check this poll quite frequently as I believe Hannibal deserves to win.The acting is absolutely MAGNIFICENT and it’s definitely horror to me and down right disturbing in some moments. I was at the edge of my seat quite frequently. It hooked me from episode one and I love all the little details in the show that if you don’t pay attention, you’ll miss them. I also watch Supernatural but I just don’t feel it has been a proper horror since the early seasons.
    I’m very proud to be a fannibal 🙂

  54. Fannibal, through and through. Whether the show wins this poll or not, I’m just proud to see it so high up in the rankings. =) As for the comments, a big high five to those playing nicely.

  55. So Supernatural is ahead of Hannibal…What´s to be done about that? *Dangerous cannibal noises*

  56. I’m proud to have been one of the 900 or so who voted for Alfred Hitchcock Presents, which was a very intense, frightening show, one of the very rare times where a celebrated filmmaker’s turn in TV did not seem like a bloated ego trip.

    Other votes – TWD (so underrated), SPN and Buffy (even though SPN is mostly about angst now and I was never, ever frightened by Buffy, I just enjoyed some of the characters and the chemistry of the first few seasons).

    1. I think (based on what a fair number of people have told me), as far as TWD goes, too many people gave up during Season 2 (or as I call it: season SOOOOPPHHHHIIIIIIIAAAAA!!!). I do push them to give it another try, though, because, aside from maybe the whole thing with The Governor ended in a pretty anticlimactic way, I feel like the show has gotten back on track.

      But I’ve also been a HUGE fan of the comics since their original release, so I can’t say I’m not biased haha.

  57. I also wanted to add that while I’ve watched Walking Dead mostly for the acting and sometimes the writing, I’ve never been scared by it. This season is a big exception. I’ve been genuinely frightened in a number of episodes. If you enjoy classic horror then some of the second episode of this season was especially good.

    1. This season has definitely started strong, so here’s to hoping they just keep the pace, and keep it high adrenaline, with zombies a plenty. 🙂

  58. I love both SPN and Hannibal, they are my two favourite shows. But SPN isn’t really horror and I think it would be great to have Hannibal win something, so I’m voting for that.

  59. Hey, all of you Hannibal fans out there. You guys do know that Misha Collins, co-star on Supernatural, will play an important roll in season 2 of Hannibal, right? I’m not kidding either.
    Supernatural is taking over. :}

    1. The MIsha rumor is just that, a rumor. There was a link on Tumblr regarding the news, but it only led to a video that insults anyone who clicks on it for being gullible. But yes, Misha, as of now, is NOT going to be on Hannibal (cool as that would be).

  60. Hannibal is an outstanding show! The writing, acting and production are amazing. In my soul, though, NOTHING will ever top Supernatural! Supernatural combines all the elements of horror, fantasy and dysfunctional relationships in a way that no other show ever has! Keep it classy, my friends! Both shows are incredible. But I will fight to the death for SUPERNATURAL! But if I die…please make sure Dr. Lecter makes me into something really delish! I don’t wanna be just a sandwich.

  61. I love The Walking Dead American Horror Story True Blood and Supernatural in that orde

  62. Us fannibals had held our own in most polls against Supernatural fans maybe this time we can actually win! 🙂

  63. Supernatural has better storylines than Hannibal, but, as much I love SPN, it’s not as much “horror” as Hannibal is. So as awesome as it would be if SPN won this poll, I think it would make more sense for Hannibal to win. Supernatural is more “fantasy/action” than “horror”

    1. Can’t rest on our laurels (or more accurately, flower crowns) just yet! There’s still about 3 more hours, and they’re gaining on us fast! We gotta keep voting! Let’s win this thing! 😀


    1. Haha, we need to do this for Alcide huh 😉 I’m with Sarbear. I’ll be happy if True Blood makes it in 7th place ^.^

      1. Yea, I’d be so happy for once this week if True blood stayed where it was or even jumped up a little. I’m happy with the 4 up there now? But it’d be nice to see True Blood 5th or 6th, considering that it’s the last season EVER this year =( I’m going to miss that show tons.

        1. I wasn’t particularly happy with book 12, but the overall ending in book 13… well lets just say it was an ending and leave it at that.
          However, it will be interesting to see how HBO brings True Blood to its ultimate conclusion.

          Princess Audrii

          1. Haha I agree, I am so eager to see the ending, and then some. A part of me rather likes some things from HBO, but I just… ah well, I won’t want to be “that person” and give things away. That’s rude. But I am very eager to see what HBO has in store!

            🙂 Thank you for even responding to my little comment, that makes me feel special!

        2. I’m just ecstatic that Sleepy Hollow is a strong 3rd for now. I guess it’s partly because the show itself is filmed in my home state. Of course you KNOW the real reason, haha and that’s Tom Mison 😉 And Katia Winter. God she’s such a little sweetheart.

          1. Of course I do my deary, hahahaa >:) And I know it’s at least safe for another season. I can’t wait to see more Ichatrina ♥ That’s the best part of Sleepy Hollow in my humble opinion!

            1. Careful about expressing love for the cannon ship. I’ve learned a hard lesson on tumblr (especially tumblr) that you very well start a war with the fictitious coupling. Ah, it’ll be nice to finally see it come back from the 3 week break regardless. And we finally get to see how he met Katrina in the first place. That, above all else, is the reason why I’ll be tuning in.

  64. Oh my gosh! Hannibal has a solid lead, and AHS made it into the top 4!!

    I’m so thrilled right now! Even if it changes, to see this is so awesome.

    Fannibals, you guys seriously blow me away.

  65. Oh Hannibal post its on it’s facebook page again. I see what happen that sucks in at the last minute too. Sigh if only our Facebook page would do the same. Oh well congrats to Hannibal.

  66. Yay!! Finally got Supernatural to pull ahead! Now just gotta keeping making that gap between them and Hannibal bigger! 😉

  67. Oh snap! Bryan is repeatedly sounding the call to arms!! (seriously though, best show runner ever, I adore him).

    Legit voting while driving.

    (Still driving safer than 90% of Tucsonans.)

    C’mon Fannibals!! Keep it up!! Or to take a phrase from WWF fights: Finish them!!

    (What? I live in the SW, I may or may not have a little bit redneck in me.)

  68. Why does it say unlimited and then kicks me off saying I had voted too many times! Ii’s been over an hour and I still can’t get back on! After days of voting, I’m missing the finish!

    1. It’s not us. We are all for unlimited voting. Polldaddy has an internal spamming system though.

      -Admin Angel

  69. Gotta give it to you Fannibals. You’re doing great and even though I wish SPN would win, I’m glad you guys are gonna. You deserve it. You’re such an awesome fandom and I’m proud to say I’m a part of it too.

    1. That’s really awesome of you to be such an awesome sport. It’s been anyone’s game and still is, but I just had fun (other than a sour encounter or two) and like others have said: it IS just a poll haha

      I’m glad you’re also a Fannibal 😀

  70. Yeeeaaahh…are you sure some of you Fannibals aren’t cooking rats instead of liver?

    1. I’m not quite sure what to make of that.

      But if you’re implying that we’re cheating, that’s pretty poor sportsmanship.

      1. No! Not at all…I love Hannibal. It’s a brilliant show! And I can see it has strong support. It’s just that SPN was up by 1000 2 hours ago and now Hannibal is up by 10,000. That’s really unbelievable! But if it’s all legit, then Congrats! Ya’ll poked the BIG BEAR and won! Not many can say that!

        1. I think the massive imcoming of Fannibals was due to Bryan Fuller promising to release S2 pics if we won (in other words, Daddy rung the dinner bell and we came.)

        2. My apologies, in that case…I just associated ‘rat’ with cheating.

          Thanks! We’re not as massive or time-tested as SPN, but for what we lack, we make up for with serious passion and dedication…not to mention Bryan Fuller was probably madly voting over & over along with us, haha.

          Great poll though! You guys put up a hell of a fight! Other than some nasty people & bad sports here and there, this was a fun time!

      2. Agreed. To say we might be cheating simply because we’re winning is ridiculous. Granted, the OP might not be suggesting that, in which case I direct my comment to anyone who is.

  71. Nice going Fannibals! Keep it up!

    Land ho in less than 30 minutes! Increase speed and maintain course to reach destination BADASS!

    Conquer! Conquer to save Will Graham!

    (IDEK, I’ve been rewatching Vikings, okay? 😛 )

  72. So, 2 hours ago, SPN was up by 1000. Now Hannibal is up by 10,000? If this was all legit fan voting, then congrats to Hannibal! Because I have never seen so many votes come in this quickly.

    1. Most of that can be attributed to a call to arms (and some bribery haha) from Bryan. When the creator/exec producer/sometimes director/always awesome show runner says do something…you tend to do it 🙂

      1. Congrats to you all! Hannibal is a terrific show and I watch it myself. So if it wasn’t us, I’m glad it was you! Just be warned….we don’t go down easily. And we don’t stay dead! Supernatural will be back!

        1. We Supernatural fans definitely don’t go down easily we just keep coming in the end lol see you guys next poll Hannibal it seems like supernatural has a very good contender show wise and fanbase now. 🙂

        2. I had other things to attend to so I was not here for the final hour. I do know now looking back at this? I will never poll again. At least I know that True Blood withstood 7th place for a close friend of mine. That much I can honestly say, I don’t feel that I’ve wasted my time on helping her keep the only show I know she was very passionate about where it was at. As for Sleepy Hollow? Orlando Jones tweet was what drew me here in the first place. Glad to see it remained in 3rd.

          As for the…. you know? Let it go, right? It’s all over so what is the use in complaining? But thank you SamIsMyHunter for raising awareness as to what truly happened in the final moments. As disheartening as it was, I walk away knowing I did what I could to try and keep it as honest as it could be. I’m just a bit down I couldn’t help out the SPN fans at the finish line (not that it would have mattered, obviously)

          Congrats to all that polled fairly and were supportive. That’s what makes polling worthwhile. And a lot of you guys were great and I’ve met some fantastic fans on here. Take care! It is Halloween after all =) Hope you all get a treat tonight.

          1. Whoa, I’m sorry but you’re way out of line accusing any of us of cheating. SPN lost by a couple % fair and square. I can’t change if you don’t want to take it at graciously as so many of your fellow fans are, but that’s really offensive to assume the only way we could win is by cheating.

        3. Where would the fun be if we didn’t have a worthy contender? ;D

          Honestly, if Bryan hadn’t blasted those tweets, whoever would’ve won, would’ve done so with only a hundreth of a % lead, haha

          It’s been fun, and I’m glad to see some good sports among ya’ll (it IS just a poll, after all :P)

          1. Exactly lol and thank you guys for also being very good sports. I love me some good contenders especially with a great fanbase like Hannibals. It surprised me cause at first we were winning and then bam you guys started catching up and it’s like woah where did they even come from? Lol but great job 🙂

          2. SPN fans need to get over themselves. I am commenting way after the poll is closed, but I need to say this. What, can these SPN people just accept that there is a new kid on the block? Supernatural has been in production for a decade, has seen its best days past (I was an avid viewer until the horrendously bad Season 6) and is DONE, for all intents and purposes. Hannibal is a far more creative, not to mention beautifully produced show. The fandom is whip smart, energetic, and not just a bunch of beauty-obsessed children. Hannibal is the future, SPN the dark age past…

            1. We actively discourage rudeness on our website. Hannibal actively discourages rudeness as well. Please read our policies before commenting again and be aware that Hannibal would probably enjoy having you for dinner: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/

              -Admin Angel

              1. So… 100% Hannibal fan here. Can I just get you an ice pack or something? Cuz, that was a pretty sick burn.

    2. Bryan Fuller, show developer, twitted about the poll an hour ago, which is where I guess most voters are coming from now.

  73. According to my clock and and the time the poll is supposed to close, it’s about time Hannibal is crowned the winner of this poll.

  74. CONGRATULATIONS, FANNIBALS! We have officially helped Will Graham! (Until Hannibal returns, o’course).

    So unbelievably proud to be a part of this fandom, words can’t express.

  75. even though I wanted Supernatural to win lol congrats to Hannibal. You guys definitely earn it. You guys kept at it and won the poll great job again you guys! 🙂

  76. My new favorite show Sleepy hollow in third. It’s good to know I am not the only one who loves that show.

  77. Well, this is now a very good excuse to drop everything and finally watch Hannibal since I’ve seen all of Supernatural.

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