The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series “A New Frontier” Episode 5 “From The Gallows” Review

The walking dead a new frontier from the gallows review telltale series

We have finally reached the fifth and last episode of The Walking Dead: The Telltales Series “A New Frontier.” While I enjoyed “From the Gallows” I’m far more excited to see what will happen next.

When I first started out playing as Javi, I had my doubts. But as the story progressed, I ended up caring for him and making the decisions I felt were right in “From the Gallows.” I was always focused on making Javi into a man who looked out for his family. I even tried patching things up with David even though it was obvious it was never going to work. As for being romantic with Kate, Javi’s sister-in-law, I kept away from it. Regardless of David being dead or not, that was the kind of drama I had no interest in.

“From the Gallows” picked up from episode 4 “Thicker Than Water,” but not before giving us another Javi related flashback. I get that siblings have rivalries but the thing between David and Javi was just too much, even before the zombie apocalypse. And yes, it felt forced to me. I still don’t know how Kate ended up loving David and agreed to become stepmom to his two children.

While “From the Gallows” had some action sequences, it was a way for Javi to say goodbye to some characters. The final choice decided the fate of the family Javi would be left with. It also offered a lot of replayability. There is a good chance I might not have been able to unlock all of the endings.

  • Javi goes on a bike after Gabe and David: You are able to save Gabe but David gets bit. You then reach Richmond and find Clementine. Kate is nowhere to be found.
  • Javi, Clementine, and Kate go to save Richmond: Both David and Gabe die.
  • Javi goes with Kate to save Richmond, Clementine goes after Gabe: David is the only one who dies.
  • Clementine joins Javi on a bike to after Gabe and David: You are able to save both Gabe and David. You then reach Richmond and find that Kate has turned into a walker. In an another alternate ending, Kate is able to survive.

As a finale, “From the Gallows,” delivered good characterization and some heartfelt scenes. And while it didn’t focus on Clementine, we did get a post-credits scene confirming that her story will continue as she goes to meet AJ. It’ll be interesting if the next main character in season four is the person taking care of AJ.

Another interesting thing that happened was Javi being able to flirt with Jesus. I know that Javi has been shown to have feelings for Kate. But considering the writers made it possible for Javi to flirt with Jesus could mean he isn’t entirely straight. And even though Jesus only flirted back a bit before going to his group, I’ll take it!

What did you think of A New Frontier Episode 5 “From the Gallows”? When will we see Clementine next? Let us know.

Note: I was provided a copy of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series “A New Frontier” by Telltale Games for review.

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