I Want To Play “Where Winds Meet” So Bad! Yes, I’m Already Shipping Those Dudes!

Where Winds Meet game
Where Winds Meet (Image: PR/Everstone Studio)

Emerging game dev studio, Everstone Studio, announced the incredibly interesting Where Winds Meet at Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live. I really want to play this open-world RPG. And yes, I’m already shipping the men from the trailer!

According to Everstone Studio, Where Winds Meet is all about giving players as much freedom as possible to carve their own destinies. The story will be set during the final days of the Ten Kingdoms era of Chinese history. Coming to PC (no release date yet), players will be able to experience an epic story, fast-paced martial arts battles, and different occupations as they explore a massive game world.

The story takes place during the beginning of the Northern Song Dynasty. You will be in an era of war and conflict. As a wandering swordsman, you will need to survive countless foes (including supernatural ones) by using your martial arts and sword fighting skills. The game will allow you to choose if you wish to uphold a code of morals to protect the innocent, or if you will look out only for yourself and allow the land around you to fall further into chaos and despair.

The gameplay involves fast-paced Wuxia-style battles. You can counter enemy blows, use Tai Chi to reflect attacks, or use acrobatics to slip through a foe’s guard and strike from all angles. The game won’t confine you to one particular fighting style. You will have access to a range of martial arts skills and ranged weapons. It’s all about finding an in-game fighting style you prefer.

Other than combat, the game also features occupations. You can become a doctor to save lives, or a merchant to earn lots of gold. There’s also a construction system with more than 600 authentic components to change the world in the manner you want.

Here’s the exciting trailer!

You can’t deny that Where Winds Meet does look visually beautiful. I also like the fast-paced action and how you can explore towns, forests, and a bunch of awesome locations. Of course, certain things need to be polished, such as the way the characters interact and the framerate. Fortunately, these things can be fixed.

Also, I don’t know who that guy with the black panther is (he appears near the end of the trailer), but I need him and the guy in white to fall in love or something. I mean, I could be very off-base when it comes to the actual dynamic those two will have, but until then, let me ship! I’m also shipping the dudes who clash their swords near the 4-minute mark!

Considering this game is about giving players lots of freedom, I wonder what level of freedom will be afforded in the romance department. Will you be able to flirt with other characters and eventually marry them? Can you make your character queer? Hmmm. These are questions I would like to know the answers to.

As for the music being played during the trailer, all 3 pieces are composed of traditional poems. The first one is ‘The Beautiful Lady Yu’, written by Li Yu, showing the end of the road for the last emperor of the Southern Tang Dynasty. Li Yu is also known as the Immortal King of Poetry.

The second piece is ‘Liuzhou Getou Theme: Youth Righteousness’, written by He Zhu (Northern Song), presenting the style of chivalry (Xia). The last piece is ‘Way of the Heroes’, written by Li Bai (Tang), displaying the moral code of chivalry to fight for justice.

Talking a bit about the studio, Everstone focuses on creating open-world titles and ancient narratives. Everstone is driven by a passion for martial arts chivalry and experience in game narrative, combat performance, level design, and more.

Are you excited about playing Where Winds Meet?

I sure am!

(via press release)

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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