Heads up, Whovians: Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor Has a Costume Now!

13th doctorChristmas is coming, and for Doctor Who fans that means finally meeting the 13th Doctor. Played by Jodie Whittaker, 13 is the first female Doctor since William Hartnell appeared as 1 in 1963. Today, we got our first look at her costume.

The Doctor’s costume has long been a signal of the type of doctor they’ll be. There are core aspects of the Doctor, of course, but that manifests itself in different ways. Whovians have been waiting for this first peek into the mind of the 13th Doctor – and here it is!

First of all, you need a long shot to get the full effect:

13th doctor

When we saw the first glimpse of 13 in the reveal video four months ago she wore a slate man’s coat with a dark hood. That was honestly a bit of a disappointment. It looked just like 12’s somber look, which makes sense for a transitional video, but I couldn’t help hoping they’d have more fun with her signature costume.

What I didn’t want was a dress. Someone who was previously a guy and is now a girl might not want to have the learning curve of high heels while running from Daleks. A dress would be a sign the Powers That Be were going down the “Let’s do all the stereotypically girlie things, isn’t is funny?” route, and I expect better of Chris Chibnall (who’s taken over from Steven Moffat as executive producer).

This- well, this look for the 13th Doctor is amazing. It’s a callback to the older Doctors without being ridiculous. The outfit looks like she went on a gleeful spree through her wardrobe with some multi-generational, multi-planetary view of What Women Wear and came out in this.

There’s also this – remember how 11 looked like one of the lightest, most playful Doctors but was actually among the more deeply troubled ones? Hopefully this is a sign that we’re going to have a similar mixture of play and pathos with the 13th Doctor.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special, where Peter Capaldi as 12 will become Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor, will air next month, but we have to wait until the next Fall for her series to reach BBC America.

What do you think about the 13th Doctor’s getup? Are you already planning how to work her into your summer cosplays (or is that just me?)? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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