Junji Ito Collection 1×10: ‘Greased’ & ‘Bridge’ Review


The squeamish may want to skip this episode. Junji Ito Collection hit its peak for the season with the two stories enclosed in episode 10.

“Greased” is a stomach-churning story about a family who lives above their father’s barbecue place. Unfortunately, nothing is ever cleaned and the entire apartment is covered in grease to the point that it saturates the air. It only gets more revolting from there. The difficult-to-read manga translates a little too well into a difficult-to-watch anime.

Seeing the color of the grease and the state of the house makes the conditions this family lives in even more vile. The scene involving Yui and her brother is enough to make someone sick in still frame, but becomes even harder to watch in full color animation. “Greased” is a pure gross out, but in a wonderful and well-done way. It’s shocking and sickening for all the right reasons.


Following this vomitfest of a story is a traditional ghost story. It’s a nice reprieve from the unusual story that comes before, but is not without its own horrific and grotesque imagery. These ghosts show their age and wear from their resting places. In “Bridge”, Kanako goes to visit her grandmother who lives alone and is becoming increasingly frightened. Upon crossing the bridge, Kanako quickly finds out what her grandmother is so afraid of.

Much slower paced than other ghost stories for the season, “Bridge” shows the wide difference of the types of stories Junji Ito can do. Coming from “Greased” almost creates a whiplash with how different these two stories are. Due to this, “Bridge” goes well alongside “Greased”.

As the season winds down, it is definitely not losing its shock and horror value. The amount of Junji Ito content still allows for a wide selection still to come, and maybe even the promise of a season 2.

Author: Lucian Clark

Lucian is the owner/creator of queer horror website, GenderTerror. They also hold a BA in Psychology from Post University. Favorites video games, rats, and cosplaying. They can be found most of the time writing fanfiction or yelling excitedly on Twitter.

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