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  • Bleach Blu-ray Highlights VIZ Media December Releases

    To wrap up 2019, the VIZ Media December releases include a new Blu-ray set and two new publishing releases. Fans of Bleach or anyone who saw Human Lost and was interested in the source material will want to pay attention to this month’s new releases. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in […]

  • Junji Ito Collection 1×9: ‘Painter’ & ‘Blood-bubble Bushes’ Review

    After 9 episodes, fans finally get their long-awaited first view of Tomie fully animated for Junji Ito Collection‘s ‘Painter’, as well as an interesting take on vampires and vampirism in ‘Blood-bubble Bushes’. Unlike episode 8, which was plagued by rushed and poorly done animation, episode 9 does not suffer from the same issues. Both ‘Painter’ […]