Lost Girl 4×09 Review: Destiny’s Child


The Black smoke crept its way out of the glass jar and slowly took the form of man.  Kenzi slowly opened the jigsaw box to hear… jigsaw himself, Trick shows what a prick he can be and Bo got back on the train and got a hand job.

Welcome to Lost Girl, the world of CGI trains, Wanderers, Crows, Leviathan and Nursery Rhymes. Bo spends most of this episode talking about how she needs to get back on the train and how really, truly, honestly, heartbreakingly difficult it is to choose between Dyson and Lauren because she loves them both so very, very much that she must constantly submit them both to the torture of hearing her tell the other how very very much she loves them.

After opening the Glass jar she sent herself we are introduced to Munin, Hugin and the rest of the extras from The Crow movie.  Hugin agrees to help Bo get back on the train if she helps him bust his brother Munin who took off with his wife.  She agrees, as per usual since it’s always the best thing to do. And while Lauren and Dyson both want to tag along Bo asks them to let her walk away alone to figure this out, and begrudgingly they both do… for about a minute.

They team up at Dyson’s gym or house I’m not sure which it is at this point. He’s got his wolf and his weapons and she’s got her brain and her jack of mass destruction. He also takes the time to admire her. Saying that he understands how hard it is for Bo to make a decision because he doesn’t know if he could. I love Dyson but that scene made me uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong I love the bro chemistry between the two but I’m not sure how and when they became friends; if they really are friends. I like to think they have a mutual respect for one another and understand that Bo does love them both, though I think in very different ways. The relationship between Dyson and Bo to me seems like it’s very high school.  He was her first love. The first Fae she was with and she loved him and will always love him. But her relationship with Lauren pushes her, it’s adult and it’s always changing and growing. At least that’s what I think Bo thinks about her relationships. We know Lauren does since even though Dyson says he couldn’t choose Lauren laughs and says without hesitation that she could.

Tamsin and Kenzi approach Trick about why he has suddenly turned into a bumbling idiot when it comes to Rainer and why he isn’t doing a damn thing to actually help Bo. It’s true too. He has always hidden stuff from her, never quite telling her the whole truth yet expecting her to always do what he says is right. When they call him out on his BS he shows his true colors and calls Kenzi a “human” with the contempt of a Mercedes Dealer looking at VW Bug, and Tamsin a lowlife. Taking off he leaves them alone so of course they begin snooping to find out what he is hiding.  They spend lots of time searching through old books even though Tamsin thinks it would be better to “take a dump in his bed”. Finally they find a book with all empty pages and Kenzi knows exactly what she needs to do, and no it’s not “draw weird dicks in it”. I can not get over Tamsin this season.  Last year she kind of had no personality and I wasn’t really sure of her purpose overall, but this season, being reborn and growing up with Kenzi as her “mother”,  I absolutely love her.

They decide they need to find Tricks blood and find it in a loose floorboard.  Kenzi mentions the Garuda and Bo having to fight Aife and for once the show references its history.  So the blood is locked in a box that they must open first.  This box is called a Tamatebako, which is supposedly from a 5th century Japanese man who met a turtle that was the cursed daughter of an Emperor. It is a magical box with endless combinations.  So they start combinations on this jigsaw box and are greeted with the Jigsaw laugh from the movie SAW, along with screams, and arrows but they eventually get into it and get the blood,  Kenzi drops it on the page and writes Bo’s name but nothing happen until Tamsin touches the blood and then…

Trick goes to see the Luduan. He thinks he has made himself forget something. You know like: how to be a good grandfather and king.  She agrees to help if she can ask any question. Of course she asks why he chose her sister over her. These scenes with Trick just bore me. I think they are supposed to show you a glimpse of what he was and how ruthless he can be but I just wait for them to be over with.  Blah, blah, blah, he did make himself forget.  Yadda yadda, he loves himself more than anyone else.

Tamsin and Trick knew each other before. When Tamsin is nearing her final death as a Valkyrie and is on the battle field to take a soldier who died in battle to Valhalla. Trick however has other idea and talks Tamsin into letting him have Rainer’s soul so he can write him out of history for going against the Blood King, and in return he will give her another life. A chance at redemption.  And Trick, the Blood King, does exactly that.  He writes Rainer out of history forcing him to wander for all eternity. Tamsin wakes up and immediately tells Kenzi “Whatever you do DON’T TRUST TRICK”  I could have told you that seasons ago. Trick leaves the Luduan (who I absolutely loved by the way.  HATED the scene but LOVED her) in a rush to find Bo and tell her.

Bo has landed in a Fae Graveyard with Hugin and he advises her not step on the graves since they give you a one way ticket to the underworld and the Leviathan.  Moments later an actual crow arrives only it’s not a crow it’s Munin and the others that came from nowhere. First Hugin and Bo run and then when cornered he turns on her.  It was a lie all along to kill her since they were angry with the Wanderer. They try to scare her with a nursery rhyme:

1 for sorrow

2 for mirth

3 for a funeral

4 for a birth

5 for heaven

6 for hell

7 is the devil his own self

To get away Bo lets herself fall into a grave and into a dark, shadowy cavern. This is apparently where the Leviathan lives and the Leviathan is not scary. It’s a women, dressed in bluish tinted clothes that are long a flowy and she speaks in riddles.  She tries to take Bo’s soul but is forcefully flung to the ground by the “hand tattoo on my chest”.  She is angry that Bo has that mark since it was suppose to be hers.  Not sure what that means and it’s never really explained.  It’s a perfect example of what Lost Girl does.  Gives us an interesting character but never explains them fully. So anyway, they get into a battle of wits.  The Leviathan throws out her riddle and Bo answers it.  Bo decided this should be her riddle:

She’s Brilliant

He’s Strong

Her life is little

His life is long

Both loves are pure

Both loves are true

If you were I

Who would you choose?

I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s just me. But dear lord she needs to choose! It’s starting to really bore me now. I mean this show is supposed to be about her living the life she chooses but she’s not making any choices. She’s supposed to kick ass and in this episode all she did was dodge the bad guys.  Look choose Lauren. Or Choose Dyson. Or Choose Ryan. Or choose … I don’t know… just choose. Four seasons in and this triangle is really played out. Both Dyson and Lauren deserve better. Let them move on, stop keeping them dangling. Please, please PTB put this triangle out of its misery.

Of course choosing between Dyson and Lauren is a question even the Leviathan can’t answer so she sends Bo back up top but as she does, she tells Bo she will see her soon since someone she loves will be dying. DYING! Who? Lauren? There’s a good story. Kill her, bring her back and she’s not fully human. Nice. Dyson, kill him and maybe his “mate for life” crap will end, wait I think that already happened?  Kenzi, no! My girl can not die, end of story. Hale, Tamsin, Trick?

Anyway, back up top Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb are caught off guard and, as I said earlier, Bo dodges them all into early Leviathan filled graves.  All except these two. And that only happened with the help of the terrible twosome of Dyson and Lauren.  They Growl and Science their way and in the end Bo gets the boys to take her back on the train. She blows her “lovers” a kiss and they gently tease about who it was really meant for.  Once on the train we are now at our welder, oh how I wish it was Jennifer Beals, but no it’s Rainer, or the Wanderer, or whatever you want to call him. They spar for a moment until he takes her hand and puts it on his chest.  He has a hand tattoo as well and Bo’s anger seems to quell.

Back at the The Dal, Trick tells Dy and Lo that they need to find Bo and just then Bo walks in.  She’s fine she assures everyone and tells them she’s figured out all the answers she was seeking.  Rainer enter from behind her.  She tell them all that going Dark was her idea so she would be sure to get back on that train, to Rainer. Because he is not her enemy and he is not her father he is her – wait for it – DESTINY.  And Dyson and Lauren have the look of the entire Lost Girl Fandom.


Quote of The Week:

Kenzi: “There’s only one thing left to do..”

Tamsin: “Take a dump in his bed?”

So dear readers what are your thoughts on this episode?  The triangle? Or ReinBo? And I would love to hear your favorite Tamsin quotes.

Author: Pamela


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7 thoughts on “Lost Girl 4×09 Review: Destiny’s Child

  1. Wow. Simply phenomenal review. Thank you for opting to take your time to post a review of LG. Many of my thoughts were along the same vein when watching this episode and it made me grin to read your thoughts on paper.

    At this time of the show, watching the triangle at play made me want to rip my hair out, and I agree, Bo just needed to pick someone. I remember when watching this I thought repeatedly, “Ok, if you can’t make up your mind after four years, you really don’t love either of them.”

    And do you like the term ReinBo or Boner? I much prefer the latter, it is Lost Girl, after all.

  2. Hi Wondersnatch! Love the name btw. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I think both ReinBo and Boner are hilarious !!! Idk how I’d choose .. I’d have to keep from laughing at them long enough to make that decision and idk if I can do that 🙂

  3. Nice. I’m glad you are reviewing the episodes. Will this be a weekly thing because I hope so. And I too am sick of the triangle. It’s played out and needs to be taken out to the old shed and shot. I don’t believe Lauren and the wolf pup could never be friends, at least not until he understands boundaries. As it stands she should be worried about that knife about to be stabbed in her back. “Take a dump in Trick’s bed” indeed. ..LOL. And I too prefer boner. Fitting for a succubus don’t you think?

  4. Excellent take on a LG-classic episode of confusion and wtfery. I do prefer Boner, simply because after all that song and dance about destiny, it seems that Bo *spoiler alert* isn’t even getting tingles for her destiny.

    While I find the scenes to be a bore as well, Trick has always been my pick for Most Evil Dude in the Universe. He has the most potential for Big Bad, since if things don’t go his way – he’ll just write it away.

    The episode move some plot along, but I’ll never get over how quick Lauren and Dyson seemed to have gotten over their mutual animosity. He’s a fae that always shoved Lauren’s slavery to her face, and now he’s trying to flirt with her? What drugs are the writers on, and where can I get them?! It might make me understand these confusing episodes more.

  5. Great review! Is this going to be a weekly thing for the rest of this season and for Season 5?

    This was an episode of missed opportunities. From the crows of being some actual help given there was no reason to go after Bo given up until the hand hickey got activated she wanted to kill the Wanderer the same as them. A chance to see how Lauren reacted to a gun. To the riddle where could Bo offered a comment more along the lines of “don’t worry, it takes a while but eventually you will figure it out” instead of ‘choosing is so hard right? but hey no hard feelings and give me a call if you figure that out for me’.

    The RainBo Boner pairing literally united an entire viewing audience in their loathing for a single character. If there was an option that Lauren, Dyson and Tamsin suddenly worked together to kill Rainer before the episode ends, but in exchange the ships all had to say to nice things to each other for a week or Rainer would be allowed to go on for several more, twitter would have been much nicer place and even the general audience would have been happy with the outcome.

  6. Hi everyone! thanks for taking the time to read and reply. I am new to the Geekiary and LOVE all things Lost Girl so i really, really appreciate it. I’ll keep writing as long as they keep letting me post 🙂 !
    The Dal – umm, not exactly sure what type of drugs these writers are on. All i know is the must be good cause this season was like one big acid trip!

    NOTSOCONFUSEDWITCH – I agree about the Rainer/Bo pairing it united everyone. I mean it’s just not good. While I really enjoy the actor who portrayed him Kyle Schmid who was excellent on Being Human this story line is just insane.

    MTRAPP & NAE32 – Thanks for reading I hope you come back for more and enjoy the rest this wonderful site has to offer.

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