Lost Girl 4X12 Review: Origin

1653977_10152372531619439_2083532172_n“You are so goddamn selfish!  You say you always wanna help people but you only ever help yourself!  I will never forgive you!” – Kenzi episode 4X11 End of the Line

There are times when I watch an episode and I’m so very proud of our little succubus.  Times when I wish Dyson had been a stronger character.  When I wish Lauren had told Bo how she really felt.  I may not always agree with the choices Bo makes, in fact most of time I think she’s not really making any decisions at all, but this week?  Well for the first time I think I am disappointed in our heroine.

As per usual, Hale’s funeral was short and sweet much like the way they used him on the show.  The outstanding acting by Ksenia Solo is what makes this series worth watching.  She begs her friends for help.  Pleads with Vex to help her kill Massimo.  Asks Bo to help her exact revenge on him for killing Hale.  I was with her every step of the way.  I felt her pain.  Her anguish.  I even understood her need to make Massimo pay with her own hands.  What I didn’t understand, and don’t think I ever will, is how one at a time all of the people that Hale and Kenzi love and trust (ESPECIALLY Bo) found reason after reason to NOT to be there for Kenzi.

10176248_10152372532444439_505572996_nPlease don’t think me naive.  I understand what the show is trying to do.  It’s isolating Kenzi.  Reasons unknown at this time, but I get that they are using it as a storytelling device.  My problem here is what story are they telling?  A human will never fit-in in a fae world?  No, that can’t be it because they work Dr. Lewis into the story quite well.  All it goes to show me is what I have been saying for so long.  Bo is immature.  She needs to grow up and learn that the greater good is NOT always what you want.  Not always what helps you.  Sometimes it’s what you can do for your friends and faemily.

Hale was barely in the ground before Bo left Kenzi to go off with ANOTHER person swearing their allegiance to her (please, note here that I rolled my eyes for like an hour at this scene).  She took off leaving Kenzi alone at the burial site!  I know there were pressing matters but sometimes there is nothing more important than being a friend and quite honestly Bo has completely failed at that this season.  Actually, she’s been failing at that for several seasons now and I fear if she’s not careful she will lose Kenzi.  I can barely say that without cringing.  Lost Girl without Kenzi would not be a Lost Girl I know and love.  Watching Kenzi make Bo un-claim her killed me, but that Bo would just give in so easily!?  I hope Kenzi finds her place in this world without Bo.

Even Vex, her bestie mascara buddy turned on her at the last minute saving Massimo like the slimy lap dog that we use to know.  It was almost heart-warming if it wasn’t so incestuous.  Massimo being Evony’s son and all.  Seriously, can this show get anymore incestuous. Bo has even practically made out with her mom!

All in all though it’s Lauren and her magic. . . um. . . vajayjay that stole the show.  Please don’t act like you didn’t take pause here, even you faithful doccubus shippers; the Levony hook up HOT!  However I really wish Lauren could stop saving the day with her vagina.  It makes me wonder if that’s all this show thinks Lauren is good for.  Sex and pining after Bo.  It is nice to see Lauren taking a stand on her own and taking care of business though.  It may all be to help Bo, but she’s still taking things into her own hands if you will.  I kind of wish they would let Dyson do that too; stop following Bo around and get a life of his own.

Anyway, Lauren’s faetastic whoha delivered a serum that made Evony human and I can’t wait to see how Emmanuelle Vaugier plays that.  It does however beg the question; If Lauren can make fae human, can she make humans fae?

Tamsin was back this episode too; so let me know your thoughts on that, Lauren’s Delivery system, and Massimo.  I actually kind of love crazed Massimo.  Anyone else looking forward to seeing more of him? And, hey, wasn’t this supposed to be a day of silence for Hale?  Guess that didn’t happen.

Next week is the season finale and I’ll be counting down the days before we bid adieu to Lost Girl for another season.

Quote of the Week:

Lauren – “Are you trying to melt me?  That’s adorable.”
Evony – “How?”
Lauren – “I used your own DNA to create the serum that transformed you.”
Evony – “What serum?”
Lauren – “Ow, forgotten already?  It was only 20 minutes ago you were down there.”

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4 thoughts on “Lost Girl 4X12 Review: Origin

  1. “If Lauren can make fae human, can she make humans fae?” I guess you haven’t seen episode 3×13 (Those Who Wander). Or maybe you did and forgot? Lauren secretly used the DNA from her Cabbit Fae cellmate to turn Dr. Taft into a human/Cabbit hybrid. So in response to your question: yes, Lauren can now not only make a Fae into a human, she can make a human into a Fae. Stay tune for Season 5.

  2. Hello Chick! You are absolutely right about all of think! I think I’ve just tried so hard to put Taft and Karen B out of my mind.

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