Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 2×09: …Ye Who Enter Here



I am starting this review off with spoilers and a rant. My apologies.

What is it with nearing on midsession and the death of beloved characters? I know I’ve gone on about my love of FitzMack and Mack in particular. And what does the Whedon-machine do? Big surprise… They seemingly kill Mack. I literally screamed at the TV. Not that I’m surprised, the whole episode showed him and his observations of others: Hunter/Bobbi and FitzSimmons in particular. It was most poignant in his presence in the hanger with FitzSimmons where he excused himself due to the tension in the room. Those two had been pretty much kept separate the whole season, with Mack acting as Fitz’s crutch. Mack even backed off in this episode, letting Simmons take over. Though Fitz said he was leaving Simmons to work with Mack (fat chance of that happening now) looks like my OTP are back, but I think the cost might have been a bit high for my liking.

10801881_10100478845135172_3405054459341515439_nWe also saw the return of Patton Oswalt and his many Koenigs. I absolutely love that LMDs were included in the series, even more that they are all portrayed by Oswalt. Besides, the awesome umbrella move with Raina, the smitten feelings with Agent May, and the confusion of Ward, the best Koenig moment was with Tripp and their conversation about Agent 33. Humor is never far in the MCU, and AOS is no exception. Oswalt’s delivery is so deadpan, you’re not sure whether he is telling the truth to how many of them there are or if they are aware that they are all the same. I love it.

Now that my heartbreak and joy moments are covered, let’s talk about the overarching storyline. Raina, who gets picked up by SHIELD and then happily walks off with HYDRA has confirmed a few things for us: she is one of the special people, Skye is most likely one as well, and the “blue Angels” are Kree. We kind of knew the last two, but it goes to show why they’ve kept that character in play and how she was tied to Skye’s father. I honestly don’t think she’s evil, but rather classified as a true neutral character. She’s participating more for herself than an actual cause, and allies herself for her own gain. I’d say the similar circumstances apply to Ward, but he’s a lot more chaotic. I don’t like his character, but I don’t think he’s wholly bad – especially after last week’s episode.

10734162_10100478844870702_3836034567932484240_nI am interested in seeing where they are eventually going with the Kree and how it is eventually going to tie in with the movie side of the MCU. I know that will probably be well further down the road (Guardians of the Galaxy 2?), but it’ll be interesting nonetheless. I do like that they seem to be playing the show less safe than they were this time last year. I’m also really enjoying the addition of three… Oh wait, (expletives deleted) I mean two characters this season for the team. Additionally Reed Diamond’s Whitehall is proving to be an awesome adversary. I’m not to sure about Skye’s dad (Kyle MacLachlan) though. He’s doing the whole “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” bit, but I don’t know. Yes, the series seemed to be styled after Skye representing the audience and our journey into mystery, and there are loads surrounding her, but I just don’t want it to be a big build up for nothing. I know that’s a silly possibility, considering its both MCU and Whedonverse (as good things do happen), but I’ve been wrong before. Coulson’s magical cure being a very lame cop out, in my humble opinion. I am terrible at guessing where stories are headed, and usually get smacked in the face akin to a Hulk Smash, so hopefully this one doesn’t end with a whimper. Considering that they’ve been building it (probably from the beginning), I doubt it will, but we’ll see.

I am looking forward to next week’s episode. Now that the dynamics have changed yet again, it will be interesting to see where the mid season finally leaves us. One thing I did fail to mention is Ming-Na Wen, and how I want to be her when I grow up. She is absolutely amazing and the fight scenes with her are are incredible. She blows me away every time and I absolutely adore her and her character, guess you can count me in with the Koenigs on being smitten with The Calvary.

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  1. I LOVE the direction this season is going, especially with the strong implications of it developing as a starting platform for the Inhumans. I I’ll be honest, I loved the idea of the Obelisk being an Infinity Stone, but I understand it’s more suited for film and the Inhumans franchise might need a outlet for backstory and such. Either way, things are about to get VERY interesting.

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