Miracle Workers: End Times 4×6 Review: ‘Olympus’

A woman in a Hunger-Games style outfit on the left, talking to a woman in Mad Max gear on the right
Garcelle Beauvais & Geraldine Viswanathan in ‘Miracle Workers: End Times’ episode 5. Photo by Tyler Golden and used courtesy of Warner Bros.

There are two sides to every story, and we see how the other half live in Miracle Workers season 4 episode 6 ‘Olympus’.

I was provided with advanced digital screeners for Miracle Workers season 4. The opinions I have shared are my own.

In my very first review of this season, I mentioned that Miracle Workers is an anthology. Each season takes a different concept and uses it as the core part of the season. Season 1 was based in Heaven (hence the show title) and had all the ‘angel visits Earth’ tropes. Season 2 was in the Middle Ages. Season 3 was basically a Western. And this season is post-apocalypse. But like with any genre, there is more than one type of story you can tell about humanity surviving.

So far, the television show has taken on the Mad Max series primarily, with a little Terminator 2 and Matrix thrown in. This episode’s A arc takes on both The Hunger Games (shoutout to the costuming team on this one!) and movies like Elysium that show how the well-off do fine past the apocalypse.

Freya (Geraldine Viswanathan) gets a call from her parents that they plan to visit. Sid (Daniel Radcliffe) is excited, as he didn’t know Freya had parents. But when their place is overrun with feral children, the couple decides to visit Freya’s mom, Margaret (Garcelle Beauvais), and dad, Stephen (Tim Heidecker). You see, they live on Olympus, the space station that orbits Earth and is filled with the super-rich who have their every need taken care of.

Freya hates every minute of it, her ego telling her that this just means she’s not ‘making it’ on her own, while Sid is loving it. Radcliffe has a field day showing how unusual it is to see things that are clean and organized, and has some fun playing around with the part. Meanwhile, Viswanathan plays the ‘my life isn’t what I had hoped it would be’ crisis well, being almost completely distracted by her need to continue her work as a warlord.

A woman in Hunger Games style clothing sits on the left of a couch, with a man in Mad Max style clothing sits on the right, looking at a photo album.
Garcelle Beauvais and Daniel Radcliffe in ‘Miracle Workers: End Times’ episode 5. Photo by Tyler Golden and used courtesy of Warner Bros.

As for the rest of the cast, a shout-out to Paul F. Tompkins, who I’m a big fan of, for playing a virtually unrecognizable Percy. Percy is a ‘dog’ much like Freya’s war dog Scraps (Jon Bass) but has been bred for the high life. He makes fun of Scraps at first.

The B plot has Morris (Steve Buscemi) needing to fix his ball pit, and finds the repairs being done by TI-90 (Karan Soni). He starts out being anti-robot, but when TI offers to do a portrait, the two become intimate in a way that only Miracle Workers could do.

I feel the two plots in ‘Olympus’ were uneven with each other. It seems like most of the focus was on the Olympus plot, with the B plot being more filler than anything else. Also, the “romance” between Morris and TI came out of nowhere and felt like it was done just for shock value.

Miracle Workers airs Mondays, and more information about the show can be found on TBS’s website.

Author: Angie Fiedler Sutton

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