I Want to Go On “Strike” Against Stephen Amell Talking About WGA and SAG!

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Arrow star Stephen Amell found himself in hot water when he decided, for whatever reason, to share his opinions about how he, apparently, doesn’t support the current WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike that aims for fair wages (and more).

Stephen Amell is pressed that he’s unable to really promote the second season of his upcoming Heels because his union decided to strike against big Hollywood companies to fight for fair wages, better working environment, creative security, etc.

During the recent GalaxyCon in Raleigh, Amell decided to call striking “a reductive negotiating tactic”, and said “and I find the entire thing incredibly frustrating.”

He also added that, “I support my union, I do, and I stand with them”… but… “I do not support striking, I don’t.”

Like… what the heck? How does that even work, Amell?

Understandably, his comments caused an uproar on social media with many people wondering how Amell could even say such words when the strike is, primarily, for the countless talent that’s in front of and behind-the-camera that aren’t even able to afford basic living expenses in exchange for their hard work. 

It turns out, the backlash caused Amell to bring some clarity to his previous comments about his stance on striking via a post on his Instagram account.

And you know what? I don’t like his tactic. He’s trying to bring “clarity” to something he said himself and it’s our fault we couldn’t understand what he actually wanted to say. No one took anything out of context, Amell!

Regardless of whether you accept his “apology” or not, from what I can tell, Amell’s stance against going on strike can’t be more apparent. He went on to talk to TMZ and shared that he voted against his union going on strike. He made the entire thing about himself and how he thinks it’s unfair that content coming out around the time of the strike can’t be promoted properly.

He even mentioned other actors (whom he won’t name, of course) that reached out to him privately to show their support for what he’s doing. Amell is trying to paint himself as a “martyr” during the current strike and I can’t help but roll my eyes. 

And hey! I get that everyone has the right to have an opinion. Amell can say whatever he wants. No one is stopping him. However, the general public also has the right to their opinion and they can drag Amell online if they want to.

As for why Amell is like this, well, I don’t know him. But for those who might not remember, Amell did try to get an animal shelter shut down last year.

And in 2015, Amell equated the wrongful arrest of a 14-year-old boy (with Muslim heritage) with negative comments about Texas.

Seeing what happens to Amell’s career after all of this (and what he will likely say next to save face or something, I guess) will be interesting.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Find out how you can support the strike at WGA and SAG-AFTRA

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2 thoughts on “I Want to Go On “Strike” Against Stephen Amell Talking About WGA and SAG!

  1. Like I said on twitter, Stephen’s comments are a great way to burn bridges in the industry.

    Not to mention he is speaking from a position of privilege because he doesn’t have to worry about supporting himself or finding a job. Others aren’t as fortunate which he should keep in mind. Plus, strikes are often utilized as a last resort when all other options fail.

    1. Right! Stephen’s acting as if WGA and SAG haven’t tried talking to the studios… they even gave the studios an extension which the studios ended up using to quickly record promotional material.

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