MMORPG “Untamed Isles” Lets You Catch and Tame Monsters With Friends!

Untamed Isles game
Untamed Isles (Image: PR/Phat Loot Studios)

Untamed Isles is an upcoming game from Phat Loot Studios that allows players to catch and tame numerous monsters while experiencing cooperative gameplay with friends.

In the fictional world of Untamed Isles, players will get to encounter unique creatures known as Tames. While there are plenty of monster-catching games out there, Untamed Isles aims to blend monster-catching with more freedom in an open world and multiplayer features.

The game will have ten different base species of Tames at launch. However, unlike certain popular monster-catching titles, the base tame’s head, front legs, back legs, torso, and tail, may be randomly mixed to create a variety of combinations.

Also, every Tame has one of 15 mood types affecting the creature’s coloring and combat style. Of course, the game development team plans to introduce more Tames for even more combinations. Extremely rare Gemborne and Alpha variations of Tames will also be present.

As for the locations, players (known as Tamers) will get to experience a unique weather system as they explore the Isles. The weather will impact the Tames that appear. Along with finding and catching Tames, there’s also a breeding system, dungeons, PP areas, and even professions.

Professions will enable players to boost their reputation and unlock exclusive items. During the game’s launch, the professions will include fishing, fruit catching, rune charging, and bug catching.

The combat system makes use of the Rock/Paper/Scissors mechanic. Simply put, Defense beats Attack, while Attack beats Utility, and Utility beats Defense. Tamers will also need to remember the different battling mechanics, such as Move Speed and Stacking. PvP and PvE encounters are possible.

Here’s the trailer!

I do like the overall design and artistic style. Not only that, but it looks like a game that will be even more fun if you are able to play with a bunch of friends. Take note; it will have proximity voice chat.

After gaining the support of more than 3000 backers on the recent Kickstarter campaign, raising NZ$ 840,994, Phat Loot Studios plans to release Untamed Isles in Early Access on Steam later this year.

You can go ahead and Wishlist the game right now on Steam and join the discussion on the official Untamed Isles Discord.

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