“Torchlight: Infinite” Reveals New Character Thea And Opens Pre-registration!

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Torchlight: Infinite (Image: PR/X.D Inc)

X.D Inc has announced that the open beta for the ARPG Torchlight: Infinite will officially launch this October. While you wait, pre-registration is currently open for iOS users. Also, a new trailer showcases characters and gameplay elements.

The launch announcement was made following the game’s unveiling at the TapTap Presents conference. Torchlight: Infinite aims to be an exciting installment to the Torchlight legacy. The premise deals with finding hope in the darkness. Based on the lore from the original Torchlight, players can look forward to experiencing a brand new apocalyptic era that’s full of danger.

As of writing this post, the story will apparently take place 200 years after the events that transpired in Torchlight II. Civilization prospered due to Ember Tech. But darkness continued to corrupt the Ember power, putting lives at risk.

Coming to the gameplay, you will be able to create unique builds and combat styles by combining different skills, talents, gear, and hero traits. Each character will have 3 different hero traits. The game will include more than 230 skills (that’s a lot!) and a mechanic known as the Six Gods Talent System (which I’m interested in learning more about). Players will have the ability to progress their heroes as they wish. So, that’s good.

What’s interesting is that there’s no need to rely on a stamina system or daily questions. Precious loot can be obtained from grinds. Rarer gems will lead to more unique and powerful affixes. An in-game trading system will allow items to be traded with other players.

Some of the locations include a Goblin Camp, Dwarven Mine, and a Church Plaza. Cross-play between PC, iOS, and Android will be possible.

As for the newly revealed character, her name is Thea. She’s the game’s sixth heroic character. Oracle Thea has been described as a goddess with magical powers and shares a strong connection to the moon. In “Beyond Destiny” players will be able to get a glimpse into the future through Thea’s eyes. Be warned, there’s a lot of danger ahead… of course.

The other characters include Rehan (Berserker), Carino (Projectiles), Gemma (Elemental Sorcerers), Youga (Magic/Tech), and Moto (Summons). Each character has a unique playstyle.

Here’s the action-packed trailer!

I do like the character designs and the chaotic vibe of the battle system. There are clearly going to be hordes of enemies for you to defeat. The skill management system does appear to be quite deep. But let’s see how it works at launch.

The trailer also revealed the Aemberons, evil creatures born from the Aember, and the Sparks, the hope of the world of Torchlight.

For those interested, you can go ahead and pre-register for the Torchlight: Infinite open beta. You can gather more information by visiting the official website, TapTap, and the iOS App Store.

As for X.D Inc, it was founded under the principle of helping game devs deserve more. X.D. Network CEO, Dash, also founded the biggest mobile gaming community in China, Taptap, which allows developers to distribute their games with zero revenue share.

Due to being someone who plays mobile games on Android devices, I will need to wait to pre-register through Google Play.

But what about you? Will you be pre-registering for Torchlight: Infinite on an iOS device?

Let us know.

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