Nightwing Issue 91 Review: “Get Grayson: Act Four”

Nightwing Issue 91

Nightwing issue 91 wastes no time getting into the action with a faceoff between Nightwing and the Flash versus KGBeast and his men. This isn’t the most fun for Nightwing, as KGBeast was the one who had shot him in the head, causing him to lose all of his memories for some time. But at least he has his best friend with him, so he doesn’t have to face KGBeast alone!

There will be some brief spoilers below.

This issue is the continuation of the 2-part story with Wally West, aka the Flash. It’s definitely been a fun team up, and it’s good to see how much Dick is cared about by other heroes. Dick is probably one of the few superheroes in the DC Universe that all the other superheroes would drop everything to assist him if he was in trouble. And I do feel that the inclusion of members of his old teams and his other friends really helps to illustrate that. Plus, it’s just plain fun to see all of the different interactions!

As I mentioned earlier, Nightwing issue 91 opens with Nightwing and the Flash fighting KGBeast. Nightwing is of course, understandably, very angry with KGBeast. But before he can do anything, Wally steps in and has some very fierce words and a warning for the villain. The two are quick to take down KGBeast and his men. Nightwing takes an opportunity to outsmart the man and he and the Flash thwart his dastardly plan.

After that, they make their way back to Wally’s home where Nightwing shares with Barbara a text he got from his sister that simply says, “La Agente Fúnebre.” Apparently, they are someone that most people believe to be a myth, but according to Dick, Damian Wayne (Robin) believes they are real. Between the text from his sister and the information they took from KGBeast’s phone, the Flash quickly runs them over to Costa Rica where they face some none-too-friendly people. Have Dick and Wally met their match? You’ll have to read to find out, but I imagine things are going to get even more interesting for Dick Grayson as a result!

The “Get Grayson” arc has been quite fun to read. Writer Tom Taylor does a good job creating an engaging storyline that is well-paced. Sure, a title with a character as popular as Nightwing is going to get interrupted from time to time in Batman or DC Universe-wide events, but Taylor handles it well in a way that doesn’t leave any plot points behind. When Nightwing isn’t in Bludhaven, it doesn’t mean things just stop and Tom Taylor is very cognizant of that. With this 2-story Flash arc specifically, I like how it was the Flash coming to Nightwing to help. It’s always refreshing to see when it’s not Nightwing running off to save someone every single time.

Geraldo Borges is once again the artist in this issue. I especially enjoyed seeing his take on some of Nightwing’s friends. For instance, there is one panel with Starfire, whom I always love to see. I feel that she is vastly underused in the comics, and I always appreciate seeing how different artists draw her. And of course, it is always a joy to see Adriano Lucas’s colors that add so much along with Wes Abbott’s steadfast lettering. As always, Nightwing is just such a visually beautiful comic series.

Nightwing issue 91 is an exciting conclusion to the Nightwing and the Flash storyline and another fun installment in the overall “Get Grayson” arc. Considering what a certain character says to Blockbuster at the end of the issue, I can only imagine that things are going to get very interesting for Dick Grayson very soon!

Author: Jessica Rae

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