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Even though Our Flag Means Death was renewed over a week ago, the fandom chatter has not slowed down. We’ve got a lot of OFMD news to cover so buckle up.

Since Taika is on the Times 100 list and was part of Variety Fest, he’s getting a ton of press right now. As a result, we’ve found ourselves with a ton of neat tidbits about OFMD season 2. In addition to that, the fandom is still incredibly active and planning a lot of fun things for the future. Toss in some early Emmy buzz, and we’ve got a bunch of news to cover. Who knew a show that’s been off the air for months could have so much going on?

So let’s dive in!

OFMD Season 2 Starts Filming in October

In a recent conversation with Collider, Taika Waititi has dropped some excellent news about Our Flag Means Death season 2. 

Production will begin this October, which is way sooner than I expected. Considering Waititi’s busy schedule, I was expecting this to happen some time in 2023.  But no, our dude is making room for the series in just four months! This means it’s very possible we can have season two as early as mid-2023. Possibly, if they really push post-production times, even early 2023. Post-production usually takes longer than six months, though, so mid to late 2023 is more realistic.

In addition to the schedule, he has revealed that production will be moving to New Zealand. This is certainly great news for New Zealanders Waititi and Rhys Darby. Much of the rest of the cast will get a cool experience living abroad for a bit. I hope they get a chance to enjoy that beautiful country before and after they’re shooting the new season. 

Keep your eye out for posts from Nathan Foad this fall. If he accidentally turns on his location on Twitter and it shows he’s in New Zealand, it’s a good sign he’s coming back. He’s already tweeted about season two, so all of us Lucius Lives conspiracy theorists are feeling pretty good right now! (Lucius is totally in the walls.)

Taika Waititi at Variety Fest

I’m going to start this off with some personal joy here. 

Taika Waititi and Oscar Isaac (who is my other current obsession. See here and here) were both part of the same interview for Variety Fest. They each produced HBO Max content this season. Taika Waititi, of course, produced Our Flag Means Death. Oscar Isaac produced Marriage Story. As a result, we got to hear Oscar Isaac utter the words ‘gay pirates’ and I, in my completely normal amount of joy, isolated that single clip.

I like these things a normal amount. Clearly.

But now let’s get to the meat of the Variety Fest interview. Taika talked about OFMD a lot! Here are some highlights:

  • He understands how important it is to have a story where LGBTQ+ characters simply exist within the narrative.
  • His bicep deflated in the off-season.
  • He loves the set with the gay pirates wandering around more than he likes the set with superheroes wandering around (Oscar Isaac also seems enthusiastic about this answer).
  • He likes our fanart and ‘gets off’ on it (his words, not mine). Waititi straight-up called it ‘soft gay porn.’
  • Every character on Our Flag Means Death is on the gay ‘spectrum’ (but we kind of assumed that).

OFMD Fan Fundraiser Starts Soon!

Just a reminder: the OFMD Fan Crew’s fundraiser for SAGE begins this Saturday! 

SAGE provides advocacy and services for LGBTQ+ elders. As OFMD is about two men falling in love later in life, it’s a pretty good fit for the fandom. 

The group that put this together has been incredibly active with renewal efforts. They’ve hosted several social media trending events and promoted other group’s activities where they can. Now that it’s been officially renewed, they’re still out there rallying the fandom. They host frequent watch parties in addition to their upcoming charity fundraiser. Give them a follow!


Our Flag Means Death fans are gearing up to meet at San Diego Comic-Con. I plan to be there as long as nothing major interferes with the schedule, so come say hi! I’m always happy to meet fellow geeks.  

At the moment it’s scheduled to take place at noon on Friday July 22nd. Exactly where we’ll meet and what we’ll be doing is still being decided on by the meet-up organizer. As such, the time and date could change too.

More details about the meet-up can be found here. There’s lots of discussion going on at their event page, so RSVP and hop on in!

Emmy Forecast

All Emmy nominations have been submitted. Official nominations will be announced on July 12th, but between now and then we get tons of people speculating on what’s going to make it on the list. 

Here’s a roundup of who thinks OFMD has a shot:

Best Comedy Series

In Contention – Variety

Best Actor – Comedy Series – Rhys Darby

Possibility – The Hollywood Reporter
In Contention – Variety
Possible Emmy Crasher – Awards Watch
In The Mix – The Playlist

Best Supporting Actor – Comedy Series – Taika Waititi

Possibility – The Hollywood Reporter
Top Tier Contender – Variety

All the buzz around Rhys Darby is really exciting! I hope he makes it.

Entertainment Weekly’s Pride Month List

Our lovely little show has made it on Entertainment Weekly’s Pride Month list. They had this to say about the series:

There’s something refreshing about watching their slow-burn love affair unfold, especially when TV has a long, ugly history of queerbaiting. So many shows have hinted at similar relationships between male characters, only to reveal that it’s just a platonic bromance. But there’s a real heart to Stede and Blackbeard’s courtship, and they’re not the only queer characters on OFMD, either: The ship’s crew is a delightfully quirky ensemble, from Nathan Foad’s writer Lucius to Vico Ortiz’s nonbinary assassin Jim. The result is a show that isn’t just the best gay pirate rom-com on TV, but one of TV’s most charming comedies, period. 

I love when this show gets the praise it deserves and I’m happy to see it on this list.

Have we missed any major news?

Let us know in the comments.

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