Orphan Black 3×9 Review: Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow

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What an insane episode this was! I am sure all of my fellow members of the Clone Club are reeling. I do not know how they do it, but every week turns into more of a roller coaster ride, and this one had lots of barrel turns and loops. And what an interesting bombshell at the end.

Two of my favorite characters got to spend of lot of time together this week: Donnie and Helena. We have only seen these two minimally interact before, but as it was hinted last week, these two are golden together. After Helena discovered Donnie sneaking home after being beat up by Justin, Helena whipped him up a magic cream to help heal his face. That was when Donnie told Helena that her embryos had been stolen. If there is one thing that Helena has learned since joining the Clone Club, it is that family means everything, and she will do whatever it takes to recover her babies. In the end, she ended up killing all of the drug dealers after they threatened the safety of the Hendrix children. Helena is scary when she is in Mama Bear mode. And how adorable was it when she was teaching Gemma how to gouge someone’s eyes out? Okay, perhaps “adorable” was not the right word.Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow-4

Cophine shippers were undoubtedly on the edge of their seats in this episode. After putting pieces of the puzzle together with Scott, Cosima suspected that Shay may be the Castor mole that sold her out. She shared her suspicions with Delphine, along with coming clean about Sarah’s plan to find the Castor original in London. I have to give it to Delphine, even though her first loyalty appears to be Dyad, her very close second is Cosima. She immediately closed in on Shay to question/torture her for information. Fortunately, Cosima got news of who the real mole was right before any torture took place. We definitely had a win for Cophine, but there appears to still be some steam left for Shaysima since Shay apparently doesn’t know anything about Clone Club.

Speaking of the mole, who else was surprised that it was Gracie? I really didn’t even think of her, but it totally makes sense. I am glad that she came clean to Cosima, and even got her goodbyes in to Helena, but I am worried for her. Was that really Mark that she reunited with? So Mark is alive? Wow, Paul really didn’t do a very good job with the camp bomb. I hope for Gracie and Mark’s sake that it is the real Mark and that they can leave Clone Club behind and be happy together. But this is Orphan Black, so we can assume this is not the case.

The main storyline this weeInsolvent Phantom of Tomorrow-1k was the London trip made by Mrs. S, Sarah, and Felix in search of the original Castor clone. First of all, let me share how in absolute awe I am of Maria Doyle Kennedy. She is just incredible. I knew that she was a singer and musician, but actually getting to see her perform in this episode was an absolute joy. There are certain creative people that I feel are just on a higher plane than the rest of us, and Maria Doyle Kennedy is one of those people. I am so glad that we got to see her in a bit of her own element onscreen. It was lovely to see the real her play out through her character. But let me tell you, I had to rewind my DVR about ten times before I finally realized that Mrs. S’s mother is the Castor AND Leda original. That was the curviest curveball I have ever seen.

This was a really intense episode, and we got to see just how far each of our favorite characters will go to protect the ones they love. Indeed, this one was all about sacrifice. As soon as Helena emerged from that garage covered in blood, I knew that the Clone Club is the strongest that it has been in a long time, at least from fracturing from within. I feel that from the outside, they are all vulnerable, but from the inside, they all know what it is stake for each other and will do everything in their power to protect each other.

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