‘Paper Birds’ Book Review: Let’s Make 10 Feathery Friends

Paper Birds Ivy Kids Review Quarto Group Kids

I’m all for arts and crafts books! Paper Birds by Ruby Taylor and Kate Smith is a fun way to make 10 different species of birds. You’ll also get to know about the likes and dislikes of your avian friends.

I was provided a review copy of Paper Birds. The opinions are my own.

Paper Birds is a new release from Ivy Kids (Quarto Kids) that’s sure to keep you going until you’ve made all ten birds and their habitats. There’s no need for scissors either. You just pop out the shapes and then put everything together with white glue. The instructions are very easy to follow. The paper is thick enough to prevent tears as you fold and glue different parts.

Here’s the official description:

From Olive the Owl (who loves breakfast but hates rainy days) to Hektor the nectar collector, Paper Birds brings you a gorgeously illustrated cast of feathery new friends to press-out, make, and play with. With a wide range of birdy buddies, including a flamingo, a parrot, a stork, a hawk, and a bluebird, each with its own perch, nest, flower, or treat, this gorgeously designed book is full of information about each bird’s unique personality, with “likes” and “dislikes” listed so you can really get to know each character in this book! Every bird is carefully crafted and beautifully illustrated and by following the simple step-by-step instructions you will have hours of fun making your new feathered friends.

The 10 different birds in this book include a pair of kookaburras, an owl, an albatross, a bluebird, a pair of parrots, a flamingo, a hummingbird, a hawk, a pelican, and a family of penguins. All of the birds are well-detailed, making them easy to distinguish for kids.

Each bird has a paragraph that talks about their name and personality. There’s also a little list of what each bird likes and dislikes. Every paper bird also comes with paper accessories.

If you decide to put the birds and their habitats on display, make sure they’re somewhere your cat can’t get to. Talking from experience, it’s very likely that your four-legged pet will try and play with the little paper constructs.

Paper Birds is currently available for purchase. It’s priced at $9.99/£9.99.

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