POLL: Fiercest Female Lead


We’re not going to say there are enough female protagonists in the world of television, but there have certainly been many amazing ones added to the fold in recent years, and now we want to know who your favorite is!

In order to be eligible for this poll, the character has to be on a show that is currently running…and she has to still be alive, of course. In order to keep things manageable, we’ve stuck with female leads, which means that there are a lot of amazing women who didn’t make the cut because they are part of ensemble casts. But we’ve still got some awesome choices on here – badass shieldmaiden Lagertha of History Channel’s Vikings, the permanent and powerful fusion that is Garnet from Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe, Penny Dreadful‘s mysterious and tormented – yet brave – Vanessa Ives, and many many more.

You can vote for up to two women at a time, so if you want to vote for more than two total, you’ll have to submit your votes in rounds of two.

Please keep the comment section of this poll free from hate, rudeness, and personal attacks.

Poll closes Monday August 10th at 9:00 PM EDT. EDIT: Poll has been extended to August 11th due to website server errors. Poll will now end at 9:00pm EDT on August 11th.

Voting is unlimited, but Polldaddy has an internal anti-bot mechanism.  If you vote too fast, it may freeze you out for a few hours.  We cannot shut this off, unfortunately, nor do we know how long you’ll be shut out for.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Author: Tara Lynne

Tara Lynne is an author, fandom and geek culture expert, and public speaker. She founded Ice & Fire Con, the first ever Game of Thrones convention in the US, and now runs its parent company Saga Event Planning.

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215 thoughts on “POLL: Fiercest Female Lead

  1. narrowing it down to just two is not fair! I understand but it makes it so hard! I want to make sure you understand my pain. 🙂
    Also, Dana Scully is in the ether. The X-Files is coming back but was also cancelled.

    Can you tell I’m never happy?

    1. She was on the list but we decided not to include her because The X-Files isn’t back quite yet (she’ll make the next one for sure)! We are SO EXCITED ABOUT THE X-FILES!

  2. Aww. I understand your reason for keeping the poll to just leads, but I’m sorry Melinda May (Agents of SHIELD) didn’t make the cut. She’d be the top of my list!

    1. There were so many women we wanted to include – that’s why we had to keep the criteria so specific. But I like to think that Melinda May would be on here voting her heart out for her protege Skye (she’s Daisy now).

  3. Surprised to not find Sun from Sense8 among the names listed. I think she certainly qualifies

  4. what no Kate Beckett? not cool and she is the lead basically



  6. Sun from Sense8 should be on here.
    and also Octavia Blake from The 100.
    and Michonne from the walking dead.
    all are fierce af

      1. well, “we’ve stuck with female leads, which means that there are a lot of amazing women who didn’t make the cut because they are part of ensemble casts” She’s not ensemble either. she’s one of the mains. idk i think she fits perfectly in this fierce category lol

    1. We love all of those females–believe me, we had discussions, but we decided to only include clear female leads!

  7. You all need more Miss Phryne Fisher in your life. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – it’s on Netflix. Highly recommend!

  8. Whether she’s kicking demon butt, keeping Team Witness in check, or firing off snarky one-liners, Lieutenant Grace Abigail Mills is fierce af!

  9. Senior couple loves Phrynne Fisher & our 35 year old University Professor daughter is also a new convert & Phrynne fan. Loves her genuine gutsiness, as a feminist philosopher!

    1. Once Upon A Team is definitely an ensemble cast, and we felt that Emma Swan was the clear lead. We hope to include Regina in future polls!

      1. Though I love all of the characters, I would agree that Emma Swan is the “fiercest” on the show! Thanks for including OUAT on this poll!

  10. No Mother of Dragons( Khaleesi) or Mother of Madness ( Cersei Lannister)? This list doesn’t seem fair without the leading ladies of HBO’S Game of Thrones.

    1. This was tough for us! We could not narrow the amazing ensemble cast of Game of Thrones down to a single female lead. Fortunately, we look forward to including them in future polls with other titles to win.

    2. Yeah, like Erin said, leaving out GoT women was SUCH a tough call! But in the end even though Daenerys is probably the character who would be *considered* the female lead, other women get about as much screen time (and don’t even get me started on chapter time in the books, Arya has several more POV chapters than Dany). We needed to pick shows that had one obvious female lead, and like, that’s even similar why we left off The Walking Dead – it’s a male-driven show with some AMAZING female characters, but no matter how you look at it they’re all secondary :-/

  11. Abbie Mills isn’t a lead she’s a supporting character. Also her sister is way cooler.

    1. Fact: Abbie IS the female lead! She wouldn’t currently be in 2nd place with over 25,000 votes if fans considered her a secondary character. And whether or not YOU find her sister ‘way cooler’ is neither here nor there, and doesn’t detract from her leading lady and co-lead status. I suggest you do your research before making statements that just aren’t true. Obviously, Jenny wouldn’t be included in the poll because she is part of the supporting cast. Besides, this poll is a celebration of some of the amazing females leads on TV not an opportunity to tear a character down. Why am I not surprised that of all the shows listed, it would be a so-called SH fan who questions her selection and uses it to show their dislike of Abbie?

    2. Wow. HATE! Abbie is most certainly the lead. Visit the FOX site and they will tell you as much, if you need more than the fact that she just IS THE LEAD. I love both Abbie and Ichabod, but you’ll find many people consider Ichabod to be HER sidekick.

    3. Grow up little boy! Abbie is the lead so just DEAL WITH IT! Take you’re trolling and hate mongering else where.

  12. If Abbie Mills is not a lead than neither are any of the other women in this poll. Sleepy Hollow is just as much about Abbie Mills as it is Ichabod Crane. The show was almost cancelled because she was sidelined most of S2.That’s how important she is to this show. I love Jenny but that character will never be able to carry this show like Abbie.This show became a success because of BOTH Ichabod and Abbie. It became a failure because some “genius” decided to make it about Crane only and that concept failed miserably. Now the show is going back to what worked. Abbie and Ichabod. Plain and simple. Show doesn’t work without BOTH.

    1. Abbie Mills is not as important as Ichabod Crane. The girl is a foot soldier nothing more, nothing less. All she ever does is stand there in her push-up bra and horsey expression. They should just kill her off and get rid of the baggage on the show and fandom.

      1. Maybe to YOU she’s not, but to the majority of fans and critics she IS an important character in the SH universe, key to stopping the apocalypse, and half of the reason the show became popular in S1. SH works because of BOTH Abbie and Ichabod. Killing her off will be the death of the show, which was proven in S2 when her character was sidelined, causing a drop in ratings and negative backlash from critics and fans alike. It’s funny how the characters that fans complained about and considered ‘baggage’ were either killed off or left the show, yet fan-favourite Abbie is who fans want to see more of in S3. Given that she’s a Witness, the only one with a steady paying job, has saved Ichabod more times than he’s rescued her, leads Team Witness in planning strategy, coordinating attacks and dividing up duties; she is the opposite of a ‘foot soldier.’

        And it’s one thing to dislike a character for transparent reasons, but it’s quite another to attack their personal appearance. She stopped being a ‘girl’ a long time ago.

        1. Abbie Mills used to be a fierce character. Someone to be admired but because of her pushy fans she became a joke. I feel sorry for the actress. No producer will want to put her in any of their shows because she brings zealous fans.

          1. Right!? Because the fans write the show. If it wasn’t for the so-called ‘pushy fans’ who took issue with the blatant disrespect that the character and actress was shown in S2 and demanded better for not only her character, but for Jenny, Irving and Reyes, etc. there wouldn’t even be a S3. Besides, what have her fans got to do with whether she is fierce or not? She took down a man twice her size, saved her partner from death and put the world to rights all in the space of a single episode.

            You act as if the character is the first person to have passionate fans who advocate for fair treatment of their favourite. There really is no need to be disingenuous as you have already made clear your hatred for the character.

            1. Yes I’ve made it clear. She was someone to admire only now shes become fodder to some obnoxious fans who don’t really give a shit about the character or actress. All they care about is when she will get her leg up on a white guy. Now I’ve made that even more clear. Why don’t you leave me to my opinions and go force yours on another poster.

              1. Now we’ve got to the real reason why you dislike her. You hate that the majority of fans want her to eventually end up with Ichabod, and interracial relationships make you uncomfortable.

                Don’t pretend as if you’ve ever cared about the character because if you did, you would have been unhappy about her treatment in S2. Unlike you, her fans want her to have a life independent of Ichabod, storylines that impact the plot, good character development, bonding time with her sister, to be treated like any other female lead, and certainly not to be relegated to a mere love interest.

                Nowhere in my comments have I ‘forced’ my opinion on you; I’m just telling you that you’re wrong. You exposed your prejudice yourself. And the thing about opinions, some of them like yours should just be kept to yourself.

                1. No that’s your version of what I think and feel. Just like how you call other people’s opinions lies. Fanatic, just like I said.

                  1. I don’t need to fabricate the truth since it’s all there for anyone to read in your comments.

              2. Hi. Admin here. Your comments are breaking several rules outlined in our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies

                “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, rude, or downright mean towards other community members. Personal attacks are not allowed. If you can’t engage in civil discourse without resorting to attacking the person do not engage at all.
                Please avoid using extreme and excessive profanity in your posts. These posts will get caught in our spam filters automatically.
                Sexist, racist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, or otherwise bigoted language and sentiments are also not allowed.”

                Please stop.

                -Admin Angel

                1. I’m sorry, but I hope you question that other poster too. They are the ones who are pushing for an argument.

                2. Hi Admin. Is your comment in relation to mine? If you scroll above, you will understand the reason why I am pointing out this poster’s prejudice. I have not used any offensive language or launch any personal attacks. Furthermore, I did not bring race into the argument; they did. Which revealed the true intention behind their comments.


  13. Omg abbie fans. I’m tireeeed. Why won’t you let Clarke and her beautiful hearts win?

    1. No lesbian we will not just let Clarke Griffin win. Abbie Mills deserves to win as much as anyone else on this list. I am a fan of Clarke Griffin as well, but I want to show support for Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie). I want her to know that we fans, support and appreciate her work on Sleepy Hollow.

  14. Aw [[[Winterhug and Grounder]]]

    Can we settle for a tie?
    (..or arrange a tie?)
    Realistically, what if the votes are exactly tied as both characters are amazing in their own rights and pivotal to their shows?

    1. Groundergirl I would be okay with a tie because they are both wonderful.
      Are you currently reading The 100 fan fiction story This heart fossilized and silent (once was tender once was violent)?

        1. I don’t understand what your comment means, in regard to voting or if you have read the fan fiction?

      1. Are you currently reading The 100 fan fiction This heart fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent)?

        1. Yes I do read it, it’s good. You should read Rise Into Ruin though. Probably the best T100 fanfic out there

          1. Yes, I am currently reading This heart fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent. I am totally hooked on it. I believe this fan fiction is the best ever. It could easily be The 100 season 3. It is just that good.

            1. …and I thought we were having a serious conversation here. You my friend are a joker.

          2. For me, I think This heart fossilized and silent once was tender and once was violent is the best The 100 fiction out there. It flows alone nicely. I have tried reading Rise into the Ruin. It just left me with to many questions, which interrupts the flow of the story. Where did Clarke get a basket in the woods to collect berries in? There were other questions as well so, I stopped reading the story.

        2. While I appreciate the way Lexa talks like a soliloquy I once wrote, alas, I do not anymore.

  15. This poll would be much more inspiring if it had pictures…having His Unexpected Mate as the only visual around is somewhat disconcerting.
    I want fierce females@!

  16. Clarke of the Sky people is going to win this poll. Anyone who tries to stop that, will pay with their life.

    1. You’re damn right.

      Thanks for the support bae, it means so much to me. I’m glad we got over that whole Mount Weather hiccup, I know you really thought it was gonna Costia, but I’m a forgiving person…I’ll see you later.

      P.S. I bumped into that girl that does your hair earlier, she showed me where I could take a bath. It was amazing! Guess who’s getting lucky tonight? 😉 XO

  17. That sounds delightful. Did she happen to point you in the direction of the, um what’s the English word, beautician? If she didn’t you should ask Indra to go with you, she very much needs to go, it’s been a couple of decades.

      1. Rumor has it that she is cultivating a new breed of warriors in there. They are a threat to the Coalition, I will not stand for it. Clarke you must take Indra to get that bush exterminated, or Your Heart Will Not Go On.

  18. What the hell is going on in this comment section? Please stop talking about your fandom. It’s unfair to the rest of us that aren’t part of it.

  19. Also ‘Lesbian’ stop talking about ‘touching breasts’ and change your name. Some people aren’t comfortable with that.

    1. You aren’t comfortable with lesbians? Or the word lesbian?
      That’s pretty offensive, far more than her casually mentioning that she enjoys boobs.
      It’s not unfair. Honestly, how does it affect you in any way that some people are chatting related to their own fandoms. Scroll past, talk about yours and don’t be a brat.

        1. Oh eff off Erin her point was valid. If you want to point out the rule book to someone here point it out to the homophobes like Emily.

          1. Hi, Admin here. Disrespecting our administrative staff is against the rules of the website. As such, you are being banned. Please don’t return. Thank you.

            -Admin Angel

    2. Then IGNORE it . Simple . #WeAre100 and there just so happens to be a lesbian ( or two ) in it .

  20. Uggg Emily calm down they are just having a little fun. Also don’t say some people just be honest and say you are uncomfortable with that. Let other people speak for themselves.

    1. We are what we are.

      ….with all due respect to the lovely lass, we shall yet see who triumphs 😉

  21. This poll has officially been narrowed down to The 100 Clarke Griffin fans versus Sleepy Hollow Abbie Mills fans. Which fans will pull out the win, for their lovely lady? At this point it is still to close to call..

      1. I definitely agree with that. For me, I am an Abbie and a Clarke fan so, I am happy for either one to win.

  22. Go Clarke Griffin. She’s one of the best female characters on TV! She keeps getting better.

  23. Fiercest? How about killing a whole mountain of men, women and children just to save your own people. That’s pretty darn Fierce. Clarke Griffin #the100

    1. No, what needs to happen is that YOU need to come to terms with the fact that she IS the female lead, is loved by the majority of fans, garners praise from critics, and isn’t going anywhere unless FOX wants to see their show cancelled, which they do not.

      Are you that bitter and jealous of a fictional character that you had to leave a nasty comment twice instead of voting for one of the other female leads on the poll?

      1. An are you so in love with this fictional character that you go after the ones that aren’t?

        1. Oh please! Don’t try to play the victim here. You’re the one that came on here to spew your hate for the character when fans of hers have been voting tirelessly in support of her, and now that you’ve been called out on it, you go on the defensive. I have no problem with people who dislike Abbie as long as they are honest about the reason, which you aren’t. Plus, I will correct any person who spreads untruths about SH and Abbie.

          1. Whose playing the victim? I’ve been honest in how I feel about Abbie Mills. YOUR the one with a problem with it. That’s why she needs to be killed off. Someone who likes the show but thinks twice about this character and is honest about it gets pushy fanatics like you in their face.

            1. You can dislike Abbie all you want but the fact is she is NOT going anywhere. She is the co-lead in SH and as you can see by this poll loved by the majority of SH fans. It says a lot about you that you dislike a fictional character so much that you take every opportunity to tear her down. Even on a site that is promoting strong female leads you go out of your way to leave a negative comment. Sounds personal and bitter to me. Abbie is a strong, courageous, and passionate character that fans adore and admire. Thankfully there’s only a handful of negative people such as yourself that the majority of fans have to deal with. And before you ask NO I’m not in love with a fictional character just someone who appreciates the character/ actress and supports her work.

              1. An it says a lot about this characters fans who don’t let other people comment like everyone else on a public poll. Negative or not, it’s an opinion. You don’t like it. Move along.

                1. Please don’t tell others how to behave on this website when their behavior is actually aligned with our policies. They don’t have to “move along.” Civil debate is allowed here. They are welcome to debate you civilly. You, however, are not being civil and are breaking our website policies frequently.

                  “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, rude, or downright mean towards other community members. Personal attacks are not allowed. If you can’t engage in civil discourse without resorting to attacking the person do not engage at all.”

                  Please stop. Thank you.

                  1. I’ll stop as long as they stop pushing or I’ll just have to find a way to put my own complaint in.

                    1. Can you point out the rule breaking by other posters? I’ve seen you attacking people who like Abigail and making comments that border on racist/sexist. If others have done similarly please point it out.

            2. Yes, you made it perfectly clear above that the only reason why you dislike her is because the majority of the fandom ships her (a black female character) with the white male lead. And, of course, I have a problem with prejudice since it’s baseless and irrational. You have no reasonable comeback argument, which is why you have to resort to name-calling.

              Then take it to FOX not a comments section in celebration of some of TV’s female leads. If you really LOVE the show as you claim and feel that this one character brings down the quality, this isn’t the forum to make that known.

            3. We’re not pushy just want what any other fan want for their character. Nicole Beharie is a talented and brilliant actress and SH is lucky to have her. You go out of your way to focus on Abbie getting her legs around Ichabod because as Ruki said YOU have a issue with that. YOU are uncomfortable with Abbie possibly getting her African American legs around your precious Ichabod’s white body. With us as fans its our love and support of Abbie and Ichabod has NOTHING to do with skin color. We see two characters with amazing chemistry who are awesome together. You and those like you ONLY see skin color and are very offended at the mere THOUGHT of interracial romance. That’s why YOU brought it up.

  24. #WeAre100 FOR LIFE . Clarke Griffin is the baddest female lead on television ! And thats 100 !!

    1. Clarke is the fiercest.

      This one time, Clarke sent me to my death to infiltrate the enemy
      against all odds in mount doom, I got my eybrows singed, but it was worth it.

      It was awesome!

  25. Why isn’t Bonnie Bennett from VD on the list. She single-handedly saved all her friends and sacrifices her own life and happiness for 6 Seasons straight. Without Bonnie, there is no VD gang.

  26. For the people that are not familiar with the 100. It is NOT a teen drama show, you’ll realize that after episode 5 or so. Please give it a chance before judging, I promise that ya’ll will be pleasently surprised.

  27. The 100 is one of the most underrated show around, it has so many qualities but people don’t even give it a try because they think it’s a teen show. Please it’s not. It’s actually a pretty dark show, and it doesn’t shy away in letting their protagonists make morally complex choices and deal with the consequences. Don’t let the label fool you, it’s a well written show and it’s full of surprises. I agree it takes some time for the show to pick up, around episode 5, but season 2 just get better and it’s so worth it.

              1. Hello Lexa,

                I like your new girlfriend. A head taller than I remember Costia and much more lively.

                You’re both welcome in Canada any time.

      1. There is not “we”. I hate having to repeat myself.
        On a further note, are you or are you not still running through the woods in fits of madness, sky girl?

  28. No matter who wins I just think it’s really freakin’ great that not only are there so many “fierce female leads” out there, but also passionate fans to go with them!

    Go fandom ftw!

  29. I agree with HARMONY R there are so many fierce female leads out here. Not so long ago we did not even have this many to be in a poll, let alone celebrate their fierceness. So, that in itself is a victory. I congratulate all the ladies on this list and those who did not make the cut and those who support the leading ladies. We are your fans and we support you all. Congratulations to each and everyone of you!!

  30. In my opinion, Abbie mills is the greatest character, she’s brave, strong and most importantly a genuine person. She also works well with Ichabod and they have a great relationship together (not romantic even thought i wish they could kiss already) and i think sleepy hollow is a great show.

    1. Totally agree, she’s fighting to save the world after all. After the drop in ratings last season it’s great to see the support she’s received on this poll. Looking forward to next season, and possibly seeing the actors around town sometime as they’re filming in my city.

    1. Heard they extended it because the site was inaccessible for a while, but for how long? I don’t see a notice anywhere.

      1. 24 hours. We announced it on Twitter but we’ve been having trouble getting back on the website to edit the post. This is the first chance any of us have had to access the site from the back end.

        1. 24 hours?! Wasn’t it initially only down 2 hours? The lead was 10k at that time and I doubt they could have caught up in 2 hours. Since the site seems to still be messing up it would have been better ending it at the time stated.

      1. They extended the poll deadline?


        I trust you can rally the troops and secure the win Anya.

  31. Shouldn’t that be your task, Heda, or have you decided to withdraw from yet another battle?

    1. I have pressing Sky people business to attend to.
      It is come to my attention that we have severely underestimated
      their ability to survive and be ruthless.
      I must set out at once to control and er- neutralize the pressing danger of s loose and wild Wanheda in my woods…duty calls and all that.

      I trust you can handle this little skirmish, or should I send Tristan’s ghost to finish what you started?

      1. Sure, “neutralize the threat”, nice save.
        Tristan? If you consider him qualified for this task, then – with all due respect – I reserve the right to express my doubt of your sincerity when you expressed the wish for your…Clarke to win.
        Consider it done, Heda.

        By the way, I see what you did there. I trained you well.

  32. This really is a load of crap so The 100 fandom is penalized cuz these people who run this poll can’t keep people from overwelming this site? Here’s an idea hows about 1 vote per IP address, and that should take care of that. Seems like the only fair way to keep people from crashing the site.

    1. Hi, admin of the website here (aka “these people”). I’m rooting for Clarke. I love the 100 and don’t watch Sleepy Hollow. So no way am I penalizing the 100 fandom. I’m rooting for you. But we had an overwhelming amount of requests to extend the poll because of our website downtime. This poll is about enthusiasm, so one vote per IP wouldn’t measure that. It’s not about raw numbers, which is what one vote per IP would indicate.

      If we didn’t extend the poll, then the Sleepy Hollow fandom would have been upset. There was no way to make this decision without upsetting someone. And since I’ve made it clear I’m in your corner, I hope you realize that this wasn’t in any way meant to penalize you. But this was the most fair way to make sure people who were rallying could continue to have time available to them. The unfair thing would have been to let the poll continue with site downtime because my favorite show was on top. I’m not like that, though. I want everyone to have a chance, even if it’s not the thing I personally root for. Trust me, my favorite things rarely win the polls here (except Hannibal… bless the Fannibals).

      1. The 100 is such an underrated show so it’s nice to see how much love it gets within websites and articles! People who label it as a teens show by first glance don’t know what a dark, amazing show they’re missing.

      2. sorry, but this is just funny.
        Anyone with some logical thinking would have seen that the Abby Mills fandom would never have been able to get on top in those last 3-4 hours.
        The “The 100” fandom established a lead from -3k behind to 6-7k ahead in approximately 7-8 hours and we still were slowly adding (we had around +10k).
        9 hours after the original deadline the Abbie Mills fandom only was able to fight us down to +4-5k. So everyone can think of where the fandoms would have been, when the poll haven’t had a breakdown and was ending at the original time.

        Sure everyone there was complaining – with this 24 hours more they got a new chance to win simething. they already lost.

        1. you could have just added the hours you were down (at the end it was only about an hour or so – not at all the 2 hours you said it would be down). So 24 more hours of clicking like hell for ONE hour!!! And for the dangers of a carpal tunnel syndrome and pinkeye… lol 😀

        2. None of the staff would have been available to see the end of the poll if we just extended it by a couple of hours. In order for it to remain fair and have staff on hand to monitor the end of the poll, we moved it by a single day so that everything else would remain the same. This was the only fair way to extend the poll. People would complain either way and this was the best way to make up for lost time and keep an eye on things as it winds down.

          Again, I watch the 100, not Sleepy Hollow. Why would I screw over my own fandom?

    2. While I’m personally rooting for The 100 since I love Clarke as a character, I nevertheless want to beg any members of our army to stay nice. May the better fandom win, I’d say. The admins are not at fault since they responded to the technical problems with the fairest solution they were able to find.
      I’m slowly but surely developing carpal tunnel syndrome, but nevertheless approve of this extension.

      1. Most ‘Sleepy Hollow’ fans are just getting off work. The idea the site (with an admitted bias) extended the poll for our benefit is silly. The site was down.

  33. Losing is weakness, Clarke.

    I have brought the 12-clan Grounder army to support you, Clarke.

  34. Sorry Clarke, I have to go now, and I’m taking my army with me. Have fun storming the castle! You’ll probably die along with everyone you know and care about, but we had some good times, so no hard feelings, BYYYYYEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Just realized ‘The 100’ is a CW show (and clearly aimed at kids) so the tweens and teens are voting while the ‘Sleepy Hollow’ fandom is at work. Explains how Abbie took the lead Sunday but hasn’t on a weekday.

    1. If you actually took the time to see how much critical acclaim the show gets for being dark and gritty from popular tv critic websites (not run by kids) you would see that it is most definitely not aimed for kids and is one of the most underrated shows out there at the moment.
      But okay. What ever makes you feel better for losing a poll.

      1. LOL I’m not suggesting it doesn’t receive critical acclaim, and it’s frankly not surprising or unique in that regard. I was a fan of ‘Buffy’ when social media was in it’s infancy and it still generated recognition and critical acclaim despite being aimed at kids. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and it’s not an insult to point out something is aimed at kids. I just wanted to point out it’s fanbase is mostly teens/tweens since some 100 fan suggested the poll was extended to accommodate ‘Sleepy Hollow’ fans. Which again is silly because we’re at work on the week days anyway.

        1. the100 fans are at work too – they just vote from there. And if you think your fandom doesn’t do the same… well…

          Oh and btw. on your “workday” Clarke lost loads of votes difference after the original ending…
          And on the weekend Clarke gained many votes – so this assumption doesn’t really work…

      2. I’m not saying that The 100 doesn’t have plenty of younger people who watch it, but saying that’s all it’s for or that it can’t be gritty/have older audience members is like saying Battlestar Galactica was nothing more than cheesy sci-fi. I agree that one shouldn’t knock a show before one watches it.

    2. well, if you really think you can judge a show you don’t know and with that the fandom you’re mistaken (and in my eyes quite superficial).I would never do that.
      Some facts for your information: the show gets a lot of very good critics and is watched by a lot gf grown people like me in their 30s or 40s (I just happen to have holidays right now and wanted to do this once). There’s already a philosphical seminar planned which revolves around the questions that are risen in the show. It’s not at all a typical “teen” show with lots of focusing on romantic love drama. It’s focused on questions of survival, moral decisions and leadership. The first season and especially the first half of it might be a bit lame and 2teen-like”,but season 2 gets very interesting.
      Maybe just inform yourself a bit better before saying stuff like that.

      In addition the showrunners do an amazing job with interacting with the fandom and more excitingly – they are really interested in sharing intellectual input about how a show is written and writing in general (look at Shawna Benson’s blog for example) – Kudos to her!!! 😀

      1. And kudos to all of them….
        for trying to explain their decisions/way of thinking, having half of the writer staff being female and also trying to be non-homophob, not racist etc.
        And for their great show in general!!!

      2. I think it’s more like people have an automatic bias to certain stations because of the shows they typically air. Like how Fox usually premiers great shows, changes absolutely everything people love about it, and then cancel it for low ratings. It’s what they do. Since CW usually has shows aimed at teens, and has since way back when they were WB, people just automatically assume every show they air is teen oriented. Your fandom makes me wish I had the network so I can watch The 100 and see for myself. Of course, I’m still routing for my girl Abbie. I’d prefer 1st, but 2nd to such a dedicated fandom out of 30 is nothing to sneeze at either.

        1. Please do watch the show if you ever have time! S1 is on Netflix and S2 should be added pretty soon. Just a fair warning since most everyone in the fandom seems to agree. The first few episodes are not the best. They’re a little hard to get into but after 4 or 5 episodes it starts to get good and then after that it just gets better and better. S1 ended off so good and s2 just gets 10 times better. Hope you give it a chance! 🙂

          1. Thanks for the heads up! I’m really bad about giving up on a show if episode 1 isn’t awesome. I’ll be sure to watch far into it before jumping to conclusions.

      3. Yup, sounds like ‘Buffy.’ 🙂 There’s even a college course on it. Like many ‘Sleepy Hollow’ fans I’m a long-time genre fan, cut my teeth on ‘X-Files’ (others can say Star Trek). You don’t needd to explain the depth of ‘The 100,’ again it isn’t unique in that regard. That said, it IS aimed at kids; the fanbase are mostly teens and tweens who don’t have a serious work schedule. Nothing wrong with that in.

    3. Wow how superficial. For your information loads of grown ups watch the 100. And man idek your comment pissed me off a lot. You should watch the show before talking shit about it and its fans.

    4. you should read that article about 20+ times the 100 made game of thrones look like a “lighthearted fantasy” if you think the 100 is a show with no appeal for anybody but a teenager.

      1. Seriously. I’m a fan of Sleepy Hollow too and The 100 makes SH look like a Disney Halloween show.

  36. You fight well, Abbie of Sleepy Hollow.

    My respect to you as a fierce female lead and for a battle well fought.

    May we met again.

  37. Don’t underestimate the Leskru. We do this for Clarke Griffin and her heart. Abbie Mills, you are a formidable appointment and you deserve your place at the top alongside our Wanheda!

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