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  • The Shipping Games: RESULTS

    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FANS OF EFFIExHAYMITCH! Obviously there’s something that wasn’t there before with Effie and Haymitch, especially after their sweet goodbye-but-not-goodbye-forever kiss at the end of Mockingjay Part 2. And whether it’s because of that kiss or because of their many previous interactions (be they sweet or sassy), they had a clear lead in […]

  • POLL: The Shipping Games

    In honor of the final Hunger Games movie that was just released in theaters around the globe, we at The Geekiary thought it would be fun to put together a Hunger Games shipping poll! We’ve included the well-known canon ships, but you’ll find quite a few others on the list as well – crack ships, […]

  • Favorite Horror TV Show 2015

    It’s October! That means it’s time for The Geekiary’s annual Favorite Horror TV Show Poll! Hannibal has swept the competition these past two years and, if the ‘cancellation’ continues (come on #SaveHannibal crowd, we can still save this show!), this may be their last year in the running. It had a narrow victory against Supernatural […]

  • Fiercest Female Lead: RESULTS

    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FANS OF CLARKE GRIFFIN OF THE SKY PEOPLE We’re honestly so amazed at the fans who came out to vote for some of the most amazing female characters currently on television. I wish we could have included more, but for now the clear winner of our Fiercest Female Lead is Clarke Griffin […]

  • POLL: Fiercest Female Lead

    We’re not going to say there are enough female protagonists in the world of television, but there have certainly been many amazing ones added to the fold in recent years, and now we want to know who your favorite is! In order to be eligible for this poll, the character has to be on a […]

  • Femslash Poll Results

    Shipping polls are difficult.  Having to end things early because of botting debacles isn’t fun and we regret having to do that.  We’ve listened to feedback and took action when commenters had concerns, but none of that was enough to appease voters.  We put anti-botting measures in place, but that caused anger because one pairing […]

  • POLL: Femslash couples!

    UPDATE: RESULTS HERE End the poll? (first to 500)UPDATE 3/7: Due to continued issues voting is now limited to ONE VOTE PER HOUR. Should Faberry & Doccubus have their own poll starting from 0 with anti-botting measures in place? After our last extraordinarily popular shipping poll we got requests to do a femslash/lesbian poll.  We […]

  • Valentine’s Day Poll Results!

    A lot of you may be scratching your heads about why the results are going up now and not tomorrow night.  The poll was scheduled to close February 15th at 11:59pm EST.  But here we are closing it on Valentine’s day morning.  I know that’s disappointing to many of you who have been working tirelessly […]

  • Valentines Shipping Poll: Round 2!

      The top 10 fandoms of the last shipping poll have been voted in.  We’ve taken the top three ships of each fandom that were nominated in the comments and put them in the poll.  Not every fandom had three nominations or clear winners, so we’re sorry if your fandom only has 1-2 ships represented. […]

  • Valentines Shipping Poll: Round One!

    To celebrate Valentine’s day we here at the Geekiary are running a two part shipping poll.  Our first round is going to narrow down the top 10 fandoms to head into the next round.  In order to have qualified for this poll the fandom had to have had new content since January 2013.  That content […]