Favorite Horror TV Show 2015


It’s October! That means it’s time for The Geekiary’s annual Favorite Horror TV Show Poll!

Hannibal has swept the competition these past two years and, if the ‘cancellation’ continues (come on #SaveHannibal crowd, we can still save this show!), this may be their last year in the running. It had a narrow victory against Supernatural in 2013 and another narrow victory against In the Flesh last year. In the Flesh is, unfortunately, not eligible this year as it hasn’t had any new episodes in the 2015 season (which, if you ask me, is a massive crime against humanity!), but Supernatural, along with other strong contenders such as Teen Wolf, and Sleepy Hollow, are still in the running. Could newcomer shows such as iZombie or Fear The Walking Dead dominate the long lasting voting juggernauts? Could a show that’s been in these polls before, but never dominated come out of nowhere and surprise us all? We’ll find out!

“Why isn’t my show on this list???”

Good question!  These are the qualifications to be on this poll:

-The show must have had new material at some point in 2015 on TV.
-The show needs to be a “horror” genre, which includes ghosts, vampires, witches, zombies, and gruesome/grotesque murder (not the typical police procedural murder genre).  Science fiction and fantasy, unfortunately, do not count for the purposes of this poll unless their focus is specifically on horror tropes.

If your show meets those specifications and isn’t on this list, let us know!  We’ll gladly add it.

At this time the comments will remain open, but if comments that break our website rules become frequent we reserve the right to shut down the comments section and delete comments without warning. DO NOT BASH SHOWS.  There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY AGAINST BASHING SHOWS IN THE COMMENTS.


Voting is unlimited, though Polldaddy has an internal bot detecting system that will put fast voters into a “cool down” period. We have no way to shut this off, nor do we have defined parameters for their internal bot detecting system. We’re sorry.

Poll closes October 18th at 11:59pm EST.

Author: Angel Wilson

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199 thoughts on “Favorite Horror TV Show 2015

  1. Hannibal again \o/ we are the best and if we are not here in 2016, we sure will be in 2017 to win again.

  2. hannibal! everyone should watch this show you will love it and please help us with social media campaigns because our show was cancelled 🙁 and we need season 4 so bad! PLEASE!

  3. Hannibal for sure. This is not about being in fandom or anything. This show just truely magnificent. All of you who read it and don’t watch the show yet, what are you waiting for guys?? Hurry and watch it, don’t let yourself exclude from the fun.. happy watching and voting guys!!

  4. Wow, lots of great shows on this list. Think I’ll vote for Hannibal and Supernatural. Maybe Penny Dreadful, too.

  5. Supernatural always and forever. All there is to be said. Our fandom knows how great the guys are. Gals as well

    1. May I offer you a mighty fine dish of Hannibal (it might raise you standards (no offense intended i love spn; this is a serious point) so don’t (seriously it ruined other tv for me) if you dont wanna but its art k bye) – love, those already converted

  6. Hannibal is the best show! I don’t think I’ve ever been as transfixed with a TV show as I’ve been with Hannibal.

  7. Hannibal is truly delicious- I’ve yet to be sated by anything else on television. We can do the thing, Fannibals! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)♥︎

  8. Last time I clicked any vote was the time Sterek of Teen Wolf went agaist Destial. And BAM! Stilia happen and I completely stop watching or following anythings Teen Wolf so I kinda go AFK. Then Hannibal HAPPEN and Hannigram HAPPEN because god saves Mr.Fuller.

    So, Hannibal forever even NBC sucks.

  9. ☝️ Supernatural all the way!!!! Charlie, Sam, Dean, Cas!!!!! Supernatural is the best show out there people. Supernatura!!! #moose #notmoose

  10. Hannibal, all the way. It was the best TV show to date. Have never watched something so horroficly beautiful.

  11. SPN fans, be honest–I left Supernatural Fandom due to the drop in story quality. I KNOW you only vote because you love the Boys–but you don’t NEED to win this; Hannibal does! We are looking for a new home for our show, so winning this actually makes a real difference for our Fandom. No shade, just a polite request–give a vote for Hannibal, instead. Thanks!

    1. I completely agree. Even though I’ve been a SPN fan for 10 years now and been a fannibal for only a year I still voted for Hannibal because it just needs it more. And of course it is a masterpiece, there is that too 😀

    1. polite request: spn doesn’t need, it’s renewed, nothing to prove here- dont let the fannibals starve

  12. Supernatural is the absolute best tv show ever made. Nothing can possibly compare to the total dedication of the amazing cast and crew. Come on #Spn family….vote for our boys.

        1. Van has a point. Let’s be realistic. SPN is just using the same tired old formulas now.

          1. Opinions are fine but this is for celebrating what you love, not tearing down what you hate. And if the comments are filled with hate I’m going to have to turn them off.

            1. There’s no hate here. I love SPN actually, despite not being happy with the last seasons. TWD has had some not so good moments, still love it.
              But Hannibal is the best show, hands down.

    1. Are you… Actually kidding me? I’m as much of a fan of the show as anyone, but it’s gone way downhill and it wasn’t exactly revolutionary to begin with.

        1. True. I’ve been watching it ever since the 1st season and it’s not like as it used to be. Still love SPN and the boys though ♡

      1. Hannibal stole my heart! Nothing compares to it! Shame on NBC for canceling the most riveting, thought-provoking, twisted, horrific, well-written, superbly acted, beautiful show ever to grace a television screen! 🙁

        1. Well hopefully the execs are sitting there going “…we done goofed.” And hopefully the execs at any other network are sitting there, rubbing their hands Mr. Burns style and going “Yes good. Sooooooon.”

    1. Now now be nice. He would have them OVER for dinner because let’s face it, finding out about ghosts and all the other stuff? Hannibal would be like a kid in a toy shop. Plus he would have them try to contact Mischa’s ghost or try to learn how to do it himself.

      I would pay to see that crossover.

      1. I’ve been a fan of both shows, though a lot of the appeal of SPN is in its potential which is largely fulfilled by the fans while Hannibal’s success lies in the unexpected fulfillment of many promises right on the screen, I don’t know if a x-over would be good… The aesthetics and intentions of the creators of the shows are so different, that I don’t know if the shows could ever compliment. You would need an amazing fanfic writer for that, who could internalize the richness of a show like Hannibal while forgiving and handwaving many of SPN’s peccadilloes.

  13. Hannibal for the win I like SPN but no doubt is Hannibal better and also SPN is on it’s 11 SEASON!!! there really repetitive now like I can predict almost everything

  14. I adore both Hannibal and Supernatural so I’ll be happy regardless of who wins. That said, I encourage SPN fans to give Hannibal a try if they haven’t already, especially if they’re frustrated with how TPTB have handled certain storylines, characters, fans, and ships. You won’t believe how refreshing it is to be in a fandom where the showrunner actually listens to what fans have to say and ships the two main characters even harder than we do. And who doesn’t love a beautifully written/acted/directed show with tons of amazing three dimensional female characters (that aren’t killed off for silly reasons) as well as canonical queer characters and couples? And there’s puppies, too!

    1. This is so true. Supernatural fans, give Hannibal a chance and I am certain that you’ll absolutely love it! It’s simply brilliant, and our showrunner Bryan Fuller is so wonderful and respectful. I still ship destiel hard, but I’m addicted to Hannibal now.

    2. Sorry, but I disagree. I watched the first one and a half seasons of Hannibal since my husband is a big fan of Silence of the Lambs and the other Hannibal Lecter movies and he really wanted to watch it. I completely lost interest in it. There wasn’t a main character you could really root for. On the contrary, I just started Supernatural a few months ago on Netflix and immediately fell in love with the show. The two main characters, while flawed, are also very compelling to watch as their relationship as brothers is portrayed so realistically. Not all of the episodes are great, but the overall story line is incredible. I can’t wait for the season premiere tomorrow.

  15. Come on guys! Lets Support our Boys! SUPERNATURAL is and always will be The best! Keep on Voting!!

  16. This contest is about QUALITY. Don’t vote for a show no one besides the most blindly devotional fan girl would find watchable, just to skew the vote. Hannibal actually DESERVES the spot!

    (here comes the shade!)

    1. Please vote for your favorite and refrain from insulting the competition. If you continue to bring negativity into the comments section I’ll be forced to either shut the comments down or implement bans, or both. Please vote for what you love instead.

  17. SPN Fans tend to vote because they take ALL contests like this one as a personal affront-they honesty believe they deserve to just be GIVEN the spot, out of hand. Those days are over–it’s not an insult to say so, just the truth. If truth makes you mad, well, that has more to do with personal tastes, than anything.

    1. I understand your frustration, but please stop making the comments on this thread negative. This is about celebrating what you love. Please celebrate Hannibal instead of tearing down the competition.

  18. I love both shows, but winning polls is more important right now for Hannibal than for Supernatural. So I’m voting Hannibal <3

    1. I agree. I love both supernatural and hannibal but hannibals needs to win this one because of the cancellation 🙁

  19. I absolutely love SUPERNATURAL. The shore, cast and everyone on supernatural have the fantasy sci fi horror genres the best long lasting shows it’s awesome that supernatural keeps getting better.

    1. Last warning for this comments section to be polite to other fandoms. Comments section will be closed if this continues.

  20. Dear fannibals, aren’t we supposed to be, like, the *opposite* of rude? We need to demonstrate the love for our show by voting, not by being nasty towards other shows and their fans.

    1. Too right ! Fannibals- please be polite. We need to keep our standing in the community as the most respectful and courteous fandom. I know we are all reeling from the cancellation but let’s hold our tongues.

  21. My fellow Fannibals, we must remember to not be rude. Show your love for Hannibal by voting and in the comments, but please refrain from bashing the other shows. 🙂
    #Savehannibal #hannibalforthewin #fannibals

    1. Agreed! Don’t ruin the fun for everyone with bitterness and negativity. You don’t want to be the type of person Hannibal would eat. 😉

  22. What are y’alls favorite episodes from the show(s) you’re voting for? From Hannibal, my favorites are Mizumono, The Wrath of the Lamb, and Fromage. From Supernatural, my favorites are Lazarus Rising, The French Mistake, and Fan Fiction.

  23. Constantine needs a win, I am a avid fan of Supernatural, too but that is a veteran show long since secure in its return for its 11th season. Constantine needs some votes, it has a following it has viewership interest it just needs some ‘resurrection magic’ to make it shine.

  24. Can Supernatural even be considered horror any more? It’s become all about theology and bureaucracy. Season 1? Horror as Hell! Season 10? Um… I’ve seen scarier stuff in Midsomer Murders!

  25. The sheer amount of love, dedication and work that was put into Hannibal makes it shine, honestly. It’s beautiful.

  26. The best horror-themed show is Hannibal. I didn’t ever watch a show like this before, it’s gorgeous and… this fandom, Fannibals, you are amazing!
    I really hope that this story go on. And we will see Hannibal and Will after their reunion.
    Hannibal you must win.

    It’s beautiful.

  27. I don’t need to think, becouse i vote, of course, for Hannibal. Did u watch this show? I didn’t ever see something like this…
    Guys, fannibals needs to win, NEED!

    #SaveHannibal #NakamaForever #MurderHusbands

  28. No other show does horror quite like Hannibal. It is grotesque but elegant at the same time. The characters are multi-faceted; the writing is beautiful (almost poetic at times), though there are some great moments of dark humor as well. It has foreshadowing, parallels, callbacks…and so many layers. It is a show that requires you to really think about what you are seeing and hearing. And our OTP has become canon! The cinematography is gorgeous. The acting is superb. The cast and crew are so dedicated and work so hard, and it shows. Not to mention, the showrunner, writers, cast, production company, etc are so supportive of the Fannibals as well…they do spoil us. We are getting the s3 dvd with TWELVE hours of extras for a show that has only 13 episodes a season! It truly is a masterpiece. And we NEED season 4. #SaveHannibal #MurderHusbands #NakamaForever

  29. ita funny that all these comments say that spn was good the first 5-7 seasons but if they would of stopped after the 7th season then comments would start by saying they should of kept going with more seasons, I think spn the originals, scream queens and tvd should keep going because it’s getting better as the seasons keep going

  30. Supernatural is the best horror show in my opinion….Actors are great and the scrips are excellent.

  31. Just because you love hannibal, or supernatural or whatever doesnt mean you have to insult other tv shows because you want your show to win. You are entitled to your own opinion and you can obviously share it but dont be rude. For instance, no one asked for your opinion, so you have no right be mean to someone else who was simply expressing their opinion.

  32. Is Hannibal really that good? I have never seen it but I think I might have to look in to it now.

    1. It’s the best show I’ve ever seen. It would be great if you would give it a glance. We’re always hoping to find new Fannibals. Being a part of this fandom is total joy.

    2. Hannibal is the best show ever ever made! It will destroy your life cause you Will not be able to see any other show ever, without cmparing. Is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  33. Guys guys. I honestly think that no show is better just like nobody is the best. The complexity of the human mind makes it impossible to equate opinion to truth.
    I like dogs more than cats but I won’t judge a cat person.
    Iam a crazed fannibal but I won’t hate spn because I accept that some people like that kind of thing.
    So everybody, give the admins a break and be polite. Because the rude are food. And Hannibal has never put it past himself to eat his friend’s brains or carve away his opponent’s face.
    I’M OUT!

  34. As someone both from hannibal fandom and supernatural fandom, i don’t like it when those two fandoms get in arguments about who is better than the other, etc…. i feel uneasy as a child whose parents are constantly fighting and yelling at each other. be nice guys.

  35. I’ve voted supernatural because it’s the best show of all time .But that doesn’t mean everybody has to vote supernatural.
    All of the shows listed I watch , vote which ever show you want just don’t cause a fight or drama over it .

  36. I’ve voted supernatural because it’s the best show of all time .But that doesn’t mean everybody has to vote supernatural.
    All of the shows listed I watch , vote which ever show you want just don’t cause a fight or drama over it .

    I’m glad Hannibal is winning though

  37. I guess Hannibal deserves to win, though.
    I’m still with the #spnfamily because Supernatural is the best show ever <3

  38. Supernatural is the kind of show that will always have a place in my heart. Hannibal however, is the kind of show that ripped out my heart and went over a cliff with it.

    Let’s not be rude to our fellows.

      1. Supernatural will always own my heart and I can’t help but vote for it. However, I’m glad for Hannibal to win, because so many of my friends adore it – and if this helped save it, that would be awesome.

  39. from stephen king’s twitter: “After the last 5 years of cable TV, most network drama feels to me like a big helping of mashed potatoes on Wonder Bread. Very bland fare. Hannibal is an exception.”

  40. I vote for Hannibal. Just love this amazing fandom and, as i think, it is the best of all horror themed TV shows.

  41. The poll seemingly forgot it’s supposed to be unlimited, suddenly started saying “thank you, we already counted your vote” instead of “thank you for voting”. Pretty sure Geekiary isn’t to blame for this (Poldaddy’s problem, most likely), but it’s still super irritating.

  42. Hannibal deserves to win because it’s the best show on tv, who are you trying to fool here? #savehannibal

    1. I’ve been voting like every 5 mins.. I love Mads Mikkelsen , I have my daughter voting also

  43. So thrilled my two favorite shows are winning! Hannibal is quite possibly the best show I’ve ever seen and Supernatural is like the television equivalent of home and comfort food for me. Love them both. ♡

  44. Only doing this because my wife said so.. Hannibal it is.. Looks like the whole family voteing. Don’t get me wrong the show great.

  45. Vote for Constantine, in my best horror series is not part of, and one that immediately want to watch and watch for many years!

  46. I love supernatural but we need to save Hannibal, so I’m voting for that. Come on fannibals, we can do this!

  47. Thank you Gracie for helping mommy,you know Hannibal my favorite show.again thanks babe(Robert). I O you one guys.

  48. I chose supernatural because I have been immersed in their lore for longer than TWD. Don’t get me wrong, I love both shows, but the story telling in Supernatural is a bit better. What would be great is if there was a cross over episode…. where Sam and Dean show up in Alexandria in an AU and help Rick and Daryl train residents to fight.

  49. I am voting for Hannibal because it is superb television ahead of its time. Hannibal isn’t just entertainment, it’s art!

  50. I vote for Hannibal. It is the best show ever. I really like SPN but, Hannibal is my show.

  51. my top three shows are listed – Hannibal, The Walking Dead and Supernatural…but I am voting for my number 1 favorite – HANNIBAL.

  52. it has to be walking dead. Come on deadheads time to vote and show them the best show ever

  53. I love so many of these shows like Grimm, Sleepy Hollow and American Horror Story, but Hannibal has my heart so all of my votes! I absolutely love Bryan Fuller’s story telling and Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen’s portrayal of Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. Such a beautiful story told in a touching way by these classy actors. I’m going to miss them so much…my heart aches!


  55. Hannibal forever <3 There will never be a pairing as canon as Hannibal and Will are/were, and this is coming from a girl that used to be insanely obsessed with Destiel for over 4 years… I used to love Supernatural, but it's just nowhere near as good and deep-minded as the Hannibal series are, not to mention their real love.. it was actually STATED as a FACT on the SHOW that Hannibal is IN LOVE with Will. Not only that, but the series is simply the most intelligent and again Deep-Minded television show that I have ever seen. Hannibal for life. <3 T-T

  56. Never has there been a show as artful as Hannibal. Never has there been a show as thought provoking and seductive like Hannibal. Never has there been a romance as awe-inspiring as Hannibal. Never has there been a show as sublime as Hannibal.

    Do I have to go on?

  57. I voted for Hannibal. This show is hands down a cut above the rest! Hannibal all the way!!!

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