POLL: Femslash couples!


UPDATE 3/7: Due to continued issues voting is now limited to ONE VOTE PER HOUR.


After our last extraordinarily popular shipping poll we got requests to do a femslash/lesbian poll.  We aim to please!  Here’s our ladies only poll featuring all your favorite female couples from TV!

“Where is so-and-so?” you ask?  If they weren’t included on this poll it was 1) because they didn’t meet the requirement of being on Television or 2) we simply didn’t think of it.  About six of us got together and collaborated on this poll, so if we overlooked your favorite pairing it certainly wasn’t a slight against you. We are no longer taking nominations so I apologize for the inconvenience. This poll also includes both canon and non-canon couples.

This poll will be open until March 11th, 11:59pm EST!
Voting Unlimited!

NO SHIP BASHING ALLOWED.  Come on guys.  Really?

Both Faberry and Doccubus fans have accused each other of botting. In order to prevent these measures, a voter upgraded our Polldaddy account to allow the use of captchas. Unfortunately the timing of the captcha caused one side to feel they were put at a disadvantage. Since I am unable to monitor the poll 24/7 I can’t time it perfectly to put it on when they are tied. Therefore I’m giving you guys an option of having your own run off poll with anti-bot measures in place. You’d each be starting from zero so neither side would have an advantage.

The first option to reach 1000 votes will win. You can vote every 6 hours. Regardless of when the option hits 1000, the new poll will be given at least 5 days to run it’s course.

Author: Angel Wilson

Angel is the admin of The Geekiary and a geek culture commentator. She earned a BA in Film & Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz. She’s contributed to various podcasts and webcasts including An Englishman in San Diego, Free to Be Radio, and Genre TV for All. She’s written for Friends of Comic Con and is a 2019 Hugo Award winner for contributing fanfic on AO3. She identifies as queer.


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About the author

Angel is the admin of The Geekiary and a geek culture commentator. She earned a BA in Film & Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz. She's contributed to various podcasts and webcasts including An Englishman in San Diego, Free to Be Radio, and Genre TV for All. She's written for Friends of Comic Con and is a 2019 Hugo Award winner for contributing fanfic on AO3. She identifies as queer.


  1. Hate to be THAT PERSON, but Orphan Black’s Alison only has one ‘l’ in her name. Anyway… *coughs*

    Good luck to all of the ships! There’s some great ones listed 🙂

      1. 1 more small spelling mistake. its kenzi from lost girl not kenzie. can’t wait to see who wins this!! this is gonna be good, lol!

  2. I hate asking for another ship to be put in right at the beginning, but I know a lot of people ship Jo/Anna from Supernatural (including myself) and I was wondering if it was possible to add that in because it would be wonderful c: Have a great day!

    1. No problem! 🙂 I also realized I forgot Charlie, but she has one canon relationship and then one heavily implied relationship. Not sure which one to put down. I’ll wait for someone to request it then Supernatural will be full as well.

      -Admin Angel

      1. I love Charlie so much! I ship her with a few different characters though so I’m just going to wait for somebody else to send in the third ship haha.

        And thank you for responding back so quickly you’re great 😀

      2. Well I would request a Charlie/Somebody else relationship but I happen to ship Charlie/Gilda, Charlie/Dorothy and Charlie/Jo (even though they’ve never interacted, but hey! It’s a good ship!). It’s too hard to choose!

        1. I think the most popular in the fandom is Charlie/Dorothy and it’s the one with the most interaction between them so I’m thinking that one would work best tbh

    1. Is this a more popular ship? I must admit I included L Word ships based on Google research. Since Helena/Jenny have zero votes right now I can switch them out if this is the more popular ship.

      -Admin Angel

      1. Haha as soon as I saw Helena/Jenny I laughed. Bette/Tina, Alice/Dana, & Shane/Carmen would be the most popular ships on The L Word.

        1. I could never vote for a couple that includes Jenny! And Dana was such a douche to Alice, I mean, I know she died and all, but when all the other characters were memorializing her I was like… no. I do like Shane and Carmen, but Bette and Tina were the ones I always was rooting for, no matter what.

  3. I vote Spencer/Ashley from South of Nowhere. Also suggest adding Naomi/Emily from Skins. Maybe see AfterEllen’s slash polls for popular femslash pairings.

    1. Done. Thanks for the recs. We definitely don’t want to copy their poll exactly though. But I am aware of it for sure. 🙂

      -Admin Angel

  4. YES! The femslash poll!
    I’m glad Canary/Nyssa & Mulan/Aurora are on here as they’re my favourites. There’s so many good couples on this list though so had to vote for a few more. Although I’m not against Lydia/Allison currently being in the lead since I voted for them too. =P

  5. Where are Santana and Brittany? They are a canon couple while Rachel and Quinn are wishful thinking.

    1. Our lovely admin for this poll probably just didn’t think of them while creating it. Nobody can remember every ship and there’s a high amount of fandoms in here. I’m pretty sure it’ll be put up soon since you asked c:

    2. As stated in the original post:

      ““Where is so-and-so?” you ask? If they weren’t included on this poll it was 1) because they didn’t meet the requirement of being on Television or 2) we simply didn’t think of it. About six of us got together and collaborated on this poll, so if we overlooked your favorite pairing it certainly wasn’t a slight against you.”

      Also there is no ship bashing allowed and calling it “wishful thinking” borders on bashing. Please don’t do that.

      -Admin Angel

    1. ^_^ So glad they’re first. Love Bo/lauren but yeah, nothing beats Faberry.

  6. Kira Nerys/Mirror Kira Nerys (Star Trek Deep Space 9)
    Jadzia Dax/Lenara Kahn (Star Trek Deep Space 9)
    Jadzia Dax/KIra Nerys (Star Trek Deep Space 9)

  7. Anyone else thinking Santanna and Rachel from glee are gunna be a thing? Could they go one poll?

    Im gunna vote for Quinn and Rachel for now cause they had their moments 🙂

    1. As stated in the first post:

      ““Where is so-and-so?” you ask? If they weren’t included on this poll it was 1) because they didn’t meet the requirement of being on Television or 2) we simply didn’t think of it. About six of us got together and collaborated on this poll, so if we overlooked your favorite pairing it certainly wasn’t a slight against you. Feel free to nominate couples in the comments! There is a maximum of three couples per show, though, so Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, and The L Word are maxed out right out of the gate. This poll also includes both canon and non-canon couples, so don’t let the source material limit you!”

  8. I had to ‘settle’ for my 2nd favorite couple on the list since you neglected to include Tori/Jade from “Victorious”.

    After I voted I saw one of my old fantasy couples – Nyssa & Tegan from the 5th Doctor’s reign on “Doctor Who”. I’m glad others saw the subtext between them too.

    1. As stated in the first post:

      ““Where is so-and-so?” you ask? If they weren’t included on this poll it was 1) because they didn’t meet the requirement of being on Television or 2) we simply didn’t think of it. About six of us got together and collaborated on this poll, so if we overlooked your favorite pairing it certainly wasn’t a slight against you. Feel free to nominate couples in the comments! There is a maximum of three couples per show, though, so Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, and The L Word are maxed out right out of the gate. This poll also includes both canon and non-canon couples, so don’t let the source material limit you!”

      So “neglect” is the wrong word. Nobody here has watched Victorious. This wasn’t an intentional slight against you.

      -Admin Angel

      1. I apologize for the wording, They are one of the cutest opposites-attract couples thougj

          1. Thank you. I realize this show isn’t as widely watched as many of the others but there is a fairly substantial fanbase (based on the number of stories on fanfiction).

            And I also want to say this poll is pretty comprehensive & appreciate all the work done to set this up. Thank you.

  9. Calzona? I mean, most of these aren’t even canon (not complaining), but Calzona is actually a canon pairing for a long time.

    1. I’m going to put it in the poll, but this is the second Calzona shipper here who hasn’t seem to have read this paragraph in the first post:

      ““Where is so-and-so?” you ask? If they weren’t included on this poll it was 1) because they didn’t meet the requirement of being on Television or 2) we simply didn’t think of it. About six of us got together and collaborated on this poll, so if we overlooked your favorite pairing it certainly wasn’t a slight against you. Feel free to nominate couples in the comments! There is a maximum of three couples per show, though, so Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, and The L Word are maxed out right out of the gate. This poll also includes both canon and non-canon couples, so don’t let the source material limit you!”

      All you have to say is “can you add *this pairing*” and bam, it’s there. And it’s not a slight against you. Nobody on our staff watching this show. I even included a paragraph in the first post explaining why certain pairings weren’t on the list.

      -Admin Angel

  10. Hi! Awesome poll. Maybe you could add Cara and Kahlan from Legend Of The Seeker? It’s not a canon couple but I ship them so hard!! Thank you!

  11. Thank you for the poll. Idk if these couples are popular but Lucy/Mina from NBC’s Dracula. Also Felicity/Sara from Arrow. Skye/Jemma, Melinda/Victoria from Agents from SHIELD. Donna/Rachel from Suits, Lena/Stef from the Fosters, Michonne/Andrea from The Walking Dead.

    1. Done. And omg I ship Michonne/Andrea so hard I can’t believe I forgot.

      -Admin Angel

  12. Willow/Buffy One of the first Buffy femslash couples is never represented in polls like these. Give us some recognition that there are those of us that love the pairing

    Britta/Annie from Community.

    Sam/Janet from SG-1

    Inara/Kaylee, River/Kaylee Firefly

    Max/Caroline 2 Broke Girls

    Skye/Simmons, Skye/May, May/Simmons Agents of SHIELD.

  13. i never realized just how many femslash couples i shipped, wow this has been eye opening.

  14. There is no way I could even chose a favourite out of them! There are soooo many! I am so happy Rosa and Amy were included, I’ve not really seen a large fanbase for them online but I’m happy shipping them. 🙂
    Willow and Tara are a recent ship, I’ve watched seasons 1-6 this month, finishing 7 soon.
    But yeah, that list is almost composed of all femslash couples that I ship. It was hard.

  15. Great listing! I ship far too many of these…how to choose who to vote for!!

  16. A head’s up – Kahlin’s name is actually spelled Kahlan. Thnx! This poll is awesome, it’s so hard to pick ships!

  17. Not to accuse the Doccubus people of using a bot, but…I’m accusing the Doccubus people of using a bot.

    1. I’m afraid I have no idea what “Doccubus” is so I have no way of looking into it.

      -Admin Angel

      1. Doccubus is one of the ships represented. Which is currently in second place and getting appx ten votes every ten seconds.

        1. That’s because we’re voting like crazy. We take this polls very serious 😉

        1. Right now it looks like we are getting several hundred hits from Lost Girl fan sites so at this time it looks to be legitimate. I don’t suspect botting at this time. The numbers appear to match.

          -Admin Angel

      1. Actually I didn’t leave them off. They currently have 729 vote.

        -Admin Angel

        1. Oh sorry – but you used last names so I breezed by it! Think most fans know them as Pepper and Alex, but that’s your call.

          1. Her first name is “Piper” though right? Not “Pepper.” I can include first names as well, but all my sources are saying “Piper” not “Pepper.” And I just went with last names because that’s what they call them in prison.

            -Admin Angel

  18. I wish you had done two separate polls — one for canon couples and another for non-canon couples.

  19. Hey there! This is fun. 😀 I’m just curious, would a Faberry shipper like to tell me some of the wonderful things about this ship? I think it’s cool how it’s so popular.

    1. Oh God. I don’t know where to start. First, I’d like to recommend Skywarrior108’s tumblr. She is as her site says, the Faberry guru, and has dedicated a whole page to why Quinn Fabray is gay. See here: http://skywarrior108.livejournal.com/955.html

      Now, personally, I cannot express in such a short message the angst, drama, joy, self-sacrifice, and unconditional love that I feel from Faberry, but can I recommend you some fanfictions?

      1. Head full of doubt, road full of promise

      2. Should have asked for directions

      3. What doors may open

      Ok. Hope you like them all!!!:D:D:D

      1. Just wanted to let you know that when you include that many links in a post it registers as spam and has to be manually approved. So sorry it took a minute for this post to go up! I was just about to go to bed too so I’m glad I could approve it first so you can spread your ship love <3

        -Admin Angel

        1. Oh whoops, sorry about that, I didn’t even know. Nah, no worries, thanks for posting it and sweet dreams:)

      1. Like I said above, this is totally cool and encourage. Spread the love! But when there is more than one link it has to manually be moderated and I’m not hovering over this thread constantly so there might be a delay. If you want things posted instantly without having to wait for me to notice it got caught in spam, only place one link per comment. 🙂

        -Admin Angel

      2. I don’t watch the show, but omg that video hit me hard in the feelings. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I think the reason so many people love Bo/Lauren is the way Lost Girl treats the relationship between 2 women the same as a straight one. And their chemistry is off the charts even when fully clothed.

  21. Teeny tiny question: when a poll is a “femslash/lesbian” poll about female couples, are the nominees supposed to be two women that have actually done things à la lesbian (i.e. they had sex with each other, they engaged in hot and heavy foreplay, you saw steam rising but the cunnilingus and/or hand action was off-screen). Or is it a poll about two females that shared an experimental kiss, an accidental kiss, an almost-kiss, a lingering look, but an actual OMG they’re lesbians! is the wishful thinking of a fandom?

    1. As stated in the original post: “This poll also includes both canon and non-canon couples, so don’t let the source material limit you!”

      -Admin Angel

  22. Easy. Cosima and Delphine (Orphan Black).

    For one, they are actually canon and they have such beautiful chemistry. F/F couples are not easy to find, unfortunately. For two, their developing relationship is a big part of their lives, but the show creators still treat them like human beings (shocker!) and specifically the clone SL is front and center. For third, their storyline is intriguing and allows so many different possibilities. At last, the actresses are amazing and deserve all the recognition.

    The best part: they are clear fan favorites the creators are more then happy and do not try dismiss this ‘ship’. They really respect it and I fully trust them to give Cosima/Delphine the focus they deserve.

  23. Thanks for the reply but I didn’t mention the matter of a couple being “canon” or not in my first comment because that’s not what the gist of the comment was about. Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough: are the so-called “lesbian couples” (past or present) supposed to be recognizable as a “lesbian couple” (i.e. they obviously engage in what two homosexual females do together between the sheets, or on their way to the bedroom door); or does the poll also include wannabe-lesbians? Because the portrayal of two women tip-toeing around “the love that dare not speak its name” is not the same as two women tap dancing to it. If two females hanging out together and being close is all it takes to call a F/F couple “lesbian” — then you might as well include Cagney & Lacey, Nikita & Alex, Edina & Patsy (AbFab), Kristen & Nina (BaTB), Brenda & Raydor (The Closer), Rachel & Monica (Friends), Laverne & Shirley, and Lucy & Ethel as “couples”.

    1. There is absolutely no requirement for on screen anything for the couples in this poll. They could be in a relationship, flirting, friends, or not even have shared any screen time at all. There is no requirement whatsoever to qualify for this. If people ship them, it counts, regardless of canon content. If you ship those couples you listed I can add them to the list. If you don’t ship them, then I won’t add them to the list. It’s a matter of shipping.

      -Admin Angel

      Edit: Maybe I am misunderstanding you or there’s a terminology difference. “Ship” means romantic OR sexual relationship. So if you “ship” those couples they count as femslash couples. If you don’t ship them, they don’t count. Friendships usually aren’t categorized as “ships.” So if those pairs are just friends in your mind, they don’t count. I’m still a bit confused but I hope I’ve set up the parameters here.

  24. This is so hard, I pretty much ship all of these ladies. It’s a toss up between Faberry and Brittana though.

  25. I love how you guys emphasized no ship bashing allowed, and for that you guys so far are the best.

  26. I will always vote Xena/Gabrielle. The reason it is keeping up with the current shows in this poll even though it started airing almost 20 years ago is because it was the show the opened the doors to modern femslash. On top of that the show is actually interesting and fun to watch!

    1. Oh, I love that video! This comment has just convinced me to go have a rewatch of Xena for the first time since the show aired. 🙂

  27. I’m missing Ruth & Idgie from Fried Green Tomatoes – they were one of the early couples in a book/film back in the 80s / early 90s 🙂

    1. …so it would be nice if you could add them to the poll 🙂 And I wanted to say, that this is a great poll and you (the admins) are doing a good job here 🙂

      1. Is Fried Green Tomatoes a TV show? I thought it was a book/movie. If it’s a TV show I’ll add them.

        -Admin Angel

        1. It’s a book, but it was made into a movie – I thought TV includes movies, but if it’s only TV shows, I understand 🙂
          Then I’ll keep voting for Xena/Gabby – Thank You 🙂

          1. Yeah, sorry. If we opened it up to movies the nominations would easily be 3x as long. It’s already unmanageable. I’m glad you have at least one pairing you enjoy on it though! Happy voting. 🙂

            -Admin Angel

            1. There are also other good pairings here – and you’re managin it very well – Have a nice day 🙂


    1. Ship bashing is against the spirit of the poll. Calling other pairing “ridiculous” is bashing. I have removed your comments. If you continue further comments will be deleted and/or you will be banned. This poll is about love not hate.

      -Admin Angel

    2. Why ship bash people? It’s awesome that we have such strong followings for these ships, especially the top 5 which represent 4 distinct fandoms. It’s good to have these polls for the sake of ensuring that we remember how important it is to promote femslash pairings, to push further toward more and more f/f pairings on television and better representation of our diverse relationships. All of these fandoms have immense challenges, from heterosexist members of their fandoms, from producers or writers who either hedge or queer bait outright or just try to bury the pairing. We need to build some solidarity here, not just bash each other down. I’m cheering for all of the top 5 but I’d be happier to cheer, in future, for a really great femslash pairing that also becomes canon AND has a really great story to their relationship.

  29. Question:

    Why there are some “couples” that are not even close to being an item? For example Quinn/Rachel – how are they even close to being a couple? I’m not trying to be rude or angry I just dont get how come you name your pole “Femslash couples” and some of the nominees are NOT even close to being couples?!

    1. Faberry is a very popular femslash ship. They have won multiple polls and the fans of the ship, including myself, think that they have a lot of potential as a couple.

      1. Uhm I’m pretty sure Doccubus (Bo/Lauren) shippers are cheating. They’re using a bot..look into it guys. Cheating is not cool

        1. As of this time the traffic matches the speed of voting.

          -Admin Angel

            1. The numbers on my end say otherwise. We are getting double the hits from Lost Girl fansite than the next biggest fandom, Glee. Would you like me to screen shot it for you?

              -Admin Angel

            2. I did it anyway. Here you go:

              Poll Hits Stats
              screenshot pc

              Keep in mind that the Glee ships are actually coming from different ship tags whereas almost all the Lost Girl ships are in the form of one single ship. If you divide it by ship, the next top ship is way less than Doccubus.

              So this is why I do not suspect botting at this time.

              -Admin Angel

              1. We keep tabs on twitter and tumblr and their activity suggests otherwise. The Faberry/Brittana fandoms are far bigger than Doccubus so its weird that they have so many voters. And that they closed up a 5k lead. Hope they enjoy their victory through cheating xx I’m throwing in the towel now because cheating is a big put off. Bye bye

                1. That’s unfortunate, but our numbers suggest otherwise. We’re monitoring it too. We enjoyed your participation while you were here. Have a good day.

                  -Admin Angel

                2. We have the most fierce fandom in all of fandoms. We have won polls by dedication, not by cheating. We have fans all over the orld that vote incessantly, and it is allowed. We are more dedicated, focused, and determined, so I have seen than many other fandoms. Doccubus/Bo and Lauren is a canon relationship that many many ppl want to see and have seen for years. Since it isn’t allowed I will refrain of speaking about my ship compared to a Ryan Murphy ship.

                  1. You have to admit though this “Ryan Murphy” ship is giving your canon one a good fight!

                  2. You forget that Faberry won the E!Online poll a few years ago. And many polls before and after. I’m not saying anyone is cheating, because they aren’t (I hope), but I am hoping that you’ll keep better control than to imply ship-bashing in the future. For Faberry fans, it’s still an attack, direct or not. We’re in two different fandoms and don’t have any direct competition, so why fight?

                3. Your ship bashing comment has been deleted and you have been banned for repeated ship bashing. If you can’t love your own ship without bashing another ship, you need to rethink things. You are also just plain rude. Please don’t return.

                  -Admin Angel

                    1. No it was to Ronnie, who posted hate about the Lost Girl ship.

                      -Admin Angel

                  1. I understand what your trying to say angel but like my self I do not have a twitter or tumblr account. I came over from the l chat since I had no idea of this poll til I saw the link posted their so maybe you mighy not want to base cheating on that. Thanks for monitoring the poll thohgh!

                    1. Understandable. I’m just using the numbers to show there is a high amount of traffic for this ship. If there wasn’t a high amount of traffic for this ship, I could see how bot accusations could be justified. Right now it looks like they are promoting their ship heavily, which means it’s going to have huge numbers.

                      -Admin Angel

                4. Same thing happened in that last femslash poll. Its crazy that the afterellen femslash champions aren’t even top five huh?

                  1. Simple answer to that: Not when it comes to Doccubus (Bo/Lauren).
                    The Afterellen femslash poll was actually femslash, so it did not include canon couples.

                    1. I understand where your coming from. I’m just saying the faberrians were told by after ellen that there was no cheating involved and yet look at the immense difference right now in votes. Thanks for clearing that up about your ship being canon thats awesome for you all! I’m really shocked and proud of the faberry fandom though. I mean after everything and our girls havent even been on our tv screens together in a long ass time and look at them up there! That ship just will not give up!

                    2. Yes, well if you look at the 2013 afterellen visibility awards, Lost Girl was both nominated for and won 6 categories, mostly on matters involving Bo and Lauren. Afterellen decided to call it the year of Zoie Palmer (who plays Lauren) because she practically stole all the awards. Afterellen also tends to have the most views on posts involving Lost Girl. It may not be that big on on mainstream american tv, but it is huge among queer women.

                    3. I don’t think I made my point clear. I’m not saying anything against your ship what I am saying though is I felt faberry got screwed over in the last poll we were in. The last bracket was Rizzles VS Faberry and Rizzles won by a pretty crazy margin. These numbers put things into perspective a bit. I’m only saying this in defence of my fandom. That is what they mean by we don’t like polls and why we are a bit paranoid. As far as achievements go Faberry has been put against many types of couples in the past we were even able to win E tv’s couple poll which included straight canon couples as well. We even managed to crash their site lol!

        2. I’m a Doccubus fan and don’t even know what a bot is?????? Why cheating?

          1. Don’t worry about it. A bot is a program that goes through the back end of a poll to artificially inflate the numbers. As long as the numbers continue to generally match we do not suspect a bot. If the numbers get out of balance, we’ll take action.

            -Admin Angel

            1. There is more than one kind of bot, including some that mimic legitimate voting. A person sets up the script on their computer, brings up the page with the poll, and starts it. The script then clicks on the trigger (in this case, it would be the exact name of the pairing, since you have it set to randomly rearrange the order in which the pairs appear), then clicks on “Vote,” waits a predetermined number of seconds, refreshed the page, and then starts again.

              I’m not saying I think anyone is cheating, just wanted to clarify what a bot is. 🙂

        1. Reminder: Ship hate is not allowed and will be deleted. This is your only warning. Second offense results in a ban.

          -Admin Angel

    2. Being canon is not a requirement and your comments border on ship bashing, which isn’t allowed in the comments. Here are the requirements directly copy/pasted from the original post:

      “This poll also includes both canon and non-canon couples, so don’t let the source material limit you!”

      -Admin Angel

      1. X&G are the “mothership” of femslash and I’m proud that we made it to the 5th place, althoug the show is 20 years old and the other shows are very popular at this time 🙂 Xenites – keep voting 🙂 (a lot of other pairings in this list are also very cute btw.)

      2. I’m a doccubus… But i really do have a soft spot for XenaXGab ship…. <3 they were my ever first same-sex couple ship <3 <3

        1. X&G are the legend, hope they get even higher (maybe 3rd place). I am voting for them and Doccubus.

  30. ((Personal Attacks deleted by Admin))

    Bet now for this I get banned lol

    ((Admin Note: She is absolutely right, she is now banned))

    1. Personal attacks are against our terms of service so you are absolutely right, you are now banned. “Femslash” doesn’t have to be canon. Bashing ships that aren’t canon is not only against the rules of the poll, but against the rules of the website as well.

      -Admin Angel

  31. Quick Question: am I correct in assuming that “J/7 (Voyager” refers to Captain Janeway and Seven-of-Nine from Star Trek: Voyager? If so, I’m definitely down with that!! 😀

    1. I really have no idea. It was nominated by a commenter and I just wrote it down exactly as they wrote it down here. I’ve never actually seen Voyager (I’m a TOS girl). Sorry 🙁

      -Admin Angel

      1. Thanks for clarifying. Should I put their full names down or is “J/7” common shipper lingo?

        -Admin Angel

    1. Yep, can do! That’ll make 3 for Glee though which means that that show is now topped off for ships. Give me two minutes and it’ll be up there.

      -Admin Angel

  32. I may have had a brief moment of panic when I didn’t immediately see Bering & Wells on my fist scan. XD Nerdsbians!

  33. This is an incredibly difficult poll for people who only ship femslash pairings like me.

    But Swan Queen forever, Swan Queen til the end.

  34. Good selection. Nevertheless, missed one couple: Kara “Starbuck” Thrace / Six (Katee Sackhoff / Tricia Helfer) from “Battlestar Galactica”.

  35. i can’t choice anymore…so.amazing people…
    BoLo,Tibett,Spenashly,Piper &Alex,HG&Myka,Maura&Rizzoily… …so more.OMG…can’t we just vote some?too much…

  36. Too hard to pick a favorite. I chose Buffy/Faith because of some wonderful works by Wyndgyrl (has she retired?) although her Faith/Dawn was even better. I’ve done two fs: Lana and Chloe (unpublished) and Susan Ivanova/Seven of Nine, published bt mooncatX.

  37. I can’t believe Glee win than TLW…wWhatever.i want BoLo win…that is only choice

  38. To make polls as fair as possible everyone should only be allowed to vote once, not multiple times.

    1. Noted, however this poll measures enthusiasm and not just raw numbers. If people want to dedicate time voting multiple times it doesn’t go against the purpose of this particular poll. If we decide to do a poll for just raw numbers we will be sure to set it up for one vote per IP.

      -Admin Angel

      1. Cool, I’d like to see someone set up a poll with 1 vote per person to see how the poll pans out *hint hint*

  39. The thing I love about Bo and Lauren, is that they aren’t a tease. These two women aren’t just deeply in love, they crave each other physically. And in the world of TV, when has the f/f pairing of a f/m/f love triangle come out on top?

  40. Good Luck to all ships… Bo and Lauren #Doccubus Forever :).. Keep voting Faedom #Doc them votes

  41. I really enjoy voting in these types of polls. Thank you for hosting it! And also, thank you so much for modding the comments and deleting the bashing. The bashing really takes all the fun out of these polls. You’re doing a great job, Angel. Thanks again!

  42. I keep my fingers crossed for Doccubus and Xena/Gabrielle. Also, although I’m not a shipper of SwanQueen or Rizzles, it’s interesting to observe those two here [I thought that the latter would thrive with votes, especially after the last R&I episode!]

    1. Yeah, Doccubus and Xena/Gabrielle are my ships as well 🙂 Also HG and Myka… I wish there was more og them on Warehouse 13.

    2. Me too ! And what´s about “EleMax” Eleanor & Max, I love them, Not so much as Bo & Lauren, But I like them too 😉

  43. Come on Faberrians, Brittana, Swen, Xena/Gabrielle, Valkubus fans, we can do it!

  44. There are so many great couples on here. I would have liked to see Ruby/Belle from Once Upon A Time on here as well.

    1. Unfortunately Once Upon a Time has hit the maximum amount of ships allowed in this poll. I’m really sorry about that.

      -Admin Angel

    1. Too bad Doccubus shippers think cheating is the way to go. Throwing in the towel now, I don’t deal with cheaters..

  45. DOCCUBUS shippers are not cheating, your just a hater that can’t stand defeat. We should ship you and hating together.

    1. While I agree with the sentiment, hating on haters should also be avoided. Let’s just vote for what we love here. Let’s not let this comments section go toxic. Keep it positive folks!

      -Admin Angel

  46. Thank you Angel K for all the hard work with this poll and specially for keeping haters away.
    Xena and Gabriele were my first fanfiction obsession, Bo and Lauren are my last (so far) so I am voting for both couples 🙂

  47. Thank you very much for your Polls, so we can vote for any couple we love, Its really great… <3

  48. Can you add Gail Peck and Holly Steward from Rookie Blue to this list – they haven´t had a lot of tv time yet but they are certainly great :-)!

  49. Faberry this amazing fandom !! Thank you for all <3 voting, Faberrians. I love you
    And thank you Angel K for all work. ♥

  50. Why oh why can’t Bo/Lauren’s name stay at the bottom of the list right above the vote button so I don’t have to search for them every time I hit the refresh button? I am going cross-eyed here, but I shall keep voting for doccubus eye sight be damned!!

    1. Haha, sorry about that. This was an effort by me to have the poll not be biased. In the past all of my favorite things were on top and least favorite things were on bottom. Seems to work out pretty well because only one of my ships is in the top 5. But definitely sorry for the inconveience lol.

      -Admin Angel

  51. I know Lost Girl may not be one of the biggest fandoms, but it has a very dedicated fanbase. Don’t accuse us of cheating when we actually dedicate a lot of time and effort to get the vote out. We take our ships seriously.
    Just look at our wikipedia page:

    We have won several internet polls, mostly related to the Bo/Lauren ship.
    Glee has won more awards, yes (and I can respect that). But Lost Girl’s awards are more things related to “best ship/couple”. Shipping is huge in the Lost Girl fandom. Despite our numbers, we are insanely dedicated. And we do not appreciate people dismissing our effort by calling us cheaters. If this were based on single votes, I bet Glee would win. It’s a bigger show with a bigger fandom. But this isn’t about numbers. It’s about dedication. We were a bit late to finding out about this poll, so the fact that we’ve managed to catch up by this much in about 3 days time is astounding.
    All I can say is good luck to both ships in the lead. They are both beautiful and deserving of their position.

  52. I feel slightly insane for continuously changing the ship I’m voting for. Doccubus, Valkubus, Cophine, Fuffy. I don’t have an OTP I just have an armada.

  53. If Doccubus gets lots of votes you say it’s cheating. And if Faberry gets votes it’s like “they’re just so good”. Why’s that? I don’t say that Faberry isn’t good, just thinking why is that different? ♡ Doccubus ♡

    1. For the record, it was not the ENTIRE Faberry fandom (or even many of them at all) who were accusing anyone of cheating. We have been in a lot of polls and we too are dedicated and have won against many ships, and we aren’t the “Glee” fandom, we are the Faberry fandom and we are very dedicated.

      No one is cheating. We are just a lot of dedicated people.

      I think y’all are wonderful and wish you the best of luck! We are going back and forth because we are both so amazingly dedicated to our ships!

  54. Me when this started: Woooo supernatural ships are getting tons of votes we’ll totally keep up
    Me now: Maybe we’ll get all of them in the top 25

    All of these ships are doing a great job though and I’m so happy to see so many femslash shippers in one place so thank you for this poll c:

  55. Hello. I don’t know what processes are needed to create such a poll, but I just have a thought for you creators. Perhaps you would be interested in taking the top 10 or so from the results of this poll and use those to make another poll. Thus, you have something like a finale poll. The reason I ask of this is because this poll is rather long and tedious, so I would like to see what people think with something a bit more specific. That is all. Please and thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate hearing from participants. I know that with a poll it’s impossible to make everyone happy and I often have to pick and choose which feedback is relevant to the group at large or what would merely benefit a specific person. In this case this is something I’ve noticed as well. This is the first time where we’ve had completely open nominations. Last time we had the top 10 fandoms and up to 3 ships per fandom. People were still displeased with that because it was heavily male slash dominated and they wanted their lesser known ships (most often cited as femslash) to get recognition. I created this poll to be an offshoot of that and opened it up to everyone. Unfortnately that tripled the amount of ships that we have and the poll has now become extremely long and unwieldly. There is still refinement to be had, it seems, so I’m going to rethink things for the next poll.

      However, I wouldn’t expect that next poll for a while. Hosting these polls has been extremely difficult for me and my crew. In my inbox I’ve been called all sorts of names from “incompetent” to “biased” (I only even have 1 ship in the top five this time, so what?) to “money grubbing.” The last one is particularly stinging because I personally have not profited from this at all. Any money this website makes goes into improving the website and not lining my pockets (and I’ve actually paid out of pocket for a good chunk of this website). I know that negativity is something that comes with hosting polls, but there’s only so many personal insults a person can take before they need a break from it all. We probably won’t host a shipping poll for a couple of months at the very least.

      That said, the majority of people who come here are positive, upbeat, and wonderful. Feedback like what you’ve given here is appreciated and we are definitely listening. Thanks for taking the time to vote, comment, and help us improve the website and our polling process. Despite its flaws, I hope you have fun.

      -Admin Angel

      (this post is going to modified and posted on Tumblr, just so you know, because I feel like its relevant to a lot of comments we are getting)

      1. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I completely understand where you’re coming from and just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you taking your time to make sure everyone is happy (even if some people may be party poopers). It’s not often someone will dedicate so much time to a poll, and a rather lengthy one at that. I’m sorry you have to deal with so much negativity seeing as it’s not what you deserve at all. Anyway, thanks for everything.


  56. Hello, awesome poll. Can you please add Otalia – Olivia/Natalia from Guiding Light? They were huge in their day 😛 Thank you, Fe. (ps. nice admining btw)

  57. Ok just to clear a little thing that always bothers me in this kind of polls: the FABERRY fandom is NOT the GLEE fandom (In fact most of the glee fandom hates our guts). I’m not a gleek, I’m a faberrian and even though Rachel and Quinn belong to glee, faberry belongs to us, so please stop saying that we are the glee fandom because you couldn’t be more far from the truth.

    1. Absolutely did not mean to offend. I do not know the inner politics of the Glee fandom. I haven’t actually watched the show and have only really watched the fandom from afar. I apologize.

      -Admin Angel

      1. No, no, is not a complain to the website, no need to apologize, I’m sorry if it came out rudely. I just see all the other fandoms express they dislike for the glee fandom when refering to faberry fandom and is kind of bothering (and amusing at times) because most of us haven’t watched glee since a long time ago (like really years ago).

        1. Ha, as a Castiel fan for Supernatural I know exactly where you are coming from. Sorry things in the fandom are rough for you guys, but I’m glad you guys have each other at least. Good luck with the poll!

          -Admin Angel

  58. Also a big shout out to Angel K and whoever might be involved watching over this poll because this is the very first time I see someone making sure things stay calm, clear, answers to complains and takes care of bashing like you have done here.

    1. Thank you. It’s been hard, but the positive feedback has been very much appreciated. I’m glad you guys are having fun. 🙂

      -Admin Angel

  59. You guys!!! This is so much fun!!! Rooting for my ships!!!
    Shame about the bashers but hey… we are all rooting for our girls so in the spirit of femslash… LETS KEEP VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Go Fuffy! Go Naomily! Go DOCCUBUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way… I think we are missing Leonor and Max from Black Sails, which if you are not watching its pretty damn intense!

  61. Woot, go Bo and Lauren! First couple to reach 100,000 votes! Doccubus for the win.

  62. Yo Angel K, I know you are like super busy and I totally appreciate everything you are doing here but, could you include Black Sails Leonor and Max? Probably to late for them to catch up but worth the mention…
    You are awesome!

    1. FYI, girl needs to sleep here. I have work at 5am and I laid down about an hour and a half ago and right before drifting to sleep decided to check my email. You asked for this twice within a single hour where I was essentially sleeping before a long day of work so… patience please. The only reason I’m turning my computer back on when I need to be awake in 5 hours is because I don’t want you asking a bunch more times while I’m unconscious. Understand I am human and sleeping is kind of a necessary thing so if I’m not responding within an hour of your inquiry it is probably because I am doing that or working.

      -Admin Angel

      Edit: I am super super sorry for snapping here, but seriously, I am exhausted man.

      1. Lol… I’m sorry, different time zone plus tons of excitement!!!! …. still feeling all hyper from all the voting :p

        Sorry again 😀 and thanks for the super hard work 😀

  63. Dear Doccubus fans,We are China fans…we always vote fighting that in our morning..so .come on,please go on vote that again when we asleep…
    Now is our country time 18:00pm
    i know Glee fans will again fighting it.but we believe u…!

  64. Could anyone knowledgeable about botting explain to me whether a fan base might conceivably wake up at, say, 7am this morning, notice their team had been bumped from 1st to 2nd, and trails by 4500 votes, then step up their votes per hour from about 1200 votes per hour to 3,600 votes per hour and within 40 minutes cuts the lead to 2,500? I’m not savvy enough about poll poisoning but wondered if this should raise a red flag.

    1. Actually, between 7;20am and 8:20am, fans of Quinn/Rachel (Glee) registered 4,211 votes. They may just have a dedicated, well-organized teal ready to spring into action when their team trails, but having registrred only about 2000 votes in the preceding three hours, it seemed like a sudden leap. It’s suddenly registering thousands of votes in a single hour that needs some explanation.

      1. Wow. I think doccubus’ personal best was 3000 an hour, and that was last night. I would know. I was up past 4 voting on a school night. Priorities. And it was expected. We know their peak hours (7 a.m. being one of them) and can match them in time.

  65. Angel, I was just wondering is there a limit on how much we can vote? Some of us are being blocked for a “cooling off period”?? Sorry if you are sleeping 🙁 Keep up the good work!

    1. At the moment we do not have a limit, however Polldaddy has an anti-spam filter in place. They don’t have official verbage of this on their website, but Googling has told me that it’s roughly one vote every 10 seconds to avoid being caught by their spam filter. On our end there is no limit. On polldaddy’s end there is, but they arne’t clear about it.

      -Admin Angel

  66. It’s not going to end in one of the top spots but it’s nice to see Alice/Dana getting some love. <3

  67. Just sayin’:

    March 4th 7:20am
    Bo/Lauren (Lost Girl) 28.97% (103,777 votes)
    Quinn/Rachel (Glee) 27.74% (99,378 votes)

    By 8am, Glee voting at 3,600 vph pace:
    LBo/Lauren (Lost Girl) 28.91% (105,176 votes)
    Quinn/Rachel (Glee) 28.15% (102,418 votes)

    March 4th 8:20am
    Bo/Lauren (Lost Girl) 28.84% (105,487 votes)
    Quinn/Rachel (Glee) 28.32% (103,589 votes)

    March 4th 8:50am
    Bo/Lauren (Lost Girl) 28.72% (106,051 votes)
    Quinn/Rachel (Glee) 28.66% (105,831 votes)

    March 4th 9:10am
    Quinn/Rachel (Glee) 28.83% (107,140 votes)
    Bo/Lauren (Lost Girl) 28.66% (106,520 votes)

    1. You Right ! ! Something is very, very WRONG ! ! I have my eyes over here since 3 days! suddenly at ca.13:ooh Europeen Time, The Quinn/Rachel Votes abrupt rise height, 25/30 Votes in a minut, And that looks like there must be a cheat Software in this Game ! ! Sorry I don´t trust this anymore !! :((

    2. Thank you very much for keeping track of the numbers like this and for sharing your results. That is extremely dramatic. I’m keeping a close eye on voting and right now the total site hits do roughly match those numbers. Bots go through the back end, so if a bot was involved they would be off. There was also a spike in traffic from Russia a few hours ago and a couple of posts made on a popular Russian social networking site (VK.com), so it’s possible the spike came from that. I will continue to monitor the situation the best I can (I have a photoshoot I need to attend now so I am going to be away for a few hours, but this is a top priority when I return I assure you).

      -Admin Angel

      1. I would like to reiterate that not all bots go through a back door. Bots are scripts, and there are many of them that access the poll through a browser and vote, as if there were a human being sitting there and doing it. The browser is opened to the page, the script is initiated, the script locates the pairing it’s told to find, it mimics a mouse click to add the check mark, then mimics a mouse click on the Vote button, then refreshes the browser. After a predetermined number of seconds, the script begins again. It’s a very simple loop and the scripts (bots) are readily available to anyone lacking the ethics to win legitimately.

        Many bots mimic legitimate website traffic. This is why more and more polls are moving to single votes from an IP. It’s still possible to use bots but those scripts usually cost money and are more difficult to set up so more knowledge is required.

  68. Something is Wrong with this Poll ! ! Please Admin, Check your Site if you Weren´t been hacked ! Thank you.

    1. Patience, honey, I was asleep. The site wasn’t hacked. At this point botting on the poll is questionable, but a spike in traffic from Russia could be the cause. The site hits roughly match the votes. So while this is definitely extreme, at this time I’m considering it suspicious, but not overt evidence of a bot.

      -Admin Angel

  69. Hacking? No no.. ain’t nobody got time for that *buffs nails* whispers *go faberry*

    1. Just so you know, this comment is really weird and I’m not sure how to interpret it. Sarcasm? Because when people are throwing around botting accusations, probably not the best time to be sarcastic.

      -Admin Angel

      1. There is ppl in the faberry fandom sleeping at 6am in their countries bc they dedicate all the day to voting in this poll

        1. And this people don´t work, don´t go to school, etc.pp
          Another likely story !!

          1. Umm I sat up all last night voting… Then I had to go to school and its now midnight and I’m gonna try and stay awake as long as I can voting. Us Faberrians are dedicated and will give up anything to win!

  70. Chill, guys! If you’re really following this poll, you should know the trend. When it’s afternoon here in our country (phil) it’s always doccubus who’s leading but before i go to sleep like right now, faberry will be leading again (as much as 5k) but when i wake up the following morning, it’s doccubus catching up and then leading again. If votes are getting higher for both ships than prev days, probably it’s because of the constant changing of who’s on the 1st place. Both ships knows they should up their game to maintain the lead but so far, i dont think doccubus or faberry able to maintain the lead for more than 24hr (i guess since im not yet here when this started)

    Let’s keep voting for our ship! 🙂

      1. Nice one!!! 🙂 wanted to ask for your ship but im afraid we’re not the same and start hating each other. Hahaha! Just kidding. :p Good luck to our ships! 🙂

        1. Hahaha! You’re right, I’ll tell you after the poll. Goodluck to us! 😀

  71. Not sure if I will continue to vote on this poll. I just watched a certain ship just jump up over 2000 votes with in the last 20 minutes. If you are not passionate enough about your ship to dedicate the time to legitimately vote then there is no point. It makes the poll useless in my opinion.

        1. Sure, do you want to pony up the $200 for a pro account so that we can add one? If so, I’ll give you our paypal address.

          -Admin Angel

            1. Sure. I’m not going to hold you to that because that’s a lot of money to add a captcha to a poll, but if you paypal $200 to upgrade the polldaddy account to TheGeekiary@gmail.com I will screen cap the entire purchasing process it and send you the pictures. You can even investigate Polldaddy on your own to see what I’m talking about for the “upgrade” thing.

              Like I said, not gonna hold you to that because that’s a hell of a lot of money. But I put the offer out there (not thinking anyone would want to do that) so I’m following through and providing the Paypal address.

              -Admin Angel

                1. Pro account purchased, screen shots taken, going to be emailing you a screen shot shortly. Thank you very much! This lasts a year so you’ve guaranteed some good polls from us for the next 12 months 🙂

  72. The Faberry fandom is not cheating. We set up specific hours for everyone in the entire fandom, all over the world, to get online and vote at the same time. They are called power hours.

    We don’t cheat, but we are a lot bigger than any of you are giving us credit for.
    After all, our fandom did beat Destiel, Delena, Sterick, and many other ships.

      1. We did the same for Xena in the Half Price Books Tournament of Heroes, and it was supported by a group of us insane enough to sit there and vote all day. The combination made Xena almost impossible to beat. The constant voters made sure she was never too far behind, which gave the power hour voters the incentive to keep pushing hard during their times. It’s the most effective way to win legitimately.

      2. Lovatics also did the same for the peoples choice awards. Just because we are smart enough to use power hours doesn’t mean we are cheating!

        1. If you have organized teams of fans to vote non-stop at particular hours during the work day (which is when most of your voting is concentrated) then the more power to you – but the Admin found the pattern suspicious, and frankly, I did, too.

          1. A lot of our fans are not from the United States and this is not the work day for them. In fact MOST of our most popular shippers and the lead shippers of our ship who are leading the power hours are not from the United States! It is a different time for them and there are plenty of us partaking in the power hours. Consider it suspicious all you want, but we are a VERY dedicated ship, and we have won tons of polls and never cheated and we just recently got the news that we will be getting Faberry scenes again after a really long time so we are back in it right now… That’s what this is. A very dedicated ship fighting for what we believe in.

            1. CONGRATS!!!! Your post were PERFECT! Faberrians are not cheating! We are just very very dedicated and excited

          2. The admin already said there was no cheating going on when lost girl over took a 5k lead funny how the tables have turned. This happens everytime we are in a poll and everytime its looked into its the other couple who was found cheating like destial in the e online couples tournament I’d be careful with your accusations.

  73. I’m coming from the doccubus fandom, but hopefully am speaking for all the fandoms. If there is some cheating going on and you are involved, your fandom is not proud of you. It’s not fair to those of us dedicating hours of our time, sacrificing sleep, and putting in so much effort trying to legitimately win.

  74. Oh and during the Destiel VS Faberry poll, they accused us of cheating because our votes were going up really fast during certain hours. (Because of the power hours) So, the admin went in and removed all of the cheating votes and we skyrocketed by like 68,000 and Destiel lost a lot of votes, because we WEREN’T Cheating, just dedicated.

  75. Follow-up stats:
    March 4th 7:20am
    Bo/Lauren (Lost Girl) 28.97% (103,777 votes)
    Quinn/Rachel (Glee) 27.74% (99,378 votes)

    March 4th 9:10am
    Quinn/Rachel (Glee) 28.83% (107,140 votes)
    Bo/Lauren (Lost Girl) 28.66% (106,520 votes)

    March 4th 1:20pm
    Quinn/Rachel (Glee) 29.95% (117,571 votes)
    Bo/Lauren (Lost Girl) 28.29% (111,079 votes)

    So since 7:20 am, when Glee’s spurt began, they have registered 18,193 votes over a six-hour period, for an average of 3,032 votes per hour. That’s some coordinated effort by a well-oiled, disciplined team…or something else.

    TAKE NOTE GLEE FANS – You’re being watched very closely.

    1. Guess all I can say is I’m proud of us! Keep it up Faberrians!! :))

    2. I think im gonma be fired from my job since even on work im still voting in here instead of working. When im not in the office, im on my phone voting and my thumb is fcking hurt from scrolling because I need to find my ship.
      You know, there are many people dedicating hours for this. So it’s unfair to think anyone (any fandom) is cheating. If there are any cheating involve here, for sure the admin/s will notice it and not let it continue but for the mean time, jusr continue to vote for your ship!

    3. Honestly your fandom has been watched from the beginning. That is why a lot of us were sckeptical when we saw no tumblr or twitter activity to match what we were seeing in the poll. Then the admin angel came in and showed us where traffic was coming from and let us know the numbers matched she is taking care of it. If you were really watching you would have noticed the pattern everyone is talking about. We have faberrians all over the world if something did not add up I’m sure Angel would have taken care of it by now.

    4. It maybe 7 am where you were but it might have been 5pm somewhere else and other Faberrians would be voting, each country has a different power hour.

    5. can we say that doccubus fandom is cheating? bc we had a 10k lead and now is just 1k so obviously they’re cheating 🙂 JK no one cheats so STOP with the “cheating” accusations bc NOBODY is cheating :3

      1. I’ll do better. On behalf of the Doccubus Army, I’m donating $200 to upgrade the Geekiary’s polldaddy account to include CAPCHA!

        Difference: You made a 4500 vote deficit at 7am on Tuesday into a 600 vote lead by 9am. That required a surge of 7762 votes in less than 2 hours. That’s a rate of over 3,800 votes per hour.
        March 4th 7:20am
        Bo/Lauren (Lost Girl) 28.97% (103,777 votes)
        Quinn/Rachel (Glee) 27.74% (99,378 votes)

        March 4th 9:10am
        Quinn/Rachel (Glee) 28.83% (107,140 votes)
        Bo/Lauren (Lost Girl) 28.66% (106,520 votes)

        Doccubus fans chipped away at an 8300 vote deficit to take the lead by casting about 14000 vites over a six-hour period. That’s a rate of 2300 votes per hour:

        March 4th 5pm
        Quinn/Rachel (Glee) 30.32% (124,104 votes)
        Bo/Lauren (Lost Girl) 28.33% (115,950 votes)

        March 4th 11:08pm
        Quinn/Rachel (Glee) 29.87% (131,146 votes)
        Bo/Lauren (Lost Girl) 29.65% (130,158 votes)

    6. See? Doccubus have taken the lead after trailing as much as 7k. They’ve eaten a 4k-5k lead in just 3hrs. Just shows you how dedicated these voters are. 🙂

      1. Or that the same accusations could be thrown around? Seriously, enough fighting about things we are all dedicated.

        1. No. Let’s not do that to them. Im just telling them that what’s happening is normal and it’s not right to throw cheating accusations just like that. Im a faberry voter, btw. 🙂 Let’s get the lead back!! 🙂

    7. Please explain how doccubus did the same thing a few hours ago??? So are you cheating???

    8. I am one of the people who has been arranging these power hours, we literally votes non stop during that time and that’s why our vote count goes up at that rate. I would like to add that Doccubus made a 13K gain within a span of about 4-6 hours. That is also extremely suspicious. Adding this CAPTCHA thing at this time just makes this whole poll look rigged in Doccubus’s favor. Why not add it when the votes are tied and each fandom has equal opportunity to win? Now its inevitable that you will win, and therefore, if anyone was cheating it would be you. Not saying you are, but its just fishy.. Also would like to add that Faberry is a huge fandom & extremely dedicated. This poll is rigged in my opinion, but in anycase..congrats on your win…….

      Not hating, just saying this is sort of unfair.

      1. I have never seen Lost Girl or Glee so I cannot possibly be biased in this poll. I’ve responded to your other post with the reasoning. I am not a machine. I cannot stay up 24/7 to monitor when the poll is tied. I need to sleep. I need to work. I need to eat and shower and stuff. I wanted to put the captcha up as soon as possible after a contributor paid for it. It’s 1:30am here and I need to sleep.

        -Admin Angel

        1. It’s just really unfair and kinda dumb to add that when the poll is going for days. Why don’t let that one end without it. Now it’s harder (and really annoying) to vote and that, when one fandom is a few ~ks in the lead. Why not when it’s tied or just let it be for this poll?

          1. I literally just answered this question. It is now 3:17am and I am sacrificing sleep to communicate with you. I am not a machine. I cannot monitor the number constantly.

            -Admin Angel

  76. I’m really really sad!!!! I’m blocked because I’m “voting too much”. And what’s the problem??? I tought that the votes were unlimited. I’m not cheating or something like that (and I know that you, Admin, can see it). It’s not fair 🙁

    1. Votes are unlimited on our end, but Polldaddy blocks voting it registers as spam. They have no official verbage to outline what would register as spamming, but from my google searching it looks like 10 seconds buffer between votes should keep you from being blocked. We definitely don’t have any restrictions imposed by choice.

      -Admin Angel

      1. Punishment (again) for being responsive and dedicated. Thanks Polldaddy!

        1. Ugh I’m sorry. I wish I could turn that feature off. :/

          -Admin Angel

  77. So this poll has become for me more entertaining to read the comments about cheating or not, then the poll itself. Not sure if there’s a way to tell it one computer is shooting out a lot more votes then normal time would allow, but if not, then this is a farce. And all this for one day of bragging rights. Is this site even known? its not like E! online or after ellen is it? But keep me laughing guys. Mercy.

    1. Ouch, that cuts deep man.

      *sobs quietly to self in the corner*

      -Admin Angel

      1. thank god this site is not afterellen or e! because then they wouldn’t give a damn about bashing or cheating at all (those that have been at both blood baths know WHAT I’m talking about, that wasn’t fun!).
        This is by far the best poll I have been, they are really involved here keeping things as peacefull and clean as they can.

  78. It’s called Power Hours. Some fandoms have been accused of cheating all the time because of the big jumps due to power hours, but of course as soon as the admins start checking the polls it turns out that nawp, it’s all due to dedication and organization. If people are accusing of the Faberry of cheating, then they’re going to have to look at the Doccubus fandom too seeing as how they’re pretty much tied.

    1. Our ability to keep up may have something to do with not sleeping, voting during work (like right now), and no longer being able to feel our fingers.
      Doccubus fans are hard working and dedicated, man.

      1. Ever heard about that valentines poll that crashed the e! online site? the faberry fandom was part of it. You’re not the only ones obsessively voting. Both fandoms are bat sh*t crazy dedicated to their pairing, so can we just respect eachother and stop this f*ckery about cheating being involved and keep the fair play?

  79. Also, this is the Glee fandom…what are you expecting lol If there’s any group of online fans more dedicated it’s the Gleeks.

    1. More dedicated? How does that figure? You should look at the numbers. Im not invested in this at all but I took a look at both groups involved, one of the girls in glee has over 4 million followers, the top Lost Girl cast member has 80000… thats a huge difference, so this poll shouldn’t be this close.. so just saying watch what you say about dedication please the other much smaller fandom may not appreciate it.

      1. Regardless, the FABERRY fandom is not the GLEE fandom. We are very dedicated and not popular in the “Glee” fandom. So, we are not huge. She is just saying that the ENTIRE Glee fandom is very dedicated to their own personal ships and very enthusiastic about them.

        1. So far this conversation is okay but things are getting heated so I’d like for the both of you to please try to remain positive. We don’t want nastiness and name calling in the comments so while discussion is perfectly fine try to keep it as a calm discussion here. Not accusing either one of you of breaking these rules, but I know tension is rising here and I’m trying to head it off before it gets worse.

          Thank you.

          -Admin Angel

      2. This is hilarious and who is the top last girl actress with the most followers? Was she in the entertainment business since she was 8 years old? Has she been in any actual movies that came out in an actual theater? Or has she written a book or even came out with an album that just got released? Lea michele is more than glee. Shes not just known for this tv show.

          1. Says the anon no namer. I dont blame you I wouod probably be embarassed if I was you too.

    1. OUAT has reached the maximum amount of nominations unfortunately. I’m very sorry we can’t accommodate all of them.

      -Admin Angel

  80. And now, the doccubus girls are narrowing the lead! 🙂 This is their time of the day (from where I am). Wont be surprised if they take top spot again 🙂

    1. It’s Doccubus time! Feel the BoLo! Feel the freedom! Feel the Doccubus feels! Feel the click of the mouse until it finally runs away and leaves the keyboard to suffer instead!

      1. Finally we can vote without worrying if the others are cheating. We’re still winning(even when they added the CAPTCHA and in their “power hours”)

        GO DOCCUBUS!!!

        Practice love, not hate 🙂

    1. Im not sure whose side youre on posting that… I spent 5 mins watching it that I could have been voting.. could be ingenious plan by wrong camp. 🙂

  81. Crazy idea here:
    Let’s stop assuming the other team is cheating, and acknowledge that each team has certain times in which they are better able to vote for their team, accounting for spikes in the number of votes.

    Faberry has mornings.
    Doccubus has nights.

    Both involve a hot blonde/brunette pairing (but let’s be real, it’s such a common trope, most of these probably fit that description).

    Duke it out to the end, and stop bothering the admin.

    1. Totally agreed. All of this just make me love more Doccubus, so no matter what which are ships winning, but let Admin relax and sleep well. 🙂

  82. My pairings aren’t even in the top fifteen, and I’m just glad that so many people are voting in the poll, and that we have so many different pairings and fandoms represented. Go femslash, and go femslashers!

      1. Ok, CAPTCHA was hard to read at first but now it got even worse – it’s imposible to read! why does it get more and more complicated to vote?

  83. It’s really unfair that this CAPTCHA thing is added when Doccubus has a 7K lead, now voting takes three times as long and we don’t even get a chance to catch up. Why not add that in when the scores are tied? That way each is given an equal chance. Adding this now just makes it look like the poll is rigged in Doccubus’s favor. No hating, just saying this is sort of unfair..

    1. I’m sorry. I am not watching the poll 24/7 though. It’s currently 1am where I’m at and I need to sleep. Someone coughed up $200 to upgrade our account and I wanted to implement what they paid for asap. I didn’t want to wait until I woke up tomorrow to do it. :/

      Nobody is ever happy man. I had to do something. No matter what I do people are upset. This is a no win situation.

      -Admin Angel

      1. Your wrong you just didnt put in the time you should have to nake both sides happy and to keep this fair. You jumped the gun angel and I defended you earlier =/

        1. So if they were tied at 4 am the admin should be awake looking at the poll non stop just to make everyone happy? I don’t think that’s fair for the admin.
          It’s impossible to make everyone happy :/

    2. What can i say,i think the CAPTCHA staring on the web at 0930,Maybe they donot know the voting is 24hours voting…so stupid Captcha…

    3. What can i say,i think the CAPTCHA staring on the web at 0930,Maybe they donot know the voting is 24hours voting…so stupid Captcha…

    4. The voting slowed for everyone, even Doccubus fans. The circumstances are the same. If the voting was the result of power hours you still have the same voting power and you will catch up because the rest of us are voting slower too.

  84. I think it would be a farce…
    when the CAPTCHA Appeard when the Doccubus lead 7k votes.
    But,i donot know that is LostGirl fans fault

  85. I’m from the philippines too! hehe well ive been voting non stop for my ship. soooo i hope they win, coz they’ve never lost a poll before. atleast that’s what wiki said.

  86. It really sucks that captcha was added when Doccubus is leading but we can still do this. Maybe not the same phase as before but still, let’s give our best shot. But it really breaks my heart (and fingers) that this happened when we are trailing big.. 🙁

    Let’s vote!

  87. Seriously, way to ruin the fun for everyone. I have to reload the stupid captcha until it comes up with something legible every time I try to vote.

    Not to mention how unfair it is that this has been implemented after B/L has amassed a nearly insurmountable (with the captcha in place) lead and only because one of their shippers paid for it. It’s not a good look at all.

    Sorry, Angel, I know it’s not your fault and you’ve done a great job modding so far. I’m sure you certainly weren’t expecting it to be so much work when you started this poll. But surely you must understand how frustrating this is for the rest of us?

    1. I can understand but can you understand that having both sides constantly accuse each other of botting is really grating? Also I have received 12 rude emails from faberrians in the last day alone. I’m not judging all shippers on the acts of a few but some you guys have been incredibly rude to me both professionally and personally. Both sides were accusing each other and I’m trying g to stop that yet I’ve only been receiving hate from one side and that started even before the captcha. Tempted to give you guys a one vote per ip run off against each other and give this poll to the other ships.

      -Admin Angel

      1. So if Faberry don’t catch up it proves they were cheating? What nonsense logic is this? People have literally already stopped voting because the captcha is frustrating and was implemented at a time that makes the poll already a foregone conclusion.

        1. Wait what? How did you get that conclusion from my post ?

          -Admin Angel

      2. I’m sorry, it’s horrible that people are being so rude to you and this silly poll is causing you so many headaches.

        Maybe the best option would be to scrap this whole thing and, if you’re up for dealing with the aggravation again (shipping wars are unfortunately inevitable with this sort of thing), starting from scratch with the captcha in place so it’s a level playing field?

        Because as it stands, this poll is totally tainted because it’s now so heavily weighted in favor of the Lost Girl ship.

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly 🙂

        1. That’s what I’m thinking. But it’s seriously 3:30am here now. I really can’t deal with this anymore.

          -Admin Angel

          1. Yikes. You need to go to bed and get some sleep. Hopefully things will be better in the morning 🙂 *hugs* Because I’m getting the feeling that you need one.

            But seriously, if dealing with all this is causing you real stress, you should just delete the whole thing and pretend that it never happened rather than continue to put yourself through this just for the sake of some ungrateful shippers.

            1. Thanks for being so kind. I really appreciate that. It’s been a rough night. I’m going to bed now and hope I don’t wake up 100+ email notifications again.

              -Admin Angel

              1. Unfortunately it’s pretty likely that your inbox will be overflowing with outrage about the captcha when you wake up. Undoubtedly some people will be raging assholes about it but try not to let them get to you.

                Goodnight 🙂

      3. Just wanted to thank ANGEL K for her GREAT work and patience in this poll.

        Keep with the great work 🙂


  88. A 6000 vote lead is insurmountable with a week to go? Really? Add a few “power hours” and I’m sure your dedicated fandom can narrow the gap slowly but legitimately over time.

    But explain this to me: after CAPTCHA was added — and during a time when Faberry’s “power hours” have typically kicked in (5-6am EST) — Bo/Lauren has managed to extend its pre-CAPTCHA lead? The CAPTCHA slows down voting for all of us equally, but Faberry voting has trickled to virtually nothing.

    1. Because nobody likes captchas and, like I said, was implemented at a time that makes the poll a foregone conclusion. Faberry fans have stopped voting, as I’m sure the admit will confirm with much less hits to the site. Congrats on your win.

              1. Sarcasm. I’m not deleting because one person said so.

                -Admin Angel

                1. Of course not, unless there’s money involved. Maybe I can pay you to delete it? 😉

                  1. You realize that $200 went for an account upgrade and not into my pocket, right?

                    I’m done dealing with you. Please do not return.

                    -Admin Angel

      1. I honestly don’t understand your reasoning. Pre-CAPTCHA, I was able (as an individual fan) to register about 6 votes/min. I think that was the maximum allowed by Polldaddy (they seem to require a 10 sec pause between votes – maybe the Admin can back me up on that). With CAPTCHA, I am slowed down to maybe 4 votes per minute, or 240 votes per hour.

        If Faberry has an international army of dedicated fans (admittedly much larger in numbers than our little show, Lost Girl) and who aren’t going to let a little annoyance like a CAPTCHA get in their way, it seems to me just 20 fans voting in concert (or in “power hours”) could register 20 X 240 votes per hour, or 4880 votes per hour. 40 of you could register nearly 10,000 votes in an hour. That’s a faster pace than Faberry has been able to generate so far, but it does require some concentrated and coordinated effort over time. Having sat here on my Iphone tapping out votes one at a time, I can attest it is bone-crushingly boring but not impossible and definitely not unfair.

    2. Faberry is one of my ships but I’m not in the fandom, so to speak, so I don’t know anything about the power hours I just come here vote for my *multiple* ships in this poll, read the comments and then go about my day. However I have seen that many Faberry shippers are giving up which is understandable, why would they waste their time and risk developing an rsi in their wrists when the conclusion is inevitable?

      I have to say you seem a little paranoid about this whole thing. The lead has changed so many times since the poll began, your ship came from being something like 5000 votes down to 6000 votes in front and according to you that’s totally legit but if Faberry does the same you’re automatically suspicious and decide that they must be cheating? It’s just a silly shipping poll, just relax and try not to take it so seriously. It’s not like you’re going to get a prize for winning.

      1. Well except the lady who handed over $200 lol she is in the red when this thing is over.

  89. Given the fact that the CAPTCHA is implemented when LG is leading by some 5000 votes, I think it’s fair to say the least that you have handed this “contest” to them.

  90. Does captcha suck. Yes it does. But it wouldn’t be necessary if things were on the up and up. Should it have been implemented in the beginning yes. But at least the admin is trying to the right thing.

  91. It’s interesting to see that other sites like E! have used this same method in the middle of some polls that had problems with cheating too. People were far less vocal then. Because it’s a bigger site people shut up. The poll is as it ever was, everyone as slowed down their voting EVERYONE. So the faberrians can pull their power hours like before because the ratio from your fandom to the Doccubus one is still the same. All of us have the same problems seeing the captcha. So continue to vote for your pairings and stop crying about things. If you all weren’t pointing fingers this wouldn’t have happened since there is no other way of controlling things. At least the admin is trying to solve things.

    1. At least their captions were legible and it was done at a tine it was fair to both sides

  92. ((SHIP BASHING REMOVED BY ADMIN)) Ahhh the Babylon 5 pairing tho… I liked me some Talia Winters.

  93. First off, I apologize for the timing. I can understand why Faberrians are upset, and I think we would be as well if we were in their position.
    Secondly, thank you to the member of the doccubus army who sent in $200 to set up a captcha. That sort of money is not easy to cough up, and you really went all out by paying for it. I’m trying to see if there is anyone willing to pitch in to reimburse you, but as a broke college student myself, I know money can be a huge issue for people.
    Thirdly (and in all honesty, the most important of things I wanted to say, a huge thanks to the admin, who must be beyond tired of hearing all these complaints. I’ve been getting a lot of anon hate myself online due to this poll, and neither side should be saying that to each other, let alone to you. This has been so difficult for you and I don’t think your efforts are appreciated enough. Hopefully you’ll accept the upgrade to the account as a thank you, an apology, and compensation.

    1. The captcha thing could have been paid for days ago by someone from the Faberry ship when the acusations first started flying that doccubus caught up far too fast and had to be cheating – it wasn’t. There was also about a 16 hour window for anyone to step up, during the majority of which Faberry had the lead, and no one from that fandom did.

      1. What even. Why would they? No offense but spending $200 on a silly shipping poll that’ll win you nothing but bragging rights is completely insane. There are so many better things that money could’ve gone towards. Also the Glee fandom tends to skew younger so I doubt any of the Faberry shippers have a spare 200 bucks laying around to throw away on something so trivial.

        Seriously, people need to get some perspective on this thing. It’s not worth wasting hours of your lives clicking a vote button over and over again, it’s not worth wasting your money, it’s not worth losing sleep over and it’s not worth sending hate and abuse to people you don’t even know. Winning this poll isn’t going to magically make your ship endgame, it’s not going to change anything, so stop acting like it will.

        tl;dr: Everyone needs to chill the hell out, take a break from their computers and gain some perspective.

      2. Okay let me explain this to you, I am one of the Faberrians who’ve been arraning these power hours. We arrange these hours so that we can gain votes at a solid rate, that’s why we gain thousands in hours and in between gain far less. I would also like to point out that Dianna and Lea have a combined twitter following of 6 million, of which at least half are Faberrians. Then we also have tons of help from our sister fandom Brittana. Anna and Zoie on the other hand have a combined followinv of not even 150K!! Our fanbase is huge. If you watch our twitter and tumblr activity (which you guys have been) you would see that our vote increase matches our activity/power hours, unlike Doccubus that has very low activity on twitter and tumblr compared to us. Our vote gain isn’t sudden and out of nowehere. It took us several hours over four power hours to gain the 8K lead and I would like to add that Doccubus made a 13K gain within a span of about 4-6 hours thereafter. That is also extremely suspicious. I remember once we were up against Destiel in a poll and were being accused of cheating because of our vote gain. Admin looked into it and discarded all cheated votes, Destiel lost half thwir vote count and ours didn’t budge. Because Faberrians do not cheat. We have no need to in any case. Now adding this CAPTCHA thing at this time just makes this whole poll look rigged in Doccubus’s favor. Why not add it when the votes are tied and each fandom has equal opportunity to win? Now its inevitable that you will win, and therefore, if anyone was cheating it would be you. Not saying you are, but its very suspicious.. The captch should have been there from the start or not at all. And besides, botting is back door, a captcha wouldn’t affect it one bit. It just makes voting slower and more aggrevating for the honest voters. Before we could open several tabs and vote page after page. Now we have to struggle to figure out codes. And so convenient when you have a 7k lead. That’s why we’ve basically stopped voting, power hours aren’t being arranged etc.. This poll has now been set in your favor. It’s unfair..but it is what it is. Gonna be civil and say congrats on the win. Hopefully the next poll can be kept clean and fair xo

        1. Faberry fans have already reduced the Doccubus lead from 6900 to 5500 since 10am.. This poll is far from over, especially if you have the advantage in numbers and enthusiam you say. You have nearly 7 days to overtake us, fair and square. Should be a piece of cake, right?

          1. Yes, aren’t I an amazing team captain 😉 Was a lot of work after it was rigged so conveniently in your favor though. But I’m actually having fun with this poll now. May the most dedicated fandom win. And keep the botting and credit cards out of it everyone xoxo

  94. I second what CopDoccubus just wrote and thank the Admin especially for your responsiveness. It can be a thankless task but you are clearly trying to accomodate and be fair to all.

    I was happy to ante up the $200 (I’m a later life professional so not a big dent in my savings) and only did so at the Admin’s suggestion. The CAPTCHA wasn’t my idea and I had no idea when it would be implemented, so the idea was not to freeze voting with Doccubus way ahead.

    But I want to share a few more stats, then I’ll stop defending myself and the Admin!

    Yeaterday, March 4th, between 8am and 9:10am, (pre-CAPTCHA), the Glee team added 4722
    votes — not surprising since this has typically been one of their “power hours” when I gather fans all over the world coordinate agressive voting. In that same time span, Bo/Lauren fans added 1344 votes.

    Today, between about 8am to 10am, Glee fans managed to add just 1000 votes, while Bo/Lauren fans added 1247 votes.

    Taking the Bo/Lo numbers, adding CAPTCHA seems to have slowed our voting rate by 50% (from 1152 vph at comprable time yesterday to 624 vph today). How do we explain that the voting rating for Glee fans slowly from 4047 vph yesterday pre-CAPTCHA, to just 500 vph today
    — an 88% drop. There are two explanations: Glee fans gave up (really?! So easily?!) or they were able to generate thousands of votes per hour yesterday by indefatigable inhuman means. What other conclusion can be drawn?

    1. I think you need to heed Adele Dazeem’s words of wisdom and let it go.

    2. Okay let me explain this to you, I am one of the Faberrians who’ve been arraning these power hours. We arrange these hours so that we can gain votes at a solid rate, that’s why we gain thousands in hours and in between gain far less. I would also like to point out that Dianna and Lea have a combined twitter following of 6 million, of which at least half are Faberrians. Then we also have tons of help from our sister fandom Brittana. Anna and Zoie on the other hand have a combined followinv of not even 150K!! Our fanbase is huge. If you watch our twitter and tumblr activity (which you guys have been) you would see that our vote increase matches our activity/power hours, unlike Doccubus that has very low activity on twitter and tumblr compared to us. Our vote gain isn’t sudden and out of nowehere. It took us several hours over four power hours to gain the 8K lead and I would like to add that Doccubus made a 13K gain within a span of about 4-6 hours thereafter. That is also extremely suspicious. I remember once we were up against Destiel in a poll and were being accused of cheating because of our vote gain. Admin looked into it and discarded all cheated votes, Destiel lost half thwir vote count and ours didn’t budge. Because Faberrians do not cheat. We have no need to in any case. Now adding this CAPTCHA thing at this time just makes this whole poll look rigged in Doccubus’s favor. Why not add it when the votes are tied and each fandom has equal opportunity to win? Now its inevitable that you will win, and therefore, if anyone was cheating it would be you. Not saying you are, but its very suspicious.. The captch should have been there from the start or not at all. And besides, botting is back door, a captcha wouldn’t affect it one bit. It just makes voting slower and more aggrevating for the honest voters. Before we could open several tabs and vote page after page. Now we have to struggle to figure out codes. And so convenient when you have a 7k lead. That’s why we’ve basically stopped voting, power hours aren’t being arranged etc.. This poll has now been set in your favor. It’s unfair..but it is what it is. Gonna be civil and say congrats on the win. Hopefully the next poll can be kept clean and fair xo

    3. For someone with a lot of life experience you are pretty dense. Believe what you want the reasoning has already been stated. This will be the last time.I visit this site anyways so congrats on your win. I guess I should have had my retired mother voting for me while I was at work and class…

      1. Hey, you’ve broken about 10 of our policies in the last hour. And you’re right, this will be the last time you are visiting this site because you are now banned. Hate and personal attacks are strictly against site policies.

        -Admin Angel

  95. There is no point to this comment other than to send some big gay love from Scotland to Admin Angel for putting up with a phenomenal amount of shit. Thanks for the poll, they’re always great fun until it starts to get over-heated 🙂

    1. I love big gay love and I love Scotland so this is appreciated <3

      -Admin Angel

    1. I’m all for Lauren love, be it with Tamsin or Bo.
      Personally, I think we should have had Lauren/Tamsin as an option instead of Bo/Kenzi (The Copdoc fandom is fairly huge and consists of highly devoted individuals, such as myself). I wasn’t even aware that Benzi was a big ship, but if it is on this poll, I suppose it exists. You learn something new everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Kenzi. She’s just the only straight girl on the show, so Copdoc would have made more sense in my opinion. Benzi is hot (Lenzi is hotter), but the competition would have been more….competitive….. if you had Copdoc. However, this poll could use less competition, so it was probably a good idea not adding them.

  96. I hate so much how pissy the shippers are getting with each other. It makes me sad. No one has evidence of cheating on ANY SIDE. Vote hard for the stuff you love but don’t tear down and accuse the shippers on other sides, mkay people? Polls should not be a battle field.

  97. Can this captcha please be removed. It takes me a minute to vote once because these words are impossible to figure out. Where as I could have voted 20 times using computer tabs.

    1. Guess this is where the dedication and passion comes into play 4 UR ship.

  98. Money speaks louder than words and blah blah shit. And no wonder, the $200 was conveniently from a Doccubus fan. Of cos it looks rigged. The admin did an extremely poor job of implementing the so called upgrade. It should have been done either right from the start (oh right, you didn’t have the $200 yet) or at the end of the polls. There’s always a next one right? Too bad we won’t be taking part in this anymore so too bad for your website hits.

    1. That’s what I said. Captcha should have been brought in from the beginning or not at all. Because bringing it in when one ship has a 7k lead is extremely unfair. That upgrade shouldn’t be a buyable option for the voters. Most of the fandom stopped voting anyway, mostly because they don’t like the way it’s been rigged now. And also because captcha makes it so irritating!! I keep getting the made up words wrong.. Admin has put up with a lot of crap so I’ll take my hat off to them on that. But this poll hasn’t gone about things in a fair way /: That’s why Faberrians stopped voting, not because we don’t have dedication..because our track record speaks for itself.

    2. Please….now I’m offering bribes?
      The Admin made a suggestion but asked for contributions to make it happen. I thought I was being generous. I had NO idea when the Captcha would be implemented. How could I? It could have happened after Faberry’s usual morning
      surge. Can we let this go without character assasinations?

      1. Mahlers5th, please ignore the baiting. What you did was awesome and anyone with any sense knows there was no collusion between you and the admin to land your ship at the top.

        To the other people on this thread, the accusations and poor sportsmanship of a few of the people posting here has pretty much run off most people from other fandoms. We’re not even pushing for people in our fandom to vote in the poll anymore – way too much negativity for something that should be about loving and supporting your own people, not about bashing others and accusing them of cheating. Even I’m not going to vote anymore. There’s no enjoyment and spirit of camaraderie left in this poll. And it’s definitely NOT the admin’s fault. She has put up with far more than anyone else running a poll would have.

        I just don’t even understand the vitriol on here. The makers of the shows and stars of them would probably be embarrassed by some of this behavior. It’s a real shame.

        1. The money went to Polldaddy, not to me. It was an upgrade through Polldaddy. This easy to Google if you are in doubt.

          -Admin Angel

    3. It was an upgrade through Polldaddy. Google it if you have any doubt. We didn’t have the money at the time. I don’t even make any profit from this website. All the money goes into things to improve the website, like you just witnessed, or hiring talent.

      -Admin Angel

  99. I’m not blaming anyone for anything. But, you must realize that the enthusiasm of the faberry fandom has been cut in half because of the captcha being brought in at the time that it was brought in whereas the lost girl confidence has probably skyrocketed in comparison. It’s not hard to realize why the faberry shippers are so upset. That being said, no one is to blame and no one should be on the receiving end of hateful words and accusations. Keep it clean people. There’s always more polls. And faberry fans, we’ve proven our devotion to our ship plenty of times (we got E! online shut down for crying out loud). We have nothing to prove here, so either vote for the fun of it or don’t vote at all, but there’s no sense in getting all worked up over it.

  100. I don’t know if it’s still possible to suggest new pairs, but if we have Xena/Gabrielle, why not add Mel/Janice from XWP? I’d certainly vote for them!

  101. Last word from me about Captchas:
    “You can require users to complete a CAPTCHA before voting in the poll, which, although it does not actively identify users, will prevent automated programs from spamming the poll with votes. This may be sufficient to deter some malicious users, but not all. Although CAPTCHAs are not secure against all forms of automated attacks, high quality ones are available and are frequently updated to defeat the latest in OCR while maintaining human readability. The main downside to CAPTCHAs is the amount of effort for legitimate users, which is why they are generally not seen for something as trivial as an online poll. It takes about 2 seconds to select a polling option and click vote, but it will take 30-45 seconds for most users to fill out a CAPTCHA.”

    I post this article to most polls I’ve participated in, hoping the Admins will apply the sound advice offered to their next poll, if not the one I am actually voting in:


    1. that time I got Lewis.. I think my voting experience is complete.. 🙂

  102. I’m not one to post hate, but Diana, you really need to calm down. Stop replying to everyone. Stop hating on everyone. Stop insulting everyone. And please stop clogging my inbox. Thank you.

  103. Oh, canon trivia (since I’ve been in the glee fandom when I was younger and am in the Lost Girl fandom now):
    Both the blondes that are currently leading in the polls went to Yale.
    Yes, both Lauren and Quin went to Yale. Brainy is the new sexy.

  104. You know if the doccubus fandom wants to win so bad that they paid for it, just let them win. Is not worth the waste of time to try win a poll that has been already decided

    1. They paid for an upgrade on polldaddy to prevent bots, not to win a poll. Quite pretending like it was a bribe. I literally had the money in my bank account for a matter of minutes and have a receipt to prove it. There is no an option to start the poll from zero so if you really care about it then you can vote there. Otherwise let the “no” votes win and things will remain the same.

      -Admin Angel

  105. Really, what BS. Should just stop the poll and make a new one with the Capcha. There’s still 6 days left.

    1. There is now an option to do so. If that vote wins I will create a new poll.

      -Admin Angel

  106. the captha (sp) just got impossible for me to read.. is there a clearer one w/o the black smudge thru it or can you not choose the kind you want..

  107. Wow so much drama between the two top ships. Well as Swan Queen shipper I know we’re not going to win this poll but I’m still here for fun. But I admit the excitement were no longer there coz of that CAPTCHA. It slow me down understanding what was written on, so it got boring. Because it’s so much better to have the rush and excitement when voting for your ship. But I understand the sentiments of the Quinn/Rachel shippers. At this rate of voting, Doccubus has the real advantage, both in numbers and in spirit to win because they have a huge lead when CAPTCHA was implemented. It will be hard now for Faberry to catch up (but lets see because that fandom i think is kinda big and dedicated). And about the cheating issue, I think no one is cheating. They’re both dedicated. when one is leading, they slack off for awhile then the other one will overtake and took the lead, and then it happens repeatedly. So all of you should not accuse anyone of cheating coz you don’t know that. So I gotta go. But before that, congrats for the lead doccubus. And to inspire the faberry shippers to continue fighting, remember that victory is the sweetest when the battle is not in your favor yet you made it through and end up the victor. You are a very dedicated fandom and i know you can get the lead eventually, just continue. So goodluck and please stop giving admin so much headache! Let’s all just have fun here..

  108. Question…in the pics at the top of the page, who are the ladies below the pic of Zena, and what show are they on?

  109. To be honest, I don’t understand why it needs $200 to implement CAPTCHA. It is a completely free open source feature that you just need to add to your site. I am a software developer and I had implemented CAPTCHA befor so I know it doesn’t cost you anything except your time to implement it. So why did you ask for donation to do it? Why did it get added in a time that one of the ship have a 7k lead? And why was it that the fan of said ship happened to donate $200?

    1. http://polldaddy.com/pricing/

      A Polldaddy Pro account cost $200. There may be ways to add a captcha to a poll outside of Polldaddy on your own, but Polldaddy has their own way of doing things and requires an upgrade to Pro to add a captcha.

      -Admin Angel

    2. christ why do you think theres some sort of conspiracy over this???? A GENEROUS PERSON DONATED THEIR MONEY TO THIS WEBSITE BY CHOICE. its that simple. the admin reiterated multiple times they neither watch or know the show these pairings are in. stop trying to direct conspiracies and hate towards someone who just wanted you to have fun supporting your favs. they are not your enemy. you people took something that was meant to be fun and turned it into a massive headache just cause you’re losing.

      i promise you, you will continue to live if your pairing loses, its not the end of the world.

      1. Does this comment hold true if /your/ ship loses, or will you at least be very angry? Your emotion and your “If your pairing loses” gives you away as not the objective voice of reason you wanted us to think you were.

  110. FYI, I just voted “Yes” to restarting the poll — but noticed very few people have voted so far. If you feel strongly this would level the playing field and is most fair to all, I encourage you to vote Yes.

  111. I’m a fan of Bo and Lauren as well as some other couples whom I voted for previously but wih this new question I am not voting as my answer is sincerely what ever is easiest for Angel K. Damn, you have serious patience putting up with all this bs.

  112. Not picking a fight here, but considering the number of people who voted “yes” (Not all of whom are Faberry, btw), compared to the number who voted “no” (In all likelihood, entirely Doccubus), you can kinda get an idea of how many people are actively voting on here through this once-every-six-hour voting system.
    So if we do have a do-over, don’t claim that there are fewer Doccubus fans and we’re cheating or something. I’m tired of hearing it. The admin is tired of hearing it. And it just makes you sound immature, to be frank.
    This is a long poll. We have other polls we’re working on as well, so the idea of spending more time on here after all these last few sleepless nights just sounds exhausting. I’m all for fairness, but voting on two polls at once, as well as nullifying several nights of our effort does not sound very appealing on my end.

    1. I don’t know much for nothing but I did (for my own curiosity) write down the voting tally of the top 5 right after the captcha was added then compared that to the votes 12 hours later. I can’t prove cheating, and it’s not my site to worry about its integrity, but I can say without a doubt, the voting numbers have slowed wayyyy down on the top two couples since adding the verification step. Hmmm.

      1. I can explain Doccubus as us suddenly becoming busy with a second poll that just opened up. That’s why we don’t want a do-over. We’re tired and have to take on a poll that will run through to about the end of the month. Two polls at once is too much. We’re taking on Destiel in the other one, and I think both sides know what it’s like to take on a giant like that.

        1. I’m not sure if we are talking about the same poll but I see Doccubus taking on Mary/Sebastian from Reign and barely being ahead and with only about 8% of the votes thegeekiary poll has received for that ship. I’m sure this has become a headache for the admin as it really does point towards bots being used when currently other polls that track IP’s are showing less than 10% of the participation of this one. I don’t even see Faberry on the other one. Poor Angel, I hope she’s able to get some rest finally.

          1. That’s a one vote per ip only poll (I think). Points not so much towards bots as a dedicated fanbase.

  113. The whole point of the poll was to demonstrate enthusiasm, not just raw numbers, and doccubus fans have shown that enthusiasm in spades so now we are being told we were wrong for doing so? That all that effort to gain the lead and come back from major gaps was wasted? Is there where we are where insults and accusations are going to be the way polls are truly measured? If the other fandoms are not enthusiastic those of us who are will be told to back off because dedication is overcoming sheer numbers and that’s simply unacceptable for some reason?

    1. Just vote no on the top poll if you want everything to remain the same. I just wanted to give people an option because I’m tired of my inbox getting flooded with anger.

      -Admin Angel

  114. lol its the donators decision to do whatever they please with their money. And its incredibly pretentious of you to imply youre better than they are b/c of your ~donations~ when you have no idea what they do with the rest of their money.

    People were claiming of hacking and some were demanding a captcha and when it finally is set in place, everyone gets mad cause it was ~convienent timing. Please.

    1. The comment this was in reply to has been deleted because I am deleting and banning all attacks now with no warning given. I’m just tired of being insulted and I’m done giving chances. So that’s why your comment got bumped to the bottom.

      -Admin Angel

  115. voting on whether to have a poll or not.. that’s a new one. If it does happen and it gets pushed back into the weekend days, I cant vote, just great, figures, but at least I’ll know its because Im actually going to be meeting Zoie and not just voting for her.

  116. You realize that doccubus fan base most likely doesn’t have 1000 people voting in this right? In “one vote per” polls the highest they get is like 500. so you are helping the much bigger fan base. Not to mention is everyone suppose to keep voting our little fingers off until 1000 is reached, just to know its probably going to start over. Nope. its been fun. But enough is enough for me.

    1. Once every six hours is the rule, and we have plenty of people. Doccubus is in lead, by the way. 145 right now, 4 votes a day max. We can finish this in under 2 days.

        1. Tempting but I’m not gonna go 2 for 2 on shipping polls. I may stop trying to bend over backwards for people though and just let things run their course without intervention. It’s clear my attempts at pleasing people are not only not appreciated, but actively disliked.

          -Admin Angel

      1. I think you are wonderful and very patient. Thank you. I think there is a dedicated fan base on both sides which is great. Those we are voting for deserve better. To win because they are loved and without any bitterness from the fans people who did not win. It is meant to be fun

  117. Angel, you’ve been extremely patient, and have bent a lot because of some people having a sad. My advice, rule from the lofty heights, this is your poll, these people are lucky to get a poll to show how dedicated they are to their ship, this is your site, set the rules and if people don’t like it too bad. If people are sending you something that looks abusive don’t even read it, delete. You’ve done an awesome job btw, take pride in that.

  118. To Admin Angel.. I went to faberry twitter and tmblr and some of the active shippers voting here last time is very quiet about the poll and the new poll. I also haven’t seen anything about power hour voting like they did before the CAPTCHA. Maybe they want to give this poll to doccubus. So maybe you’re wasting your time? I don’t know.. That’s just what I think about that. Because I know Faberry fandom (I also like that ship but its not on my top ships). They’re like huge and enthusiastic, they can reclaim their lead if they want to. But as i monitor the numbers they produced after the CAPTCHA, I can say that a lot of them no longer care about this. As for me, I’m no longer voting for my ships because that CAPTCHA is not cool, it gives me headache. And my ships are not even on the top 5, so.. I become more interested with the comments here and all the drama going on

    1. If they want to give up that’s fine. I’m not demanding that they return. I gave them an option for continuing if they’d like to and if they don’t want to, fine. Less hate in my inbox.

      -Admin Angel

      1. I still hope this poll came to a nice conclusion. And I’m not saying about Faberry shippers giving up as a whole, lets just wait and see.. Maybe they wanted to just cool down first or something. That fandom is nice overall. There just some who send hate but they are nice people Admin. They won a lot of poll fair and square against some “not so nice” fandoms. I still hope they continue the fight, that will be exciting to follow here.

          1. That’s what I’m saying! I got to admire Faberrians for that. They really are something. Are you one of them?

            1. Hahaha! Yeah! But just recently. This is the first time that Ive joined a poll. And i gotta say, faberrians are really that dedicated. I gotta give it to them whatever happens to this poll. 🙂

  119. As a Doccubus fan who has voted “yes” for a do-over I would like to suggest to the admin to limit the number of votes to 1 per IP in order to eliminate all these cheating accusations. Btw. Angel, you’re amazing…if it were me, I would’ve closed this pol long time ago. It’s really not fair that all your hard work is causing hate mail and stuff like that. So sad 🙁

    1. I’ll either do captcha or ip limit. Both come with the pro account. If yes wins I’ll take your comment into consideration. And thanks for the kind words.

      -Admin Angel

  120. Don’t worry reset vote that.
    China fans always so many votes because we have most peoples can do that.
    Even reset again.i think Doccubus will win again…that is all

  121. Sorry to bother the admin, but I know more than 6 hours has passed since my last vote, but I don’t think it’s accepting any new vote from me. Is anyone else having this issue? Could just be a fault in the program, or something wrong on my end, but just wanted to be sure. Thanks!

    1. There is a time cap on voting in the new. Not sure how long it is, but it is somethnig around once a day, but not exactly once every 24 hours, from what I can tell anyways.

  122. Angel, just want to say thank you for setting up this poll. It has been a lot of fun and seeing such a great range on the list is excellent – you taking the time to add everyone’s suggestions was brilliant. I’m here for Doccubus – but was also really excited fo see DS9 Dax & Lenara on the list – remember watching at the time & being so moved, never forgotten it after all this time, and its almost 20 years now. So just wanted to let you know some of us are happy, very much so. Thanks again. I’m heading back in now to vote for both 🙂

  123. Reading some of these Captcha codes is like trying to understand another language. Haha. Especially when you’re on your phone and autocorrect keeps changing them.

      1. Of all the comments on here, this one is the best.
        I applaud your wit, Mahlers5th.

  124. I just want to say thank you for running this fan run poll. I know that sometimes it can be a headache for those operating the polls, but it is fun to vote and show my love for my favorite ship, so I thank you for the opportunity to show said love.

    Regardless of the outcome, thank you for your flexibility and genuine effort to be fair to both ships, and hopefully you have found a small bit of enjoyment as well. Thank you for being an angel!

  125. We reached 1000 first.We got it,and we will always be a winner…I am proud of doccubus

  126. Angel Admin, as Docfan stated your time and effort are appreciated. I enjoy the polls and seeing who wins and what other pairings are fan favorites. I love Doccubus but was pleasantly surprised to see Inara/Kaylee, a pair that I always kind of wish had been explored.

    Thanks for your hardwork; sorry there’s been so much f***ery about it.

  127. OK no revote won. Angel thanks for putting up with all this. Shipping polls tend to get ermm passionate.

  128. This new question is stupid, of course Doccubus fans will say “no” even if they have accused Faberry fans to cheat, since they’re leading. If they were not leading they would say yes. Same goes for Faberry. What’s the point of this question? Seriously.

    1. Faberry fans had at least 12 hours to mobilize your admittedly vastly superior numbers and swamp the YES/NO poll. They chose not to. End of story.

      1. Hmm I think a lot of that “NO” vote came from Faberry fans also. And the “YES” vote came mostly from other shippers here who wanted to start the battle for the two ships fair and square.

      1. Actually quite a few Doccubus fans also voted yes to open a new poll. Some to prove a point about beating Faberry without a chance for either fandom to cheat and others simply because this has been a nightmare, people have acted like idiots, and made both fandoms look ridiculous.

    2. well obviously… but the point was to give the glee fandom a chance to do something proactive for them selves especially with a larger fan base. If it was reversed, of course Doccubus fans would have went yes, but the point is we would have had a chance to step up. And just so you know not all voted No.

      1. I’m so sorry,I didn’t mean to offend you guys.And i said most,not all of fans.I know a lot of fans just for the sake of fairness…Anyway,i’m sorry about that.

  129. Well, it’s a passionate poll here.
    Admin Angel has been fairplay and added a referendum to know if we wanted to restart the battle between Faberry and Doccubus.
    Compared with previous results, and the striking force of Faberry fandam (2000 votes /mn, sometimes seconds), it would be easy for them to won this referendum if they wanted to.
    Maybe they just gave up, I don’t know.

    Anyway, let’s not forget the main thing : respect for others and their preferences.
    This is a poll to fight for your team, not against others.


  130. The lost girl fandom knows they would lose that’s why they are voting no. It’s not rocket science.

    1. Both sides had the same opportunity and one side accomplished it first.

    2. Maybe it is less about losing and more about not wanting to make this last longer than it already is.
      Everyone got to vote once.
      If anything, it shows that even when we come from a small fandom, we are huge in both numbers and dedication. That is over 1000 individuals who came out in a 12 hour period to vote “no more” (couldn’t resist a doctor who reference, sorry). We’re bigger than you think. And we do have lives which we have been compromising for this poll.

  131. Major, major props to Admin Angel for putting so much effort and dedication into keeping this poll running and for staying strong despite all the hostility. Sorry on behalf of my fellow femslash fans for all the bullshit. 🙁

    Anyway, I’m here for Xena/Gabrielle. Very impressed that a couple from a series that ended in 2001 still receives this much attention and support, keeping up with & surpassing many popular pairings from currently airing shows. Not surprising, considering what a giant love story and amazing relationship they shared, but still impressive. 😀 Love those ladies and their epic soulmate love forever. <3

  132. i would love to keep voting, but I can no longer make out the damn captcha. Why is it so difficult to read?

    1. I do not have an answer for this as I didn’t create the captcha system.

      -Admin Angel

      1. ok well I am out. I have tried but I can’t make it out. Good luck everyone.

  133. I see that you’ve bumped up the Gleek votes Admins to make it even since the vote was to not start over.. This is your way of making it happen. You just nullified every vote I’ve put in for the past seven days. I will no longer be voting in your poll.. not that it matters to you. And I’m sure you will also delete this comment since it makes you look bad. Your poll is a sham now.. and the winner will not be legitimate.

    1. Whoa, whoa, whoa! The Admin has been extraordinarily responsive and fair throughout. I don’t think it’s helpful or fair to question her integrity. I know I didn’t aporeciate being accused of bribery and buyiing votes either.

      I think at this point team Glee is winning this in a straight up way, just like their ship. Heh heh, couldn’t resist, just a little levity, Faberry fans. They got together an imoressive swat team earlier today and wiped out our lead just like that. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

      And let’s show a little love for our poll Admin who has absorbed more hits than all the ships in this poll combined.

    2. What? How the heck can I bump votes? That’s not even possible.

      -Admin Angel

    3. Wow! Give credit when it’s due, man (or lady). Faberrians worked their asses off to catch up even with captcha. I think not everyone voted to reset the poll since it’s unfair for the ones who really voted for both doccubus and faberry.

      And now since you cant say other fandom cheated because of the captcha, youre trying to bully the admin. That’s not really nice.. tsk

  134. I’m sorry Angel. Most Doccubus fans are trying to be civil. We’ve increased our efforts and have every intention of taking the lead by the next morning.
    I hope you don’t take a few people’s comments to heart. They are not representative of the fandom (and I expect the same goes for the Faberry fandom).
    Thank you for your patience.

    1. Thanks. I’m tired of accusations. I’m tired of personal attacks. I’m just… over this. But I’m not going to end it early so carry on. I just wish people would stop attacking me and accusing me of things. I have fandoms going after me personally. I’m tired.

      -Admin Angel

      1. Hey admin, there are a lot of people who admires the effort that you put in here. A lot more than who send you hate on both fandoms. Just ignore them. This soon will be over 🙂

        1. Thank you. You’re right. There are far more awesome people. Thanks to everyone who has been fabulous.

          -Admin Angel

      2. Hi AGEL’re awesome … Try to get what you write does not affect the crazy people who only see evil in the end not all understand the importance of the competence of this fandom has been fought has fascinated me and I tell you I’ve been here from the start and although the catcha has throttled back the vote has made cleaner for all, and thanks to who donated the money was a good act .. the ships are going up impresionates both .. remember that whoever wins is important for all who admire the flemslash … you’ve been Wonderful administrator…..sorry if is not well understood what I try to write English is not my native language..

  135. I think I finally figured out the source of that cramp in my forearm.
    This poll is so intense.

    1. Well, for me it’s my thumb since im using my phone most of the time. Goodluck to our body parts. Haha!

  136. Hats off to the Faberry fans, that was an amazing comeback yesterday. I’m a Doccubus fan and was counter voting the whole time, but appreciate the commitment and effort that must have gone into that power surge.
    Both Faberry and Doccubus fans are winners here, look at those vote totals. We should call it a draw and instead spend the time checking out each others ship, as we obviously have a lot of passion in common. I’ve never seen Glee. Whats the best Faberry scene? If you want to check out Doccubus this is a great early scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0rA-x0U5pM