Valentines Shipping Poll: Round One!

Love Ship FINALTo celebrate Valentine’s day we here at the Geekiary are running a two part shipping poll.  Our first round is going to narrow down the top 10 fandoms to head into the next round.  In order to have qualified for this poll the fandom had to have had new content since January 2013.  That content could have come in the forms of episodes, movies, or other forms of official installments within the canon.  We picked from among our personal favorites as well as favorites suggested to us by our followers on social media.  If a fandom isn’t in this round but there is enough demand for it in the comments section we will gladly add it as long as it meets the time limit criteria!

If you are voting for a fandom feel free to leave a comment letting us know what ships you’d like to see make it to the next round.  The top three ships from each fandom will be featured on the next poll.  If we don’t know what the top ships of a fandom are we’ll either just go with our personal favorites or Google it.  That’s hardly fair or representative of the fandom at large, so please let us know what you’d like to see!

All ships are welcome to be nominated whether they are canon or not! Don’t let onscreen material limit you with your nominations.  While fandoms are limited to things that have produced new content since January 2013, that doesn’t mean that your ship has to have been active in that time.  For example, if you want to nominate something from the Marvel Cinematic Universe from an installment that came out years ago, that’s fine.  If you want to nominate a ship from the 1960’s era of Doctor Who, that’s fine too.

The only thing not allowed in this poll?  Ship hate.  Hating on ships will not be tolerated.  If you comment is simply to bash another ship it will be deleted without warning.  This poll is about love, not hate.

This poll will remain open until February 2nd at 11:59 EST.  We’ll then close it, compile the results, and then launch the next installment of the poll within a couple of days.

Voting is unlimited.  You can vote for up to 5 fandoms at a time but vote as many times as you want.

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107 thoughts on “Valentines Shipping Poll: Round One!

    1. We now have two recommendations for Buffy and since the comics are canon I’ll go ahead and count it. Give me 10 minutes and it’ll be added to the poll.

      -Admin Angel

  1. For Supernatural, Destiel. And I second the Buffy request because the ongoing comics are technically new seasons, specifically I’d love to see Spike/Buffy. And maybe Faith/Buffy too. Cause a girl has needs.

    1. Well the fans have spoken and I will be adding the Buffy universe to the poll. Give me about 10 minutes and it’ll be there. 🙂

      -Admin Angel

  2. Almost Human is my new favorite show and I’d freaking /love/ to see Jorian (Dorian/John Kennex) in this poll oh my goodness

  3. I’d really love to be able to vote for Newt and Hermann from Pacific Rim, and Dorian and John from Almost Human!

  4. My fave pairings in the fandoms I voted for: Supernatural – Dean/Castiel, Sam/Crowley, Crowley/Castiel. Sherlock – Sherlock/Moriarty. Psych – Shawn/Lassiter. Once Upon a Time – Emma/Regina. Sleepy Hollow – Ichabod/Abbie, Irving/Jenny.

    Also, how about Lost Girl? I love Bo/Tamsin and Bo/Dyson. And I like Kenzi/Hale.

  5. Voted for: Supernatural ’cause I want Dean/Castiel
    Star Trek – Spock/Kirk
    Teen Wolf – Stiles/Derek
    Arrow – Felicity/Oliver
    and then I couldn’t choose between Vampire Diaries & Originals because I want Klaroline! But they’re on two different shows!

  6. From what I see around the fandom, the top three ships for Almost Human are (in order): John/Dorian, John/Stahl, Dorian/Rudy

  7. Almost Human: John/Dorian
    Hannibal: Hannibal/Will
    Pacific Rim: Mako/Raleigh
    Star Trek: Kirk/Spock
    Marvel: Steve/Tony

  8. Recommendations for:
    Marvel Cinematic Universe: Steve/Tony
    The Hobbit/LOTR: Aragorn/Legolas
    Star Trek: Kirk/Spock
    Supernatural: Dean/Castiel
    Hunger Games: Katniss/Peeta

  9. If you’re going to include Doctor Who and/or Star Trek, please don’t forget that these shows have a lot more history and characters than what is currently popular, and there are a LOT of ships.

  10. The most popular pairs among shippers, to my knowledge are destiel, Sam/Jess and sabriel

  11. The biggest ships in SPN fandom are probably Destiel, Wincest and Sastiel/Sabriel. Don’t try and deny the Wincest guys, we’re part of the big two.

  12. Star Trek – McCoy/Kirk, McCoy/Spock, Kirk/Spock
    Castle – Esposito/Ryan, Beckett/Castle, Alexis/Ryan
    Being Human (UK) – Annie/Mitchell, Nina/Annie, Mitchell/George
    Supernatural – Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, Sam/Cas
    Almost Human – John Kennex/Dorian, John Kennex/Det. Richard Paul, Rudy Lom/Dorian
    Game of Thrones – Jon Snow/Ygritte, Arya Stark/Gendry, Sansa Stark/Marjaery Tyrell
    Marvel Cinematic – Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Steve Rogers/Howard Stark, Thor/Loki

    Also, Harry Potters not on there =[ the fandoms still going strong yanno!!

    1. Thanks for all those ships. Unfortunately for Harry Potter it hasn’t had new canon material in the time frame designated (since January 2013) so it’s not eligible for the poll. I know the fandom is strong, but it hasn’t produced anything canon which is what’s required. We appreciate the enthusiasm though 🙂

      -Admin Angel

  13. Almost Human – Jorian (John Kennex/Dorian), Salerie (Sandra Maldonado/Valerie Stahl)
    The Hobbit/LOTR Universe – Kiliel (Kili/Tauriel), Legolas/Gimli, Bagginshield (Thorin Oakenshield/Bilbo Baggins)
    Pacific Rim – Newmann (Newton Geiszler/Hermann Gottlieb), Maleigh (Raleigh Becket/Mako Mori)
    Welcome to Night Vale – Cecilos (Carlos/Cecil), Man in the Tan Jacket/Dana
    Doctor Who – Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Tardis
    Homestuck – Johnkat (John Egbert/Karkat Vantas), Rosemary (Rose Lalonde/Kanaya Maryam), Solara (Sollux Captor/Aradia Megido)
    Marvel Cinematic Universe – Stanner (Tony Stark/Bruce Banner), Clintasha (Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff), Pepperony (Tony Stark/Pepper Potts)

  14. I thought at first it was alphabetical and thought Lost Girl was omitted but I found it! Valkubus all the way but really every ship is viable on the show. It’s the shippiest show I’ve ever seen.

  15. Supernatural – Dean/Castiel!
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Willow/Tara!, Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Angel
    Doctor Who – Doctor/Rose!, Doctor/TARDIS

  16. I haven’t looked through all the comments for this may be a complete repeat but ships I would recommend:

    Glee – Klaine (kurt/blaine)

    Buffy – Tara/Willow, Buffy/Angel

    Doctor Who – The Doctor/River Song, Jenny/Vastra

    If Lost Girl makes it up – Bo/Lauren, Bo/Kenzi

    Thank you 🙂

  17. Molly x Moriarty from BBC Sherlock
    Allison x Lydia from Teen Wolf
    Ichabod x Abbie from Sleepy Hollow
    Charlie x Dorothy from Supernatural
    Tara x Willow from Buffy
    Cecil x Carlos from Welcome to Night Vale
    Doctor x Rose from Doctor Who
    Will x Hannibal from NBC Hannibal
    Mulan x Aurora from Once Upon a Time

  18. Dean x Castiel Supernatural
    John x Sherlock Sherlock
    Doctor x Master Doctor Who
    Spock x Kirk Star Trek

  19. Supernatural: Dean/Castiel
    Almost Human: John Kennex/Dorian
    Sherlock: John/Sherlock, John/Mary, Sherlock/Molly
    Star Trek: Kirk/Spock
    Community: Troy/Abed

  20. Sherlock: Sherlock x John – Johnlock (OTP <3)
    Star Trek: Kirk x Spock – Spirk
    Marvel: Peggy x Steve Rogers
    Pepper Potts x Tony Stark
    Free!: Nagisa x Rei – Reigisa

  21. Sterek- Teen Wolf
    JohnLock- Sherlock
    Destiel/ Sasstiel/ Darlie(Charlie Bradbury and Dorothy) – Supernatural
    Drose- Doctor Who

  22. Supernatural: Dean/Castiel

    Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod/Abbie

    Those two got my vote when the time comes. 😀

  23. Almost Human: Dorian x John, John x Valerie
    Star Trek: Bones x Kirk, Spock x Bones
    Pacific Rim: Mako x Raleigh

  24. Marvel: Steve(Captain America) / Bucky(Winter Soldier)
    Star Trek: Kirk / Spock
    Supernatural: Dean / Sam

  25. Almost Human – John x Dorian
    Pacific Rim – Mako x Raleigh
    Star Trek – Spock x Bones, Kirk x Bones

  26. Elementary – Joan Watson x Jaime Moriarty
    Star Trek – Jim Kirk x Bones McCoy, Bones McCoy x Spock
    Arrow – Oliver x Dinah

  27. Supernatural: Dean/Castiel – Destiel
    Doctor Who: Rose/Doctor -Drose, Roctor, 10-petals, Allons-Wolf
    Sherlock: John/Sherlock – Johnlock

  28. LOTR/Hobbit – Tauriel/Kili
    Supernatural – Dean/Castiel
    Almost Human – Dorian/John
    Star Trek – Kirk/McCoy
    Elementary – Jamie Moriarty/Joan Watson
    Sleepy Hollow – Ichabod/Katrina

  29. I’d love SamXCastiel/Sastiel from Supernatural! (And CastielXMeg and SamXMeg would be wonderful as well.)
    And if they make it, JulietXLassiter from Psych, GamzeeXJane or DaveXJane from Homestuck, and SherlockXMolly from Sherlock are all great.

    1. Unfortunately the poll is closed already. The good news is that both of these pairings have made it onto the next poll! It should be up some time today. 🙂

      -Admin Angel

    1. This poll has been closed for 12 days but Dean/Castiel did make it to round 2. Feel free to go vote for them there,

      -Admin Angel

    1. This poll has been closed for 12 days, but both of your ships have made it to round 2. Feel free to head over there and vote for them

      -Admin Angel

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