Valentines Shipping Poll: Round 2!



The top 10 fandoms of the last shipping poll have been voted in.  We’ve taken the top three ships of each fandom that were nominated in the comments and put them in the poll.  Not every fandom had three nominations or clear winners, so we’re sorry if your fandom only has 1-2 ships represented.  If there are enough comments to include a ship that wasn’t voted in last round, we’ll be happy to add it!

Ship hate in the comments will be immediately deleted.  Repeated harassment will result in a ban.  This poll is about love!  If you can’t express love about your own ship and can only express hate towards other ships, this poll is not for you.


This poll has closed.  View the results >>HERE<<.

Author: Angel Wilson

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1,131 thoughts on “Valentines Shipping Poll: Round 2!

  1. why is cecil/carlos a ship??? their relationship is canon – they already are boyfriends!!

    1. “Ship” doesn’t mean “not canon.” Amy/Rory and Kurt/Blaine are also canon. Ship is short for “relationSHIP.” There is no caveat that it has to be uncanon to count.

      -Admin Angel

  2. I love this site and your no hate policy. 🙂 Looking forward to a fun poll here and hoping my beloved Dean/Cas wins it all…though there are soooooooooo many other pairs that I adore on here, including Sterek and Jorian.

    1. It didn’t get voted in last round. I’m sorry. There were a lot of Doctor Who ships and only 3 were allowed to advance to the next round. It wasn’t one of the three unfortunately. My Doctor Who ship didn’t make it either and I’m the admin here 🙁

      -Admin Angel

  3. Destiel is the best love story that I’ve ever read, so my vote is for them. I was part and I voted for them in every single poll last year, and of course this year I will do the same! ♥

  4. Destiel got like 100 votes in a minute! Woohoo, my fandom’s awesome! (a bit weird though considering it’s like 5AM in the US, but our fandom’s famous for this)

    1. destiel went from about 200 votes to over a thousand in less than 30 minutes?? somethings not right here..

      1. The Almost Human ship had the same results. The two are currently jockeying for first. If you’re curious, most of the traffic right now is coming from Russia. Links are mostly coming from Tumblr. The amount of hits this website is getting is roughly matching the amount of votes. They are indeed unique visitors. Polldaddy also has a mechanism in place to prevent bots. Rest assured, right now this is legit. I’m keeping an eye on it.

        -Admin Angel

        1. Thanks for the info! Ipromoted it on my tumblr too, and saw many of people I follow do the same. 🙂

          1. No problem. Also a large portion of traffic is coming from a social media website called “VK” which is a Russia based social media site. I believe it’s the middle of the day and they tend to contribute heavy traffic to our polls. I’m used to seeing link backs from them. We’ve got about 500 hits from that social media site alone, over 1,000 from Tumblr. All of this is in less than 3 hours. I’ll be watching. 🙂

            -Admin Angel

            1. Thanks for the clear up, mod! Just out of curiousity, can you track the traffic of individual votes too (i.e. How many votes are unique), or just the clickthrough/referrals to this page?

              1. My comment to this post and all subsequent posts have been deleted not because they violated our policies, but because I don’t want to reveal the behind the scenes workings and what measures I have in place to prevent bots to the general public. If you’d like to discuss the inner workings of this poll please email me at

        2. It makes sense. Usually #ProfoundBond trends on twitter more in the US and (Moscow) Russia.

      2. The poll has been promoted on Tumblr, by Destiel shippers like me. In my case, it was promoted to almost 8,000 accounts all around the world. All of them very eager to vote and make Destiel win. There’s no reason to start thinking there’s a bot.

        1. Yeah, and now it’s kind of gone around with us Klainers ^^;;
          And if Klainers know there’s a way to vote for Klaine then stuff’s gonna get real!

          1. Ha, oh my. I remember the last time you two were in the top two spots for a poll and the term “Klainestiel” was formed. Have fun you guys.

            1. With the fact that this website seems honest and it’s not fair to hate on others then I’m thinking it will be fun no matter who wins ^o^ It’s all about good fandom support (and I know that Supernatural is really popular I just….don’t like supernatural genre very much)

              1. Thanks for the compliment on our website. 🙂 Yep, this is all in good fun. I remember by the end of the last Klaine/Destiel poll people were relatively friendly as far as shipping polls go. I hope that remains true here. Hate will be deleted. This poll is about love.

                -Admin Angel

                1. As usual with the SPN fandom, problems always start when the usual group of 5 or 6 brats come here and start insulting people because they don’t like Cas, and Destiel and anything apart from their own tastes.

                  As far as they are away, the environment will be awesome. I remember with Klaine, last year, we broke a website hahaha, and the difference in the end was of less than 100 votes I think. It was a good competition 😛

                  1. Oh definitely know what you mean. There is so much lol Blaine/lol Klaine stuff that it just brings it all down.

                    But honestly, I think the Glee fandom has gotten smaller whilst (feel free to correct me since I don’t watch SPN) the Supernatural fanbase has grown.

                  2. Thankfully we have a no tolerance policy on hate. Hate of any kind will be deleted. So far I’ve only had to delete one hateful comment. I hope the trend of relative civility continues.

                    -Admin Angel

          2. I’m a Klainer so yeah I told my other Klainer friends so, stuff is about to get real! <3

      3. it’s because someone made a post on tumblr saying to vote, and it spread around pretty fast

      1. How is that odd lol I voted like 30 times within the last minute. Vote, refresh, scroll and vote again! And you don’t even need 10 people to make 100 votes a minute, especially if you have a decent comp (I have 100mbps and that is only mediocre)

        And gud damn it I was supposed to be writing a Destiel AU but yet I’m here voting aaahhh!!!!

          1. Haha hi Anja

            This is the AU I’m trying to continue:

            A Destiel AU where Castiel is an angel trying to take away Ben’s nightmares but got mistaken as a kidnapper by Dean instead. It’s mostly narrative – which is a style I’m trying because it was supposed to be a ficlet on Tumblr and then it got waaaayy too long so I posted it on AO3 instead haha!

        1. I’m actually a little sad that no Supernatural couples made it to the People Choice Awards voting (which was a bit…cloudy about the winning votes). That would have made it so fun and I know a lot of people who watch both Glee and Supernatural.

          Who cares if it’s not canon, it’s implied canon from what I’ve heard.

          1. Totally agree with you on this. 🙂

            A lot of Destiel shippers really campaigned hard and I personally believe that we did have enough votes to have Dean & Cas in the Favorite TV Chemistry category for the People’s Choice Awards, but the PCAs took the heteronormative route and instead of including non-canon LGBT ships in their poll, they created new categories called Favorite TV Bromance and Favorite TV Gal Pals that included portions of some of the non-canon ships. Dean and Cas were paired with Sam for an option in the Bromance category, which was great to me as I do love all three of them (yay for Team Free Will and they did win the whole category too) but stunk that we were left out of the chemistry category like we were.

    1. I can confirm that most of the traffic is coming from Russia right now. Is like your Facebook?

      -Admin Angel

      1. Firstly – I’m not from Russia (or India-Russia, for that matter, since it’s not a real) Haha, why would you think that!

        Secondly – is //like// facebook (as far as social networking goes, it’s definitely not Twitter as far as I’m concerned, lol) it’s also like a forum. Do you know there is actually an English version:

        1. Oh sorry! I just thought that since you had information about traffic you were from the source. My mistake. Thanks for the info. 🙂

          -Admin Angel

      2. VK started as a copy of FB,, just different skins and, well, in Russian. Two of them went separate ways from the starting point tho.

  5. I have a question. Maybe I got it wrong last week but I thought from each show in the top 10 the 3 most popular ships would get in, if not suggested by us you would ask Google, but now I only see one Glee ship?

    1. Klaine was the only one nominated and we really didn’t have a clue what other ships to include. Googling it didn’t seem fair so I just went with the only one any of the commenters suggested. Do you have any suggestions? I’d love to add them.

      -Admin Angel

      1. The 3 biggest and most popular ships on Glee in my opinion seem to be Klaine, Finchel (Finn & Rachel) and Brittana (Brittany and Santana).


  6. Ah none of my other ships/shows made it, just Klaine and Sherioatry. But I doubt the latter will get very far so I’ll just be voting for Klaine.

    Surprised none of my doctor who ones did: Doctor/River, Doctor/Master, Captain Jack/…EVERYONE

    I didn’t notice Torchwood was left off in the first round, has it really been that long? Jikes. Still love Janto though 😛

  7. Arghhh, this is bittersweet *but mostly sweet* My bby Ichabbie ship didn’t make it to this round! D: But at least Dean/Cas made it; time to root for my boys! <3

      1. And wow, you really did. The Teen Wolf fandom never fails to impress.

        -Admin Angel

  8. OMG Sterek is on the 1st place!! We just have to keep it that way!! C’mon Sterek fans ! Or else, I’m gonna rip your throat out. 😀

  9. I’m so sorry Klaine and Destiel but I had to….. I…. I…. I voted for Sterek! Just so you know, it was the hardest decision of my life and this doesn’t mean I love you less.

      1. No they didn’t. they voted for another OTP. That’s FINE That’s not betrayal.

        -Destiel shipper

  10. omg….sterek and destiel… 2 otps and they’re BOTH cutthroat biggies…..

    i don’t know who to vote for!!!!!

    1. ok….i’ve decided to vote as much as possible for whichever of destiel or sterek is currently in 2nd place at the time of voting, until it evens out again and then let fate take it’s course in the final hours…just to keep things interesting!! ;P

  11. Klaine was my OTP and then Sterek came into my life. Ok they aren’t canon but i don’t care.
    Klaine for me is a dead end, the way that the writers hanle them, poor guys.

    1. these are my exact thoughts. sterek still has a chance is interesting (when they actually get scenes together)…of course though i still love klaine they’re just very boring now

  12. I voted Destiel a lot. I am sorry, but it seems even freakin Sammy notices how in love they are with eachother

      1. I nominated Faith/Buffy, but BtVS didn’t get in. Nor did Lost Girl.

        Which on one hand means I can focus on Destiel and Destiel alone, on the other hand, so many ships I’m missing right now.

        1. Teen Wolf has a third spot available, so done. Allison/Lydia will be in the poll in 5 minutes. 🙂

          -Admin Angel

  13. I thought sabriel was more popular than sastiel (I don’t ship any of them, both make no sense to me, so no bias here, the only thing I ship is destiel) but honestly sabriel is a huger ship, surprised it wasn’t in the poll.

      1. I don’t see why, there was nothing in their interaction that can qualify as other than friendship, but I guess I’ll never get why people ship things that make no sense.

        1. Not sure if you meant it, but that came off a little harsh. I don’t ship it either, but I understand why other people might. Just sayin’, after rare Sam/Cas scenes in the series, episode 11 was a goldmine for Sastiel shippers.

          1. I have nothing against people who ship them, whatever floats their boat, but you basically said that the quantity of onscreen interactions are just enough to ship two characters regardless the nature of said interactions, and that’s what I don’t get; I can understand it as brotp, they’re friends, but there’s nothing remotelly romantic so I don’t understand why people see it as such. It’s not judging, nor dislike, it’s honest confusion that’s all.

            1. Hmm, well in that case it’s probably because of how similar they are. They’ve both been down similar roads with trying to do the right thing, and they’re both good to each other; in that they don’t really fight, they’re caring about the other…but again, I don’t ship it…so I’m not sure how off the mark I am. If there’s a Sastiel shipper out there, it’d be awesome to get your perspective! 🙂

              1. If you guys are really interested, here’s a page about why people ship Sastiel in a much better way than I could ever share:
                But yeah, I’m a Sastiel shipper; fell in love from the first handshake, and just loved it more and more as the show went on. ^^

                1. Wow, thanks for that link! This is pretty much what I’ve seen between Sam and Cas, just in a less romantic way. But I still understand where you guys are coming from, it’s a sweet ship. ^ ^

                2. This was an interesting read. We just come from different POVs and I simply see it all as friendship. I do understand people have different views on romance though.

                  The one thing that bothered me was a scene of “The Man Who Would Be King” with this written on top of it “In fact, Sam always gives Cas the benefit—when no one else does.”. Because that scene was about Dean giving Cas the benefit of doubt and saying Cas would never betray them and Sam and Bobby were the ones saying Cas was lying (which he was, but that’s not the point when it comes to giving the benefit of doubt). The whole episode had Dean giving Cas the benefit of doubt and feeling betrayed at the end because Cas was lying and Sam and Bobby were right. Unless I understood the meaning of the sentence on top of the gif wrong. In this case I’m sorry.

        2. I could say the same thing about Destiel, you know. To me, that ship is nothing but friendship. In fact, that’s what most of these ships are. This is what shippers do: we put a romantic spin on things where most regular viewers wouldn’t see any. It’s a bit rude to say a ship you don’t ship “makes no sense” just because you choose to see the interactions of Sam and Cas as nothing but friendship.

    1. Seems a little rude of you to kinda demand explanation for other people’s ship preferences in the poll comments here. You know, if you don’t get it, and you’re not asking ‘why ship it’ just to try to mock, it’s not hard to do something as simple as google a ship manifesto. Sastiel has more screentime than Sabriel, at least, and half the ship hasn’t been dead for nearly four seasons. That probably helps far as poll nominations go.

      1. I’m monitoring the comments for hate. I apologize if this comment offended you, but I’m not counting it as hate due to the subsequent explanations and good conversation regarding ship preferences. If you do spot hate in the comments that the mods haven’t gotten to please bring it to our attention.

        -Admin Angel

    2. It’s what got voted in. I wasn’t expecting it to be top 3, but it seems the popular fandom ships are shifting.

  14. My votes are going to Wincest: The Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean. 😉

    “So you know you can’t trust them, right? You know Sam and Dean Winchester are psychotically, irrationally, erotically codependent on each other, right?”

  15. I love Sterek and so happy that they made it but I kinda wish Scott/Isaac or Scisaac would have made it

  16. Just curious, from the results of the first poll it looked like Psych beat out Doctor Who by several places and a significant number of votes, so I was just wondering why you chose to put up Doctor Who ships instead of Psych.

    1. Wow, yeah that was absolutely a mistake on my part. We were keeping tally in an external document and things got out of order. I apologize. I’ll add Psych as an 11th option.

      1. Oh, thank you very much! I’m sorry for the trouble, I was just curious. ^^

  17. I’m going to be eternally rooting for Sterek, but the other ships are lovely too! Good luck to everyone! <3

  18. I love how it’s always the same two at the top, Sterek may be young but it is glorious. Destiel is cool too 😉

    1. I found myself going, “STEREK!! >XD” One minute they’re way down there, next minute bam! 1st place. You guys never fail to catch me off guard. I sense a lot of flip flopping in # until the poll closes! xD

  19. Looks like Sterek will be giving Destiel a run for its money. If I had to pick between the two it’s Destiel all the way but Sterek’s one of my favorites.

  20. I love the rivalry between Destiel and Sterek. Our shipdoms would make the cutest couple ever. Pretty sure we could rule the world together, tbh.

    Love to Destiel from a Sterek fan<3

    1. Hey, Supernatural just had a werewolf episode where they expanded the mythology to include born werewolves, packs, werewolves able to think and plan… And Teen Wolf is having a ‘demon and hunter’ season this year.

      So, yeah, two great ships that would be even better together. Can we vote for ‘Super-Wolf’?

    2. Agreed, world domination would be top of our to-do list once we join forces.

      Love right back at yeah Sterek, from a Destiel fan. ;D

      1. Haha, I’m glad the Destiel fans agree with me. I really hate battling with you guys, it feels like I’m going against my shipdom soul mates like this. :'( </3

        … Needless to say, if 'Superwolf' was an option, I think we would break the voting box, lol.

    3. Destiel and Sterek shippers together is the best! I love you Sterek shippers soooo much! Even though you guys provide us SO much competition in the polls, you’re always so terrific and it is just too fun talking with you guys and enjoying a friendly rivalry/competition. 🙂

      Desterek/Stestiel for life! <3

      1. I love this little section of the comments right here because it makes me so happy, and it’s so true! Together, Sterek and Destiel shippers are AWESOME! I loved Destiel before I even watched SPN thanks to how cool you guys are (though I’m really sold now that I’ve watched the show (; ). Thanks for being our lovely OTP Soulmate guys. <3

  21. Why does it say “round 2”? will there be more rounds after this? is it top 10 or something?

  22. Thank you, Polldaddy for noticing something was up with those Stydia votes. I’m not even in that fandom and I knew it was strange that they were suddenly voting at the same rate as Destiel and Sterek. Good to see it’s gone back to normal. Come on Klainers, we have a chance!

    1. I take it back. Whatever you’re doing to fix the problem only works for short intervals. The Stiles/Lydia vote rate will almost match the Destiel/Sterek vote rate for 10 minutes and then drop down to almost nothing for a while. This doesn’t seem right.

      1. I’ll be monitoring this situation. The Stydia votes are the first votes that have been suspicious and haven’t matched. The numbers haven’t reached the point that it pings as a definite bot, but I will definitely be monitoring it. If it continues we’ll unfortunately have to close down the poll.

        -Admin Angel

      2. I’m in the Supernatural and Teen Wolf fandom and I understand your confusion because that is an unbelievable number of votes for Stydia to get. The online fandom for that ship is rare. It does look like the extreme vote rate you’re talking about has gone back to levels that seem right. Maybe everybody just voted at once for a while and then disappeared. Good luck for your Klaine 🙂

        1. Thank you. It was a bit disheartening for us Klaine shippers to see Stydia gaining so many votes and then passing over us and pulling away. I’m happy to see that you’re trying to keep it fair for all of us. Thank you.

          1. On behalf of other Stydia shippers I would like to apologize for the unbelievable actions of some of our fandom. Taking off 10,000 for bots (I have no idea how many there actually were) puts Stydia in 4th place but it’s pretty close right now. Best of luck and hope the bots are done with now.

  23. And now I’m bored with the poll already. The results are the same thing every time.

  24. I wish more people were more of aware of the Jorian the ship from almost human…I wish more people were in the almost human fandom for that matter…..anyway go jorian and destiel!

    1. Destiel is my #1, but I adore Jorian too! Those two are so cute together! And that show is awesome! I really wish the fandom was bigger too.

      1. oh my gosh….destiel is my number one as well! I just love almost human thought because jorian is super cute, and a human with a robot super cool!

  25. Voted for Sterek too but where are all my Spirk shippers?!?!

    Space Husbands all the way!!!

  26. We all knew that this was going to be a competition for who comes in third. (Destiel and Sterek are unstoppable). But now we have third place taken by a ship that cheated and should at least be in 6th place if it’s correct that at least 8-10000 votes have been fraudulent. I’m so disappointed.

    1. ADD.) If this poll can add ships in late like the Psych ships and Allison/Lydia and that’s still considered fair, Stiles/Lydia should be reset to 0 as well.

      1. Nobody is going to be happy and I’m going to receive hate mail either way, so this is the option I’ve chosen to pursue that seems the most fair from my end. If I remove it now after I’ve already said they’d get a warning then I’ll be a liar and my inbox will be flooded with anger. This is day 1. There are 11 more days to get the other ships above Stydia. I have no doubt that some of the more popular ships will pull ahead at this point. I’ll be watching it closely and if they use a bot again they will be disqualified. That’s the best I can do at this point. I’m sorry if that option upsets you, but we are about 8% of the way through this competition so there is plenty of time for things to further develop. It doesn’t end tomorrow. If it did I might view things differently.

        -Admin Angel

        1. I think you’re doing a great job monitoring this poll! Thank you so much!
          Continue voting dears! 😀
          I’m a Sterek shipper and I have mad respect for Destiel shippers, because they are fair when it comes to polls :).

          1. I totally agree, this website is really good at keeping things fun and fair. I’ve (unfortunately) never seen Teen Wolf but I really want to and Sterek shippers have made me already ship them… I just wish more Destiel (my OTP) and Sterek shippers got along. (I mean, can you imagine how beautiful it would be if ships cheered each other on instead of tearing each other down?)

            1. “Sterek and Destiel joined forces could probably take over the world” – zainclaw on Tumblr

              So true.

          2. As a Destiel shipper who also ships Sterek, thank you for respecting us. A lot of people think we Destiel shippers cheat because we win a lot of polls by huge margins, but in reality we’re just a huge group. Destiel is pretty much the #1 non-canon relationship on Supernatural, so we’re pretty avid fans. Thanks for the respect though, and may the best ship win!!

        2. It’s not who is winning on day 1 but who is in the lead midnight EST Feb 15th! And I sincerely wish every ship good luck and support, but I’m voting STEREK.

        3. Do we have any new estimates on how much botting there’s been (if there’s been anymore)? Last I heard it was around 10,000 but that was old. As a Stydia shipper I’m just curious how close it is between Klaine and Stydia (if the 10,000 is accurate than Klaine’s only ahead by a few hundred). Obviously we can’t know exactly how many douches have been botting but I’d just like a benchmark (if one is even possible).

          1. I still suspect botting. From my estimates there have been less than 50 Stydia shippers visit this poll and it’s going up as though there are hundreds. Unfortunately it’s looking like I’m going to have to disqualify it. I hate to do that. I’m giving it a little bit more time to see how it goes.

            -Admin Angel

            1. I understand. Thank you for being so fair and giving them time to come to their senses. I hope they realize what they’ve done. On to cheering for my other ships.

    2. I agree. Unfortunately these people, who are determined to undermine anything Sterek-related will now vote for Destiel. No offense to Destiel shippers, this is a reality of small- minded people with a big chip on their shoulder. Wish we could all have a fair contest and ship and let ship.

      1. I agree. The hate against Sterek has gotten really bad since bisexual!Stiles became more explicit in canon. I guess we just have to just accept it and just keep on shipping. It’s nice to see Sterek being well-supported. Good luck fandom!

        1. “The hate against Sterek has gotten really bad since bisexual!Stiles became more explicit in canon”

          Your ship is semi-canon and that has increased hate against you guys?
          People are crazy.
          I’m really sorry for you even though I’m a destiel shipper.
          When I see other shippers online I just think “maybe it’s time to watch their show…” I’ve discovered supernatural because of destiel on tumblr. ^^.

      2. I absolutely detest revenge voting. Unfortunately there really is no way to combat that. I really wish there was. I can recognize bots and do my best to balance out the polls when bots interfere, but I can’t get into the heads of people and see their motivation for voting a particular way. The Supernatural fandom has a lot of revenge voting as well, so maybe it’ll balance out. I really wish I could combat revenge voting. I’m sorry. I wish people would play fair. 🙁

        -Admin Angel

        1. You’ve done an excellent job keeping track of the suspicious voting. There is absolutely nothing you can do about revenge voting and it’s something most of the Destiel and Sterek voters have gotten used to. It’s just a side-effect of being a bigger ship. I understand why other ships would get annoyed and revenge vote, but it doesn’t make it any less irritating. You’ve done an amazing job at keeping the poll as fair as possible 🙂

      3. destiel has always had it’s highly extreme haters as well who will be voting for sterek, so it evens out.
        whatever happens between these 2, so long as no bots become involved (which no one genuinely voting for them would do at this point – the only reason one of those ships would have a bot would be sabotage from a hater) then all’s fair. they are the undisputed kings of shipdom – it’s neck and neck and up for grabs either way.

    3. If you take off 10,000 for bots Stydia is still in fourth place. I have small hopes that we can pull through and hold on to 3rd legitimately and am appalled at the behavior of my fellow Stydia shippers.

      1. I’m pretty sure the botting was done by the anti-sterek folks and not by legitimate Stydia-fans.

  27. I find it extremely annoying that the ONLY canon ship in AU Star Trek isn’t represented! How about some Spock/Uhura hmm?

    1. If it were voted in last round it’d be on the list. Unfortunately nobody nominated it. The only three ships nominated were the ones represented in the poll.

      -Admin Angel

    2. I thought it would be up these too. However if I’m honest I’m not shocked seeing as it really doesn’t have many fans. I mean yes there IS a fan base, but not one big enough to be of any note. Yes it’s canon, but that doesn’t mean it’s popular. It’s fan sites are pretty dead and the fandom is minuscule compared to other Star Trek ships.

  28. man i hate it when two of my OTP’s are in a ship war. so hard to choose! but for the sake of the never ending battle between Destiel and Sterek im voting for Sterek. but i so so so badly want to vote for Felicity/Oliver from Arrow! oh the life of a shipper. =]

  29. Come on people. Give some votes to Dorian/John Kennex ship from Almost Human!

    The two of them talk about olive oil and where to put it, each others balls and there was even dick showing to the other in canon. This underdog show needs more love! Praying for it not to get canceled and instead renewed for a second season.

    Go and watch the Dorian/John Kennex in the show and then come back to vote for them!

    1. I have to admit, for a new ship, Dorian/Kennex (are we going with Jorian?) are fantastic! Great chemistry, good characters separately AND together, and portrayed by two GORGEOUS guys.

  30. While I totally ship Destiel, it does disappoint me that so many shippers “revenge vote” and take the fun out of shipping and ship polls.

  31. Good luck to all the ships! And I’m sorry to hear about revenge voting happening in the Sterek fandom. We Destiel fans have certainly experienced our share of wrath from fans with more hate towards Destiel than love for their ship. It’s unfortunate to see this kind of thing happen in any fandom and to any ship. I am happy to hear about progress with Stiles and his bisexuality. I’ve only watched 2 seasons of the show and I’m far more of a casual viewer than anything else, but I love representation anywhere and Stiles would be a great character to have on *my* LGBTQ+ team. 😉

  32. Hey guys, I’m sorry, I know revenge voting is the most frustrating thing ever. I remember when the destiel haters voted for Sterek just so that our ship would lose, and under normal circumstances I’d say the haters are balancing things out on both sides, but with how things are (Stiles possibly being bisexual and destiel basically being denied left and right by the writers) I guess you have the disadvantage this time, what with sterek haters boiling with rage and destiel haters kinda laughing in the distance.
    There’s nothing anyone can do against that, though. Which probably only makes it more frustrating. But stay positive dear sterek shippers, you’re gaining credibility concerning canon, after all <3

    1. Call me foolish, but I still have hope that tptb plan on a Dean/Cas endgame. Especially after this 2nd half of the season, it’s been parallel after parallel and I can’t /not/ think there isn’t something going on! >w<

      1. I wish I could be as positive about this as you. I noticed the parallels, of course, and the Colette one was almost ridiculously obvious, but everything else is just one big destiel denial fest to me. All the girls Dean suddenly hits on again (after stopping almost completely during S8), strange scenes between them that somehow appear stilted and wrong, idk, I just don’t get the vibe anymore. Except for that one scene where they sit in the car and Dean tells Cas “Wait, I can’t let you do this”. But in the end, I guess it was bait after all, and I’m so so tired of being jerked around like that, you know? But that’s not the worst thing: The worst thing is actually how they didn’t only ruin Dean/Cas, but the show in itself doesn’t seem to really try anymore, neither with new characters nor with the story arc. I mean what purpose do all these fillers even serve? Everytime they build up these epic story lines and then they conclude the thing in like, two episodes. And now the strange Dean ‘n Sam thing, too? Ugh. Yeah okay, this wasn’t supposed to become a major wank, I’m still voting for destiel for old times sake. <3

        1. I gotta respectfully disagree and say that it looks like they are very much manoeuvring Dean into position for a long term healthy relationship, and Cas at this stage is the only one in sight who fits the bill as far as who with goes. Dean is going through self destruct mode, and he’s always liked sex – difference is now he has even flat out said he doesn’t actually enjoy the one night stands anymore. Just gotta work the bad out so the good can follow. So yeah, massively hopeful that they won’t chicken out at the last second. Bad Boys showed that until the codependency is broken Dean can’t move on with his own life, and that is happening right now.

          1. I just want to thank the both of you for keeping this discussion respectful. I have enough on my plate with the rest of the comments than to deal with this getting out of hand. So thank you. Active polite discussion is encouraged <3

            -Admin Angel

            1. Yes! ProxyOne made a great point, there are a lot of really good meta talking about where the brother’s relationship is going plus where they believe tptb are taking Dean and Castiel. I would definitely recommend Neven-Ebrez on Tumblr, her meta is so good. >w<
              @Angel K Oh of course! Thanks to your strict policy on wank, it's helped give this place a good atmosphere. No trolls= Good times. 🙂

              1. Thank you, good points and I will read the meta. There was a time I didn’t doubt it would go canon, actually, and I didn’t understand the people who were so against it, and neither the people who thought it wasn’t even possible. By now I view the meta and think: yes, that’s what I would like it to be, but it’s never this great and deep in the end, is it? Like every time someone makes absolutely brilliant observations but in canon it leads to…nothing? Yeah, I’m really bitter by now, but what gives me actual real hope are people like you who still think destiel is possible or even likely. It makes me stay. Oh and @Angel, I’m sorry if I violated your terms on wank? I hope it doesn’t apply to what I wrote. This is my last message anyway in this poll, I won’t have wifi for the next days. So keep voting guys, I have to leave you to it <3

  33. So glad three of my ships are in the top 3 (yes, I can ship Stiles with more than one person). Come on Stydia, we don’t need stinking bots to maintain third place!

  34. Whilst I have to admire the total dedication of anyone to ANY ship if they are prepared to spend time hunched over their keyboard voting over and over and over again…………What is the point? Surely one vote per site visitor gives a more accurate picture of the support/love for one ship, whoever it is? A few people with time on their hands simply skews the voting and tracking IP addresses checks authenticity.

    1. I do have to admit, I’d like these polls better if you could just vote once, too. I only have time to vote once a day, if that. Just me!

  35. I am loving how teen wolf cast and writers are paying attention to us sterek fans. Hopefully they pay atttention to this one too if we win. they have said before that we seemed to have gone quiet but we are sure showing them lol.

  36. I don’t ship Klaine, but I feel kinda bad for them. If the Stydia vote really is skewed by 10,000 votes then Klainers should be in 3rd.

  37. As a Sterek AND Destiel shipper, it brings me great joy to see these two in top form! That said, WHO DO I VOTE FOR? I absolutely love how both shows play into their fandoms, teasing us about these ships. I’ll echo the comments above, saying that I wish people were more respectful when it comes to fandom. I guess, I’ll just have to vote for both and hope that everyone else plays fair in what they love.

    1. That’s what I’m doing. I’m also voting for all my other ships to see how many can make the top 5. I’ve got 3 in there currently.

  38. Woo! I’m happy to see my pairing slowly rising! Keep voting, Lydia/Alison fans. We need more femslash love!<3

  39. Feeling bad for the Klainers who’ve been cheated out of a fair fight, so I’m voting for them even though Sterek is my OTP. I admit I’m disheartened that the site would let Stydia remain in the game after such blatantly hateful actions. Takes a lot of the fun out. 🙁

    1. I know right? I’m voting for Klaine as well. I’m very disappointed in those cheating in the Stydia fandom. 😛

    2. I’m personally glad the admins are acting fairly and not punishing all Stydia shippers for the botting. Personally, I’m just subtracting 11,111 off of the Stydia total (mostly because I don’t know how much botting there was). If Stydia is ahead by more than that by Feb 15th (assuming no more botting) I think it’s a legitimate win, otherwise I motion that they get whatever place subtracting that gets them (right now they’d still be in 3rd). I am not condoning the botters actions in the slightest but think that eliminating the entire ship would be inappropriate (although I am obviously biased).

      1. A lot of Klainers have given up and quit voting because of the cheating. So no matter what happens, Stydia cheaters have ensured that the voting will never be fair. No win Stydia gets here will be earned or legitimate IMO.

        1. Since they can’t go in and edit the poll section by section, could they at least post a disclaimer at the top with a penalty for Stydia so Klainers know how close it actually is? Not sure how much good it would do, but I really do want this to be a fair race.

          1. It sucks for honest Stydia shippers and Klainers both because this will never be a fair race as long as Stydia gets to keep those votes with no penalty.

              1. I probably came off a little harsh and you’re definitely getting hate from both side, so thank you for doing this and trying to keep it as fair as possible. You rock!

  40. So its come down to this again has it? Well Sterek fans… *ties on a Destiel head band* Let the games begin. 🙂

  41. And after a run of high voting, Stydia votes have dropped down to nothing again. Which has been happening for a while. It looks like if you just cheat enough without doing enough to be traced as bot voting you’re allowed to stay in. Wonderful 🙁 We’re never going to catch up to that.

    1. Yeah, what’s with that? Every now and then I’ll notice the Stiles/Lydia vote practically matching the Sterek and the Destiel votes and then it drops way down to only one or two votes for a little bit and goes back up again. It’s the only one I’ve noticed doing it because I thought it might just be a heap of shippers voting in waves, but the Sterek, Destiel and Klaine votes have kept consistent (I’m not sure about the others). I don’t know what to make of it.

      1. I don’t know either. But we’re currently at the time that the Stydia percentage goes down fast because the vote increment is so small. Don’t worry though because just as I think the problem’s been fixed the Stydia vote starts voting again at a huge rate and we lose any percentage we gained during their ‘off’ period. I don’t know why I’m even bothering to keep voting except my Klaine love is just too damn strong.

          1. Thanks for noticing the weird voting. I know we we way behind Stiles/Lydia but there were moments we’d make headway and the voting would shoot up again. Thanks.

  42. Really not fair at all to the Stydia fans who had nothing to do with the bot, they should still be given a fair chance to vote like everyone else, now it feels like we’re being punished for something not all of us have done, or ever would…

    1. Unfortunately this is the most fair thing we can do. There is no way to manually subtract votes and everyone below Stydia felt like it was unfair. I have been getting hate mail all night. Waking up to 84 emails about a poll is not fun. In order for the vast majority of poll voters to feel that things remain even this is what we had to do. I’m sorry. I ship Stydia too and removing it from the poll hurt me a lot.

      -Admin Angel

      1. Question about your Stydia shipper status! Do you have more than one ship for Stiles? I know you’re crazy about Sterek. (Personally, I like Danny/Stiles best of the choices in front of me.)

        1. Yes. Stydia is actually my #5 ship. My OTP of the show isn’t even in this poll. The only ship for Teen Wolf that’s on this poll is #4. My top 2 ships for the show are pretty much all on the same ground. Isaac/Scott and Isaac/Allison. Then I ship Scott/Kira. Then Sterek at #4. Then Stydia. I wish some variation of Isaac/Scott/Allison had made it (or even OT3 which absolutely wasn’t against the rules, but nobody even nominated), but this isn’t my poll. It’s the readers poll. And the readers have spoken.

          -Admin Angel

    2. they were given a fair chance though. it always sucks when the honest people have to suffer because of the actions of a few twats….but tbh there’s simply nothing else for it. multiple warnings were given, both in general and then addressing the stydia fandom specifically, and yet were still ignored. it’s aweful for the honest voters like yourself, yes, but hopefully it might serve as a lesson to the cheaters in future – you can’t get away with it. for future polls, with that lesson learnt, the ship will probably stand a much better chance :). not just with stydia either – bots have been a long running problem for many ships, and the only way to stamp them out and make it a better environment for all is to show that they cannot get away with it. i really do hope this is the last that the stydia fandom at large has to put with them, and that they come back stronger for it next time,…but for now…it’s simply not fair to ignore the rules put in place from the start and let a ship that blatently cheated continue. fair warning was given….

      i actually really want to congratulate Angel K on the fantastic job he/she is doing in running this, monitoring it and keeping everything running smoothly. it can’t be easy but they’re handling it wonderfully. this is one of the only places were the competition somehow carries a nice, friendly vibe, and irregularities are picked up on and dealt with fairly and efficiently. great job.

  43. Angel, I just wanted to thank you for trying to keep things fair. I’m sure this has been really stressful on you, but your efforts are appreciated.

    To the Stydia shippers who weren’t cheating, I’m sorry this happened. I’m sure it’s very upsetting to be associated with people who were cheating, and to be disqualified even though you personally didn’t do anything wrong. 🙁

    1. Thanks. I had to deal with 84 emails before even making coffee. And I still have a day job to go to now. I appreciate the kind feedback. Makes this worthwhile <3

      -Admin Angel

  44. What’s to stop the revenge voters from putting a bot on the Destiel or Sterek polls just to get then disqualified? This is why the Backlot had to stop unlimited voting because that was suspected to have happened to Destiel and Sterek in that poll.

    1. If further bot voting occurs we will shut down unlimited voting or put other measures in place.

      -Admin Angel

  45. Oh my Godstiel, it’s ridiculous *in a good way* how neck-and-neck Destiel and Sterek are. It’s like they keep trading the #1 spot every 30 minutes or so! Grr, this is going to be exhausting. x’D

      1. oooh i assure you i dont plan to. I would want my ship to win fair and square i just was confused as to what it was.

  46. Please add Jimlock to the Sherlock/Moriarty ship. I don’t like how there’s Sherlolly, but for Sherlock/Moriarty there’s no ship name while I personally see it as far more superior.

    1. This was based off comments in the last thread. I didn’t know the ship name for this ship. It wasn’t a personal dig at the ship so I apologize if it read that way. I don’t ship either thing so it definitely wasn’t personal. Many ships don’t have ship names in the poll. I’ve seen “Sheriarty” as the ship name for that one as well and I wasn’t sure which was the common name. I left it blank so I didn’t get it wrong.

      Either way, I’ll go ahead and add “Jimlock” as the official ship name as nobody else has commented otherwise.

      -Admin Angel

      1. I think “Sheriarty” sounds cuter, but I’m not, like, offended by “Jimlock.” (Gym lock? 😉 )

  47. Reading through these comments just now has been joyful. Thank you sooo much to all of you that have kept the comments nice, polite, and fun. All you guys rock. And thank you Angel soooooooooo much for all that you’re doing to keep it that way and to make sure the poll stays fair. I’m sorry that it has been causing you such a headache and that you’ve been getting so many angry emails about it, but please do know that many of us really appreciate you and the atmosphere that you’re working to create and how hard you’re working to keep the poll fair for everyone.

    I’m sorry that a handful or less of people using a vote got Stydia disqualified. I don’t ship it myself but I really hate it for all of you Stydia shippers that were playing fair.

    And I’m sorry for the Klaine shippers that were disheartened before over it.

    Sterek shippers and my fellow Destiel fans, you rock. I love how dedicated you all are to voting and supporting your ships, and I hate to hear of revenge voting going going. Keep your heads up, guys.

    Jorian shippers, I’m sooo happy to see Jorian love being spread in the comments! Anyone who doesn’t watch Almost Human is definitely missing out on a great new show and a great new ship! John and Dorian really are just too awesome.

    Keep the love flowing, everyone! <3

  48. I would definitely stop unlimited voting. The numbers get out of control and then people either use bot votes for their ship, or to revenge vote against someone by increasing their competition, or to get a ship disqualified they hate. As someone else said, this all happened during the backlot. If you can switch to 1 vote per IP, I’m sure that would save a lot of drama.

    1. I’ll consider it, but not at this time. I like having people voting in a dedicated fashion. If problems persist I will limit it. But not now.

      -Admin Angel

    2. The Backlot solution wasn’t perfect though because the changed from unlimited voting to one vote per IP per hour in the middle of the poll when Destiel already managed to get a very sizeable lead. it was impossible to beat it after that. I hope the Backlot makes it one vote per IP per hour from the start next time. Unlimited voting just adds to too many problems.

  49. This has been, for the most part, a fun exercise. Kudos to everyone who does it for fun, and love of their own ship, and shows respect for what other people love. Make this all worthwhile. And to the admin who kept their head, humor, through a patch of nastiness.

    Thanks to everyone that kept it that way.
    To paraphrase Scotty- I like these ships, they’re exciting!

  50. im a dedicated destiel shipper I try and vote in all the polls and I love to blog about them and continue to hope that it will become cannon. But i still respect sterek heck my best friend ships it so I am so sorry to every fandom not just teen wolf for the hate or the revenge voting. Honestly nothings ever going to be perfectly fair but at least we know that we love our shows and that we have a bond together just as fans. I sincerely wish every ship the best of luck because remember even if they aren’t your cup of tea someone out there ships them just as hard as you ship your OTP

    1. dude i feel you. my sister is a huge supernatual fan so i try to respect the supernatural fandom even if i am a huge sterek shipper.

  51. Destiel is my ultimate OTP, but Sterek is so very adorable. So many ships that I ship are listed; good luck to everyone!

  52. in like a matter of 5mins the destiel ship went up by almost 3000 votes … ugh theres no hope in beating them 🙁 🙁

      1. Yeah, don’t give up! It’s actually staying pretty close. But Destiel has a huge fanbase in Russia, so when they start voting, they get a nice lead. It just means us Sterek shippers have to stick in there and vote, vote, vote 🙂 I love these polls because Destiel shippers are always so cool to us. They’ve been doing this a lot longer and have dealt with the hate that we’ve been getting from our own fandom for a lot longer as well. It’s nice that Destiel and Sterek have a bond but stay competitive. It’s going to be interesting to see the total number of votes this thing is going to have when it ends. It’s going to be high.

        1. i love it!:)
          it’s sort of like BFF/sibling rivelry. destiel and sterek are my 2 favourite ships and my 2 favourite fandoms (followed by johnlock, doctor/rose, kirk/spock and stydia). as far as i can tell people on both sides have always had a massive love and respect for the the other. it’s like they’re there for each other and supportive of one another all the time, and then still keep that friendly competition going with a wink wink nudge nudge!! like “OH, so we meet AGAIN! well, let the games begin, mwahahahaa!!!!…btw how’s your mum doing? you keeping well? that great, love you! good luck, hugs and kisses xoxoxox!!”

    1. Don’t give up! Nothing is impossible and I’ve seen bigger leads than that be overtaken. Personally I’m rooting and voting for Destiel cause they’re my #1, but you never know what can happen in these polls so keep on voting for what you love, and remember that in the end it doesn’t matter that much cause it is just a poll and we’re all here just to have fun.

      1. I agree. Big leads can change really quickly. Sterek shippers have been really organized and kept posts in the Sterek tag and on dashes to remind everybody. I’m sure Destiel shippers are doing the same and it just depends on the timezones. Destiel gets a big boost from the Russians and Sterek seems to get a big boost from the Australians (I’m guessing, I’m just going from the times and who’s more likely to be on). There’s been a lot of great joint Sterek/Destiel voting posts show up on my dash today, so everybody is motivated. I love it 🙂

  53. Maybe a stupid question but can we only vote for one ship or multiple? Because it allows me to select several ships and I want to make my votes count.

      1. So if I select lets say 4 ships, and click Vote, all will get a point? Is this how it works?

  54. I hope Sterek wins, although I do like Destiel &Klaine is one of my OTPs, but let’s face it, it won’t win; but I hope Klaine’ll be on 3rd place!:)

  55. I just want to thank you all. I’m a huge Sterek shipper and I’ve had my lesson most of the time not to read comments under polls or stuff. But this one, I did read some, and I’m so nicely surprised how wonderful everyone here are. It makes it a pleasure to take pare in this, and yeah.
    Ships, no matter which one, should be all about love and not hate, right? 😉

    Only problem I see is the amount of great ships in this poll eh! Good problem tho.

  56. With Stydia’s elimination, Teen Wolf is done to two ships in the polls. Would it be inappropriate to add Scisaac this late in the game to bring them back to three? Obviously they can’t hope to catch the top 10 or so, but there is a fandom for it. I know Angel ships them, so rather than put her in a position to get hate mail because people think she’s biased I’d like several other people’s opinions (particularly those with ships on the bottom half because they could theoretically be caught up to in the next week).

    1. Thanks for understanding the possible bias here since it’s a big ship of mine. Hopefully others will like this idea and then I’d love to put it in. 🙂

      -Admin Angel

      1. You should totally do that! Scisaac is a great ship and totally deserve it to be there and I’d definitely vote for them!:) (That’s my other OTP on Teen Wolf besides Sterek, of course)

        1. Done. Thanks for helping me get one of my big Teen Wolf ships on the board 🙂

          -Admin Angel

          1. For some reason Scisaac isn’t showing up for me to vote but it is in the results so obviously some people can vote for it. I’m on a tablet, is there something I can do setting wise that would be causing this. I’ll try from a computer in a few hours but was wondering if there was anyone else with this problem or anything I could do to fix it from my end (I can still see and vote for all the other ships).

    2. I really like Scisaac as well. Though currently in canon I’m all for Scira. I know I’m not very helpful with my comment but put my vote in for adding Scisaac.

  57. Destiel and Sterek, my two favorite ships, duking it out as always! If Destiel can’t win, I want Sterek to have the victory. Sterek shippers are wonderful and actually made me watch Teen Wolf to begin with. Also I’m happy to see my third favorite ship, Cecilos from Nightvale, doing pretty good. Cecil and Carlos are the cutest.

  58. My only problem with this poll is the lack of chaleigh. Chuck Hansen/Raleigh Becket: Pacific Rim.

  59. I am definitely a Destiel shipper! Like legit, Destiel is THIS close to becoming canon. I have never watched teen wolf, so I dont know about Sterek. But this is a fair competition, so its all fun.

    1. Yay another Destiel optimist! <333 Well, cautiously optimistic. BUT THERE'S STILL HOPE. <33333333

      1. I’m kinda scared for Destiel though after the last few episodes and watching next week’s promo. Especially when it seems like all of Deans character development is gone, but this could just be him struggling with Sammy trying to be independent.

        1. I’m pretty sure they intend to make Dean hit rock bottom so they can “rebuild him”; this unhealthy relationship needs to be dealt with first. 🙂

    2. are you for real? the writers and tptb themselves have said destiel is never gonna happen. they have admitted to queerbaiting the fans from the start. there was never even a plan to bring destiel to the higher ups to be considered. had you been living under a rock when that whole destiel fandom drama happened? sorry to burst your bubble hun.

        1. I’m with you on that plus time changes things and really you never know. But the profound bond between the two is undeniable. And honestly destiel becoming canon would really be helpful to the LGBTQ community.

          1. Exactly! Until I hear it from the head honcho I ain’t givin’ up hope! >:3 The show so far has only been reinforcing my hopes, but I know things might not go how I might hope. So…cautiously optimistic feels like a good way to describe how I feel about Destiel going canon. <3

      1. Let’s keep the conversation upbeat and positive. As this isn’t ship hate (you aren’t hating on the ship, just being a tad rude) it’ll stay, but the tone of this post violates our policies. Avoid condescending phrases like “are you for real?” and “have you been living under a rock?” please. You can have a healthy discussion about things without insulting those you disagree with. There’s been plenty of disagreement in these comments without insulting people who disagree with them. Try to do that, please. Thank you.

        -Admin Angel

      2. Patty, none of the writers have ever said Destiel isn’t going to happen. Someone from the network who supervises scripts said they didn’t have intentions for bi!Dean, but that same person also said that if the story called for it he wouldn’t oppose Destiel. However, the whole point here is that this man, Chad Kennedy, isn’t a writer. And he’s certainly not the showrunner. In other words, his word doesn’t mean anything in terms of Destiel going canon or not. The rest of the PR disaster came from a director, I believe (again who is NOT a writer) and just more wank from anti-destiel fans. So all together, no one ever said Destiel didn’t have a chance. And moreover, the writers never said a single word for or against. It’s all just been wank. I’d advise everyone NOT to get their hopes up, be as cautious as you want, but for those who are hopeful I say continue to be hopeful. There’s nothing concrete standing in your way, just a bunch of hot air and wishful thinking from fans who want the opposite of you. Which is fine! Everyone can ‘want’ what they want. Just don’t make it a fact if it isn’t one. 😉

        1. Exactly this! Not to mention that was the perfect moment for Jeremy to say, once and for all that Dean/Cas would in fact, never be endgame. At that point we just wanted straight answers, it’s fine if you don’t plan to ever make them happen but just please tell us. Nada. Just a “wait and see”.

  60. Hey people!! I like a lot the atmosphere here, it’s super welcoming and warming.

    Thanks to the geekiary!!

    It would be sweet is we started sharing our tumblr accounts or twitter users! So we can meet new people and make new friends outside this comment section. What do you think?

    My tumblr is Onamelancholyhill (link in my name in this comment) and my twitter, @anabellebaggins. I’m a Destiel shipper and I enjoy a lot of fandoms as well.

    And you???

    1. Great idea! I typed your url in for tumblr and I’m already following you! I thought it was a funny coincidence. Here’s mine:

    2. Awesome. My url is (linked in my name). It’s more or less an all purpose blog with the main reblogs being SuperWhoLock, Teen Wolf, and puns. I’m a big Stiles shipper (by which I mean I ship Stiles with nearly everyone) as well as Destiel, Scissac, and Harmony.

          1. Awww you guys are makin me blush. Makes the work I’m doing feel worth it. If you want to find me I’m 😉

            -Admin Angel

    3. Great idea! 🙂 There’s so many awesome commenters here that I’d love to be friends even after this poll is over.

      I’m and @LRavenscroft13 on Twitter. I’m a huge Destiel fan, but been getting really disheartened with the show itself this season. I’m becoming more and more of an Almost Human fan (especially Dorian/John) and also loving Agents of SHIELD too, and I always have been and probably always will be in love with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit.

  61. Is anybody going to even mention how well Cecil and Carlos are doing? I’m sure this is pretty big–I didn’t know they could ever be this popular. Sorry, I’d love to support destiel like I usually do, but this not this time–have to help keep my otp up there with the best of em. I’m rooting for you, though!

    1. In the last poll Geekiary did (well I think it was the last one) it was about canon slash couples, Cecil and Carlos came second to Klaine 🙂 Gave us a challenge too 😉 Inspired me to check it out!

    2. You can vote for multiple ships at one time! I’m voting for quite a few, including Cecil & Carlos.

  62. ouh, this is going to get close. But it looks good for Destiel atm so all I hope is that the Sherlockians somehow manage to get Johnlock on #3. Keep voting guys :>

  63. Oliver/Dinah is how that ship is referred to in the comics, not the TV show Arrow. In the show it’s Oliver/Laurel.

    1. I’m confused. Isn’t Dinah laurel & Sarah’s mom? So wouldn’t those be two completely different ships? I’m sorry if I’ve misinterpreted your post. I’m just really lost.

      1. Yes, in the show Dinah is Laurel and Sarah’s mom. But in the comics, Black Canary/Laurel’s real name is Dinah. They changed things in the show. I just noticed in the poll that Oliver/Dinah is listed. I suppose it could be that it’s supposed to mean the pairing of Oliver and Laurel’s mother, but I don’t think that’s the case.

        1. Ohhh! Thank you for the clarification. I’ve never read the comics so I had no idea. I just watch the show on TV. Now it makes a lot more sense that it’s on their. I was so confused when I saw that as an option because we never see them interact.

          1. Same. Oliver/Laurel’s mom is definitely a ship I didn’t expect to see listed 🙂 But it is the more common way to list the Green Arrow/Black Canary ship in the comics. Or maybe there are just a whole lot of Oliver/Laurel’s mom shippers we haven’t heard of before 😉 (I joke with love, Admin).

            1. lol I don’t watch this show and relied 100% on comments for the entries. I have no idea who any of these characters are except I think Laurel was Ruby 1.0 from Supernatural maybe.

              -Admin Angel

  64. Why am I unsurprised that Stydia voters played so dirty they were disqualified…. ugh. Nice one guys *eyeroll*.

  65. Hi, Destiel shipper here.

    Good luck to Sterek in the run for first. I haven’t watched the show yet, but it’s definitely on the list. I’m really sorry about the hate and revenge voting. Congrats on the Stiles progress, though.

    1. That is very nice of you, I at least appreciate it 🙂
      I love fighting for the ship you love, but it shouldn’t end up in war between the people behind the ship. ^^ And you won’t be disappointed when you watch the show, believe me (:
      When you mean with “Stiles progress” him being officially bi now, then thank you 😀
      I also wish you Destiel shippers luck with Dean and Cas. I love the both of them, Dean is my fave character ever on tv, so it often feels strange to vote against him haha ^^

      Love, a Sterek shipper

      1. It’s always good to see people from opposing ships getting along. We don’t need to burn each other down 🙂

        I admit, I have seen veeery little of Cas in SPN (because I don’t watch it) but I do understand why it’s loved

        1. It certainly is good to see! 🙂 But unfortunately there will always be those people hating on each other. Well, we don’t have to join them (:
          And yeah, I also understand why people like Dean and Cas together. ^^

          1. Oh oh! *grabs blankets and pillows* Do tell, it’s always fun to hear an outside perspective on your OTP. *passes hot cocoa around*

            1. Well, isn’t it pretty obvious why I would like Cas and Dean together? 😀 Probably the same reason why you do ^^ They really care for each other, have a special bond, would die for the other and are both very hot and the one is an angel the other one a hunter, who also happens to hunt angels ^^ There’s surely some more stuff to it, but that’s all I can think of right now ^^ I don’t know why I don’t ship them at all, besides from being very good friends. Theoretically they would make an awesome couple, but to me they are just very close friends or kinda brothers.
              I don’t know, I never got that vibe from Dean, since he’s always with the ladies, and Cas, I’m not sure, he’s sometimes too gay for being gay, especially since he always seems like he has no clue what he’s talking about when it comes to love. ^^ And there have been enough occasions for them to get together, but they are still not an item, so I just can’t believe that they love each other like that.
              I’m sorry, I’m not trying to talk them down, I’m just trying to explain my opinion to you.
              I mean, there are a lot of people who didn’t get the Sterek vibe, so I don’t know if shipping is a thing about being right and wrong, or just a question of taste, but probably the latter.

          2. I also think this was a great idea! Although im a little sad that I saw the polls to late to try to get doctor(11)/river on there ive gotten to vote for multiple ships awesom because there’s no way I could choose just one!

      2. Stiles didn’t come out as officially bi, he just didn’t respond when the girl asked him if he likes boys. They’re is a huge difference. (BTW IDK if this came off as rude, it’s just an FYI)

        1. Okay, he didn’t officially come out as bi, but I guess it is quite obvious that he is now. Only a blind man who cannot hear couldn’t know that. Especially since Jeff Davis already hinted at him being bi multiple times before. So this was quite the confirmation.

        2. I ship, adore and love the idea of STEREK but have to agree with you. Stiles was kissed by a bi girl, he did NOT respond to her asking if he liked boys too. It’s has been widely interpreted as him admitting he does, when in fact he had a LOT of other things on his mind. I think there’s a great deal of wishful thinking going on here and ‘reading between the lines’ which may not be there. Until he says he likes boys and does something to show he does I think it’s sadly, pure fandom speculation.

          Voted STEREK

          1. What was the point of the scene if not to put that idea out there? It wasn’t relevant to the plot otherwise and didn’t advance the story, so it can only be interpreted as a stepping stone to an inevitable confirmation IMO. Air time is either used for plot or character development, and seeing as Caitlin is barely a background character, I’m guessing the scene wasn’t done for her character arc.

            Also, if you’ve ever seen the directors cut of the scene (you can prob find it by googling around), Stiles actually nods when she asks him if he likes boys. I think they cut the shot to make it more ambivalent to either hedge their bets or draw the sexual identity crisis out longer for drama. Or maybe they have a surprise waiting for us and didn’t want to disminish the ‘shock’? You know how much Jeff Davis loves to shock.

            1. Wonderfully put PSB! The stiles/caitlyn scene may not have been very straight forward, (when is jeff anyways) but it was there for a reason.

            2. Personally I hope that the girl’s whole purpose it to make Stiles realize that he may be bisexual. He spent years being “in love” with Lydia and now he’s just friends with her and too much crap is happening around him to come up with a new obsession and Zelda William’s charcter might just be the push he needs to realize he can like girls and boys..

              ..or it could just be Jeff trolling his fans..

              ..sadly it’s probably the later.

              1. Except Stiles has crap ton of other things going on right now, like being possessed and all, so I really hope Jeff underplays it using a romantic story line for Stiles right now. I am a 100% sterek shipper but even I know that there is a place and a time for that kind of plot line.

              2. Sadly, you’re probably right. Jeff Davis will do/say almost anything to get higher ratings for the show , The only thing he’s said definitely is that STEREK will never happen. If Derek survives season 3B- 4 it will be a miracle, he’s being edged slowly out with very little screen time so far this season. As for the nod, I don’t know perhaps he WASN’T supposed to nod and they cut it? Things can be interpreted so many ways.

                COME ON STEREK!!

                1. When did Jeff ever say that Sterek won’t happen? Actually at the moment there’s happening pretty much stuff that rather WILL make Sterek happen. From the point of like 10 episodes ago, it would have been impossible to make Sterek happen, certain things first had to change.

            3. You don’t know how much I love you right now, PSB!
              The whole point of that scene is so obvious, isn’t it? Each of your words, that’s exactly how it is and how I always explain it to others, who don’t seem to get television and plot points…
              I can’t say anything anymore, since you already put my thoughts in perfect sentences, finally someone who understands it. That makes me really happy xD

              But how do you know about this directors cut? Have never heard about it? O.O

          2. I love Derek and Stiles and I truly hope they become a couple! Amen!
            They are th reason i became hooked to teen wolf show!

        3. About that there’s a very interessant director cut of this scene where Stiles nods when Caitlin asked about the boy, this was more efficient that the scene who aired.

    2. Okay, I may be wrong but isn’t the fact that these top couples are bashed kind of a given in fandom land. (not sure about other shows). I know as a Klainer, I and my Klainer friends often have to endure kind of hate when talking about Blaine, but I’m happy for this poll. I can acknowledge that the other ships are more popular but us Klainers are (hopefully) not going to give up in going for third place ^.^

      Plus, the whole Klaine fanbase has gotten excited that Kurt, (SPOILERwho is engaged to Blaine nowSPOILER) is going to Blaine’s graduation…kinda obvious but that’s how little respect we have for the show’s writing team.

      1. It may be a given everywhere else but here. We are proud to be ship bashing free 🙂

        -Admin Angel

    3. aw it’s so great seeing such beautiful people like you here ;_____;
      I watch both SPN and TW, and I can see chemistry in both relationships, although Sterek is still my number 1.
      I also think that if Destiel and Sterek shippers would unite we could take over the world lol.

      It’s great to know that there are people who don’t spread hate, because come on guys, hate in any form is just awful and will only lead to anger and sadness, and meanwhile we could just be kind and supportive to each other and live in the beautiful world of shippers who respect each other’s choices and basically a happy family. That would be so great.

      Good luck to Destiel too – it will still be the first and biggest ship in history, no matter if it will become canon or not.

      1. Destiel/Sterek shipper mutual appreciation! It’s a beautiful thing!

        I need to watch TW, but I’m a little scared because Spn already completely took over my entire existence in just the 2 years since I started watching so I don’t know if I can cope with more potentially life-consuming TV 😉

        But yeah – we should definitely unite and take over the world – bwahahaha!!


        (But if Destiel looses I’ll probably be curled up in a small ball beside our fridge, crying over my broken heart and drinking Jack mornin’, noon ‘n night. Anyhoo. What I’ve said is done and done, twiddly winks and flip-for, adeiu!)

    4. Lol well its amazing how Sterek overtook Destiel today, it kinda shows how strong the Teen Wolf Fandom is, and Scisaac is making its way up the ranks slowly.

    5. Thank you for being really cool! I’m not a destiel shipper, I haven’t really watched the show tbh but I’m sure they’re really swell together!

    1. I’m not sure if this will work but I just had to try putting a link to this gif here because it was too perfect not to use for this comment. Made me LOL, so I hope it does for someone else too. 🙂

  66. Hi! i am a destiel, johnlock, 10rose, and many others. but i must say, i am voting for my babies cecilos this time. go night valiens, go!!!!

  67. It irritates me that whatever poll you go to it will ALWAYS be one of those two that wins. Maybe next time we could do a poll without them, just so that one of the other ships could have a chance to shine?

    1. I did have a “canon only” poll and it came down to Klaine (Glee) and Cecilos (Welcome to Night Vale). If I could figure out how to have a poll about shipping that let some of the lesser known ships have a chance without simply saying “you can’t participate because you’re popular” I would. Having the canon only poll was the best way I could think of to do it. I’m open to suggestions!

      -Admin Angel

        1. Ooh yes, I like that idea very much. 🙂 Perhaps once this poll has concluded we’ll do a femslash exclusive poll.

          -Admin Angel

        2. Just want to update you: the editors and writers are now moving forward with a femslash poll so this will definitely be our next poll. 🙂 We’re just working out the details.

          -Admin Angel

          1. Its always down to Sterek vs Destiel…. Sterek always win.

            Sterek fans hope that with this Poll Jeff Davis (Producer and writer) might add more Sterek bromance and hinted Sterek for us in Teen Wolf. Thats why Sterek usually wins.

      1. I don’t know if this would work, but what about something like the way they do minor league sports teams? A triple-A division that is the big guns, a double-A division that consists of mid-size fandoms, a single-A division that’s more like Yuletide, very small fandoms that get crushed by everyone else. Granted, the big one would pretty much just be Destiel and Sterek fighting it out, but they still get declared the winner of their division, and can carry off a title without being excluded or curbstomping everyone else, does that make sense?

        It would be easy-ish to figure out who goes were. Have an opening poll like you did before, where everyone votes couples they want in. Based on the # of votes pairings get in the pre-poll, they get assigned to a certain division, and then fandom/pairings that are more the same size can square off against each other without knowing going in that they’re going to get third place.

        1. I like this in theory. The only problem I foresee is people getting mad at where their ship was placed. They might think they are bigger than they are and feel insulted to be put in a lower division OR they might feel they were put in a division that was too high and blame that for them losing. The comments section would be a war zone of disputes over which division I put them in. If I could find one standardized way of placing them in ‘shipping divisions’ I’d definitely be in favor of this idea. I could use this poll as an indicator, but people who didn’t know about this poll might complain. I could use the frequency of posts in a shipping tag on Tumblr, but not of our traffic comes from Tumblr and there’s disputes over portmanteaus sometimes anyway. If I could find a way to make this work relatively wank free, I will do this.

          -Admin Angel

      2. I love the idea that’s been brought up in the comments. Destiel & Sterek vs all the other ships. I’ve never actually seen that done before. The vote count would be huge on both sides and revenge voting would disappear because all revenge voters would just be voting with the other ships. Might still have a problem with bots though, but this poll has been pretty good with handling that issue.

        1. I’m just going to assume this isn’t ship hate that I have to moderate 🙂

          -Admin Angel

          1. Я не очень хорошо знаю английский,простите. Не могу ответить,т.к не понимаю, о чем Вы пишете 🙂

  68. I am a Destiel shipper, and I ship the Destiel fandom with the Sterek fandom u_u we are powerful, we are nice, we spread love. We are like two side of the coin right now. Can we set a fandom marriage? And the officer will be the third ship in this poll ^^

    1. Imagine if it was a double couple poll? Like Sterek&Destiel Vs other double couples. It would be awesome domination!

      1. I’d like to see a double couple poll where Destiel&Sterek are against the winners of the femslash poll. I bet the femslash shippers won’t give up easily. 🙂

    2. Exactly! Can we all just get married to each other simultaneously? We sterek fans love you guys just as much, our love for destiel fans is basically circulating in the air. MARRY US!<3

        1. For the most venerable ship, I’d say having Kirk/Spock do the marriage. (Besides, can’t ship’s captains marry people?)

          1. The Sterek/Destiel love in these comments is so great! Yes, lets marry the fandoms <3

  69. As a proud Destiel shipper, I would like to say congratulations to the Sterek shippers for having the lead! 😀 For who knows how long we have battled for the title of the Best Unsinkable Ship and that, should you win this poll (not just this round but this poll) I would like to say congratulations and great job for the determination and hard work you guys put through it!

    I haven’t watched your show yet (goddamn, it’s been such a busy school year I haven’t had the time so far to catch up on anything, even Supernatural) but from the little snippets that I catch here and there on my brother’s laptop screen, I can tell you two things: your show looks awesome, and the ship you defend seems very great. Teen Wolf is #1 on my To Watch list.

    Also, don’t let these haters get you guys down – it’s a friendly competition that gets us all together and besides, hater shippers are amateur/extremist shippers.

    1. Oops, sorry, I forgot – I got two names. 🙂 So please don’t get confused.

  70. Arg how do I choose? I ship all of these! I should cut down on my Ao3 and Tumblr time…

  71. Angel, do you have some stats of unique visitors voting Destiel since the poll started? I feel like this kind of information should start to be shared because there are still some people that believe we are 10 or less “crazies” voting 24 hours a day…

    That information would be really really interesting.

  72. Hey, just felt like saying that I am so happy that Destiel and Sterek shippers are wishing each other luck, both are amazing ships. So best of luck to both!

    A Sterek shipper 🙂

    1. Me too! Sometimes I cant stand to look at the comment sections of polls but honestly, the comments on this poll are probably the nicest I’ve ever seen. Good luck everyone! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

      A Destiel shipper <3

  73. OMG, it’s like a war here.
    Guys, let’s keep calm and be awesomely level-headed. Every fandom is unique.
    By the way, let’s vote only one time. Isn’t that the meaning of the poll?
    P.S. I vote for Bella x Edward. Kidding. Thanx god it’s not there.

  74. A little split about supporting Olicity vs. Destiel… I’ll go with Destiel. 🙂 Good luck other shippers and fandoms!

    (led here by a tumblr post about Sterek and Destiel neck to neck in the poll with the SPN quote from the devil “No matter what choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end up here,” omg)

  75. Haha I may have recently made a post about this to the wtnv fandom. Glad to see it’s paying off. <3 P.S, maybe next time we could limit it to one ship per show/fandom? It's kind of disheartening when all the ships from one specific show are at the top.

    1. I agree with the disheartening sentiment, but I don’t see it necessarily happening here. You have to go down to 6th place to find a repeat fandom. I realize all the Supernatural ships are in the top 7, but half of the fandoms in this poll have a ship above Wincest and Sastiel. As a matter of fact, Supernatural has the only repeat ships in the top 10.

      1. Holy shit, I didn’t even notice ours had all 3 in the top 10! Give yourselves a round of applause Wincest and Sastiel. <3

    2. I considered limiting it to one show per ship, but the amount of wank that would have been generated from that would have been terrible. I figured 3 was a nice number.

      -Admin Angel

  76. It’s so cool to see so many different people with different opponents getting along so well together! Not trying to hate each other for their opponents, but just excepting it. That is so hard to find in this time. Even thoughbit is just about shipping, it’s still hard to find.

  77. Anyone else find it interesting that you have to go 8 places down before you find a ship that isn’t m/m? And that Doctor/Rose is the only non m/m in the top 10?

    1. Yep, this is definitely a thing I noticed. And expected. I let it wide open so that it could go in any direction at all and it went down the exact path I saw coming. I guess I know our audience pretty well.

      -Admin Angel