“Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo” Has an Incredible Book Trailer!

Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo Book

Kudos to the marketing team of Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo. The upcoming book by Mr. and Mrs. Kind seems to have the potential to become a well-loved read which can also end up getting a live-action adaptation down the line. The book trailer is very impressive!

I’m always on the lookout for interesting books. I don’t even care if they are meant for children. I like what I like and I will read anything with an exciting premise regardless of the genre. That’s why I am looking forward to the release of Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo by Mr. and Mrs. Kind. Not only does the premise catch my attention, the book trailer really sells the entire thing.

Come through, production value! Come through!

The upcoming book has been described as “The Goonies meets The Da Vinci Code.”

Here’s the official synopsis:

Tom, Lisa, Sophie, and Jack stumble across the find of a lifetime — Leonardo da Vinci’s codex full of sketches, writings, and calculations. Now they have a choice: do they sell it and become richer beyond their wildest dreams, or do they try to decode the journal and figure out what Leonardo was up to? Tom and Jack want to sell the book, but sisters Lisa and Sophie have other ideas. What they discover within the codex is the science behind time travel. But when they put the calculations to the test, they find out just how dangerous this secret can truly be.

You can head on over to the book’s official website to learn more about the story. Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo from Mokum Media will be released on October 23, 2018. It is currently available for pre-order from Amazon, B&N, and IndieBound.

A second book in the series, titled ‘The Missing President,’ is planned for a Fall 2019 release.

Our goal is to create intriguing adventure stories based on strange but true facts. Exciting stories that fascinate, astonish, provoke, pique curiosity, but most of all stories that kids can effortlessly learn from and lose themselves in. In our stories, young readers bear witness to key moments in history. By looking over the shoulders of our protagonists, they experience history as it is being made,” said Wendel and Dennis Kind in their Creator’s Statement on B&N.

Feel free to share your thoughts about Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo with us.

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