Sleepy Hollow 2×12 Review: “Paradise Lost”


Both the characters, and the audience were left wondering – after last years’ midseason final – if that was it for Sleepy Hollow. Henry killed Moloch, Irving died and that seemed to be the end of the apocalypse… for about six weeks anyway. But Henry’s still out there, as is our old friend Headless and it turns out that Moloch’s death opened a door in purgatory that let a lot of nasty things escape. At least Abbie and Ichabod’s career crisis has been delayed, now that they have something to focus on again.

sh3In this week’s episode we saw the introduction of our first angel. It was only a matter of time really, I mean Sleepy Hollow is basically Bible/Revolutionary War crossover fan fiction. The angels were always coming and surprise, surprise they’re not the cuddly fluffy kind that grant wishes and sing carols. Orion is quite obviously not a good guy but you can’t really blame Abbie for falling for that angelic charm – she had more chemistry with him in one episode than she ever did with Hawley.

Speaking of Hawley, he is unfortunately still around but having failed to charm Abbie, he’s turned his attentions back to Jenny, which is all kinds of gross. Seriously someone needs to like shoot him or something, I don’t even care, he’s just dead weight that is without a doubt too good for either of the amazing Mills sisters. PUT HAWLEY ON A BUS 2K15!!

Also, Abraham is just as whiney as ever, Katrina is still feeling guilty about that one time she dumped him for his best friend and Ichabod is still holding onto a marriage that is pretty much over – there’s no trust there Ichabod.

Anyway, this episode was kind of slow and like the largely underwhelming first half of Season 2, the stuff that worked is the stuff that made this show work in the first place. Ichabod and Abbie’s friendship continues to grow and evolve and it’s always a pleasure to watch.  It was so nice to see Headless being headless you know? The will Abraham be redeemed plot is not working. Let the man be genuinely evil, he deserves that at least. Also there needs to be more Captain Irving because he arrived in the final moments of the episode and it was without a doubt the best part. He’s such a great character and his storyline is actually intriguing as hell. We need more of it please.

Quotable –

Abbie to the angel Orion: “How about dinosaurs, you ever seen a dinosaur?”

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