Sleepy Hollow 2×6 Review: “And The Abyss Gazes Back”


Is it just me or has Sleepy Hollow got a random white guy problem? This episode sees the introduction of Sheriff Corbin’s son Joe, who’s got daddy issues for something new and different. Also much to my dismay, Nick Hawley is still there handing out Deus Ex Machina like they grow on trees and now it seems he’s going to invoke some kind of HORRIBLE DISASTER love triangle between Abbie and Jenny. I hate him, because he is a terrible character and because he makes the writers lazy. This episode did have Abbie and Ichabod engaging in some couples yoga though, so that’s fun.

sh4Sheriff Corbin’s wayward son is back in town and got a monster of a problem… literally. It’s all good though because Ichabod was good friends with Daniel Boone. Wendigo’s are apparently susceptible to tranquillisers, which makes things pretty easy and Jenny just waltzes in a steals a human organ from the hospital. Doesn’t really bother her but they “should probably all donate blood or something”. In the end the power of love—I mean a Shawnee chant—clears up Joe’s little monster problem and he decides to follow Abbie’s dream because there’s a space at Quantico, now that Abbie’s too busy witnessing the apocalypse.

This show is still a wash of bizarrely entertaining chaos, but it’s starting to get a little bit messy. Abbie and Ichabod are still adorable, but the way they are pushing Abbie aside for the horrible Hawley is really starting to grate. He was fine for one episode but he’s like a bad smell that won’t go away and I don’t understand why he’s there and I am really not here for any kind of romance between him and Abbie, especially if they’re just doing it to screw with Abbie and Jenny’s relationship. I’m gonna assume that he’s part of a greater plan, but it’s getting to the point where I don’t care if he’s God himself because he’s just a waste of space.

While I enjoyed watching Ichabod and Abbie in their work out gear, this is like the third time they have done that bait and switch joke where they pretend it’s something dangerous when it’s actually really mundane. It wasn’t particularly funny the first time, and it’s getting really annoying now.

The way they keep connecting every random victim to Abbie’s past is getting annoying as well. The fact that Ichabod knows every single historical figure from the American Revolution is one of those silly quirks that make this show charming, but with Abbie is just feels forced. That said, Joe Corbin’s connection worked a lot better than the random case worker with a family curse and although the way they portrayed his relationship with his father didn’t really work in the context he wasn’t a bad addition and I certainly wouldn’t be sorry to see him return. Unlike Hawley. Who is still the worst.

In other news, Frank Irving’s story continues to be the most intriguing aspect of this season so far, I just wish we got to see more of it. While we’re asking for more, we should also be asking for more Jenny, because there has not been enough of my favorite sister with issues in the last couple of episodes. Henry’s plan to turn Joe in a wendigo to get that magic-poison was very convoluted and I’m not entirely sure how he got a letter with white powder through the US Postal system but it worked so I guess my concerns don’t really matter. Anyway, the magic poison turned into a red back spider and Katrina ate it, which is, I’m sure, going to come back to bite Ichabod in the double jugs.

What did you think? Are you imagining various scenarios where Hawley leaves town and is never seen from or mentioned again? Do you think Frank Irving should just give into the dark? Would you like to see Joe Corbin some more? Let us know in the comments.

Author: Undie Girl

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