Superfight: The Card Game, or The Best Thing to Do on the Subway

superfight 1

I first came across Superfight back in February thanks to the exclusive LootCrate deck. I wasn’t sure what to make of it then, but now… I have to admit, it’s pretty awesome.

I picked up the main deck, as well as three booster packs (Yellow, Blue, and Purple) at NYCC. After watching a few rounds at the booth, I wasn’t too keen on this absurd game. I definitely spoke too soon.

superfight 2

Headed to Brooklyn with a few con-friends, we passed the hour (and changing trains) playing a modified version of the game. Standard game play is player versus player where you argue that your character will win in a fight. Each person gets to select one white and one black card from their hand (of which there are three of each) and the fight begins. An example of a battle would be a sloth with throwing knives versus Robin Hood with acid blood. You then argue who would win.

We played a little differently, and just picked out examples and argued amongst the four of us. Then when you add in the location cards (Blue Deck), scenario cards (Purple Deck), and the Challenge cards (Yellow Deck)… the sloth and Robin Hood are now on a tightrope with their butts glued together. And if you want to get really wacky (as if it isn’t already), the Challenge deck changes the method of victory. So instead of a battle to the death, it’s now who would win in a game of Twister or who would be the fastest lumberjack. Obviously the sloth would win all of those battles, to the death or otherwise.

I honestly don’t know who was laughing more, us or our fellow straphangers. We sure got the weirdest looks arguing about the Pope on horseback versus a Vegan Hipster in Hell during a Tsunami, but it was totally worth it.

superfight 3

There are a few other expansion deck available, which include anime, The Walking Dead, geeky/nerd/gamers, pop culture, and a myriad of other things. The main game is $35 and each expansion deck is $15 – all of which are available online from Skybound. To be honest, I was not planning on this to be as enjoyable as it was, but I take it all back. I can’t wait for another long subway ride with friends, or maybe just a night in with this ridiculous game.

Author: Bandit

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