Sweet/Vicious at New York Comic Con 2016


In the real world, one that doesn’t have superheroes with supernatural abilities, one young woman is determined to take back the night. The cast of MTV’s Sweet/Vicious was at New York Comic Con to promote the show, which premieres November 15.

Sweet/Vicious cast

Cast members Taylor Dearden, Eliza Bennett, Brandon Mychal Smith, and Nick Fink were on hand, as well as executive producers Stacey Sher, Amanda Lasher, and Jenn Robinson.

Sweet/Vicious is the story of Ophelia (Dearden) and Jules (Bennett), two young women who are leading a secret double life. By day, they are ordinary college students; Ophelia, a super-smart slacker, and Jules, a sorority girl. By night, they are vigilantes, defending those who cannot defend themselves.

They showed the trailer during the Teen Wolf panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and I remember being intrigued but also wary. As a veteran fan of Teen Wolf, I know how well MTV can do a trailer, and I also know that they don’t always back it up with the show itself. Still, Sweet/Vicious is a show about a young woman who goes out at night to stop people from being sexually assaulted, and it definitely gives off a Kickass vibe. Now, I missed the panel because of other press obligations, so I didn’t get to see the sneak peek of the pilot episode, but I hear that it was very well received by the fans in attendance.

I got the chance to interview the cast and crew, and one of the major talking points at our table was that of the nature of sexual assault; namely, people wanted to know how they intended to handle the topic. The general idea is that they wanted to use it as a narrative point (Jules is assaulted, which is what prompts her to become a vigilante) but not be exploitative about it. The important thing is that they want to start the conversation, because this is a very prevalent thing that happens on a lot of college campuses.

Check out our interviews with the cast and crew below!

Author: Jamie Sugah

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