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  • Sweet and Spicy: A Crown of Candy Review

    Not much can prepare you for the absurdity and pure fun that is the tabletop role-playing game: A Crown of Candy. Dimension 20’s fifth season of their Dungeons & Dragons actual-play show is an odd but delightful mixture of Candyland and Game of Thrones set in a world divided by factions of edible food-people. Yes. […]

  • DROPOUT Needs To Be In Your Subscription Constellation (And Here’s Why)

    Hello friends, I am here to spread the gospel of DROPOUT. That, uh… maybe sounds a little (a lot?) more cult-like than I meant. Sorry about that. SERIOUSLY, though, you need this channel in your life. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © […]

  • ‘Dimension 20’ Scores Points With Casual Viewers & Diehard Gamers Alike

    Dimension 20 is the most fun I’ve ever had watching other people play Dungeons and Dragons. With a master storyteller at the head of the table, talented comedic actors for players, and staggeringly detailed sets, this is the kind of show that scores points with diehard gamers and casual viewers alike. -Read our before commenting. […]