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  • Looking at “Hobbs and Shaw” Box Office – What Went Wrong?

    No matter how you try to paint it, Hobbs and Shaw, the latest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise doesn’t seem to be performing as expected. As someone who enjoys watching the FF films, and also likes Dwayne Johnson, I have tried to breakdown why this film didn’t translate into big box office numbers […]

  • “The Meg” Takes A Surprising Bite Of The Weekend Box Office!

    Turns out that while industry analysts didn’t have faith in Warner Bros.’ The Meg, the prehistoric-shark flick was able to attract a sizeable audience. Jason Statham’s latest movie bit off an estimated $44.5 million at North American theatres, way more than what was previously projected and giving the studio it’s biggest opening of 2018 yet! -Read […]

  • A Gay Couple In The Expendables 3? I Don’t Think So!

    I have been hearing some news about there being gay characters in The Expendables 3. So, what did I do?  I went and watched the movie. So, were there any gay characters in it? I don’t think so. The Expendables franchise mainly targets straight men looking for an action-packed popcorn movie. That’s why the news of […]