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  • Pacific Rim 2 Finally Seems To Be Back On Track

    After a lot of questions about what was happening with Pacific Rim 2, the latest news seems to suggest that the film is finally back on track! When the first installment was released in 2013, The Geekiary was on hand to review it and name it a “B-Movie monster flick that brought its A-game” – […]

  • Pacific Rim Blu-Ray / DVD Special Edition: What to Expect

    Pacific Rim is available for HD Digital Download on all major online retailers now! If you can’t wait a week for the October 15th release of the Blu-ray / DVD sets then stop reading and go download it now! What are you waiting for, another KAIJU ATTACK!? But if you’re a fan of Special Features, […]

  • Pacific Rim: B-Movie Monster Flick Bringing its A-Game

    From the headline alone you can tell that I am a fanboy and, yes, this movie was made for me. It was made for all of us geeks that have waited a lifetime for a movie like this, and it was hand-delivered by genius director Guillermo del Toro.  The movie features colossal beasts called Kaiju, which […]