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  • ‘The Walking Dead’ To Introduce King Ezekiel in Season Seven

      While fans of The Walking Dead TV series are still coping with the events that transpired during the season six finale, AMC is busy prepping things for the upcoming season seven. The network has released a casting call for an important African-American comic book character, Ezekiel. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our […]

  • The Walking Dead 6×15 Review: East

    Is it me, or did “East” seem to be a very thrown-together episode of The Walking Dead? The episode opened with a very quick shot of a bullet hole in a windshield, a flat tire, and blood dripping onto the pavement – but this was such a small part of “East” (and it was so […]

  • The Walking Dead 6×11 Review: Knots Untie

    For as much as “Knots Untie” explored many of the relationships in The Walking Dead, I feel like a lot of it bodes ill for some of our favorite characters. WARNING: Please note that this review includes spoilers for “Knots Untie” as well as some vague references to The Walking Dead comics. -Read our before […]

  • The Walking Dead 6×10 Review: The Next World

    Despite the fact that yes, this episode of The Walking Dead – “The Next World” – had a few flaws, I personally couldn’t help but love it. The main thing that bothered me is that without watching The Talking Dead, we had no way of knowing how much time passed between last week’s midseason premiere […]

  • Revisiting The Walking Dead: Season 5

    Now that the Walking Dead season 5 has wrapped up, we at The Geekiary sat down at our virtual roundtable to discuss the obnoxiousness of Father Gabriel, whether “Caryl” is still a thing, how awesome Aaron and Eric are, and more. So sit back, relax, and grab yourself some of that Alexandria Scotch. Or beer. […]