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  • FEELINGS Daily: Cyberbullying is The Worst

    Comic writer Valerie D’Orazio called out Comics Alliance writer Chris Sims on Twitter. “So. I just found out that the misogynist POS who was responsible for ringleading harassment against me online is writing the X-Men” tweeted D’Orazio. She later clarified in a blog post that she suffers from PTSD as a result of cyberbullying and […]

  • As Seen on the Big Screen: The Fault in Our Stars

    I’m an avid reader, and I’m sure many people share the feeling I get when I hear the news that one of my favorite books is being adapted into a film: a potent cocktail of anticipation and dread.  Who will play my favorite character?  Which of my favorite moments will end up on the cutting […]

  • Get Swept Away by The Fault in Our Stars

    The first thing a book reader must reconcile themselves with when they hear one of their favorite books is being adapted into a film is that things will be changed.  Sometimes it’s for the better, but more often than not, it’s for the worse.  So a disconnection is usually necessary, treating the film adaptation as […]

  • An Open Letter to Shailene Woodley

    Dear Shailene: In a recent interview with Time you apparently said that you did not consider yourself a feminist. When I first read the interview I was incredibly disappointed, as I always am when anyone says they are not a feminist. As I thought about it more I was really angry, because a lot of […]