FEELINGS Daily: Cyberbullying is The Worst


Comic writer Valerie D’Orazio called out Comics Alliance writer Chris Sims on Twitter. “So. I just found out that the misogynist POS who was responsible for ringleading harassment against me online is writing the X-Men” tweeted D’Orazio. She later clarified in a blog post that she suffers from PTSD as a result of cyberbullying and apparently Chris Sims was one of the perpetrators. You can read more about it – including further information from D’Orazio herself – at The Mary Sue.

This discussion of cyberbulling brings us to necessary but depressing piece of information. Twitter now allows you to print reports of harassment you have experienced so you can show it to people that can’t seem to understand the Internet is not just a fad, it’s here to stay. In a statement, Twitter said “Clicking the “Email report” button will send you an email that packages the threatening Tweet and URL along with the responsible Twitter username and URL and a timestamp as well as your account information and the timestamp of your report.” This is by no means enough, but it’s a step forward and anyone that has attempted to take these matters to the police – too many people – knows how important this information can be. Read more at The Mary Sue.

Sleepy Hollow is getting a Season 3! Celebrate, because while the second season was kind of lackluster, this show still has a lot to offer. Along with a renewal comes a new show runner. Clifton Campbell (The Glades, White Collar) has signed on to take over this fabulously bizarre series. I’m super happy right now. You should see the smile on my face! (via Entertainment Weekly)

Apparently George R.R. Martin is forgoing San Diego Comic-Con so he can finish Winds of Winter. Maybe he just doesn’t want to answer any questions about when he’ll be finished, or his publisher might have put him under compulsory house arrest until he completed the novel. Either way it doesn’t look good for his con appearances this year. First Marvel now this? Will anyone be at SDCC? (via The Mary Sue)

Shailene Woodley said something embarrassing about feminism again because she’s determined to give me flashbacks to when I was too young and naive to realise I was being controlled by the patriarchy! In an interview with Nylon, Woodley clarified her previous statement and it’s not good:

“The reason why I don’t like to say that I am a feminist or I am not a feminist is because to me it’s still a label. I do not want to be defined by one thing. Why do we have to have that label to divide us? We should all be able to embrace one another regardless of our belief system and regardless of the labels that we have put upon ourselves.”

I try not to condemn young women for falling into the same trap that I did, but it’s still disheartening to see this kind of thing. But we know it’s an uphill battle to fight these dominant ideologies, that’s why we need feminism. (via Styleite)

Watch 100 years of beauty in Korea in the latest video in this fantastic series (via The Daily Dot)

There’s a new treadmill dance vid to “Uptown Funk” and it’s even more amazing than you imagined. (via The Daily Dot)

While we’re on the topic, this Uptown Funk mash up with Get’cha Head in the Game from High School Musical is pretty cool. (via Zap2it)


BEST EVER is The Doubleclicks cover of Ghostbusters! (via The Mary Sue)

The trailer for Barely Lethal features Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner kicking butt! Despite myself I’m kind of loving this. (via The Mary Sue)


The trailer for Lip Sync Battle is a thing that you should see. Shh, just watch.

Have you seen these pictures of Myrcella Baratheon – Joffrey’s younger sister? Because they are making me all kinds of excited for Game of Thrones Season 5! (via The Hollywood Reporter)

aot1   got2

OMG there’s ANOTHER teaser for Scream Queens – this once features Keke Palmer! (via TvLine)


In Other News:

  • The Mean Girls musical is “60 percent written according to Jeff Richmond aka Mr Tina Fey. (via The Huffington Post)
  • Sharknado 3 now has a title and a premiere date! It’s called Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! and it’s heading to SyFy on July 22. (via Entertainment Weekly)
  • Ice & Fire Con has an indiegogo fundraiser going for a Dance Party PA – donate here!
  • Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are having a baby! The couple announced the pregnancy on Instagram! (via The Mary Sue)

Finally here’s the first look at the Mockingjay Part 2 poster! I am so very excited for all the pain this movie is going to cause me… oh wait. (via Entertainment Weekly)


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