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  • Elementary Review: Poison Pen

    Sherlock certainly does have some interesting acquaintances. This week we’re introduced to Mistress Felicia when she calls Sherlock for help after finding her new client on the floor, dead. Sherlock and Joan arrive on the scene and quickly deduce that the client did not overdose; he was poisoned. Sherlock also notes an element of sexual […]

  • Elementary 2×03 Review: We Are Everyone

    The theme of this episode seemed to be romance and companionship, or the lack thereof. Both Joan and Sherlock have a tendency to be isolated from typical social interaction due to their careers, and it’s left them both without any romantic entanglements. Sherlock describes himself as “post love” whereas Joan is pursuing options from a […]

  • Elementary Episode Review: Solve for X

    Elementary is one of the only shows on the air right now that has consistently quality episodes week after week. Last week we had an incredibly strong sophomore season opening and they’ve managed to keep up the momentum with the second episode. The character development is perfectly paced and I wonder how it’s possible to […]