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  • Tara Lynne’s Geekiary Gift Guide

    Let’s be honest – a lot of websites do gift guides. But I’m going to go ahead and claim that this one is the best because I’m creating it. And because the vast majority of the items on this list are actually, um, affordable…and not necessarily something you would just stumble upon on ThinkGeek or […]

  • Comic-Con: My Adventures as a Panelist

    Earlier this year, my friend Amin of A Podcast of Ice & Fire (the longest-running Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones podcast) contacted me and asked if I would be interested in being on a panel with him and fellow APOIAF host Kyle at San Diego Comic-Con. Before this year, there were no ASOIAF/GoT […]

  • Game of Thrones Season 5 vs. A Song of Ice & Fire: Round Two

    We’re now halfway through Game of Thrones season five, but I’m still nearly as lost as I was when all I had to go on were the pre-season trailers. Anyone else in the same boat? Perhaps a boat that’s sailing through Valyria while greyscale spreads over your skin? Okay, rhetorical/sarcastic questions aside…Cersei started the season […]

  • ConCarolinas 2014: A Rousing Success!

    This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend ConCarolinas at the Hilton University Place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Of course the most exciting thing about this year’s ConCarolinas was the fact that their guest of honor was none other than George R. R. Martin, the author of the Song of Ice & Fire series […]

  • A Recap of Ice & Fire…Con, That Is!

    Last weekend was the second annual Ice & Fire Con, a Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones convention held at Ravenwood Castle in New Plymouth, Ohio. As one of the three organizers, obviously I’m quite partial to this convention, and while this year was quite different from our inaugural year, it seems that everyone […]