Tart: A Female Time-Traveling Demon Hunter Comic


What does the supernatural hunting/time traveling world need more of? Women heroes! A number of months ago, I was recommended the indie comic Tart written by Kevin Joseph and drawn by Ludovic Sallé. As a red-headed Supernatural TV Show and comic book fangirl, I was definitely interested in giving it a read. I bought the first issue on Comixology for $.99. After expressing my happiness about the comic to the friend who recommended to me, the author kindly sent me a PDF of the entire first volume of the comic.

The writing is smart and creative. The main character Tart, is strong, self-reliant, and real. The world that Joseph created is interesting and is set up making the reader want to know more. To know more about Tart, her life, and the organization she works for. 10641120_666665172206_8213903787177904822_nThe art by Sallé is beautiful in every panel. Please note there is some partial nudity throughout the comic if you plan to read at work. It is rated 17+!

Tart Acid travels through time on various missions saving people from demons, and at times helping to save the world.  She normally goes on solo missions, kicking butt and saving the day. But, she is part of larger organization of time-traveling demon hunting women knows as The Toxic Fruit. All have left their real names and family behind, to fight for the greater good of the world; sacrificing normal comforts of family and home, and sometimes even their lives to keep the world safe from the evil that would like to destroy it.

The first volume contains the first three issues of the comic. The first issue is a surprisingly touching story about how a demon can be capable of familial love. It explores good vs. evil in a scale of gray. The second issue follows Tart to ancient times, saving a family from starvation. This was not her actual mission in this time as we find out in the third issue. The reason she was sent to that time and place was because of the demons there, who were responsible for stopping the world from changing seasons. There is a slight trigger warning for this issue. There is a consensual but not fully informed, not overly explicit sex scene. The volume ends with a very sweet short story from Tart’s mother’s perspective. It highlights the personal sacrifices Tart must make for her mission.

Tart recently ran a Kick-Starter project for their fourth issue, Tart #4 Submerged Part I and it was successfully funded. The author is currently working on getting the Kick-Starter rewards out to those who helped to fund the issue. For more information on Tart, you may follow their Facebook and the author and artist on Twitter. The comics can be purchased from Comixology or from the author’s website.

Author: Jessica Rae

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