“Stealth Hammer” Combines High-Tech Gadgetry and Supernatural Mythology – Kickstarter Campaign

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Stealth Hammer (Image: PR)

Stealth Hammer has a few more days before it’s Kickstarter campaign comes to a close. If you’re interested in an indie comic that features a teen figuring out her mysterious legacy, you should consider supporting this project.

From Ryan Drost, Stealth Hammer is being promoted as an all-ages comic book story about a teen named Jami Taylor. Jami’s a college student who realizes her “never-give-up” spirit connects her to a grand legacy of protectors. The fictional world Jami lives in features a mashup of high-tech gadgetry and supernatural mythology.

According to the press release, Jami’s lineage traces back to legendary heroes such as King Arthur of Camelot and the Norse god Thor. Of course, she will be facing numerous challenges as she fights against mechanical nightmares and mythological beings.

The current Kickstarter is for funding the young heroine’s origin story as well as her first battle. The creative team has a lot of plans for where they will be taking the narrative. Currently, they have more than 30 issues mapped out. Once the debut issue finds the required funding, the team will begin discussions with publishers to have Stealth Hammer continue as a mini or ongoing series.

The description reads:

While on a visit down to her father’s lab with her boyfriend, Jami Taylor finds herself caught in an explosion, an event caused by her uncle’s sabotage. Due to the advanced technology in the room, and some mystical assistance, Jami is gifted with several superpowers, including fists with the strength of sledgehammers and the ability to turn herself invisible.

Taking on the name Stealth Hammer, Jami will find herself part of a legacy of protectors that traces back to such legendary heroes as King Arthur of Camelot and the Norse god Thor. She’ll face many challenges as she goes against mythological beings and mechanical nightmares. She’ll find supernatural and technological allies in her search for her grandmother, in meeting her destiny with the Goddess Aurora, and in her battle with the beast targeting her family, Jormungand.

The initial goal is $8,500. As of writing this, the campaign has been able to collect more than $6,000 in funding. The campaign will run until August 24, 2020 (7:00 pm EST). You can check it out here.

The perks include owning original artwork, a hardcover concept art book, the chance to appear in Stealth Hammer, and more.

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