The Day That Psych-os Have Been Dreading Has Finally Arrived



I think every Psych fan can agree that we knew this day would come. It had to. We knew from episode one that some day someone who wasn’t Henry or Gus would find out that Shawn Spencer, the “Psychic Detective” was a fraud.

I just can’t believe that it was today.

What started as a light-hearted spiritual sequel to last season’s “Last Night Gus” ended on a serious note as Shawn made the grievous error of loaning his jacket to his beloved Juliet when she got cold at Lassiter’s wedding. Juliet found a piece of evidence in one of his pockets, which tipped her off to his true methods of deduction. This piece of evidence had clearly given him the location of this week’s bad guy, and yet he claimed earlier that he’d seen it in a vision.

Suspicious, Jules confronted Shawn. Inspired by a pep talk given by his father about love just moments before, Shawn decided to tell her the truth. And she did not take it well.

And how could she have? The man she loves, the man she just moved in with, has revealed  that he’s been lying to her about a major part of his identity since the day she met him seven years ago. As far as she’s concerned, their whole relationship is a lie. And we know that Juliet cannot deal with people who are liars. Her beloved brother was a  liar, her father was a professional liar and her stepfather turned out to be a liar too. They’ve shown us in the past several seasons that Juliet has grown up surrounded by people who lie. And now the man she loves has revealed that he’s no different.

I knew this had to happen, for Shawn’s personal growth as an adult and for his relationship with Jules to go beyond what it is. I guess I just expected it to play out differently. Honestly, I always kind of thought that Shawn’s friends at the precinct secretly knew he wasn’t psychic and chose to ignore it because he did good work. Like maybe they didn’t really believe, but went along with it because it was effective and kind of fun and they liked Shawn and were glad he was in their lives. I mean, Lassiter at least has never believed in Shawn, and Chief Vick always seemed caught between being mystified and being skeptical.

But I guess I was wrong. I guess it doesn’t really matter whether Shawn is lying about being a  psychic. It’s just that he’s lying at all, and about something that has come to define his life. For Juliet, it’s not that he’s deceived her about this specific thing. It’s that he has built the entire foundation of not just their relationship, but the relationship with his friends and his career on this deception.

Psych is usually such a happy, worry-free show that I think I forgot about this huge problem that has been hanging over our heads since episode one. And I’ve been a fan of this show long enough to know that I’m probably overreacting. This isn’t real life after all, so I’m sure that they’ll resolve this soon enough. It just blindsided me. This episode had a wedding. It was funny, and happy. I thought maybe Shawn was going to ask Juliet to marry him or something. But that is not what happened.

I dread to know what will happen if/when Lassie and the Chief find out. I guess we’ll know soon enough.

For your viewing pleasure (or viewing misery, depending on how hard you’re taking this) here’s the link to the promo for what is surely going to be a heart-wrenching episode next week:

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