“Digimon Adventure” Finally Explains the Connection Between Angemon and Devimon

The Sword of Hope anime review Digimon Adventure episode 46
Devimon trying to control Angemon in ‘The Sword of Hope’ (Image: Screengrab)

Fans of the Digimon Adventure anime have been wondering about the nature of the connection between Angemon and Devimon. Episode 46, titled ‘The Sword of Hope’, gave us a lot of answers.

Devimon began causing a lot of trouble for the DigiDestined kids as soon they arrived in the Digital World. They managed to finally destroy him in episode 24. And while Takeru was able to free Angemon from Devimon’s prison, fans of the anime (including myself) couldn’t help but wonder why Devimon referred to Angemon as an old friend. Why did he want Angemon to join the side of darkness?

A number of theories I saw involved Devimon also being an Angemon before getting infected by darkness. And due to being brothers in arms with Takeru’s Angemon, Devimon now wanted him to succumb to the same evil he. However, ‘The Sword of Hope’, offered a completely different insight.

While being trapped in Sephirothmon, the battle data extracted from Angemon helped resurrect Devimon. Interestingly, the resurrected Devimon wasn’t similar to the weak copies of numerous Digimon that Sephirothmon created for Taichi, Yamato, and Koshiro to battle. No, the resurrected Devimon was quite close to the real thing because…


Devimon’s actually Angemon’s own shadow that got twisted while Angemon was trapped in miasma.

This is a very big revelation and I can’t wait to see how it will continue to play a role as the story continues.

According to Devimon, he will continue to exist as long as Angemon does. Not only that, but he will also grow stronger as Angemon unlocks new evolution lines. Devimon is focused on acquiring power without being linked to the DigiDestined. He thinks of them as a curse because mere human kids are needed to help powerful Digimon like Angemon, Greymon, etc. reach new evolution stages. The entire thing is quite pathetic as far as Devimon’s concerned.

Even though Angemon is able to Digivolve into MagnaAngemon and defeat Devimon, I liked how the episode closed with the two having a worrisome conversation about Devimon still existing inside Takeru’s DigiPartner. Takeru and Angemon will have to keep Devimon’s presence in check to ensure he doesn’t take over Angemon’s body or is able to create a new body for himself. 

Speaking of new bodies, ‘A Sword of Hope’ also revealed that evil Digimon have been working hard on creating a vessel for Millenniummon. Apparently, the vessel will feature data from numerous strong Digimon to, basically, create an unbeatable chimera.

I do think Angemon and Takeru will need to figure out a way to permanently delete Devimon. It’s interesting how the Holy Digimon that’s supposed to be the Digital World’s salvation happens to be the host of an evil being like Devimon.

The Sword of Hope Digimon Adventure 2020 episode 46 review
MagnaAngemon in ‘The Sword of Hope’ (Image: Screengrab)

Going by certain promo materials, we know that Takeru’s DigiPartner will be getting a new evolution soon enough. Perhaps being able to turn into Goldramon is what will get rid of Devimon for good? I’m not sure. As far as my opinion goes, I do think that Angemon will be able to turn into Seraphimon at some point. And after learning about Devimon’s connection to him, I think Angemon’s Seraphimon evolution can’t be obtained unless he somehow expels Devimon first.

Let’s see what happens.

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