Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×213 Review – “True Identity”

True Identity Boruto anime episode 213 review
Amado sharing information about the Otsutsuki Clan in ‘True Identity’ (Image – Boruto anime episode 213)

Boruto anime episode 213, ‘True Identity’, offered viewers a lot of information to process about the Otsutsuki Clan. It also revealed the mysterious being that’s been controlling Jigen.

‘True Identity’ jumped between the action sequences featuring Kashin Koji vs Jigen and the information Amado continued to share with Naruto and his team during the interrogation session. According to Amado, it was imperative for Kashin Koji to strike now because Jigen’s still recovering from his battle with Naruto and Sasuke. Even though Jigen’s severely tired and Kashin Koji was created to specifically kill Jigen, I think the anime made it clear that it was still going to be an uphill battle for Kashin Koji.

With live footage of the fight being projected through Amado’s glasses in the interrogation room via one of Kashin Koji’s scouting toads, I liked how Naruto took note of Kashin Koji’s fighting style. Kashin Koji was using Shadow Clones, toads, and various fire-based jutsus against Jigen. All of his attacks were similar to a certain someone and I can’t wait for the anime-only fans to learn about Kashin Koji’s identity very soon. The truth behind his identity also links to how he was able to enter the Hidden Leaf Village undetected. However, I still think Kashin Koji’s presence not raising any red flags for Konoha’s sensory surveillance department makes no sense.

As for the information Amado shared with Naruto and the rest, we got to learn a lot about the Otsutsuki Clan. In simple terms, the Otsutsuki Clan can be described as parasitic aliens who traveled from planet to planet to grow Chakra Fruit. In order to create said Chakra Fruit, the planet’s entire life energy had to be absorbed, killing everything in the process. They also brought along a Ten-Tails because the Ten-Tails was a seedling that transformed into the Divine Tree to produce the Chakra Fruit. Naruto and the rest of the older generation had already been through the process during the Fourth Great Ninja War sixteen years ago. Understandably, none of them were keen on going through it again. 

Amado stated that Kaguya came to Earth decades ago with an Otsutsuki named Isshiki. For some reason, Kaguya betrayed Isshiki with a surprise attack. However, a severely injured Isshiki was able to survive by shrinking himself and taking control of Jigen’s brain (by entering through Jigen’s ear). So, yes, turns out that Jigen was just some unfortunate human monk who happened to come across a dying Isshiki all those years ago and has been a puppet for Isshiki ever since. Poor guy.

Being parasitic beings, the Otsutsuki Clan had figured out how to transcend death. They searched for a suitable vessel to implant their Karma mark. Over time, the Karma mark (which can be compared to a compressed data file) released the Otsutsuki’s DNA into the vessel until the specific Otsutsuki revived in a new body.

I liked Naruto’s concern when he realized that Boruto was Momoshiki’s vessel and how once the extraction process was complete, Boruto would cease to exist. Amado casually starting that Naruto could go ahead and kill Boruto right now to stop Momoshiki’s revival was very in character for him. In a sense, it raised a good question. Should you kill a single person (even a child) to ensure protecting the entire world? I mean, the short answer would be a ‘yes’, but this is a kid-centric anime with Boruto being the main lead. So, he can’t be killed off… yet.

Another calculated moment from Amado came when asking Naruto for asylum in the Hidden Leaf Village. Upon hearing from Naruto that asylum would indeed be granted to him but the proper paperwork was going to take time, Amado casually stated that until all of the paperwork had been handled, the bomb he tied around Shikadai’s neck won’t come off. His declaration made Shikamaru angry. However, considering Amado’s current position, it made sense for him to keep Shikadai as his hostage for leverage. Amado’s all about planning ahead and keeping himself protected. From having Konoha learn about Kawaki to Sasuke finding the coordinates to the hidden Ten-Tails, it was all part of Amado’s plan.

True Identity Boruto anime episode 213 review
Chocho and Inojin worrying about Shikadai’s fate in ‘True Identity’ (Image – Boruto anime episode 213)

With Boruto being Momoshiki’s vessel, Kawaki’s revealed to be Isshiki’s vessel. The reason Jigen/Isshiki had been kidnapping kids and experimenting on them was their way to find the perfect vessel for Isshiki because Jigen’s body couldn’t bear the revival process. Furthermore, ‘True Identity’ showed that an Otsutsuki’s capable of placing more than one Karma mark on humans as they searched for the perfect vessel. So, keep that in mind as the story progresses.

The upcoming episodes will continue with Kashin Koji and Jigen’s battle. There’s a very huge reveal about to occur that will change a lot of things for our heroes. I can’t wait to see it!

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