Trying to “Save Him” with author Rex Roy!


Today I have author and dental surgeon Rex Roy with me. He’s the author of “Save Him” a story that deals with drug addiction. Check out our exclusive interview with the author where we talk about his passion for writing, the social evils he wants to help readers overcome through his stories, and more!


Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am a dental surgeon, now working as a tutor in a dental college. The greatest passion in my life is reading. I like to read whatever comes my way. Some of the experiences in my professional life inspired me to scribble down a few lines and I am proud that it took the form of a book – the one and only passion in my life.

When did you realize you were a writer?

I used to get so much absorbed in the books that I forgot about everything else around me. Seeing my passion for books, my wife used to tell me that one day I will write.

One day I was reading an autobiography by Captain Gopinath titled Simply Fly – a Deccan Odyssey. His life inspired me. He was a born solider but had quitted his much promising career to become a farmer. It evoked a train of thought in my mind and now I am a writer, as predicted by my wife.

Any favorite authors?

Robin Sharma, Chetan Bhagat, Arunthathi Roy, Robert Kiyosak and so many others

What inspired you to write ‘Save Him‘? What message do you hope readers will get after reading it?

I got inspired from some of my own experiences and of my colleagues in my student as well as my professional life. Drug abuse seems to be a rampant disease now a day. It is spreading like wild fire. Daily news highlights that even school going children are getting addicted to drugs. It is such an alarming situation. I want to do something. This is a small attempt from my side against drug abuse.

No one will listen to advice. But everybody likes stories. So, I scribbled down my thoughts and my messages in the form of fiction.

a2Any thoughts about self and traditional publishing?

I think eBooks are going to be the future the publishing industry. They are so handy and easy to use. And you can get all the books where ever you happen to be, in a second. Traditional industry has its own merits but a transition is inevitable.

Any upcoming works we should know about?

My next book titled ‘The Tycoon Who Kidnapped Me’ is about to be published. It addresses another disease that is prevailing in the society – the greed for money. I use the same technique, namely storytelling, to reveal the terminal state of people who amass wealth by all evil means. It will be in print within few weeks.


You can connect with Rex Roy through Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can check out “Save Him” and “The Tycoon Who Kidnapped Me” on Amazon.

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