Twenties 2×10 Review: How Do You Feel?

How Do You Feel Twenties season 2 episode 10 review
Idina and Hattie talking to Dwayne in ‘How Do You Feel?’ (Screengrab: Twenties Season 2 Episode 10)

With episode 10, ‘How Do You Feel?’, Twenties season 2 offered a conclusion that developed certain story threads while opening the door for new ones. I hope BET allows Twenties to come back for a season 3 ASAP!

Our three main leads ended Twenties season 2 by entering new chapters in their lives. Whether said chapters will be joyous ones or not remains to be seen. As long as they continue to learn and grow from the mess they find themselves in, I will be happy.

‘How Do You Feel?’ had Hattie invite Idina and the rest of her friends to her father’s stand-up comedy special. Ever since Hattie’s father Dwayne appeared in the previous episode, I had been looking forward to seeing how the writers would handle their troubled relationship. The two haven’t seen each other in 10 years and mending their father-daughter bond was going to take more than a few jokes.

I kind of understand where Dwayne was coming from when he decided to make his comedic set about his relationship with Hattie and how he was proud of the young woman she was becoming. He was trying to cope with his emotions by presenting them as jokes instead of outright saying them to Hattie. However, I also felt bad for Hattie during the entire scene. Dwayne should have had such a conversation with her in private instead of trying to connect with her in a room full of strangers.

During his routine, Dwayne made it a point to talk about how he messed around with numerous women over the years and ignored his responsibilities as a father. He hoped Hattie would be a better person than him.

Once the stand-up routine was done, the two still didn’t know how to talk normally with each other. And with Dwayne saying he will see her around, I hope he returns in some capacity in Hattie’s life. You could see she wanted to have a relationship with him but didn’t know how to go about it.

As for Hattie’s romantic life, she’s still conflicted due to a whole lot of feelings. She knows she has something good with Idina but Ida B kept haunting her dreams. Not only that, Alicia’s still trying to flirt with her via text and the episode ended with Hattie taking up Courtney’s offer to smoke some weed.

Everyone seems to want Hattie and I think she will need to make a decision soon enough. Idina won’t appreciate being played around with in such a manner. She’s looking for honesty and I hope Hattie’s honest with her (and herself) even if it meant it would be better for the two to part ways… for now.

Speaking of parting ways, I’m still disappointed that Marie and Chuck not only canceled their wedding but broke off the engagement and ended things as a couple. I wanted to see the two trying to navigate their sexual expression while staying together.

However, it was clear that they weren’t cut out for an open relationship. Both of them weren’t communicating properly. So, while I’m disappointed at their relationship ending, I’m glad the two split up without any ill feelings toward each other.

We will likely see Marie getting to experience single life in Twenties season 3. Due to only being with Chuck for a very long time, it will be interesting to see who Marie is on her own. Now, does them breaking up mean that Chuck’s been written out of the show? I have no idea. I’m still hoping for the two to get together down the line, once they have matured a bit.

While Marie and Chuck were able to realize the issues in their relationship and decide on what worked best for them, things were different for Vanessa. I like Vanessa as a character and I would like her to stick around during the third season.

I think Winston ignoring Vanessa has to do with his personal insecurities rather than him being upset at Vanessa. His low sperm count meant they couldn’t have kids, even though being a mother’s important to Vanessa. He refused to adopt. He also refused to go to couple’s counseling with her.

I feel that Winston might be taking his low sperm count news as an attack on his masculinity and is being stubborn about the entire situation. The narrative could explore how the idea of masculinity can lead to certain men refusing to accept the help that could aid them with overcoming certain obstacles because they don’t want to appear weak.

As for Nia, I wasn’t expecting Ida B to come over to her house and offer her a leading role. I liked how Nia stood her ground in front of Ida B and told her how she didn’t appreciate how Ida B treated her. I’m still not sure if I should trust Ida B. She still has feelings for Hattie. Did she give Nia the role to mend things with Hattie? Hmmm.

With where things were left in ‘How Do You Feel?’, I have my fingers crossed we get news about a season 3 soon. I want to see Nia tackle a leading role. I want to see Marie test the dating pool. And I want to see what happens after Hattie decided to drive off with Courtney.

Some other thoughts and questions:

  • I wonder if Nia getting a big role will cause some friction between her and Ben when he reaches out for an opportunity to work with him. We already know that Ben’s not interested in making the type of films Nia wants to do.
  • I guess the Nia, Tristan, and Ben drama will continue.
  • The opening dream sequence showing Hattie wanting to marry Idina but stopping when Ida B appeared was funny. At least, Hattie called out Idina’s name as she walked away. So, I guess Hattie will try and make it work with her?
  • I agree with Lauren about how it takes guts to do stand-up comedy. Your aim is to make a bunch of strangers laugh and the response (positive and negative) gets delivered to you in real-time.
  • I know that Ida B promised to be honest with Nia. But the way she delivered that specific line is making me side-eye her.

What did you think of ‘How Do You Feel’? What did you think of Twenties season 2 as a whole?

Let us know.

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