WebToon Canvas Review: “TENACITY”

TENACITY by Paige Critchlow
Kinley from TENACITY

TENACITY by Paige Critchlow follows Kinley and her found family of fellow human-made experiments. In an alternate world where Kinley’s kind is looked down upon by human society, she and her family stick together and fight injustice nonetheless.

Humans have created humanoid beings, some with supernatural abilities (called Nats), to fight a threat. Decades later, these humanoids are introduced to human society. However, they’re not entirely welcome. Kinley and her found family have their share of discrimination. Kinley and her brother, Yuriah, take on bounty hunting to pay for food and rent. She eventually finds out that a missing friend might be involved in criminal activities and maybe even a conspiracy.

Being an avid reader of found family stories, I notice that several of those narratives involve “humanoid” characters: monsters, hybrids, and clones, just to name a few. Young adults coming from labs or different worlds. It’s not surprising considering even the current and previous LGBTQ+ generations feel othered for most (if not all) of their lives. Webcomics and other indie works have been spinning tales of outcasts and exiles banding together since the dot-com days. TENACITY is definitely a great addition to this concept. It’s an exciting and endearing read.

TENACITY by Paige Critchlow

Paige doesn’t waste time kicking the story off from the first episode. The consistent visual pacing and tension impresses me. Even during “quiet” moments, including between Kinley and Willow, there’s suspense. In an alternate world where Humans fear artificial creations, the main characters will inevitably experience discrimination and violence. Since the war has ended, their worries turn to paying the bills and surviving. Subtle scenes imply hybrid children and systemic racism.

TENACITY is a riveting story with high potential.

TENACITY by Paige Critchlow

TENACITY is available to read on WebToon. Season 2 will be released on January 4, 2022.

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