Sir, This Is Wendy’s. Roll For Initiative.


wendy's tabletop rpg debut

Sassy burger chain Wendy’s has stepped into the world of tabletop RPG’s.  Order a side of fries with your Baconator and roll for initiative.

Wendy’s is teaming up with popular gaming group Critical Role to bring us a unique and predictably strange tabletop RPG.  Wendy’s social media is notoriously in tune with pop culture trends, so jumping into the RPG tabletop world isn’t that far out of their already unique presence and strange reputation online.  And Critical Role is one of the best known tabletop gaming groups, hosting hilarious and unique games that they stream online.  So it’s sort of a match made in heaven, really.  If we’re going to have a weird tabletop/fast food mashup, these are the two groups that are perfect for the task.

They released the PDF for Feast of Legends this morning online and it’s absolutely as strange as you would expect it to be.  The game play is fairly straight forward if you have even a passing familiarity with tabletop gaming, but the flavor of the game is laced with uniquely fast food themed motifs.  You can choose a spork or a cast-iron skillet as a weapon, for example.  Or you can wear crispy chicken armor or a fresh baked bun.  You can also get buffs for eating certain Wendy’s food while playing, too.  If you’re eating a Frosty, for example, you get a +1 for charisma.  You’ll also get negative buffs for eating non-Wendy’s food, such as a -2 for all charm rolls if you eat pizza during the game.  So swing by Wendy’s before you start your session, because it’ll help your game play.

The nation of Freshtovia has been the lone beacon of hope in the land of Beef’s Keep for decades. However, the Ice Jester and his rogues gallery of frozen fiends threaten Queen Wendy’s reign of prosperity. Prepare your heroes for adventure.

The book is surprisingly detailed, even if it does use basic tabletop gameplay mechanics.  They definitely had a lot of fun putting this ridiculous thing together, and it honestly just might work as a marketing campaign.  I would personally be totally down for having a Wendy’s feast and playing this game late into the night.  And I don’t really eat at Wendy’s all that often.  It’s just too hilarious and strange to pass up.

Critical Role’s new one off episode about the game will be playing on their Twitch channel today October 3rd at 7pm Pacific.  The session will be hosted by popular GM Sam Riegel and it’s sure to be an interesting experience if nothing else.  They already seem to be enjoying the hell out of it during their brief promo posted this morning.

Will you be playing Feast of Legends?  What buffs will you be angling for?  Let us know!

Author: Angel Wilson

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