Zoie Palmer and Lost Girl win Fan Choice Awards at the Canadian Screen Awards

Photo credit: @ZoiePalmer

The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television (ACCT) held its annual Canadian Screen Awards last night to honor the very best in the Canadian film and television industry. Shows like Call Me Fitz, Orphan Black, and Flashpoint all took home top honors as expected. However, it seems that what all the Twitter buzz is about is not who took home what trophy but that Actress Zoie Palmer from Lost Girl took the time to come out during a brief acceptance speech for the Academy’s Fan Choice Award for Favorite Canadian Screen Star. She openly thanked “my incredible partner, Alex, and my beautiful son Luca.” There has been some speculation that she was in a relationship with Alex Lalonde, a Canadian film producer, for some time. This seems to put those speculations to rest. The son, Luca, is Lalonde’s son from a previous marriage.

There were over 20,000 fan votes that led to Ms. Palmer being voted Fan Choice for Favorite Canadian Screen Star. Those same voters also made it known that while Zoie is their choice for Screen Star, (Zoie Palmer was trending in Canada) Lost Girl is also their favorite show as it won the Fan Choice Award for Favorite Canadian Show.

Photo credit: @ZoiePalmer

Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer took the stage together to present at the Canadian Screen Awards show and spoke candidly about their fictional relationship (Doccubus) on Lost Girl; even joking that there needed to be more sex between Bo and Lauren, that is if Bo could take a break from kicking bad guy asses and sleeping with Dyson.

It was funny, it was classy, it was normal. What I found extraordinary was that these two women and this little show have taken over the Canadian (and the worlds) fan base; and from what I can see, they don’t plan on letting go anytime soon. Bravo to the ACCT for being brave and forward thinking enough to have these two present together and to award them their Fan Choice Award with pride.


Below is a full list of Winners:


Bell Media Award for Best Comedy Program or Series
Call Me Fitz
TMN/Movie Central (Bell Media/Corus Entertainment)
(eOne Television International, Amaze Film & Television, Big Motion Pictures)
David MacLeod, Dennis Heaton, John Morayniss, Matt MacLennan, Michael Souther,
Noreen Halpern, Sheri Elwood, Teza Lawrence

Bell Media Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a
Continuing Leading Comedic Role
Call Me Fitz – Thirty Percent less Pulp Fiction
TMN/Movie Central (Bell Media/Corus Entertainment)
Jason Priestley

Bell Media Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a
Continuing Leading Comedic Role
Call Me Fitz – The Totally Legitimate Death of Meghan Fitzpatrick
TMN/Movie Central (Bell Media/Corus Entertainment)
Tracy Dawson

Best Host in a Variety, Lifestyle, Reality/Competition,
Performing Arts or Talk Program or Series
The JUNO Awards 2013
CTV (Bell Media)
Michael Bublé

Best News Anchor, National
CTV National News
CTV (Bell Media)
Lisa LaFlamme

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a
Dramatic Program or Mini-Series
Rick Roberts

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a
Dramatic Program or Mini-Series
Sook-Yin Lee

Best Reality / Competition Program or Series
Sponsor | A&E Networks
Dragons’ Den
Lisa Gabriele, Mike Armitage, Tracie Tighe

Shaw Media Award for Best Dramatic Series
Orphan Black
Space (Bell Media)
(Temple Street Productions)
Claire Welland, David Fortier, Graeme Manson, Ivan Schneeberg, John Fawcett, Karen
Walton, Kerry Appleyard

Shaw Media Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a
Continuing Leading Dramatic Role
Flashpoint – Fit for Duty
CTV (Bell Media)
Hugh Dillon

Shaw Media Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a
Continuing Leading Dramatic Role
Orphan Black – Unconscious Selection
Space (Bell Media)
Tatiana Maslany


Achievement in Art Direction / Production Design
Michel Proulx – Louis Cyr, l’homme le plus fort du monde / Louis Cyr: The Strongest
Man in the World

Achievement in Cinematography
Nicolas Bolduc csc – Enemy

Achievement in Costume Design
Carmen Alie – Louis Cyr, l’homme le plus fort du monde / Louis Cyr: The Strongest Man
in the World

Achievement in Direction
Sponsor | Pinewood Toronto Studios
Denis Villeneuve – Enemy

Achievement in Editing
Sponsor | The PostMan Post-Production Studio
Matthew Hannam – Enemy

Achievement in Make-Up
Sponsor | M•A•C Cosmetics
Jo-Ann Macneil, Karola Dirnberger, Paul Jones – The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Achievement in Music – Original Score
Danny Bensi, Saunder Jurriaans – Enemy

Achievement in Music – Original Song
Sponsor | Slaight Music
Jimmy Harry, Serena Ryder – The Right Kind of Wrong – “It’s No Mistake”

Achievement in Overall Sound
Sponsor | Deluxe Toronto
Andrew Tay, David Drage, David Giammarco, Greg Chapman, Matt McKenzie, Peter
Persaud – The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Achievement in Sound Editing
Sponsor | IMAX
Alex Bullick, Christian Schaaning, J.R. Fountain, Jill Purdy, Kevin Banks, Nathan
Robitaille, Nelson Ferreira, Stephen Barden, Steve Baine – The Mortal Instruments: City
of Bones

Achievement in Visual Effects
Andy Robinson, Dennis Berardi, Edward J. Taylor IV, James Cooper, Jason Edwardh, Jo
Hughes, Leann Harvey, Sean Mills, Stephen Wagner, Trey Harrell – The Mortal
Instruments: City of Bones

Adapted Screenplay
Elan Mastai – The F-Word

Best Animated Short
Subconscious Password – Chris Landreth, Marcy Page, Mark Smith

Best Live Action Short Drama
Noah – Patrick Cederberg, Walter Woodman

Best Motion Picture
Sponsor | William F. White International and Comweb Group
Gabrielle – Kim McCraw, Luc Déry

Best Short Documentary
Sponsor | Hot Docs
Chi – Anne Wheeler, Yves J. Ma, Tracey Friesen

Original Screenplay
Sponsor | Harold Greenberg Fund
Shannon Masters – Empire of Dirt

Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
Gabriel Arcand – Le Démantèlement / The Auction

Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Gordon Pinsent – The Grand Seduction

Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Gabrielle Marion-Rivard – Gabrielle

Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Sarah Gadon – Enemy

Ted Rogers Best Feature Length Documentary
Watermark – Edward Burtynsky, Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier, Daniel Iron

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7 thoughts on “Zoie Palmer and Lost Girl win Fan Choice Awards at the Canadian Screen Awards

  1. Being in LG fandom for a while, I’m not sure it was an issue of speculation as there really was no secrecy about it. Those who bothered to know, knew. Those who didn’t, didn’t. I suspect that reflects the reality of a lot of LGBT people’s lives. While I am someone who has been very open and active in the LGBT world for more than 20 years, I respect the fact that often it isn’t a huge deal to a lot of LGBT people, activism is by no means an obligation or a given. Indeed, I’m at a stage in life where saying “I’m LGBT” seems a little silly, not unlike saying “my eyes are blue”. It is a fact of life that is just that, one fact, meaningfully expressed in coming out as/when I wanted to decades ago, but really just as normal to me as breathing. I suppose this is my hope for the future – Just like Bo and Lauren’s world in Lost Girl – no one has to have the angsty navel-gazing coming out pain or associated baggage placed upon their shoulders.

    I understand that many of us embrace openness in those in the public eye who choose/have the power to live an authentic life (I’m not aware of Zoie Palmer doing anything else, to be fair) – there is a profound argument that the more visible we are, the better the world tends to be for us. But I also respect the fact that people have families who did not choose the public spotlight, and some LGBT people may not wish to fly under a huge rainbow banner at all times. And it is always of critical importance to recognise that coming out – or not – is a personal journey that people can only make for themselves in their own time. I would be wary of expressing coming out in universal terms when there are those who can’t, who choose not to, and who should not be made to feel anything negative about themselves. I think that this is always a concern when a public figure appears to come out – it can be inspiring and galvanising, but have heart and mind for those not able/ready/whatever reason they feel.

    That said, I’m proud that Zoie Palmer said what she did, although it was no secret. And I also think it important to view this through the lens of the progressive Canadian social mores that makes it no big deal. Zoie Palmer and Anna Silk talked about the characters, the romantic relationship those characters had, in no different terms than any other relationship – there was nothing salacious, nothing played for shock value – just easy good-humour and matter of fact comfort in a very much mainstream environment, which, as an LGBT person, I felt was even more validating than one overt statement.

    I loved that Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer, representing Lost Girl, showed that LGBT characters can escape the ghetto of niche viewing, and the show makes a credible effort at dodging the tropes and tokenism that tend to underpin most LGBT characters (even if there are bumps in the road along the way).. For that, I am more grateful – to Zoie, to them both, to the rest of the cast and crew.

  2. Great article! There were tears, cheers, and Twitter exploded when Zoie mentioned her partner and son. That she did it in a such a natural, ordinary way, without a lot of fanfare, seemed especially meaningful. It conveyed a great deal about Zoie herself and why she is such a favorite among LGBT viewers and the broader Lost Girl fandom. Our belloved characters have their faults, and struggle (as we all do) to forge truly committed and authentic relationships ,but the spirit of the show is refreshingly label-free, shame-free, and sex-positive, with two mature lead kickass female protagonists who fight side-by-side, love, and can’t seem to get enough of each other. Congratulations to Zoie, Anna Silk, and the rest of the cast, crew, writers, showrunner, and producers of this little show that could!

  3. Great article =)

    Yes, classy and funny, as usual.
    They both deserve it and #Doccubus and #LostGirl fandom are proud of it, of them.
    It’s faemily.
    Cast full of kindness and a show who definitly is precursor in its way.


    Anyway, Zoie and all the Lost girl cast and screw deserve this ! 🙂

  5. Great article. Yesterday was a great day for the show, Zoie and the fans. Praise to both Classy ladies Anna and Zoie for representing the Lost Girl fandom at the awards last night. I commend Zoie for her bravery of “officially” coming out on such a public stage and letting everyone know this is me and this is who I love.

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