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  • Steven Universe Soundtrack Will Rock the Cosmos Coming This June

    Grab your favorite audio daddy-o, because the Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1 will be available globally starting Friday, June 2nd, 2017. Yesterday, the 11th of April, the official Cartoon Network Twitter created a poll asking “Steven universe soundtrack, Yay or Nay?” A whopping 86% percent answered YES!, so it is clear fans are majorly on […]

  • Steven Universe 4×12 Review: Adventures in Light Distortion

    Whenever there’s a big, dramatic arc going on, you need at least one lighthearted episode to give the viewers a break and throw the heavier emotions into relief.  “Adventures in Light Distortion” is that episode, a chance for the storyboarders of Steven Universe to really stretch out with silly expressions, wacky physical comedy, and wild animation […]